Top 10 Bayview Park Hotels

Top 10 Bayview Park Hotels


15 Reviews
7 Hickson Road, The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
18.9km from Kingsford Smith Airport
860m from Circular Quay Station
2.0km from Wynyard Station
870m from Circular Quay
1.8km from Martin Place
14.6km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"The scenery is very good. The service is also very good. The quilt was a bit dirty when I checked in. I don’t know if it’s been too long for no one to live or how it is. There is a toilet. The automatic curtain equipment is all in Sydney. The breakfast is not very rich. It is not recommended to eat breakfast at his house."
"In addition to the price, there is no drawback (the price is still much cheaper than before the epidemic), the concierge helped a lot of bookings and performances, anyway, one of the best hotels in Sydney, compared with the new casino hotel, also feel that this is better, the scenery is invincible."
"The location is not said to be the best place in Sydney. The scenery is great. Parking is convenient. There is a paid parking lot not far from the main entrance of the hotel. The back door of the hotel is directly on the coast."
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12 Reviews
5 Bridge Lane, The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
17.9km from Kingsford Smith Airport
500m from Wynyard Station
540m from Circular Quay Station
480m from Wynyard
520m from Circular Quay
9.0km from Kingsford Smith Airport
310m from Wynyard Station
410m from Circular Quay Station
310m from Wynyard
400m from Circular Quay
"That is, the faucet comes out slowly. Because the old house was remodeled. But very stylish. First-class restaurant is expensive. Haha"
"So good inside"
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Very Good
8 Reviews
"Woolbrokers Hotel in Sydney is centrally located in the heart of Sydney's Darling Harbour tourist attraction - offering budget accommodation in a great location at a great price. We are proud to offer clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation in one of Sydney's prime locations with easy access to everything Sydney has to offer. It's your choice, you can walk, light rail, ferry or bus to all major Sydney attractions. Great for independent travellers, families and groups. We pride ourselves on being group specialists with 25 years experience and thousands of happy visitors. Click onto "Group bookings" for more information. Stay with us and enjoy the traditional charm of the Woolbrokers Hotel and the friendly personal service from our attentive staff. For your convenience we have an online booking service so you can check rates and availability and make a confirmed booking."
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6 Reviews
Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
"Wildlife Retreat at Taronga offers a unique conservation experience."
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30 Reviews
89-113 Kent Street, Millers Point, New South Wales, Australia
2.6km from Kropotkinskaya
25.4km from Kingsford Smith Airport
700m from Wynyard Station
1.2km from Circular Quay Station
710m from Wynyard
1.1km from Circular Quay
14.8km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"The front desk spent 100 Australian dollars to upgrade the sea view room. It is recommended that people who go within two years should not set the sea view room. Because you will not see the sea view, but the status of the construction is good. From the Sydney Opera House or the urban mall Hyde Park. Walking for ten or twenty minutes, the overall design of the room is also bright and not bad."
"The location is quiet, the traffic is not very convenient, the room is very warm, the bedding is clean and comfortable, the breakfast environment is quite romantic, the coffee and English tea are good, the harbor outside the window is under construction, the exterior has no publicity pictures. So beautiful"
"Very girly hotel! Decorations and small items are pink! Hotel staff was very nice! The service is very attentive! The breakfast was also generous! Next time I go to Sydney, I will choose Langham!"
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177 Reviews
80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia
16.5km from Kingsford Smith Airport
1.9km from Town Hall Train Station
2.3km from Museum Station
2.3km from Town Hall
2.4km from Museum
15.1km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"Five minutes away from Darling Harbour, two minutes walk downstairs, there is Din Tai Fung restaurant, and Din Tai Fung is a food court. No tipping fee for tea is required. Next to the hotel is the COLE supermarket, which is very convenient. Friends who like red wine can get one bottle per night, good quality and price. Downstairs casino, 15 minutes walk to Chinatown, 10 minutes to fish market, 20 minutes walk to Sydney Tower. There are shopping malls under the Sydney Tower. The room is quite big, two big and two small just fit. I am very satisfied. I feel that it can still be very prosperous after 1200 nights."
"Because it has just been renovated for a few years, the new facilities feel quite new. This time the room has a small balcony, which can let in fresh air. It feels good. The taste of food has not changed for so many years, it is my favorite taste. But I don't know if it is due to the epidemic, the mini bar is gone, and I feel very surprised. In addition, I really like the new brand of bath products, it is my style. I remember it was L’Occitane before. The new brand is really good. In short, there is an update in the familiar feeling. As a weekend recreation hotel, this hotel has been the first choice for 8 years"
"Great hotel great service booked it for my wife’s birthday they gave a complimentary wine and chocs was really nice :)"
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708 Reviews
12 Darling Drive, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
16.2km from Kingsford Smith Airport
880m from Town Hall Train Station
1.2km from Museum Station
960m from Town Hall
2.0km from Museum
14.4km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"When we went to Sydney, the city was closed and there was no breakfast restaurant closed. We needed to order food on the app. They had very few breakfast options on the app! Then, we booked 3 days in advance and went to the front desk and told that because we had just received the booking information, there was no room type to choose. We asked for an additional $120 per day and said that we would upgrade a suite. To be honest, is this problem ours? Your hotel didn't handle it well! Your question, you have to add money to upgrade the room. This is the first time I've stayed in so many hotels! Although it still costs $120 per day, everything else is pretty good, but this decision is far from satisfactory."
"It’s just okay. For a 5 star hotel the amenities are very limited no heated spa and no heated pool. It is also without any umbrella on the pool deck aside from the back covered lounges. A standard room will have no bath tub. For a 5 star hotel I think it’s lacking of so many amenities. We stayed here for our wedding anniversary despite of telling the concierge we didn’t get any complimentary gift from the hotel. We’ve stayed in so many 5 star hotels around the globe and Thai was the first time it happened that there was nothing despite of being told from the front desk that they will arrange something. The room is good but not that great. I’ve seen better rooms in other Sydney CBD 5 star hotels"
"We made a last minute booking at 7pm to stay at Sofitel for our anniversary and did not regret it. It was a delight to deal with James at check-in counter who was professional and helpful. The rooms are modern with a fantastic view of the city. We had drinks at The Champagne room and they managed to cater to my request for a non-alcoholic version of their signature cocktail - which they nailed. Thank you for a great time and we’ll be back! "
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31 Reviews
6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales, Australia
14.2km from Kingsford Smith Airport
910m from Martin Place Railway Station
1.0km from St James Station
930m from Kings Cross
1.0km from Martin Place
12.3km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"Reconstructed from the shipyard, so it looks like a long strip, the interior of the hotel still retains the feeling of the old shipyard workshop, the design of the decoration is very strong, plus the special dynamic BGM, it feels like a visit Show. There is also a small performance room next to the lobby. If you search the Internet, you can find videos of some live performances by artists. The room is quite large, because the room at the corner where we live has windows on all three sides, so the lighting is very good. The room has Harman Kardon audio, Amazon Alexa, the air conditioning system seems to be Honeywell's specific memory is not clear, the overall situation is high. The employees also seem to be trendy men and women. They are friendly and courteous. If you find that you didn’t understand it, he or she will slow down and tell you again. Communication is basically not a problem, but if you encounter poor English. I don't know how to solve even people who don't understand English at all. It is estimated that there should be Asian employees who understand Chinese. The hotel does not provide toothbrushes! The hotel does not provide toothbrushes! ! The hotel does not provide toothbrushes! ! ! The important thing is said three times. Slippers, cotton, non-woven LOW non-woven slippers, we took it off when we checked out, and wore it while sleeping on the plane back home, very comfortable. For meals, the price we book is 3 nights more than 4,900 (including tax), including breakfast, the breakfast is pure western, or very rich, especially the Australian honeybee honey is very special, you must try it, the fruit has grapefruit , oranges, strawberries, apples, raisins, watermelons, etc. There are no hot meats such as grilled sausages, only cold salted ham and salted sashimi, coffee is good. In short, if you are used to Chinese breakfast, there is no need to have breakfast at the hotel every day. In addition to the double breakfast, our room rate includes the mini bar in the room, you can drink it casually, there are small bottles of red wine, small bottles of dry white, red cattle, beer, mineral water, sparkling water (equivalent to soda). (By the way, when ordering at an Australian restaurant, the waiter will ask you if you want water or sparkling water. Don't know what sparkling water is when you don't know.) Location and transportation: The Woolloomooloo area in the hotel is Sydney's old town. Locals generally do not live in these places. There are many old but well-maintained old houses nearby, retaining the architectural style of the British colonists, Woolloomooloo It's a low-lying area, so it's not recommended to walk completely, because sometimes the distance looks very close, but it's actually very tired to walk. There is always a taxi at the entrance of the hotel, but if there is no emergency, it is recommended to take the bus, because the Australian taxi is very expensive. There are 331 buses across the road, usually every ten minutes, and a few minutes to the city center. (Don't imagine the Australian bus as a domestic bus. It's not a concept at all. Their bus is generally There is a seat, and the ride experience is particularly good). The west side of the hotel is a marina, and the east is a military base. The long-term mooring of the Royal Australian Navy's warships. When we went, we saw the latest bomber of the Australian Navy, the "Brisbane" destroyer quietly parked there, far away. Photography is still possible. It is worth mentioning that there is a fast food called Harry's Cafe De Wheels on the side of the road next to the pier. It looks like a small house on the roadside to buy newspapers and groceries. This shop is very popular in the local area. To taste their peas and hot dogs, it is important that we have more than ten o'clock in the evening, they are still open, so the nightingale has a guarantee. In the evening, I ordered some snacks, sitting on a bench next to the tree, and blowing the sea breeze to feed the seagulls, it was very pleasant."
"I’ve stayed in Ovolo before in Hong Kong and was very satisfied with the service. So this time was no exception. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Except they still haven’t returned my deposit even though my stay ended a month ago. But it’s supposedly not their fault... I have a Chinese bank card, so the refund is slow... The facilities are great except the shower and toilet which were leaking and making weird noises. The room service wasn’t great, actually there was a lot of misunderstanding after which something I ordered was on the house for arriving an hour and a half later. Everyone from the housekeeping to the receptionist was trying to be helpful, but my impression is that the management isn’t doing such a good job with this establishment. The location is not very well connected by public transport so you need to walk for about 15-20min to the city core or take a taxi (only one bus which goes every 20min). There is an incredible running track which leads all the way to the Opera house and right next door are some amazing restaurants. Getting to the gym was very confusing and the gym itself was the tiniest I have ever seen. But the pool was very long and also had a jacuzzi (which was temporarily out of order). The breakfast was good for me as a vegetarian but might have not been adequate for a meet lover. Too much pastry, fruit and yogurt. And the coffee machine wasn’t working very well so I got dirty water instead of coffee in my cup a few times. There was a free minibar and happy hour and the drinks were good. Overall I had a better experience in Hong Kong even though this stay was more expensive. "
"Base's boutique hotel brand in Hong Kong is new but super fast. This time, there is a hotel in Sydney that has just opened in Sydney. I have had many awards before, and I lived in and experienced it. As a member of the SLH Alliance, design and details are pretty good. The hotel hopes to create a smart and relaxing environment for everyone, so the room is equipped with Amazon's smart assistant Alexa, Harman Kardon's Bluetooth speaker, Apple TV, and other electronic products, the overall experience is still great, and the first floor along the dock A series of high-quality restaurants opened in the district, bringing the entire old dock area to life. The only thing is that the lighting design of the room is not perfect. This point is deducted, and this level of hotel is out. The spare parts are actually large bottles. Although I understand that it is to reduce waste by environmental protection, it is true for me as a spare control. Unacceptable, deduct points. But overall it is still a hotel worth experiencing, especially the clock in the lobby bar, too magical."
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20 Reviews
33 Cross Street, Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
18.9km from Kingsford Smith Airport
2.1km from Bondi Junction Bus/Train Station
3.9km from St James Station
910m from Edgecliff
2.3km from Bondi Junction
14.6km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"The food is really bad, the steak is not there yet. At the time of check-out, the female white man at the front desk looked the same as her mother. It was not discrimination. She also had the same attitude towards the white man. I was afraid that she would be the boss lady 🤣🤣🤣. The key point of this intelligent control is that it is completely out of control. The room service in Australia is not 24 hours. There is no need to find someone to clean the toilet after taking a shower at night. Anyway, the service industry in Australia is a sky-high price, and there is no service at all. Do n’t be surprised when you first arrive. After all, foreign countries attach importance to "human rights". Cleaning the toilet in the middle of the night will exhaust the foreigners, understand!"
"The hotel is 5 minutes away from the double bay, and it is most convenient to take an hourly boat from the circular pier. The rooms are tidy and the staff service is very good. The swimming pool on the top floor of the hotel is very nice and suitable for children to play in the water. Parents can relax with a drink in the cafe next to it. The hotel’s self-service western breakfast is very good. There are not many types of hot food, but the taste is very good. There are many choices of bread, milk, and fruits. The overall cp value is very high and I am very satisfied."
"good environment! very quiet. The surrounding community has a friendly atmosphere and convenient life. There are many hotspots by ferry, very convenient! The service is very intimate and very professional!"
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21 Reviews
11 Hickson Road, Dawes Point, New South Wales, Australia
16.8km from Kingsford Smith Airport
1.3km from Circular Quay Station
1.8km from Wynyard Station
1.8km from Wynyard
2.2km from Martin Place
14.9km from Kingsford Smith Airport
"Must be 10 points, great hotel, big room, clean, warm service, just under the Harbour Bridge, you can see the opera house, go to the U-shaped pier to go to the zoo to make the boat convenient, the opera house, the botanical garden can go all the way . The breakfast is Western style and very delicious."
"The hotel is just below the Harbour Bridge, with a small facade and warm service. After all, the dock warehouse was remodeled, and the windows in the room were high and could not be opened. The rows of dining seats along the coast are nice."
"The location of the Sydney Hotel is superb. You can see the Opera House directly under the Sydney Bridge. The hotel is very comfortable. The parking fee is too expensive."
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