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4.6/5Outstanding166 Reviews
South of Market San Francisco|1.71km from downtown
No breakfast, I asked about the parking fee of $ 80 a day before picking up the car! Good location, there is a living supermarket in the basement opposite, fruit and bread are available, basically OK! (Even if there is a large supermarket, there are not many kinds of fruits in China.) Stayed 2 nights! The happiest mobile phone window can be opened, although it is not very large, the opening with a large palm is sufficient for ventilation! You can call the kettle and slippers!
4.4/5Excellent25 Reviews
South of Market San Francisco|1.53km from downtown
It’s already more than 9 o'clock, no twin room! The hotel will wait until the corner suite bed room, the room has a great view, but unfortunately only one bed, plus a small bed But look at this oversized room, awesome However, if something in the refrigerator is not put back within 30 seconds, it will be automatically deducted, a bottle of water 8usd! You are dead Hotel parking 60 days
4.6/5Outstanding124 Reviews
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco|3.5km from downtown
The hotel is really close to Fisherman's Wharf, two streets away, and it takes 5 minutes to walk. Because I saw the parking charges of the hotel in advance, there was no car rental. I picked up the car at 8 am on the day of departure, so I went to the nearby Chinatown. It was Uber 13 knife, had a Chinese meal, and then I took my father who was 70 and walked back to the hotel for more than 20 minutes. My lover took the child to Jiuquhua Street and walked back to the hotel in 40 minutes. For young people It's not far away. The room type we ordered was not large, and the double bed was a bit small, but there was a small sofa bed, which was barely dealt with. The breakfast at the hotel is bread, couscous, fried sausage, bacon, milk with chocolate, low fat, non-fat, all in boxes. I like this, they are replenished in time and can be taken back to the room. The best breakfast in the 6 hotels in the United States, but still can not compare with the buffet breakfast in Chinese hotels.
4.8/5Outstanding12 Reviews
South of Market San Francisco|2.02km from downtown
Nicely renovated rooms make like SoMa hotel a great spot for exploring the city. Kudos for excellent in-room coffee and well-appointed bathroom, plus great WiFi and in room A/V. It's typical of the W brand, sometimes trying to be a bit too trendy for it's own good, with a loud bar scene in the lobby every evening. The hotel restaurant serves a decent breakfast, though there are much better options nearby for dinner. Functional and convenient with friendly staff, nothing exceptional but a solid mid-range choice for San Francisco.
3.9/578 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown San Francisco|2.59km from downtown
From Seattle to Vancouver by car, I chose the Hilton Hotel at the first stop. I thought it was good in China, but I did n’t expect it to be a nightmare. Two large bed rooms were booked at Ctrip, but the front desk gave me an ultra-small room, and beside the elevator, this check-in felt like being next to the runway of an airplane, and I couldn't sleep at all. Negotiating with the hotel was useless. Negotiating with Ctrip. The hotel responded that the room was full and there was no way to change the room. I wonder if the hotel ca n’t sleep in this room?
4.2/5Very Good22 Reviews
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco|3.47km from downtown
Fisherman's Wharf is next door. It takes 5-10 minutes to watch the seals from Pier 39 and see their feet. San Francisco's famous Dangdang Departure Station is next door, and you can directly go to Dangdang City Center. In addition, Uber is expected to get it within 10-15 yuan for the ordinary car of the Golden Gate Bridge. All in all a hotel worth recommending. If you use the hotel's parking service, it is expected to cost about $ 100 per day, which is a bit painful. Expensive parking in San Francisco is obvious to all.
4.4/5Excellent66 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown San Francisco|1.71km from downtown
The booked room type is not very large, but it is very delicate. White wall with gold frame furniture. The bathroom should have been refurbished, very new and clean. like very much. The hotel is on the edge of Union Square, next to Macy’s and another famous high-end department store. The hotel is on Powell Street, very close to the BART powell underground station. There is also a cable car in front. On the left side of the hotel there is a Victorian secret store and many popular high street brands. From the hotel to Fisherman's Wharf, Nine Quhua Street, walk for about half an hour.
4.4/5Excellent32 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown San Francisco|2.08km from downtown
The male staff in the evening shift is very friendly, very patient, always smiling, and the service is very good! It rained outside and I also borrowed an umbrella for me. The room was great, my room was on the top floor, there was a balcony in the room and the bed was very comfortable! The location is very good, just in the city center, to various attractions, shopping and shopping, the surrounding restaurants are very convenient, it should be the best hotel I have ever stayed on this trip! If you have the chance to go to Berlin again, you have to choose this hotel!
4.6/5Outstanding13 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown San Francisco|1.44km from downtown
I made a reservation for a friend and everything was very satisfied.
4.5/5Excellent89 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown San Francisco|1.92km from downtown
The location is very convenient. You can walk to Chinatown, Jiuquhua Street and Fisherman's Wharf. Although the hotel's breakfast is 25% off, the price is more expensive than the restaurant outside. When I checked out, there was a restaurant that was n’t the one I ordered and it was taken to my bill. Remember to check the bill when you check out, and after swiping the card, I do n’t know whether the hotel has successfully refunded.

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