Top 10 Best View Hotels

Top 10 Best View Hotels

40 Reviews
"KangNing HotelHotels near Taipei Songshan Airport, convenient quiet life function"
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3 Reviews
176 Section 5 of Xinwu Road (Xinwu Lu Wu Duan), New Taipei City, Taiwan, China
31.6km from Songshan Airport
27.3km from Banqiao Railway Station
"The parking lot was so bad, outdoors, the car was washed for nothing when it rained. Poor housing efficiency."
"Very nice place"
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496 Reviews
158 North Dunhua Road (Dunhua Bei Lu), Taipei, Taiwan, China
2.4km from Songshan Airport
4.2km from Taipei Railway Station
780m from Taipei Arena
"Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei, Forbes Hotel Ranking Taipei's highest rated hotel. I'm quite satisfied with the hardware facilities of the room. Toto's top electric toilet, the toiletries are the top French aromatherapy Diptyque, a full set of Japanese high-quality bone china Narumi, the partition between the bathroom and the toilet has won my heart. It is indeed in line with Mandarin's low-key luxury. Consistent style.         The hotel is between the two MRT stations of Nanjing Fuxing and Taipei Dome. The distance between the two stations and the hotel is almost ten minutes. Shopping can be done in the breeze Nanjing, and there are more food in the hotel. There are Michelin restaurants, one-star Accords, Bencotto, Thai & Thai dishes, and Tajima family shabu-shabu. There are super-popular barbecue restaurants, toasts and hutongs on the nearby Dunhua South Road. This gourmet trip to Taipei during the stay at Mandarin They picked two Michelin magpies, Accord and Biggest.         Seven days and six nights in Taipei, I stayed in three hotels, namely the North American Fu Hotel, Beitou Lixi Hot Spring Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Meifu was the most pleasant hotel on this journey, Lixi was the most pleasant hotel. Woxin Hotel, but Wenhua feels the most ordinary and even a little disappointed. This feeling may be started from the TV welcome page that I saw on the day of check-in. After researching for a long time, I intuitively feel that Mandarin will provide extra beds for children for free, but in fact they do not. This feeling spreads even more. There is no way to travel in the peak season and you can only give up your fate. After all, people have no promise of extra beds. I am passionate about myself. When I asked the children to prepare the products, the hotel gave a panda doll."
"Service, room all aspects exceeded expectations, the room is large, the details are not too good, the chair is placed in a slightly inclined way, convenient for customers to sit, even the data cable is tied with a Velcro strap, encounter The waiters at each position can see that they are all concerned about the customers, especially Tang Junyi, who has cleaned up the room, and took the trouble to answer my questions. I also talked about how many people grew up in Taipei. It is like a friend."
"The ranking of hotels in the world, the appearance of the hotel alone is much better than Hong Kong's two Oriental Mandarin. Staff service is top notch As soon as the door of the room opened, we felt that the money was worth it. I think the only thing that is not satisfactory is breakfast. I don't think it is very satisfactory."
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4 Reviews
No.39 Changchun Road, Taipei, Taiwan, China
4.3km from Songshan Airport
1.8km from Taipei Railway Station
810m from Zhongshan
"The hotel was remodeled, and the corridors of the rooms are curved to separate more rooms. This structure is more or less a serious hotel style. In the event of a fire / earthquake, it is difficult to cope with it; the elevator is small, and it needs to go to five or six. The hotel's bathroom is also a big step up, that is, the heightening of the renovation; the bed, bedding and toilet in the room are OK, quite satisfactory, including the use of a Japanese toilet seat, good; room 602 was given at the beginning I went in and found it was very small. There was no 29 square meters displayed at the time of booking. After negotiation, I changed to 505, and I did n’t feel this area. From the pictures, we can see that the cabinet structure is not enough because of the different cabinet width. It feels like a family hotel of a certain size; Ctrip booked through expedia, and it was troublesome to negotiate; the hotel did not pick up the mainland team, almost all Japanese guests, the service staff was very good and very welcoming; there were many small restaurants near the hotel, You don't need to book the hotel's breakfast. The breakfast is average and a bit Japanese-style. There are also many foot massage shops in the area. By Taipei MRT, the nearest is the Zhongshan Station on the Tamsui Line. In general, I feel that more than one hundred dollars is not worth a night, including some problems in the design of the bathroom renovation. It is inconvenient for the washbasin to be located in the corner. Finally, the hotel can monitor whether someone in the room (using the power supply) can monitor it."
"Japanese-style hotel, the service did not have to say, the front desk was very polite, the service staff who cleaned the room was very polite, but the room was too small, a bit unstoppable. . . ."
"Ctrip prices are much higher than the front desk"
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363 Reviews
200 South Guangfu Road (Guangfu Nan Lu), Taipei, Taiwan, China
3.4km from Songshan Airport
3.2km from Songshan Railway Station
130m from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
"It is very close to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. I personally like the big bed in the Guolian Hotel. It is really comfortable! It's soft, but the soundproofing is not very good this time. I can hear the conversation in the next room. I have no problem with the bathroom equipment; but my friend thinks that there is no shower and it is not very useful. At first, it was cold water. There is no curtain in the bathtub and there is water everywhere. But transportation and food are quite convenient, I can still recommend it~~~"
"A very simple and low-key hotel, this time I stayed in a deluxe room. The bed is very comfortable, it feels like sleeping on the clouds, and the whole body is very relaxed. The bathtub is very large and deep, and there is no problem for people with a height of 200 cm. ~Like👍🏻like👍🏻like~"
"It is close to the MRT station and convenient to the east area. The rooms are clean. Although the hotel has a history, the rooms are under maintenance. The disadvantage is that the connecting room is covered by a closet, but the soundproofing is not good. The water flow in the bathroom is too small."
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30 Reviews
2F, 18-1 Alley 18, West Nanjing Road (Nanjing Xi Lu), Taipei, Taiwan, China
5.1km from Songshan Airport
730m from Taipei Railway Station
150m from Zhongshan
"The service is very friendly and the environment is clean. There are tableware to use, a microwave oven, an electric stove to cook things, and a computer to use. It is very convenient and the service is very considerate."
"The lady's service is very good, the environment is very clean, everything is almost free, washing machines are also free, there are places to dry clothes, and there is a kitchenette to cook."
"Very close to the subway, but if an alley goes in, the facilities are not complete. If you are looking for cheap, you can go. But don’t order the better conditions, it’s not very comfortable."
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23 Reviews
No.8 Minsheng West Road, Taipei, Taiwan, China
4.3km from Songshan Airport
1.5km from Taipei Railway Station
220m from Shuanglian
"There is oldness in some places, but is compact and very good hotel. The staff are very friendly and there are many people who can speak Japanese. The breakfast is handmade and the menu changes daily. The content is also substantial. The room is spacious and comfortable, the bath has a jacuzzi, and the toilet is a heated washlet with a heated toilet seat. Cleaning is also polite. Beds, pillows and futons were comfortable and I slept well. It was on the hospital side, but I was not bothered by the sound of ambulances. Amenity is substantial, too. It was good to stay here. I also want to use the following."
"Husband likes the breakfast here. Simple, but tastes good. Check in at night, the window is a bit small. The front desk has a free upgrade to the large windows on the top floor. The quilt doesn't feel very clean. The hotel is just a few minutes from the Shuanglian MRT exit."
"The hotel is very close to the MRT Danshui Line Shuanglian Station. Opposite is the emergency room of Mawei Hospital. The front desk reception staff has a good service attitude. The first floor lobby can be used for meeting guests, and the coffee machine can make coffee!"
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1601 Reviews
No.100 Dunhua North Road, Taipei, Taiwan, China
2.3km from Songshan Airport
4.0km from Taipei Railway Station
470m from Taipei Arena
"The director of the housekeeping department was very serious. Due to technical problems, I stayed for two days when I went out the next day. The room was not cleaned due to technical problems. But after the report, the director of the housekeeping department immediately sent someone to organize it in person and apologized The hotel’s risk management and crisis management are very good Hotel location is good"
"Booked a double room. I am very satisfied with 2 nights with Buffet. The location is good and you can go anywhere from the bus stop in front of you. You can go to the zoo with one MRT. IKEA is next door. Stay behind the hotel There are a bar and a bar, which is convenient. It's expensive, but you can also use the Breeze supermarket. There were staff who could speak Japanese. I am very satisfied. I want to use it again."
"The advantage of the hotel is that the place is large enough, next to IKEA, there is also a 24-hour convenience store in the hotel, which can basically meet all the needs. It is about 5 minutes walk to the MRT station, and it is located between the two MRT stations. Choose which episode to go to that place according to the situation"
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109 Reviews
38 Songren Road (Songren Lu), Taipei, Taiwan, China
5.5km from Songshan Airport
3.5km from Songshan Railway Station
580m from Taipei City Hall
"The hotel is located in the Xinyi business district, and the entrance is Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. After staying for a few days, Ellie came to Amy and finally lived in the room where she could see 101. The hotel rooms are warmly furnished, and there are many choices for breakfast, both Chinese and Western. "
"The location of the hotel is good, the breakfast is varied, the bread is delicious, the service staff are very professional and kind, the parking lot is very large and convenient, and it is close to the department store and convenient for shopping."
"This time I went with my girlfriend. The overall facilities of the hotel are satisfactory, especially the sauna. It is a pity not to go. I really sleep well the night after soaking."
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359 Reviews
No.10 Section 5 of Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei, Taiwan, China
4.4km from Songshan Airport
2.5km from Songshan Railway Station
30m from Taipei City Hall
"The room design is trendy and the overall young atmosphere is heavy. The Chinese restaurant on the top floor is highly recommended, but the price is high, the buffet on the 10th floor can be ignored, the selection of things is very small, and the attitude of the restaurant staff is generally poor"
"The service staff are well-trained, although the waiting time is a bit long, (because there are parties on weekends), the overall environmental conditions give five stars. The swimming pool is excellent and the gym is also very spacious👍"
"This is the first time staying in Taipei Whotel. The room size is larger than expected. It may be affected by the epidemic. There are rooms available for Christmas. The price is favorable. Overall it is a great experience. Recommend"
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