Top 10 Anping Hotels

Top 10 Anping Hotels


8 Reviews
101, No.2 Phase 1, Shimao Yunshang Guling, No.188 Ebi Village, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
68.1km from Changle International Airport
18.1km from Fuzhou Railway Station
"The Xingyunjian Mountain Resort is one of the newest hotels in Fuzhou, having opened in 2020. Fuzhou Railway Station is located approximately 18km away and Changle International Airport around 68km away. This hotel is located near many of Fuzhou's attractions including Kuai Amusement Park, Chuanjie Guoji Mashu Club and Chuanjie Hot Spring Golf Club. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. "
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12 Reviews
X192(世茂云上鼓岭国风06西,导航世茂云上鼓岭可以到达本小镇), Fuzhou, Fujian, China
56.7km from Changle International Airport
17.2km from Fuzhou Railway Station
"The host is warm and hospitable, and because the community is large, the host also leads the way to the sales department. The fly in the ointment is that the basement floor room is too humid. If the restaurant can increase KTV singing, so much the better."
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6 Reviews
No. 251 Tonghu Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
49.6km from Changle International Airport
5.8km from Fuzhou Railway Station
920m from Dongjiekou
"I screened a few shops near Sanfang Qixiang, and finally chose Sanbao Hotel. The check-in is worth the price. The hotel is located on Tonghu Road. The location is very good. The point is convenient parking. It only takes 5 minutes to go through Wenrufang to the main street of Sanfang Qixiang. It is really convenient to go out and play. The hotel is quaint, strolling in it, and feeling the style of Chinese architecture, it is unique. The hotel is quiet, the rooms are large, clean and tidy, the decoration is simple and elegant, and the facilities are complete. The best thing is its courtyard view, which is really beautiful and makes people linger. The front desk is very attentive and the service is very attentive! I tried vegetarian food for the first time. The ingredients were fresh and the taste was delicious. After changing my impression of vegetarian food, the waiter also remembered my taboos very intimately and took good care of my dining experience. This is my first choice next time you come here! Recommended!"
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669 Reviews
No.23 Puxiazhou Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
39.8km from Changle International Airport
12.1km from Fuzhou South Railway Station
"The experience of staying this time is very good. I have to share the following points. 1. The hotel has free tea sets to borrow. I borrowed my friend’s room. We drank the tea we brought together. It was praised! 2. The outdoor swimming pool is not open. It is said that in the summer, I went to the back garden for a stroll. It is really good. You can come and see it in summer. The river view at night is still good. 3. In terms of service, if the front desk knows that I am renewing my stay, I don’t need to be present to help me arrange the room card to be delivered to the room, and all the procedures are completed. This experience is better than other hotels. The second is that the uncle concierge has a good sense and takes the initiative to lead me to the elevator. 4. I ordered a Ctrip package and got a breakfast unexpectedly. The hotel has a welcome drink and welcome fruit. The breakfast in the western restaurant is also very enjoyable. 5. The hotel parking lot is free and convenient, without parking coupons, direct entry and exit. Overall, the price/performance ratio is not bad, and the service is okay."
"The overall price is in line with this price positioning, a relatively business hotel, there is no special place for children to play. The breakfast buffet is good on days when there are few guests, and it tastes good when there are not many varieties. However, once there are too many guests on the day, the breakfast supply can't keep up with the consumption. Many stalls are emptied and cannot be supplied. The outdoor swimming pool in this place is basically useless, and no water is released this season. It is purely furnished. The indoor swimming pool is not bad, with a constant temperature of 27 degrees, and there are not many people. Adults and children can play in the water. Of course, this is also a rare place in the hotel. The rooms are good in every aspect. Although it has been built almost 10 years ago, the hardware level is still much better than that of many domestic brand hotels, and the cleaning is very clean and up to standard. It seems that all the rooms face Gushan Mountain, and you can look at the high peaks when you wake up. It has a special flavor."
"Service facilities are good! The front desk upgraded the river view room for free. Thank you! ! I hope to change non-slip slippers. The anti-slip pattern of the existing slippers is too light. The sole is thin and soft. A heavy person steps on the soles of the shoes and it becomes flat! The bathroom shower water spilled on the bathroom floor tiles for the first time and almost slipped. Then put a bath towel at the door of the bathroom to prevent slippage. There was water on the bath towels, and the dry shoes fell after one step after they stepped on them. The head hit hard against the glass door of the toilet. The side impact hits the ear first before hitting the temple. . bleed. pain. . The waiter helped apply iodophor. When checking out, the front desk was concerned about the inquiry!"
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2187 Reviews
1/18-23F, Dongbai Building, No.88 North Bayiqi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
48.9km from Changle International Airport
5.4km from Fuzhou Railway Station
200m from Dongjiekou
"My daughter and I stayed at the most central Dongbaifang Lane Hotel in Fuzhou on December 23, 2019. Three nights' stay left a deep impression on the hotel: 1. Although Dongbaifangxiang Hotel has no stars, we feel that the hotel's hardware facilities are excellent, the rooms are large, comfortable and clean, and the hotel is decorated in a post-modern style. Quiet and beautiful, the room service is thoughtful and intimate, and it meets the standard of four stars or higher in terms of both visual and sensation. 2. The hotel has set up a butler position. One of the most impressive people in the housekeeper is a kind person Ms. Xie Juan from the family. When we encountered difficulties in a foreign country, the housekeeper Xie and the staff (a tall handsome guy) treated each other sincerely and communicated with each other, which moved my daughter and me very much! It is precisely because Xie steward's unforgettable initial intentions at work that gives us a sense of "home". I like Dongbaifangxiang Hotel, I think it is very young and developing. Thanks to the sincere treatment and modest attitude of Dongbai staff, as a guest, I discussed the advantages of Dongbaifangxiang Hotel and some thoughts on management details with Xie steward. She remembered them one by one, and I felt Dongbai's honour, integrity, and desire for development, to be the best of my heart!     The gathering was short-lived. When we hurriedly waved goodbye to Sanfang Qixiang, and turned away from the beautiful and modern Dongbaifang Alley Hotel, what was it? I think it is the beauty of Fuzhou, the culture of Fuzhou, the food of Fuzhou, and the low-key, kind, generous smile and mind of Fuzhou people. I will come again in Fuzhou, and I will choose you in Dongbaifangxiang Hotel, because there is Xie Juan who will send a sincere smile! !!"
"Like the hotel's Chinese decoration style, very new. The transportation is also very convenient. The subway station is downstairs, and the Dongbai Center is very convenient. We are here for tourism, so we have set up a luxurious square house, which overlooks the entire three square and seven lanes. There is a light show on the roof of Seven Lanes. I do n’t know if it is true. It should be more beautiful at that time. The curtains are double automatic. They are equipped with bathrobes. The rooms are very large. Next time I come to live in his house."
"This time Dongbaifang Lane Hotel welcomed friends from Hong Kong and stayed for two consecutive nights. We stayed in 4 lane view rooms, overlooking Sanfang Qixiang. The hotel is newly renovated and the facilities are very new. The decoration of the room is very close to the style of Sanfang Qixiang. The hotel staff are very kind and the breakfast is very rich. Friends are very satisfied. If they receive friends from other places next time, they will choose Fangxiang Hotel."
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5780 Reviews
No.1 Hengyu Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
47.0km from Changle International Airport
4.2km from Fuzhou Railway Station
3.7km from Ziyang
"The reception speed and attitude at the front desk were quite good. The room I gave for the first time was a bit trendy, and soon after contacting, I sent a staff member to help us change to an elderly person with cleaner air quality. The bedding is very clean and comfortable, it is a two-meter bed. I didn’t want to go back and forth for dinner, so I ordered a set of 48 and 58 blind box seafood set meals at the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel. The quality was unexpectedly good."
"1) Overall is satisfactory. 2) The hotel is located in the Thai business circle. There is a food and mahjong room outside the hotel downstairs. Try the Meituan and Gaude inquiry. 3) The hotel is moderate, the room is clean, there is a simple tea tray, the soup noodles and fish balls for breakfast are good. 4) The hotel parking is free. 5) The painting works in the lobby, please introduce them to the lobby, and increase the knowledge."
"The service is very user-friendly. The first time I saw a hotel that set up an incubator for takeaways, my milk tea was still iced. I would like to give it a thumbs up. The room is clean and the breakfast is good. When checking in, a manager Romy recommended the executive room to us. I like the happy hour adjustment in the executive lounge. Overall, the price/performance ratio is quite high"
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2348 Reviews
No.189 Pandun Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
41.8km from Changle International Airport
11.5km from Fuzhou South Railway Station
3.5km from Huangshan
"nice hotel. clean and good rooms. the gym and swimming pool need maintenance. there is a big shopping mall just in front of the hotel so its very convinient. now there is not a subway station nearby but i think is under construction so it will be better. "
"room was very clean and nice, decent size, hotel staff was good but couldnt speak english well, but tried their best"
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5823 Reviews
No.3 Yangtouwei Road, Yuefeng Town, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
46.9km from Changle International Airport
4.1km from Fuzhou Railway Station
3.4km from Ziyang
"What the wife wrote: Pullman Fuzhou East Second Ring Road Taihe, the staff is really the worst of all the hotels I have stayed in. 1. I went to the front desk downstairs to print a document, and the front desk sneaked a glance at my information. I also knew my occupation from the information I saw and tried to chat with me. Isn't it disgusting? (It was my husband who came down with me. He was not around when he went out to buy things.) 2. Every time I stayed in the guest room, the door seemed to be uncleaned after cleaning, except that the bed was made, and the others did not move, such as bathrobes. Still a bunch of folds on the sofa without folds! The floor is messy, the trash is still on the table, the sink is messy, including the small drawer where the comb and toothpaste are placed on the sink is open and not closed. 3. My two bottles of Xiu Li Ke essence were injected with unknown liquid (a lot more), but the hotel will definitely not admit that after all I don’t have a camera to record it. This incident made me angry, so I called that night. Communicating with the hotel staff, a woman with a polite tone of impatience and prevarication is not to solve the problem at all. Later, she said, is it convenient for them to come up and take pictures of the product? I agreed. She found a male staff member, came up and knocked on the door and swiped in the room card. I was sorting my bathrobe and preparing to open the door. I was shocked? ? I said that you just opened the door when you knocked on the door in the guest room, and you didn't have to wait for a second? He said that the woman on the phone asked him to come in directly, saying that there was no one inside. I had just communicated with her on the landline in the room after 11 o'clock in the evening, and I could say that there was no one in the room. I really am! ! How is this experience? I said I was frightened. Did they do it on purpose? The next day, Ctrip knew that this matter might have communicated with their hotel. The manager of the hotel called me and said that he checked the surveillance in the morning and said that they had other things to deal with yesterday, so they didn’t handle anything well on my side. Yes, it is said that the cleaning staff have been in the room for more than 20 minutes, the bathrobe is not discounted, but there are two new ones there...hehe, I may not be cleaning for more than 20 minutes, and they are all using my skin care The manager said he wanted to apologize and they did not do a good job. If someone comes to help me upgrade a room type or something in the future, this is it? ? This hotel can be seen to be very poorly managed. Indeed, I think their staff is very unprofessional. Fortunately, Ctrip is very active, and I like it."
"Hotel management is very good, cost-effective, will definitely come back next time, the feeling of coming home, the younger brothers and sisters are especially kind, especially Xiaoyan, the service is very good. The transportation location is very good, go to Sanfang Qixiang and the train station are very close, there are also a lot of food in the nearby Tai Ping Square. I feel very comfortable with the hotel's service staff. The service is really good. The service staff is very warm. The room is also very clean and the view is great. Clean and comfortable, with a wide view, tell me how to match the best. The swimming pool is clean, heated, the service is particularly good, the price is very high, in short, the full score experience. The mall is right next to it and it is very convenient to go shopping. This is the best experience of staying at this hotel several times."
"The hotel is relatively new, take the children, the waiter is very enthusiastic, directly upgraded the room, the room is very bright, the floor is high, the view is very good. Also equipped with children's toiletries, children's slippers, very intimate. At the time of check-in, I sent 2 drinks from the dining bar. The hotel is downstairs in the mall, opposite, and it is very convenient to eat and shop. I only booked one day, I feel good, and I continued for 2 days. I will continue to choose to live here next time."
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3586 Reviews
No.188 Pandun Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
41.6km from Changle International Airport
10.4km from Fuzhou South Railway Station
2.3km from Huangshan
"I stayed in this hotel for the first time from Beijing to Fuzhou, and made a reservation on Ctrip. When the plane had not yet taken off, I received a call from the hotel staff at the hotel's main desk 329. I was very enthusiastic about my route and arrival time. I upgraded the executive room for free and returned to this hotel a day later. The waiter 333 was still very enthusiastic. I was introduced to it without being humble. Although I already knew it, I listened patiently because I like their smiling faces and their enthusiasm, which makes me no stranger in other places ... The rooms are well-equipped and equipped, the beds are comfortable, the sound insulation is great, and the scenery outside the window is also charming ... There is a shopping mall next to the hotel. Yes, parking is also very convenient ... The breakfast is also very rich and the taste is very authentic. There are about 5 kinds of morning tea. There are many wedding banquets here, and I find that people here are married at night."
"The breakfast is very rich, the room is large, especially the bathroom is very large, the three separate design of the bathtub and shower room is reasonable, the parking is convenient, the hotel is next to the mall and the theater, there is a lot of food, and the front desk 333 has a good attitude. A small suggestion is that the room air conditioner is set to 26 ° C, which cannot be adjusted and is very hot."
"The experience of this stay is very good! The hotel does a very good job in terms of equipment, facilities and services. The hotel manager also made a return visit on the day after check-out. This time the hotel introduced a Chinese food package that made me feel that the price / performance ratio was really high, and it was the hotel's intimate call to inquire at lunchtime and directly delivered to the room."
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1537 Reviews
203 Binxi Avenue (Binxi Dadao), Nanjiang, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
40.2km from Changle International Airport
11.9km from Fuzhou South Railway Station
"Come and watch the show. The walking distance of Kanzhan International Convention and Exhibition Center is a little farther than that of the nearby Century Golden Resources. Zhonggeng Julong Hotel is 1.7 kilometers away from the Convention and Exhibition Center. Empark Grand Hotel is a 1 km walk from the Convention and Exhibition Center. In terms of environment, I prefer Zhong Geng Julong. The grade is higher than that of Century Jinyuan and feel more comfortable. The greening of the environment walking from the convention center is also very good. There was no room when we checked in and we were upgraded from two deluxe beds to two suites. I'm very happy to upgrade. The service at the front desk is very good, because this itinerary has been changing. This time, the front desk handled the extension and check-out of the room more humanely. The service level of guest rooms and cafeterias can be improved. The room does not know the breakfast time. When I went to the restaurant for breakfast, I picked up something and collected my tableware within two minutes. The plates are all collected as soon as they are taken and not eaten? See no one but also observe for a while to make sure that the person is gone before accepting. If you can't achieve humanization, then basic regular services are OK. It is also recommended that the front desk inform the breakfast time and place when checking in. Or print it on the room card sleeve, and then remind guests that the breakfast time and place are on the room card sleeve and others are very satisfied, and look forward to seeing improvements next time you stay."
"I have stayed in Zhonggeng many times, this time I wanted to bring my family to try it, but I didn't expect the experience of staying in it was very poor. When I checked in, the front desk service was cold and not at all polite. When I checked in for breakfast the next day, I had already registered the number of people and expenses, and the service staff later came to ask how to pay during the meal. The number of people has been deducted and the number of people has been cleared. I still keep asking how many guests will stay. I feel that I have been staring at the guests cautiously to prevent the guests from escaping the bill. I have to review it after paying the bill. I don’t know why I have done so much useless work. Several people are eating there clearly. Does it require three or four reviews? Very unpleasant."
"Found a surprise! The hardware facilities and software service standards of Zhong Geng Julong Hotel are the same as those of Sheraton, but the price is much cheaper. If you are going to the Straits Convention and Exhibition Center, this hotel is highly recommended. This time we booked the room on Ctrip. After we arrived at the store, Cici, the front desk manager, gave an upgrade. The big window with river view, the view is great 👍🏻 There is also a welcome fruit plate. I will choose to stay here next time I have the opportunity."
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