Top 10 Actus Hotels

Top 10 Actus Hotels


6 Reviews
4-1-3 Minami Semba, Osaka, Japan
15.9km from Itami Airport
1.4km from Ōsaka-nanba Railway Station
2.3km from Watanabebashi Railway Station
240m from Shinsaibashi
510m from Yotsubashi
15.9km from Osaka International Airport
1.2km from Ōsaka-nanba Railway Station
1.5km from JR Namba Station
"What a fantastic stay in W Osaka. Night view is also attractive. The bathbathing is so comfortable . Thank you very much."
"It was a beautiful and fulfilling trip in the room one below the top floor. In addition, I would like to use it when I come near."
"good, very good"
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5 Reviews
5-101, Yaogi-Kita, Yao City, Osaka 581-0016, Japan, Yao, Osaka, Japan
34.5km from Itami Airport
1.9km from JR Shiki Station
1.9km from JR Yao Station
34.5km from Osaka International Airport
1.9km from SHIKI STATION
1.6km from SHIKI STATION
1.8km from JR Yao Station
"Free shuttle bus from Yao station. Enjoy natural hot springs and popular theater performance."
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279 Reviews
Nakanoshima 3-2-4, Kita-ku,Nakanoshima Festival Tower · West, Osaka, Japan
13.8km from Itami Airport
250m from Watanabebashi Railway Station
720m from JR Kitashinchi Station
270m from Higobashi
580m from Yodoyabashi
13.8km from Osaka International Airport
"I have been to more than 20 countries and I have stayed at this hotel twice. This is the most intimate hotel. I want to go to Arima Onsen for two days, but I do n’t want to bring a lot of luggage. They said, it ’s okay, leave it here, leave the luggage to us! We wanted to go to our house for eel rice last night, but the online booking was on the 18th. The front desk clerk heard me say this and said you wait for me to confirm. Sometimes the scene is OK, but it really works later. Yesterday I mentioned going to Hokkaido today. I got up in the morning and found that the weather forecast was printed in the crack of the door to remind me that there might be snow. It may be delayed. Please pay attention. I'm so touched, they just put a word at heart. Feeling too warm for this hotel! The scenery is invincible, it is very convenient to go, and I will stay in Osaka again!"
"The location of the hotel is a bit awkward, it is convenient to say it is not convenient, it is really a bit inconvenient to say it. It takes about 10 minutes by car from Umeda to Shinsaibashi, and a taxi costs about 1,000 yen. It takes 30-40 minutes to walk. The view from the room was excellent. The hotel's service is first-rate. After check-out, the waiter has been delivered to the hotel door and kept bowing. Breakfast is more refined but less varied. There is a popular restaurant in the hotel called "Zang". I went for a dinner and it tasted good and the price was very high. Overall, this hotel is good in all aspects, but expensive."
"It should be one of the best hotels in Osaka at present. The front desk is on the 40th floor. The scenery is spectacular. The hotel's handy gifts are cute, little pink bear and little yellow duck. No matter men, women or children, they love to take pictures in the lobby on the 38th floor. Many Japanese in the sky bar on the 40th floor will put on kimonos and afternoon teas very seriously. The room is relatively large, and the design is reasonable. The toilet can be completely opened on both sides. The little carpenter boyfriend likes to pick the reasonable and humane decoration of the hotel. Here is a perfect score."
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432 Reviews
3-6-12 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
15.2km from Itami Airport
1.7km from Watanabebashi Railway Station
2.0km from Ōsaka-nanba Railway Station
330m from Hommachi
720m from Sakaisuji-Hommachi
15.5km from Itami Airport
15.5km from Osaka International Airport
1.9km from JR Kitashinchi Station
"Hotel location is good. There is a subway station next to it. At the end of Shinsaibashi, it takes 10 minutes to walk to the most lively place. The room is quite large. Well maintained. The lighting in the room is too poor to adjust. The linen is very comfortable, and the toiletries are not high-grade. Many of Japan now use pola. Stayed 3 nights and ate breakfast for 3 days. Breakfast is not good. There are too few varieties, some are à la carte, and some are self-service. The basics for 3 days have not changed. The more delicious ones are udon noodles and jade roast. Service is ok. No communication and no communication. However, no discrimination against Chinese has occurred. After all, this level of hotel staff quality is still okay."
"The hotel location is very convenient. It is only 50 meters from the subway and has Chinese services. If the front desk finds it difficult to communicate in English, they will call a Chinese translator to help with the translation. The Chinese customer service will also take you to the room to help you explain some situations and solve them. some problems. The service is very good, but unfortunately there is no entertainment facility for children. No swimming pool."
"We booked a breakfast at the hotel. It was 2950 yen a day in advance, and it would cost more than 4,000 yen for the day. Breakfast was of average quality and nothing special, just in the bar on the 12th floor. There is a parking lot underground. Don't know how to charge. The location of the hotel is ok. Turn right and go to the entrance of Shinsaibashi. The hotel service was excellent and the bedding was comfortable. Old five-star hotel. Really good! !!"
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317 Reviews
8-50, Temmabashi 1-Chome, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
40.0km from Nanping
19.1km from Itami Airport
720m from JR Sakuranomiya Station
910m from JR Temma Station
1.1km from ōgimachi
1.2km from Minami-morimachi
19.1km from Osaka International Airport
910m from Temma Station
1.4km from Minami-morimachi
"This stylish hotel rests on the banks of the Okawa River and is only a 10-minute drive away from the business district of Umeda. The hotel features a range of accommodation, from standard rooms to Imperial Floor suites which offer comfy, king-sized beds and a spectacular view of the Osaka skyline. There are also complimentary Japanese robes available for the guests to wear, ensuring a perfect night of sleep. The Imperial Hotel Osaka houses an impressive choice of six restaurants for guests to sample, including Kyubei, the authentic sushi restaurant, and Kamon which offers seafood and grilled steaks. The hotel also houses a huge health center which includes a range of facilities including squash courts, a large swimming pool, and a full fitness center that can be used for a reasonable fee."
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508 Reviews
2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
13.5km from Itami Airport
470m from JR Osaka Station
580m from JR Kitashinchi Station
480m from Umeda
480m from Nishi-Umeda
13.5km from Osaka International Airport
"Conveniently located just a 7-minute walk from JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Umeda Station, this 5-star hotel provides 6 dining options, free-use fitness center and indoor pool, and a luxurious spa. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.Spacious rooms at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka provide private bathrooms with marble double sinks and bathrobes, 37-inch flat-screen TV and CD/DVD player. A minibar and Original Tea selection are also provided.Guests can enjoy a rejuvenating massage at the spa for a fee, or take a dip in the hot tub. Other facilities include a 24-hour business center, banquet facilities and a hair/beauty salon. Airport limousine buses are available for a fee.The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is a 5-minute walk from Nishi-Umeda subway station. JR Shin Osaka Shinkansen (bullet train) Station is a 3-minute train ride from JR Osaka Station. Lively Namba and Dotonbori area can be reached within a 7-minute subway ride.The hotel features French restaurant La Baie and Japanese restaurant Hanagatami. Guests can also enjoy Italian dishes at Splendido restaurant or sip cocktails at The Bar."
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758 Reviews
3-60, Ofuka-cho Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
52.0km from Nanping
5.0km from Preston
6.0km from Reservoir
600m from Downtown
14.0km from Itami Airport
630m from JR Osaka Station
1.6km from JR Kitashinchi Station
680m from Nakatsu
870m from Umeda
14.7km from Itami Airport
14.7km from Osaka International Airport
1.2km from JR Kitashinchi Station
"This hotel was awarded the 5 pavilion mark in the Michelin Guide Kansai 2016 section, a continuation from the previous year. Guests can enjoy a luxury break, away from busy city life."
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0 Reviews
1 Chome-1-1 Motomachi, Osaka, Japan
17.2km from Itami Airport
140m from Ōsaka-nanba Railway Station
290m from JR Namba Station
660m from Namba
810m from Nipponbashi
17.2km from Osaka International Airport
"Located right off from No.28 exit of Namba station on Yotsubashi subway line, this is an all suite style hotel which stands just in the center of shopping and gourmet quarter Namba."
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17 Reviews
1-1 Onsenmachi, Minoo, Osaka, Japan
8.6km from Itami Airport
3.5km from Sakurai  Railway Station
5.5km from Ishigaki Railway Station
8.6km from Osaka International Airport
3.5km from Sakurai Station
5.5km from Ishibashi Station
"This time, because the baby wanted to go to the hot spring story, Tokyo couldn't make it. I found this place on Ctrip. This is in Osaka Minon (should be a suburb). I followed the Google map all the way and took the JR line. In Umeda, I changed to the Hankyu tram and got to Minoh Station at seven o'clock. The station came out so quiet. Called a taxi starting at 680 yen and arrived at the hotel. The next day I discovered that there was a direct elevator to the hotel lobby on a trail behind the station! It is recommended to take the elevator directly. It is estimated that the straight line distance is less than 400 meters. The hotel is on a hilltop location. The decoration inside is a bit old and feels like the 80s. But the win is clean. The service staff were very good. English is generally inadequate. Dinner and breakfast are buffets, not too many types, but they are delicious. Had dinner for an hour and a half! Local pickles for breakfast, I had two bowls of rice! It looks refreshing and simple, and the taste is bright and refreshing. good to eat! recommend! There are also grain rice and ginkgo rice. Made only with local countryside ingredients. Worth a try. Finally understand that the mountain and sea taste eat more, the charm of green vegetables is great. The most important thing is the two sky hot springs! Separate time for men and women. Looking at the starry sky and twinkling city lights from the top of the mountain completely dilute my dissatisfaction with the hotel's obsolescence. The hot spring water quality is good, I heard that it can be beautiful. Rooms are generally up to three beds and up to six beds. Unfortunately, only two people came this time! Next time bring your family. Bring children to fit. The hotel has a parking lot, suitable for families who are driving for a holiday."
"Very good hot spring hotel, set room with breakfast and dinner, both meals are buffet style, the open-air hot spring on the top floor of the hotel is the highlight, soaking in the hot spring, looking up is the stars in the sky, and looking down is half of Osaka Castle, which can be seen from the head. Plane taking off or landing at Itami Airport, next to the hotel is Minoh Park, the ecological environment is very good, suitable for vacation"
"Recommended by a good colleague from China who lives in Mino. Very good. The surrounding scenery is good, the hotel's meals are good, and the hot springs are also very good. Those who love the niche of Osaka in Japan can consider it. It is also very convenient to take a tram from Osaka Umeda."
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54 Reviews
7-20 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
15.1km from Itami Airport
1.1km from JR Osaka Station
2.2km from Minamikata Station
640m from Nakazakichō
800m from Nakatsu
15.1km from Osaka International Airport
1.3km from JR Kitashinchi Station
"With a French name that signifies and "harmony" and "embrace", the hotel atmosphere exudes an air of exclusive and romantic atmosphere designed by the world-renowned Tadao Ando.With a great location of the heart of Osaka, sharp exterior design, the hotel has become a symbol of the speed and and identity of the city.We intentionally limited the number of guest rooms to 38 to maximize privacy and exclusiveness.With different personalities of each room on each floor, please enjoy the the nightview of Umeda from your private balcony.The high-class restaurant houses a rich variety of wines and has been ranked as a 3-star hotel by the Michelin guide for the past 5 years.In the morning, we proudly serve an extravagant breakfast course with a vegetable juice hand picked by our in-house vegetable sommelier, followed by desert.Plus, our cafe offers a relaxing time with afternoon tea.For parties and commemorations we live up to our guests' expectations and requests.Please enjoy the luxurious setting of our hotel that make our guests want to revisit Osaka time and time again."
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Top 10 Actus Hotels & Weather

Oct 17, 2021
Cloudy with Showers
12 ~ 18℃
Oct 17, 2021
Cloudy with Showers
12℃ / 18℃
Oct 18, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
15℃ / 19℃
Oct 19, 2021
13℃ / 16℃
Oct 20, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
12℃ / 16℃
Oct 21, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
13℃ / 19℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Osaka
Oct 16, 2021 Osaka Weather: Mostly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 59%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:04/17:23
Osaka Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable
Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Osaka. From March to May, the weather is warm and comfortable; however you should bring a light jacket along. Plum Blossom season is from June to August, it is hot and humid so remember to bring some lotion to prevent sunburn. September to November is autumn, and it has similar weather as in spring and it could be rather chilly after dusk. December to February is winter and you should plan to bring along winter clothing.
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