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4.5/5Excellent85 Reviews
London|0.28km from downtown
The location of the hotel is really good. It is on the Thames River, and No. 10 Downing Street is behind it. The safety is definitely not to be said, and the surrounding environment is also very outstanding. You can see the London Eye directly from the room you booked, but the hotel itself has a sense of age. The balcony is a bit depressing because the railing is too low and the windows cannot be fully opened. It’s really a pleasant surprise to have a hot water bottle in the hotel’s supporting facilities. There are matching slippers, shampoo and conditioner. Blue is shampoo and white is conditioner. Very old and cheap shampoo. Dry. No toothbrush or shower gel. A deposit of 60 pounds is required for check-in, and all expenses during the check-in process will be deducted from the deposit. I drank two bottles of water and ate a breakfast which cost 23 pounds. Breakfast should be 17 pounds. Breakfast is normal. You can try English breakfast. There are two stalls to communicate with the front desk during meal time (7:30 and 10:00). There are not many places to have breakfast in the surrounding area, and you have to walk a distance. There is no hall from the nearest pret. Eating is embarrassing. It’s actually very safe to walk around at night. It’s a good choice to go to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Wake up the next morning and make an appointment in advance to see Van Gogh Monet in the National Gallery. The hotel is very close to the attractions in the city center. It is recommended to walk in Chinatown and Regent Street. The taxi is all one-way and it will be very slow.
4.8/5Outstanding150 Reviews
Hyde Park London|3.46km from downtown
Breakfast was very satisfying The variety of fruits was fresh and the specialties were fried rice and soup rice and honeycomb British service We arrived at 10:30 in the morning Smooth check-in There is a Hong Kong person who can speak Mandarin Excellent location across the road is Hyde Park
4.8/5Outstanding26 Reviews
London|0.27km from downtown
position: The location is quite good, 3 minutes walk from the National Gallery. If you can work hard, you can walk to Chinatown and Buckingham Palace. service: No one sees anyone in service. But it’s all done. The service is in place, the kind of British style that is not affectionate. Free shoes, and the time returned quickly in 15 minutes. food: The breakfast was very good. There are a lot of service staff, the form is self-service order (there is a Chinese choice, in the lower right corner of the menu, pay attention). For the first time, drink a luxurious version of hot chocolate (with three ingredients, marshmallows, CREAM and chocolate chips). design The chandeliers in the hotel lobby are their famous places, and there is a red in the white crystal. There is also a corresponding Mark Memorial Cup for sale at the front desk. We are 2 large and 2 small, booked triple rooms, plus a bed for free. Very NICE.
4.9/5Perfect19 Reviews
West End-Soho London|0.38km from downtown
It's very good. Luxury but not particularly luxurious and extravagant, not bad. Britain's oldest luxury hotel. There are many groundbreaking facilities and services. For example, the first elevator, the separate restroom - the former hotel was a public restroom, and even earlier it was a shop, a bunch of people sleeping together. Not only have innovations in these hardware and software, Savoy has changed some of the social laws that should be. The first big manager was Caesar · Liz, the founder of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, Caesar · Liz felt that the UK was a bit conservative after working at the Savoy Hotel for 9 years, so I went back to Paris to create a beautiful Hotel. What is amazing is that there are many Chinese elements here, especially the restaurants. The wallpapers are Chinese patterns, and many Chinese related paintings are hung on the walls. The gift shop also hangs a portrait of Qianlong. Many hotel breakfasts in the UK are not buffet meals, and Savoy is not a buffet. But the breakfast tastes good~ I ordered something in the restaurant at night, two cups for two people, and a small cake and a stack of mixed nuts, only 11 pounds~ cheaper than the top hotels in China~ Because my book was published just a few years ago, the title of the book "Take the leaves to pick flowers", brought a copy to the UK. Welcome everyone to buy (Jingdong and Dangdang), definitely worth reading ~ together poetry and distant ~ Https://item.jd.com/12475277.html Http://product.dangdang.com/26437243.html Item.jd.com/12475277.html Product.dangdang.com/26437243.html

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Turtle Bay hotels Review

4.3/510 Reviews
My wife and I have stayed here three times now, it's the only place we'll stay when visiting London. Rooms are amazing and very stylish, beds are so comfortable and the decor not just in the rooms but throughout the hotel is very on-trend. Staff are also super helpful and lovely, they helped with our requests and enquiries before, during and after our visit. Location is also perfect - you can pretty much get anywhere worth going to in London from Shoreditch. Although the area itself (Shoreditch) has become much more gentrified over the years, the hotel still makes coming here a really worthwhile exercise
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3.4/511 Reviews
As I sit here in the reception area having a satsuma for breakfast, all I fancied from the choice of breakfast goodies served on the continental breakfast bar (read side table). I am surrounded by a pathetic example of the genus 'Tourists Poorer" What makes it worse for me is that actually chose to stay here A friend and I are staying in Islington for three nights on our annual pilgrimage to the bars, eateries and tourist spots of the capital and as our normal place to stay, the Hilton in Islington were charging twice the normal rate we had decided on a cheaper option. I have fallen for the trick of actually believing the images of the smart bedrooms and booked. I can't fault the price, just over £300 for three nights but I felt really cheated when I saw the pokey ground room with added steel prison like bars on the windows just to make any ex-con feel at home.The bathroom, so small you actually could not bend over in to dry oneself. Although, the management did help out here by providing towels of the same proportion to the bathroom. They also helped by having towels with holes in to make up for the lack of air conditioning. Basically, I would not be dragged here again and if ever I book it of my own volition I should be committed. Good point, a decent TV. Bad point, a mattress from Pentenville prison, possibly bought at the same time as the bars on the windows.
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3.6/510 Reviews
The event staff were AMAZING. Went above and beyond before, during and after the event. Great customer service, attention to detail and responsiveness. The reception staff seemed disinterested and to not like each other, sniping at each other visibly. The rooms were great, spacious, well kept, good bathroom. For a huge hotel that seemed relatively quiet we were placed SUPER far away. 2 separate lifts and about 500 metres walk at least to our rooms, doesn't seem far but trust me it is. Breakfast was fantastic. Worth paying for in your room rate and not on the day however. Really good quality, and variety. Would recommend this place and was happy with our stay and the value for money.
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4.2/515 Reviews
The breakfast is rich. The location of the hotel is convenient for traveling. There is a subway leading to the urban district of London. If you are bringing your child, you can ask for an extra bed. There are Chinese restaurants near the hotel.
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5/516 Reviews
Very good hotel, the location is a bit off, it takes more than an hour to get to the urban area, the sanitary conditions are pretty good, the rooms are quite big, fortunately there is a big supermarket next to everything.
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4/510 Reviews
Canary Wharf
I am amazed at all the negative reviews on here. My experience was very different. Wasn't too difficult to find it using google maps. Went straight to number 7 and was greeted by the host. There was slight confusion as to whether I'd paid or not but that was soon sorted. The lady took my very heavy suitcase up to the 1st floor apartment (104) and gave me a lesson on how to unlock the door using the keypad. She was extremely helpful and gave me the WiFi code and her mobile number in case of problems (which there weren't any). The apartment had everything I needed and was very clean. It did get very hot during the night so I always had the window open. A fan was also provided. I stayed for 3 nights and would have happily stayed longer. My room was serviced on the 2nd day and provided with fresh towels and biscuits. brilliant location if you are attending the Excel. A short walk to blackwall station then a few minutes on the DLR to prince regent. I will definitely stay here again.
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4.5/5119 Reviews
Kings Cross-Saint Pancras
Ordered breakfast, maybe because of the epidemic? Only coffee, yogurt, cereal, and croissants are fast foods. Not a hot, freshly cooked breakfast. The fruit is not too fresh. I only stayed for one night, but I was too lazy to move and the service was good. I simply stayed for 3 nights. The room is quite small, definitely incomparable with the domestic DoubleTree. But the price is really good for London, as a place to sleep is no problem. Just after I checked in to take a bath on the first day, I found something similar to chewing gum on the bath towel. I called the front desk and the replacement was quite fast. But the bath towels are very old.
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4.5/510 Reviews
Very tasteful British retro style hotel
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4.6/5150 Reviews
A cheap and unbiased Hilton in a nice environment. Suitable for friends who pay attention to the accommodation environment and can ignore service. Travel alone, friends who want to live in a safer and better condition but don't want to be too expensive. [Location] 8 minutes walk from Angel subway station, in fact, it is very convenient to go, because the next stop is king ’s cross. So it ’s not biased. [Hygiene] The hygiene is very clean, the sheets and bathroom are very clean! [Value for money] The price is very high. I want to live in London for more than 20 square meters, the price is within 1500, the equipment is relatively new, the location can not be too remote, it is really difficult! !! [wifi] What I want to talk about is that Wi-Fi is charged. If the mobile phone card has enough data, do n’t pay for it! Wi-Fi will deduct money! !! [Room size] More than 20 flat, it really belongs to a larger hotel in London. [Room facilities] It was renovated in 2013, so the equipment is not old. [Bed] Double bed room is 1.5m bed [Service] Service ......... The front desk is very irritable. Seeing that a British woman and the front desk are going to work ... I don't have a good attitude towards all people. I don't feel like the service attitude of the current domestic high-end chain hotels is good.
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1.8/512 Reviews
The room was clean, with plenty of hot water and good air conditioning. It's good if it's not for the cramped space, and it's so unbearable without a score. The bad thing is that there is no room between the big bed and the bathroom. People sleeping on this end have to move to the back half of the bed before they can get off the ground. In addition, there is a lack of tables or cabinets for bags.
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3/512 Reviews
The hotel is ok, the first floor is poorly ventilated.
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3.3/510 Reviews
I travel for business and spend a lot of time in London. It's expensive for hotels in london. I always stay here when in London. For me it's cheap, clean, consistent, free parking outside, near a Sainsbury's and lots of shops and there is a pub down stairs and the staff are great. It is a pub with rooms above so please dont expect luxury. I stay in a different hotel every night and this place is great for me and under £100 a night which is hard to find in London. Beds are always clean and rooms are generally nice. I'm not on holiday so for me it's perfect. There is a large Turkish community here in harringay which means amazing food and breakfast is amazing at one of the cafes within walking distance. This is London without breaking the bank and the price who left negative reviews are obviously expecting too much. Just to be clear, I'm a business owner of a nationwide bathroom company and if I think it's good then it's worth helping out a local business and not give our money to big chain hotels. If it helps there a McDonald's over the road.
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4.2/511 Reviews
There are a lot of black people nearby, close to the subway station, convenient to the airport.
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3.5/51 Reviews
It should be in India and Pakistan, with more black people
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4.7/516 Reviews
The room was too small to have a wardrobe, and the bathroom door would hit the bed when opened. No counter. In short the hardware is too bad.
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4.2/515 Reviews
Excellent option to stay in London, next to a metro stop (green and purple lines) and 20 minutes walk from Tower Brigde, brand new, modern hotel, very comfortable litters and very comfortable rooms, to improve breakfast, typical English menu , and as an extra a small buffet
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4/55 Reviews
Good welcoming, chill team who replied to all of my needs and if i want to there again i will think to them.If i can suggest an improvement it would be to have a computer in free access to send news to familly if our phone got failure or broken to reassure them. Corothanks
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4.5/537 Reviews
The hotel was really nice overall, however big queue to check in and no one answering phones from room so couldn’t order room service or ask basic questions. The pool was cold and too busy, I understand there are restrictions due to coronavirus but it was not planned well. The room was lovely though and reception staff really welcoming and helpful.
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4.6/513 Reviews
Nice hotel but wasn’t convinced on cleanliness as the complimentary biscuits had been opened and bitten into. Rooftop bar shouldn’t be advertised with the hotel as it’s separate and fully booked with no spaces reserved for guests. Hotel also can’t hold your luggage when you check out so worth noting when you plan the trip. Good experience but wasn’t sure it felt 5 stars.
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3/511 Reviews
Location is hard to find, still clean
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4/55 Reviews
I stayed at Rockwell East for 3 months. The stay was very comfortable, the staff attentive and the room was perfectly equipped. The use of key card to access the lifts was a good security feature. There was always a staff at the reception to great you and help with any questions. The rooms were cleaned without fail every 4th day. The location was very convenient with tower hill, tower gateway and aldgate stations at walkable distance. They have a cafe and bar downstairs and you can buy breakfast at the cafe. I would highly recommend staying here.
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4.3/510 Reviews
Great hotel tastefully and stylishly decorated on arrival was greeted by the warm friendly receptionist who was more happy to answer any questions we had. The breakfast we had in the Albion was very tasty probably the best eggs benedict I’ve tasted. The roof top restaurant was also superb great views and again stylishly designed. Located in a great part of London with so much to see and do in the immediate area this hotel brilliant definitely will book again soon
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4/56 Reviews
We booked 2 family rooms at Aldgate East when we first arrived Around 3:”45pm there was a frosty Welcome no welcome whatsoever, after attempting to check in we were told one family room wouldn’t be ready till after 5pm as they were low staffed in housekeeping and hadn’t cleaned room yet so had to put all bags in one room!! Secondly we had a baby in a pushchair and the hotel stated it was family friendly the was no ramp to the lift in fact it was 4 steps so had to lift the baby in the buggy up and down just to use lift!! Once we got to room we were greeted by what I can only describe as vomit all down the carpet and up the walls the beds only had sheets on and no duvet covers on the bedding and mattress was blood and feacees absolutely disgusting, once I had asked about changing rooms to a member of reception they relied they didn’t understand and would find someone to help me. And heard nothing back. The air conditioning was not working and was left with 2 fans inside room instead, the family room we were placed in was facing train tracks so heard them going back and forth all the time my fiancé’s room was just the same filthy beds too We went out for a meal on Saturday night and returned to my room with my baby and daughter to be greeted to a strong smell of cannabis and cigarettes, the room opposite was smoking so once again I went downstairs to reception to complain only to be greeted once again to a sign left on the desk saying if need urgent please call this number!!  Eventually finding someone they later went to room and asked them to stop smoking room 116 we were 115 Room cards had only been cut to last a couple of hours and not the 3 night duration as every time we went out to come back to rooms they keys didn’t work and had to be replaced every time (both keys) The lift was full of wet floor signs and mop buckets so after removing g to gain entry with my baby I told the staff and they said there is a leak in the lift when it rains heavily but there is nothing to tell customer this information, I was potentially putting mine and my sons life in danger using this  Cleaners trolleys just left on the floor unattended twice making it impossible to move past with the pram. This hotel has been the worst Travelodge we have Ever stayed in and ruined our stay in london
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3.8/510 Reviews
Family hotel, the location is slightly older, but the room is bigger than the city center, there is a subway station after the entrance, the second station can be transferred to the center, the overall price is still high
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4.5/515 Reviews
The room is on the first floor. Pull up the curtains every day because you can see them outside. Sleeping at night is a bit noisy, because there will be people passing by the window and people will park and drive. The maximum temperature of the air conditioner is 24 degrees, which cannot be adjusted in London. It is still very cold at night. The cleaning staff changed the sheets and quilts every day.
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4.1/510 Reviews
I stayed here for two nights while working in the City of London. The location turned out to be perfect as I was visiting quite a few places in the City and throughout central London and there are great transport links from the hotel, while it's located in a more pleasant, relaxed part of the city with lots of options for eating and drinking which are better than you find within the centre. All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, the room was clean, well decorated and well stocked with toiletries and provisions. The bathroom was also clean and well decorated and everything worked perfectly - lots of hot water and a powerful shower! Yes, the room was small but I was in the smallest room and most places in London are the same. The heating was capable of making the room really hot but it was also easily controllable to cool things down, and with the window open slightly overnight there were no problems with noise outside, which is another benefit over the really central hotels! I wouldn't hesitate to visit here again.
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4.8/513 Reviews
The location is very good, less than five minutes walk from the subway station. The service attitude is also very good. Breakfast is not optional, but it tastes good. The rooms are large and very hygienic.
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5/512 Reviews
When around London and saw the site and it was very nice to retreat back to the amazing room and the amazing shower and bath with multiple tv and spectacular room service would definitely visit again
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4/511 Reviews
The bedding is very comfortable, the service is good, the hygiene is very clean, that is, no toothbrush supplies are provided, and the toothbrush supplies are charged.
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4.4/510 Reviews
I had to come to London for a meeting and was leaving very early the next morning to go to work in Wales so a great place to just wake and get on the tube straight to Paddington. One of the managers Marina facilitated an early check in for which I was most grateful as I was checking out at 7am! I was given the Brick Lane Room which was amazing and great decor and bathroom and water by the bed and even Sky Sports! I would and hope to stay here again in a heartbeat....and a great bar if you fancy a nightcap....next time I will be there for breakfast! Thank you guys!
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