Top 10 Best Way Hotels

Top 10 Best Way Hotels


3585 Reviews
No.96 Linjiang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China
32.2km from Tianhe International Airport
4.9km from Wuchang Railway Station
610m from Jiyuqiao
"The facilities in the room are very user-friendly. The bed is also very comfortable. Every little detail is well done. The hardware to the check-in service and room service are all top-notch. The service from Manager Xu at the front desk was very good. In short, living here makes you feel very comfortable. The only thing I want to focus on is the cafeteria, which is really "buffet"! There is basically no service throughout the journey, because the time to go is relatively late, about 8.30. After the meal time, a lot of things were gone. The coconuts were urged for a long time, and only three of them were taken out by four people. There is no chef in the outdoor barbecue, so you can take the cold barbecue by yourself. I asked a small-looking female chef what time to take the ice cream in the crotch, and the answer was "I don’t know." The only service I enjoyed in the restaurant was the chef personally put the steak on the table, but the three people served together like this. Very not five-star. The sushi looks very appetizing, so it's all over. There are no chopsticks in the chopstick holder. Tell the waiter to take it. After waiting for 10 minutes, I didn’t bring it. Then I asked if I took it inside. I have to wait... Rather: Can you just take the chopsticks on the empty table next door? Face helpless. I asked whether it was the supervisor or the manager, and complained that there is no way it is part time. The lack of dishes and the unsightly presentation are understandable. After all, I went late, but all the services in the restaurant made me feel very disappointed. Check out Manager Xu to ask about the feeling of staying in, and promised to give praise, but the five stars are only given to the front desk and guest rooms, except the restaurant!"
"The Westin Wuhan R&F is located by the Yangtze River, surrounded by well-known attractions such as Yellow Crane Tower, Guqin Terrace, Qingchuan Pavilion, Hubu Alley, Chu River and Han Jie. Entering the magnificent hotel lobby, the artistic flower arrangements placed on the oval table exude a refreshing fragrance. The room and bathroom are separated from dry and wet. The skin care products are from the well-known British brand Crabtree&EveIyn. After use, the skin has a tea fragrance and refreshing feeling. The delicious breakfast that combines Chinese and Western walls in the hotel is also a feast for people. The sleep-comfortable Tianmeng mattress is the hotel’s first in the industry. It is produced by Slumberland, a well-known British brand with a century-old history, and once enjoyed the honor of using two British emblems. The feeling of exhaustion in bed seems to be suddenly disappear. What surprises me is that there are books on the executive floor of the hotel. When the lanterns were first turned on, I found a favorite book on the 21st floor and flipped through them. From time to time, I looked out the window of the colorful cruise ships on the Yangtze River. , The ever-changing light show makes people dream and feel refreshed. We are also impressed by the hotel staff Xu Ideal, courteous, meticulous, patient and friendly. The hotel on the journey is the home on the move. It makes us feel the warmth and comfort of home at the Westin Hotel, which embodies the service tenet of the hotel: to provide the guests with the best quality service, and the satisfaction of the guests is our success."
"After the epidemic, I went back to Wuhan several times and felt the charm of this heroic city more and more. This time I chose to stay at Westin R&F. In addition to seeing the night view of the Yangtze River, the most comfortable thing is the bed and pillows in the room. The hotel is very human and equipped with narrow and long pillows, which is full of happiness for people with cervical spondylosis. The beautiful butler lamb, the sweet voice and thoughtful service left a deep impression on me, thank you for sending fruits, thank you for upgrading the room, and thank you for the warm and thoughtful service. Next time I come to plan to live, cherish every opportunity to see the river [Tongue]"
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1140 Reviews
No.1 Zhongbei Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China
34.6km from Tianhe International Airport
3.8km from Wuchang Railway Station
320m from Hongshan Square
"Eleven took the children to play in Wuhan for 4 days, choose to live in Hongshan Hotel, the hotel is strategically located, Hongshan District landmark building, surrounding major scenic spots taxi fare within 20 yuan, subway, bus is at the door! Super convenient! Although we have booked a luxury single room facing the street, it is not noisy and has a wide view! Directly opposite is Hongshan Square and Poly Building! The room service is very good, the buffet waiter service attitude and quality still need to be improved, the buffet breakfast can only be rated 3 points, the taste variety needs to be improved"
"Located at the intersection of two subways, it is convenient and convenient to go anywhere! This grade of hotel does not need to say that the facilities and services are hygienic, and they are impeccable. The key is that the price is right and value for money. Very satisfied, very satisfied and very satisfied!"
"The old five-star hotel has an excellent location and the hotel service is great! The hardware facilities are very good! The sanitation environment is also very good! Every time I come to Wuhan to live in this hotel, there are a lot of discounts on Ctrip, and it feels good."
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7253 Reviews
No.138 Donghu Road, Shuiguohu Street, Wuhan, Hubei, China
33.1km from Tianhe International Airport
6.4km from Wuchang Railway Station
170m from Hongshan Road
"The hotel is very awful! The service staff are very enthusiastic and sincere, making you feel at home. The lobby is said to have nearly 1,000 square meters. It is the most magnificent lobby in the hotel I have ever stayed in. It is definitely a highlight. The scenic view of East Lake in the lobby is very impressive, and next to the hotel is Han Street where you can eat, drink and play. The hotel is adjacent to the East Lake. The lake view room has been upgraded. When you enter the room, you will feel a sudden and cheerful feeling. Here I want to focus on the service of the exclusive butler Eve. He is very professional and enthusiastic, with a gentle attitude, and always smiles at you with a sincere smile. 😊😊😊 The breakfast is rich in variety, and the restaurant also gives people a very comfortable feeling. The afternoon tea on the 28th floor Also very wow! (Small beer and wine are enough) The equipment in the room is tall, the mineral water is voss and the toiletries are Hermès, and the bedding is very comfortable, and it is Jin Keer. I sleep until dawn and resurrect with blood. A great experience, I will continue to choose here next time I go to Wuhan!"
"Very warm hotel, butler service is very attentive. The opposite of my guide on Ctrip is R&F Wanda. I feel that this hotel is updated and the decoration is high-end. The consequences of staying in did not disappoint us. The little brother at the entrance of the car helped us with our luggage at the front desk. The service is also very enthusiastic. The housekeeper Zhang Kaijin is very considerate and knows that I have brought the child and gave a small gift. Thank you for staying next time. We are a five-star hotel every time we travel, but many hotels cannot provide five-star service. The hotel feels that everyone is actively making customers feel at home"
"The troublesome hotel is great. Jessica called to ask about my needs before I checked in. After learning that I came to Wuhan for the first time, I contacted the manager Amy to help me upgrade the lake view room for two days. The room view is very good and the stay is very comfortable , Alex at the front desk checked out very quickly, and a little episode was quickly resolved. The hotel is very close to Han Street, there are many delicious food nearby. It is very convenient to order takeout. Have a chance to come again."
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3086 Reviews
No.80 Fanhu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China
25.3km from Tianhe International Airport
2.9km from Hankou Railway Station
620m from Yunfei Road
"The executive floor is booked, the guest room design is exquisite, the lighting layout is scientific, the guest room is very good, and the comfort level is relatively high. The minibar is equipped with Chilean red and white wines, 88 bottles are paid for. The only thing that is slightly cheaper is the provision of toiletries, which should not be the choice of this level of hotel. I used the executive lounge on the 40th floor. The view is very good, the lighting is also very good, the breakfast options are enough, and there is a small kitchen, which is much better than the executive lounge of R&F Wanda Hotel. The spa on the 6th floor has done a SPA, which is quite satisfactory. The decoration is a bit old and there is no outdoor landscape. The curtain must be pulled, and the toilet is separated from dry and wet. 60-minute essential oil massage 780, the price is very high in the Mainland, the massage technique is okay. The coupon was reduced by one hundred. The gym equipment is not enough, quite satisfactory, and the yoga room has a good view. In general, Sheraton Oceanwide Hotel rooms are very good, it is worth visiting again, one of the few hotels in Wuhan with warmth, the experience is not bad"
"I booked an executive room. The advantage is that the room is good, the service is good, and the executive lounge has a good view. We also saw the beautiful sunset that day. The breakfast on the second floor is also very rich. The executive lounge breakfast is not experienced without evaluation. The disadvantage is that the room air conditioner can't be adjusted. I asked the front desk and said that the central air conditioner had set the temperature. As a result, it stayed at around 16 degrees that night. It was so cold that I fell asleep after adding a layer of air conditioner in the middle of the night. There is no screen projection on the TV, no movies, only some video frequency. In addition, the executive room and other rooms line up together, which shows no difference."
"Near Hankou Railway Station, the hotel is surrounded by a quiet environment. There are two large shopping malls in front of and behind the hotel. I don’t know if it is the cause of the epidemic. Most of the shops in the two shopping malls are closed. There are coffee bakery such as Starbucks and a large supermarket in the mall opposite the hotel. Okay, the bedding is very comfortable, the central air-conditioning temperature is slightly lacking, I stayed for two consecutive nights, I slept for breakfast and did not eat... Overall the experience was not bad."
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1452 Reviews
No.249 Huaihai Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China
25.3km from Tianhe International Airport
3.7km from Hankou Railway Station
500m from Wuhan Business District
"Fairmont's total score must be passed, convenient transportation, comfortable and touching, the decoration of the room and lobby is considered the latest style, simple and elegant. The spare part is lelabo, it should be considered as a high-end, ps: The light curtain control interface is slightly unresponsive. The attitude of the waiter was very good~~ They also helped us to fold the clothes while cleaning, and the manager Ediva served very well. During the stay, she was able to solve everything immediately and comfortably. The gym is equipped with Technogym equipment, and the swimming pool is equipped with complete facilities. Jacuzzi, spa, steam room and shower room~ The experience of living in Fairmont is really good!"
"The black and white tones are very low-key, and the decoration details of the room are not particularly exquisite. It is too dark and too dark for girls to live alone. If the space is large, it will be a little scary at night. Turndown service is very good. Use wet bath towels and bathrobes that have been used during the day. It has been replaced, and a shower gel, mouthwash, etc. have also been added. The swimming pool has a children's area and the water temperature is hot, which is very suitable for children. The gym has a good impression and I like it very much. Breakfast and dinner are also very comfortable, the categories are not particularly large, but they are very delicate and not perfunctory. Lots of desserts, cakes and breads!"
"The first thing to do in the hotel-wash your hands, and then I was pleasantly surprised to find that the soap and bathroom products are all LeLabo's instant praise, one of the favorite brands, I like it. The space layout is relatively comfortable, and the facilities are very new. I like the capsule coffee machine very much. It is not convenient to park the car and lose the license plate every time you go out. The swimming pool on the fifth floor is very beautiful, there are not many people, and there is also a spa. The technique is also available and more comfortable. The staff are very enthusiastic, Ediva at the front desk is also actively helping me during my stay, and will choose here."
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1249 Reviews
No.20 Jinyinhu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China
22.4km from Tianhe International Airport
8.3km from Hankou Railway Station
250m from Jinyinhu
"During the National Day holiday, I chose this hotel that has been set for a long time. The location is actually a bit biased. Near the Expo Garden, there is no place to go shopping, but the traffic is very convenient. The subway exit is the hotel entrance. Large room, high floor, street view room, nice view The overall health of the room is good, that is, the dark drinks on the carpet may be overturned by previous guests, they ca n’t be handled, and they do n’t look good There is only one socket on the bedside of the standard room, which is a bit sad. At night, two people can only put a mobile phone on the table when they have a mobile phone. The room is large, the TV is a bit small, there are many TV stations, and HBO The bathroom is large and oversized. The crossbar above the bathtub is good to dry clothes. The service is ok. It ’s very convenient to check in and check out quickly. I bought watermelons and ate them during the period, and I need to throw big garbage. I used to call where I threw them, and someone came to collect them right away. This is great. One day, I took away the room card we left in the room, which was a bit uncomfortable. If I did n’t call to communicate, would I lose my room card if I checked out the next day?"
"very good! Since I have the Eurasia exhibition, I have started to stay! Because I am satisfied with the room service of the Eurasian exhibition, I have so many multiple stays! The advantages of hardware facilities are good, as well as the hotel's guest service, front desk service, floor service and other software services, the coordination ability is super-class is the key to staying at the guests! I would like to express my gratitude to Jiang Chenpei for the guest room service! She and her team's caring service, coordinating the communication between the guests and other departments, the arrangement of the guests, etc., reflected in the subtle service, the Eurasian exhibition has such excellent staff to strengthen the confidence of the guests! To this end, will continue to stay!"
"I came to Hankou on November 9 and booked this hotel on Ctrip.com! The young lady of the hotel feels very good to me, kind and polite! All aspects of hotel hygiene are good. The only regret is that I had breakfast at the restaurant on the first floor at around 9:20 am on the 11th. I ordered a noodle. The attitude of the chefs was extremely bad. Add the dishes yourself. Groups of people chatting in the sky there really really affected the image of the hotel. I asked them if my noodles were ok, they had forgotten that I had just ordered noodles. Hey! I ate two bites of fruit and left half a bowl of porridge. Today's praise is for Miss Jiang Chen Pei. I hope the hotel chef reviews himself!"
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7179 Reviews
No.105 Donghu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China
33.3km from Tianhe International Airport
5.8km from Wuchang Railway Station
330m from Hongshan Road
"The decoration style of the hotel is simple and business style, the rooms are large, the floors are high, the scenery is very nice and I like it, and the facilities are complete. The front desk service is also very good. Angel Lu Tian gave us a check-out greeting when we checked out, which was very considerate. The room is clean and tidy, the household supplies are complete, the layout is quite good, the room decoration is distinctive, the lighting is transparent, the environment is good, I like it very much, the bed and pillows are also soft and comfortable, including the entire sanitary environment are very satisfied, great . The bathroom and toilet are independent. The washbasin in the room is equipped with two free bottles of mineral water. Free tea bags and mineral water are also abundant. It deserves to be a star service. The hotel's facilities are very new and the room temperature is very comfortable. The hotel's Chinese and Western food is very good, with a lot of choices. The overall environment is relatively comfortable. It is cost-effective in a five-star hotel. I will choose here next time I travel! In addition to good hardware facilities, the service is also excellent. The hotel is located in a very central location in the prosperous Wanda business district, within walking distance It takes five minutes to reach Wanda Plaza, next to the subway entrance, which is convenient for eating, drinking and having fun around. I was very impressed by the whole process from hotel facilities, equipment to service, especially Angel Chengguo’s professional service. She helped me arrange an upgraded room. The high-floor view is very wide, the room is spotlessly cleaned, and the bedding is soft. It is very comfortable and reasonably furnished. The toilet and shower room are separated into two compartments. They are very clean. You can enjoy the scenery of Hanxiu through the window in the room. It is very suitable for business and traveling with children! The hotel’s elevators, front desks, and various business locations have disinfectant and alcohol for guests to use at any time, which is very thoughtful. When checking out, Elsa Zhan also took the initiative to ask about my check-in experience. The overall feeling during the stay was very good, regardless of the hardware, service, meals, etc., it is highly recommended!"
"Graduation trip with mom. I was very worried when I saw the bad reviews when I made the reservation, and I was worried that the hotel was not as good as expected. But after taking a taxi from the station, I was very enthusiastic to help us open the door and take the luggage. After entering the lobby, the smell of fragrance was also very comfortable. The front desk also helped us to change to a twin room. There was no peculiar smell in the room. The air conditioner was a little loud at night. It will not affect sleep; the sanitary cleaning is also very considerate. When I hung up on the first day, please do not disturb and call to ask if you do not need to clean. When you come back at night, there is a small card at the door saying that you can call at any time if you want to clean; super I like the white moss-scented shower gel, so I planted grass hahaha; the location is very good, very close to Chuhe Han Street, just a few steps away, you must drink the Xiangtian tube bone stewed lotus root soup not far downstairs. There is also a dark dish of fried preserved eggs with bitter gourd, just to get rid of the fire in summer~ I didn't order breakfast because I couldn't get up in the morning, so I couldn't give a corresponding evaluation. Just go out to travel and be happy! The service staff of the hotel are also very hard, and the smiley face is very good for everyone. Now that the trip to Changsha from Wuhan is over, the people of Wuhan are still very enthusiastic~ I love this city, and I will come to stay again when I have time. I hope the hotel will become better"
"It was a pleasure to stay at the Jiahua Hotel, because the executive room was booked for two breakfasts, and the three of us (with baby). The little brother at the front desk told the executive room that there was afternoon tea and breakfast in the morning, and he could see the East Lake. In the evening, I went to the executive wine Ms. Zhang Mingyan from the lounge visited the gallery to help reserve the location by the window for breakfast the next day. The service attitude is very good. I like it 👍 The hotel is in a good location, breakfast is very good, but the hot and dry noodles are always in line. Will come again next time"
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464 Reviews
8 Lakeside Avenue (Yanhu Dadao) (Beside East Lake Gate), Wuhan, Hubei, China
35.4km from Tianhe International Airport
8.6km from Wuhan Railway Station
2.4km from Yuejiazui
"This place was the best place I’ve stayed in in China , I can’t stress how amazing and luxurious and clean this hotel is . The rooms have a bath , shower and a balcony and it’s nice and quiet . You can see East lake and sit at the hotels private section of East Lake. I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone it was the perfect stay and had incredible nature . The breakfast was incredible and had so much variety and it was fresh, there was fruit and pastries and cereals and eggs and Chinese food , bread , vegetables, steamed buns and much more. Room was cleaned everyday and the beds were comfortable and clean . The room was modern and had great technological features. 10000% recommended "
"Room & atmosphere are fine. But No one can speak out of Chinese even though this price level hotel & @sightseeing place. If you don’t have enough local language skill, it is difficult to have enough service at check-in & restaurant. Because I got miserable feelings a lot."
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5445 Reviews
No.190 Binjiang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China
31.9km from Tianhe International Airport
7.8km from Wuchang Railway Station
570m from Lanjiang Road
"The location of the hotel is unique, and you can see the beautiful view of the Parrot Chau Bridge from the window. The rooms are clean and good, swimming and fitness are convenient, and the characteristics of a five-star hotel are still available. As far as personal experience is concerned, the breakfast is not amazing, three-star standard. Especially during the holidays, the passenger flow is not good. I missed the holiday on the last day. I feel that the dining environment is acceptable. There is still a lot of room for improvement in Western food, especially the coffee. The lobby manager Huang Rui’s after-sales follow-up is more thoughtful, and I will consider staying next time"
"When I first came to Wuhan, I chose the Hilton Hotel. The overall service of the hotel is good. The lady at the front desk satisfies our desire to see the river view and adjusted the city view room to the river view room. Although it is a half-window, I am still very happy to see the beauty. Night view🌃. In addition, the shower head of our room 1202 is broken. Once opened, spray on it and forgot to feed it back to the hotel. Please repair it as soon as possible. We also hope that the maintenance department can check and confirm it regularly."
"The location of the hotel is great and the night view is super beautiful! Crossing the road is the Hankou River Beach. Standing in the room, you can see the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge and the Parrot Island Yangtze River Bridge. On the opposite side of the river is the Yellow Crane Tower. Breakfast is ok, some dishes and bread are gone late, coffee is not recommended, beef noodles are good. The soundproofing effect of the room is not good, the tap in the next room can hear very clearly"
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4670 Reviews
No.182 Yanjiang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China
27.5km from Tianhe International Airport
7.2km from Hankou Railway Station
1.5km from Sanyang Road
"It’s really super invincible. Thank you Feng Chenchen at the front desk for helping me arrange an invincible river view room. The night view from the room to the window is excellent. Fortunately, I caught up with the exclusive lighting show in Wuhan. It’s just a few days since I came to Wuhan to catch up with the temperature drop. It was not as hot as it should be in June, and it didn’t rain. It was nice to the little brother named Ye at the front desk because he was unfamiliar with the road conditions and scenic spots in Wuhan. Ge Geyi gave me a book and a map for traveling in Wuhan. Before leaving, he told me that it was the cheapest to use Huaxiaozhu to order a car at a price. Sure enough, it only cost 20 yuan from the hotel to Wuhan Station (the call was nearly 50 when I came). , This hotel is really the right choice, I will definitely come again next time I have the opportunity, this time I can’t bear to leave this absolutely..."
"Thanks to Howard Johnson Pearl Hotel, especially the lobby manager Xiao Hu. I learned that it’s my first time to travel to Wuhan on my birthday. I upgraded my room business river view room to an exclusive river view room, which is a superb river view! I also prepared a birthday cake in the evening. I was so surprised and moved! It really added a commemorative memory to my trip🥰 The location of the hotel is unique, and you can sit on the cruise ship across the road at night. What's more commendable is that the river view room can have a panoramic view of the lights on both sides of the strait! Beautiful I will recommend to Mingzhu Howard Johnson with my friends who want to visit Wuhan. It is very unforgettable. The hotel is great, the service is better, thanks"
"The location of the hotel is very good, the room is clean and tidy, the younger sister at the front desk has a particularly good attitude, helped me choose a room that I am very satisfied, standing in the room, you can see the Yangtze River Bridge and the cruise ship on the river, you can also watch the light show at night, there is a bus station on the right of his hotel, Opposite the hotel is the ferry terminal, you can find the Zhiyin number by walking to the left and extending the river. You can also look at the Yangtze River No. 2 Bridge. It is not far from the hotel and is Jiqing Street. You can also punch the hot and dry noodles of Wuhan food Laotianji. In short, I will stay at this hotel next time."
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