Top 10 AVALON Hollywood Hotels

Top 10 AVALON Hollywood Hotels


Very Good
21 Reviews
12825 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California, United States
"Looking through the photos carefully and found that I did not take photos of the hotel, you can refer to the hotel photos before Ctrip, very real, no problem. We stayed in a twin room for two nights. The pool is very good! The parking lot is charged, and the deposit is 150 knives. It is said to be refunded from half a month to one month. Opposite the hotel is Starbucks and a big supermarket. Shopping is very convenient. You can buy water and snacks and go out to play the necessary items. Foreign milk is very good (✪▽✪). Going out of the hotel and going right, not far away, there is a family to eat, pizza and burritos are delicious. Supermarkets and McDonald's have free parking, convenient for eating and shopping. You can buy big barrels of Starbucks coffee at the supermarket, and other stores or hotels have free ice cubes, so ice coffee is suitable for use when you are on the road."
"advantage: 1/The younger brothers at the front desk have a very good attitude! 2/The hotel has a shuttle bus to and from Universal Studios, but you need to check with the front desk in advance and return time. 3/ Opposite the big supermarket that is open until 2am, it is very convenient! Disadvantages: 1/ Hygiene, the room is a bit smelly, I am very sensitive to the smell, 2/The toilet constantly finds ants 3/The room is large but the bathroom is small! 4/ Only give us a set of towels, forget to put a hair dryer, but also ask the front desk. Too speechless!"
"I have been staying for many days, and Ctrip's advance booking price is indeed very cost-effective, more than 900 a night. The important thing is the surrounding supermarkets. Starbucks is 100 meters away from the road and shopping is very convenient."
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18 Reviews
9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, United States
16.2km from Santa Monica Airport
20.1km from Burbank Airport Amtrak
22.1km from Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station
"The service attitude of the hotel is really very poor. After sitting down, wait for the waiter to order for 40 minutes, wait for 40 minutes to serve, and pay for the waiter everywhere. The waiter in charge of our table really couldn't find it during the meal, and let other waiters help people. It takes an hour to get a juice from the room. I ordered the hotel reception desk to send it up, call to politely ask if I can go on my own, I have to say that I have to wait for a long time to be back and say that it has not waited so long. When I was walking, I sat in the lobby sofa and took a break. I was also roused by the staff to wake up. ? Is it fun? I want to ask? Isn't it a hurry to see others waking up at rest? ? Really the first hotel that never wants to go back."
"The price is high, but the whole experience is quite good, the service is first class, the hotel is full of history. It is located in the most luxurious and intimate part of Beverly Hills. It is worth a lifetime."
"As the most well-known high-end hotel in Los Angeles, it does have a good entry experience, the environment and service are good, the privacy is also very good, and the price is indeed higher."
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11 Reviews
701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles, California, United States
13.5km from Santa Monica Airport
22.5km from Van Nuys Amtrak Metrolink
28.1km from Douglas Train Station
"Hotel bel-air is definitely the favorite of Europeans and French people. Stayed for 3 days and didn't see a Chinese. Hotel room equipment is great, very private The hotel provides a dog service Location is not convenient, in a wealthy area Go to Santa Monica and take Uber for 15 minutes without getting stuck."
"Overall great experience. The location is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. From start to finish I felt pampered at Hotel Bel Air!"
"Not to lose the hotel in Beverly Hills, more beautiful than Beverly. But they are all Dorchester, and there is nothing like it. Two perfect hotels, the fruit is delicious and exploding."
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15 Reviews
225 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, California, United States
9.9km from Santa Monica Airport
20.7km from Union Station
23.0km from Burbank Airport Amtrak
"Especially special, especially special, very special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, especially special, very special, especially special."
"In addition to the bed, the bathroom is the only thing that can be said about the price of this hotel, the price of 4000, well, the whole hotel is too small! The lobby is also small! I don't know what the seasons are, I will try it next time. This review is higher than the 4th season. The reality is very general."
"You get what you pay for. Facilities, service attitude, and hotel location are very good. If you have time and money, you can stay for a few more days to enjoy the various facilities and services of the hotel."
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83 Reviews
9850 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, United States
8.4km from Santa Monica Airport
22.1km from Burbank Airport Amtrak
24.1km from Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station
"The Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills did not disappoint me. It should be said that it was excellent value for money, totally worthy of his origin and price. In the United States, old and small so-called high-end hotels are definitely top-level. The front desk at check-in The top floor room is specially arranged, and the view is very good. You can enjoy breakfast on the terrace while admiring Beverly Hills. Rooftop's restaurant view and dishes are top-notch, and according to customers' preferences, the menu is fried chicken wings. I said it could be grilled. The waiter immediately confirmed and made it. It felt very attentive. There is no need to mention other aspects of the hotel, from concierge service, front desk, to room service, patience and smiles throughout the process, I look forward to staying next time"
"The environment is quiet, the family room is spacious, the facilities are complete, and the quality is high. The breakfast buffet has a lot of choices and the taste is great. Although the hotel is not in the city center, the transportation is very convenient."
"Very exquisite hotel, the breakfast is delicious, the only drawback is that you need to prepare a lot of change, often because of the meticulous service, I am embarrassed not to give up. Good location, very close to Rodeo Drive."
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16 Reviews
900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, California, United States
18.5km from Hawthorne Municipal Airport
4.0km from Union Station
12.8km from Glendale Amtrak Station
850m from Pico
970m from 7th Street/Metro Center
"Impeccable service from beginning to end. All my ladies at the front desk, restaurant, shops, and housekeeping went way above and beyond to make my stay perfecto! Pristine room, amazing bed, salacious spa-like tub in the bathroom, fantastic view, great vibe, inviting restaurant, and delightful people. The Ritz all the way around is keen, detail oriented, and on point! Thank you for making my birthday special! ☺"
"Extra bed is available. Western buffet breakfast, bread, egg, intestines, yoghurt and fruit, served on the first floor of the Marriot Hall. There are a lot of gym equipment and there is a swimming pool. Located next to the Microsoft Center, it is very convenient to watch a game or watch a show. The hotel is above the 22nd floor, quiet, ideal for downtown"
"No kettle and slippers. I called for four times and waited for six hours before I sent it. I wanted a kettle to cook the noodles but gave me a pot of half-open water. In short, the breakfast is not bad, the service attitude is too bad! Very bad... Every time I say ten minutes to send it, people wait for it. I went to the front desk and asked me very politely."
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12 Reviews
9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
8.4km from Santa Monica Airport
24.9km from Union Station
25.4km from Van Nuys Amtrak Metrolink
"The style of the old hotel is excellent. The location is average, go to the shopping street for ten minutes. The breakfast room, garden, and lobby are small, but the service is really good, waiting for free drinks, snacks. The rooms are comfortable and beautiful, especially the bathrooms on the peninsula are always so comfortable"
"The front desk service was very good, led us to the room, and introduced the environment and facilities of the hotel and the room, but unfortunately did not remember the name of the employee. Because it was just before Christmas, the Christmas atmosphere of the entire hotel was very rich and warm."
"The hotel is located in Beverly Hills, with a beautiful environment and a high-end location. I also lived in several different hotels on this business trip. The peninsula is the best I have experienced. The service and facilities are very good. It is recommended."
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Very Good
11 Reviews
8490 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California, United States
15.8km from Santa Monica Airport
13.3km from Glendale Amtrak Station
13.3km from Little Rock Amtrak Station
"Strong Negative reviews Lodging coffee at the bar for the first time in a hotel is charged for poor visibility. The top-level open-air leisure space actually requires tickets. The hotel also charges a fee, and will not stay again in the future. "Hello, regarding this bill, the hotel told us that US $ 42.72 is a mini bar purchase, US $ 33.85 is a destination fee, and 183.85 is a pre-authorization. It is deducted from your pre-authorization when you leave the hotel. ,please check.""
"Hotel room space can also be very good location to go to popular attractions not far from the hotel looks like just opened the lobby is still renovated now got a temporary lobby parking fee for one night 46 US dollars service staff is very warm in all aspects except our room air conditioning is really It’s too noisy, I don’t know if it’s the same as our room."
"For me who come to LA mainly for shopping, the location is very, very, very good! The hotel is just off Sunset Boulevard, the central area of West Hollywood, just a few streets to the melrose, rodeo drive and other pedestrian streets."
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41 Reviews
9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, United States
9.0km from Santa Monica Airport
21.6km from Union Station
26.0km from Van Nuys Amtrak Metrolink
"Traveling alone to Los Angeles, it is said that I must feel at Beverly Hills, so I decided to stay at the most famous Four Seasons Hotel for two nights. The location is very good, the hotel is facing the rodeo drive, very convenient. The appearance is domineering, the room is spacious, the bathroom is very comfortable and the view is good. I didn't have the habit of eating breakfast. I couldn't get back from Santa Monica pier. It was really delicious to order a steak at the cut lounge. If it is not because the time is too tight, consider staying in the four seasons for a few more days."
"Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, located next to Rodeo Drive, one of the world's top ten shopping paradise, has filmed the film "Pretty Woman", and is famous worldwide, with excellent service, beautiful surroundings, and the best choice for vacation travel , Shopping is very convenient, the whole street of luxury goods is ..."
"Booked no breakfast room, breakfast is more expensive. The hotel is located in the business district and can be eaten in many places nearby, about 5 minutes walk. Extra bed is free. Parking is valet parking, 55 knives per day. There are three Chinese dishes within a 10-minute walk of the hotel."
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6 Reviews
4141 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
23.0km from Bob Hope Airport
5.2km from Glendale Amtrak Station
5.2km from Little Rock Amtrak Station
910m from Vermont/Santa Monica
1.7km from Vermont/Sunset
"I travel a lot for work, and I have stayed in a ton of hotels in LA area, but this one is by far my favorite! I use to live in Silverlake, so it's like coming home for me. The staff is super friendly, accommodating, and easy to work with. The decor of this hotel is superb, which is what initially drew me in, but the comfy king beds made me come back. It's close to a lot of great restaurants (including the hotel's own) and it's right next to Erewhon, which might be one of my favorite parts! Definitely recommend trying this place out!"
"Enjoyed a wonderful stay here in early March and even extended it a few days as we did not want to leave! We had a spacious room with interesting cool art and the interior design was truly beautiful in its simplicity. This is what makes the atmosphere of this hotel so calming! We were conveniently located on the 2nd floor down the hall from the attractive pool. The king bed was extremely comfortable and we had no problem sleeping soundly! The staff is friendly and very responsive. Can't wait to return!"
"The space is absolutely incredible. I love working outdoors down by the restaurant or by the pool. Good food + great coffee = productivity right? The rooms are clean without that weird hotel smell. The location is next to an Erewhon so you literally never have to worry about your next meal, but love the salads at the restaurant. I would stay here over and over again."
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