Top 10 Brick Lane Hotels

Top 10 Brick Lane Hotels


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2-7-1 Kinjoufutou, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
34.0km from Komaki Air Force Base
550m from Kinjo futo Railway Station
3.9km from Noseki Railway Station
"After getting off at Jinbu Toubu Station, please walk along the overpass to the hotel direction you can see (the colorful Lego wall, you will know it at a glance), and then you will go straight down the elevator. After you get down, you will go to the eating places outside. There is a fountain inside, walk to the restaurant at the farthest Aosan Anzang store (not bad, there are staff who can speak Chinese, you can order udon noodles that need to be fried by yourself, and there is a Chinese menu). Go through the doorway, walk straight to the paradise, and right hand to the hotel. There will be magic in front of the doorway (the steak house on the left is open at 5:00 pm, off-season time). The restaurants in front of the hotel are closed very early, but the Anzai Club mentioned above is late (but it is only 8:00) (, Low season) When you pass by, you can first look at the closing time. There is no need to say more about the hotel. I stayed for 2 nights and can play without going out of the hotel. The game room in the restaurant on the 2nd floor can keep children addicted for a long time. Treasure hunt in each room, there will be English prompts on the table, according to the prompts to find the password, children like this game the most. The elevator is also very special, the music will be different every day. 7-8 pm (I go out at this point two nights) Lego puppets will be in the lobby, can shake hands and take photos. Breakfast was good. The flight was temporarily changed due to the epidemic on the last day. I left at 6:00 in the morning. I told the hotel the night before to pack breakfast. The 3 big boxes were very solid fruits, yogurt and sandwiches. The hotel's Lego off-season time will be a bit late at 9:00 on the weekend, and it will be off at 7:00 early in the week. The hotel will send shopping coupons, so you need to buy things to see the time. The dragon at the top of the hotel door will be full of air, which is very interesting."
"high! But it's only expensive! Of course, it's expensive compared to neighboring hotels, so it's expensive, but everything is everything! Lego at the entrance! The check-in counter is LEGO! The elevator is also LEGO! Even the carpet on the guest room floor is LEGO! Amenity is also LEGO! Anyway, it's the finishing touch that makes children look more excited. Therefore, there are many items that can be helpful when you want your child to be a little grown up, such as between check-ins, waiting for an elevator, and waiting in lines such as breakfast. With the same tension, a child who has never slept alone says "I'm going to sleep here today!" I couldn't sleep for a long time, and it was very helpful until the morning. The restaurant and terrace seats have staff, and they will come as soon as you find any trouble. Staff passing by in the hotel Everyone is very well educated, and they don't go through their parents to talk to the children themselves so they don't rush to answer, so they can see the unprecedented aspect of talking with confidence. I was surprised. Something parents tend to do instead, but I was able to clean up and greet with the staff, so watching was enough. The guest room was an adventure, so I explored all over the room with my brother, and it looked like it was really fun. He seemed to be going to the hotel the next day, and laughed at the regrettable saying that he was going home today. We got discount tickets and game tickets only for hotel guests. However, for dinner, room service was canceled, the buffet restaurant was suspended, and only the dining bar was open, but reservations were already made before 19:00. Nearby restaurants are open until 18:00. The nearest convenience store is 15 minutes with an adult's foot, and it was very difficult to bring children after playing at Legoland, so I would like you to consider more there. "
"The child said it was his favorite hotel. Lived in Disney, Chimelong, children's favorite here. Location: The gate of Legoland is directly opposite the hotel. A 10-minute walk from the subway is definitely enough. There is a small convenience store downstairs. There is a circle of restaurants next to the hotel. Hotel room: The hotel is full of Lego elements from outside to inside. The pirate room we ordered is equivalent to two rooms. There is a small room in the door. The bunk bed can sleep two children. There is a TV and a treasure chest opposite the bed. There is a piece of paper in the house. If you find the number above you can open the treasure chest and find a bag Or two bags of Lego gifts. The child has a small heaven and earth to face the wind. In the middle is the toilet, then the large room has two single beds. Dining: The breakfast is very rich, and it will be divided into segments during peak times. It can be served before 10:00 on weekdays. Others: There is a small Lego castle opposite the restaurant to play. There is a Lego pool in the lobby on the first floor. The elevator is so funny that the wall to the roof are all Lego pictures. When you move, there is disco music. The children are particularly excited when they first ride."
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Nakamura-ku Nakajimacho 2-39, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
16.8km from Komaki Air Force Base
1.1km from JR Nagoya Station
1.7km from Kiryu Railway Station
520m from Nakamura Kuyakusho
1.1km from Nagoya
"This homestay is a two-story building next to a street in a residential area. The facilities are relatively new, the decoration is modern Japanese style, and there are kitchenware for families or friends of multiple people. If the number of people staying is high, the price is relatively high. Living room kitchen bathroom on the first floor, tatami room on the second floor, can accommodate up to 7 people. There are toilets on both floors. It is recommended to stay longer. There are some toys suitable for children, as well as game consoles and bicycles. (I hope the store will be full of tires and adjust the seat to a similar height) Friends who like to cook can use the kitchen to make their own. very convenient. The location is okay, about a 10-minute walk from the north exit of Nagoya Station, and the rental is about 800 yen. There is a big supermarket within 5 minutes by bicycle. If the owner can provide pick-up and drop-off at Nagoya Station, it will be more perfect."
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Nakamura-ku Hiraike-cho 4-60-12 Global Gate 31F, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
13.5km from Komaki Air Force Base
400m from Sasashima-raibu Railway Station
840m from Komeno Railway Station
1.6km from Nagoya
1.7km from Kokusai Center
"It's been 3 years since I was able to do it, so it was a new and clean hotel. At check-in, I received a proposal for a paid upgrade. There are two ranks, and I was able to stay in the best room on the top floor corner where I could see Nagoya Station. (However, I hesitated at first because it was a paid upgrade that was more expensive than the original room charge for 2 people. I asked because my husband told me that it was okay, but I asked for it and it was a great room. .) As expected, it was a Prince Hotel, and the service of the hotel man was also good. The lounge was disappointing due to the influence of the coronavirus. In addition, the facility does not have a pool, so it was set to 4/5. Breakfast was also included, and I was able to eat various Nagoya specialties. Late check-out was originally until 14:00, but due to the room upgrade, it is now until 13:00. Therefore, I had lunch at the hotel because it was a big deal after checking out. It was a pity that the cake that came out for lunch was the same cake that came out at cocktail time in the lounge. Except for the lounge, it was a very satisfying stay. If I have a chance, I would like to go to stay again."
"The location is a bit off. It takes 20 minutes to walk to the famous station. The parking lot is not free. A five-star brand is at most a three-star facility. The 31st floor is the front desk if it is troublesome to get in and out. The big bed room is very suffocating. Qu, have a fight with Rujia, the breakfast is unpalatable and not in harmony with the foreign, it is all cold, so disappointed, the only thing that can be said is the night view, and the night view is not bad at all high-rise hotels! It’s fine to live and stay on business trips, and it’s estimated that couples will travel.........haha I can’t say 🙄"
"I stayed on her birthday. Not only the scenery but also the bath was wide and beautiful and I enjoyed it. Also, I was surprised to have a bouquet prepared, but I was very grateful that they made it according to the amount of money. Also, she was very beautiful and she was very happy. "
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3-3, Sakae 1-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
13.6km from Komaki Air Force Base
1.3km from Kintetsu-nagoya Railway Station
1.8km from JR Nagoya Station
450m from Fushimi
860m from Marunouchi
1.8km from Kintetsu-nagoya Railway Station
"Hotel service was excellent. The airport bus has a stop in front of the hotel, and the subway exit is more than 100 meters away. The transportation is very convenient. Downstairs there are Star Dad, the whole family, and a drug store. The Rong commercial district and the Nagoya commercial district are all 1 stop on the subway. It is perfectly OK to walk. What touched me the most was that the morning we left, because of the time, I was so busy that I accidentally broke the glass in the room. When I checked out the card downstairs, the child's father just explained the situation to the waiter. Compensation, but the first sentence of the front desk is that your child was not injured, and then he kept apologizing. Makes our family embarrassed."
"The twin room for the first 2 nights, the hotel claims to have been upgraded to the 24th floor. The scenery is acceptable. I stayed for a night in the double bed room on the 15th floor, which should be about the same size as the previously upgraded room type. The difference is that the former shower is separate from the bathtub, and the latter shower is in the bathtub. Then the former has capsule coffee and the latter is bagged coffee. The sheets in the room were a little dirty, and I would just fall asleep. The front desk staff spoke good English and had no accent. 5 minutes to Fushimi Station and 15 minutes to Kintetsu Department Store. There are 4 drugstores nearby. It's very convenient to book here mainly because there is an airport bus station."
"The room is large in Japan, but the bed is very small. The 1.5-meter bed is not suitable for a child. The Japanese-style windows in the room feel very good. The location is actually very good. 15 minutes away, it ’s better to walk by subway. There are restaurants and supermarkets on both sides. I walked there very soon. The hotel service is very good, the facilities are good, the price is reasonable, there is a supermarket and Starbucks opposite There is also a supermarket next to the hotel. The hotel has a lot of people and a lot of crew. One that was not eaten early in the hotel is too expensive, and the other is that it is convenient and delicious to solve the problem early in the supermarket."
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1-1-4 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
13.1km from Komaki Air Force Base
290m from Kintetsu-nagoya Railway Station
410m from JR Nagoya Station
410m from Nagoya
630m from Kokusai Center
710m from Kintetsu-nagoya Railway Station
"The location is just above Takashimaya, the service is very good, and the needs are met as much as possible, but this time it is a bit regrettable that you have not lived on a high floor. The night view must be on a high floor, otherwise the night view is really average. The rooms are big in Japanese hotels, the facilities are all good, the sound insulation is also good, I can't hear the sound of the next door or the corridor, where to get to the subway downstairs, JR is very convenient, it is a bit complicated, there are a lot of people, the surroundings Drugstores are convenient for shopping and eating. Should choose this next time."
"The hotel is located on the upper floor of Takashimaya, with high floors and good views! The 46 I lived in this time, with a view of the city, is great no matter day or night! Compared with the JR gate building, the room is almost the same as Marriott's, and the large boxes are opened without pressure! This time it is a corner bed type, the bathroom is large, you can take a bath to see the night view! The toiletries are thann ... bring baby is very suitable! Stayed two nights at the JR Gate Building next door, personally prefer Marriott!"
"Although the price during the Spring Festival holiday is not cheap, the location of the hotel is really very good, the airport is very convenient, the travel is convenient, the shopping malls are downstairs, shopping is very convenient, basic needs can be solved around, and Japanese food is not It must be said that you can eat different things every day ~"
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2-10-8, Nagano, Inazawa-Shi, Aichi, 492-8142, Japan, Inazawa, Aichi, Japan
"The Business Hotel Wyokan Annexe provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Inazawa will find that the Business Hotel Wyokan Annexe is a fantastic accommodation choice. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 500m from JR Inazawa Station and 16km from Komaki Air Force Base. With Gallery Ann, Koto-ji Temple and Naoi Shinji (Hadaka Matsuri) all within a short distance, there is no shortage of things to do in the area. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. "
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1-19-30 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
13.5km from Komaki Air Force Base
1.2km from Kintetsu-nagoya Railway Station
1.8km from JR Nagoya Station
230m from Fushimi
630m from Marunouchi
1.7km from Kintetsu-nagoya Railway Station
"Gave me room 643. The 6th floor is the lowest floor room. The 43th floor is the corner room. However, the corner rooms can see the views from both directions. The rooms are very large and double the area of ordinary rooms. I booked a room with breakfast. The breakfast is the same every day, but there are more varieties, and there are fresh fruits to eat, as well as Nagoya's famous chicken wings. I ate for two days, and I ate dinner after breakfast every day. The equipment in the room is Bvlgari. It is about 800-1000 meters away from Nagoya Station on foot. It is better to be full. It is better to drag a box and take a taxi. Across the road is a small, quiet park, and it's comfortable to sit inside in the fall."
"The hotel lobby and restaurant are very beautiful. The room is smaller than the Hilton but it is also quite spacious. The bathroom may have been rebuilt, and it is much higher than the room, like the one-piece type. The service was very good and very attentive. We booked a twin room, but we found an extra bed when we checked in (it is estimated that our child is 10 years old, afraid of crowded twin beds). This was really unexpected and moved. Breakfast is also okay, everything is available, and even grilled salmon (I am very happy to have unsalted white porridge after eating 5 days of salty white porridge from hilton)."
"Super cost-effective hotel. We booked two rooms. When we checked in, we saw that we had a baby and gave us a small gift bag. It was baby slippers, a toothbrush and a toy. There is an airport bus opposite the hotel, 1300 free for adults and children, Fushimi subway is also across the street, there is also a Starbucks. Fried chicken is convenient and safe. Except for the small room, the sound insulation is not good, others are very satisfied. Will definitely stay next time and recommend it to friends."
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11-6 Tamanoi-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
17.4km from Komaki Air Force Base
360m from JR Atsuta Station
700m from Meijijingu Mae Railway Station
470m from Jingū-Nishi
870m from Nishi Takakura
650m from Meijijingu Mae Railway Station
"名古屋駅や栄近くのホテルは結構、値がはります。このホテルは名古屋駅から5.5km離れておりますが、JR(熱田)、名鉄(神宮前)、地下鉄名城線(神宮西)が近隣にあるので、名古屋のめぼしいところには、難なく行ける便利な地にあります。 部屋、設備は老朽化しております。しかし、毎日の手入れはしっかりしているので、自分にとっては何らの問題もありませんでした。また、このお値段でちゃんとした朝食がついているのは、実にお得です。さらに、無料の貸自転車があり、名古屋中心部への足として利用させていただき、大変助かりました。"
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Very Good
14 Reviews
2-45-8 Shin-sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
11.9km from Komaki Air Force Base
950m from JR Tsurumai Station
1.3km from JR Chikusa Station
930m from Tsurumai
1.2km from Shinsakae-machi
"I really recommended this hotel. It was just that the Japanese holiday was not available in the hotel. Take the subway to Crane Dance and walk for 10 minutes. Opposite the hotel is the AEON department store, there is a big supermarket on the first floor, you can buy and buy. The hotel lobby is small but the room is clean. All kinds of toiletries, men's and women's skin care lotions, girls' small items, even curly hair sticks, too intimate. The room was normal, very quiet and completely no noise. The service is very good, breakfast is delivered to the door, there is a Chinese waiter, and I also helped to book a car to the famous iron station."
"Breakfast is divided into Japanese and American styles. You can choose the time to send you to the door of the room. The bathroom is good, the light is very good. The transportation is very convenient."
"Breakfast is available in Japanese and American styles. It is delivered to the door of the room. The bathtub is very good and will glow. Haha is convenient."
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Meito-ku Hongo 3-159, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
18.3km from Komaki Air Force Base
6.6km from Nagoya-daigaku Railway Station
500m from Hongō
920m from Fujigaoka
"Hotel Venus Garden(Adult Only) features air-conditioned rooms with satellite flat-screen TV in the Meito Ward district of Nagoya. With free WiFi, this 1-star love hotel offers a 24-hour front desk and room service. Private parking can be arranged at an extra charge. Guest rooms in the love hotel are equipped with an electric tea pot. Every room has a private bathroom with a bidet, a hairdryer and free toiletries. All guest rooms will provide guests with a microwave. Guests at Hotel Venus Garden(Adult Only) can enjoy an American breakfast. Oasis 21 is 11.3 km from the accommodation, while Aeon Mall Atsuta is 12.9 km away. The nearest airport is Chubu Centrair International Airport, 48.3 km from Hotel Venus Garden(Adult Only). Meito Ward is a great choice for travelers interested in tourist attractions, local food and city walks."
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