Top 10 Buckingham's Hotels

Top 10 Buckingham's Hotels


14 Reviews
255 Barclay Parade SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
19.6km from Calgary International Airport
690m from EB 3 Street SW CTrain Station
730m from WB 4 Street SW CTrain Station
"Four-star level, bath tub showered together. The bed is ok. More quiet. On the first floor, I saw a swimming slide. Breakfast is a menu order, and it's not bad. There should be a parking lot. There is a Chinese restaurant nearby. In the city center, the location is good and the outside environment is also very good."
"Buy the suite for the day at a very good price, two families staying at night to play with the hotel's water slides and hot springs. A very enjoyable trip, parking at the hotel 42CAD a day."
"Large rooms and good service, but not like the village, wherever you charge for parking"
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38 Reviews
2001 Airport Road Northeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
830m from Calgary International Airport
18.3km from EB Centre Street CTrain Station
18.6km from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
"Due to the time difference, I chose to stay at the airport for one night and then drove the long-distance bus home the next day. I was upgraded to the marriot side. It was very convenient. I was in the terminal building and walked directly to check in after I took my luggage. You can see the airplane taxiway outside the window, a very good accommodation experience!"
"It was very convenient for the morning machine the next morning. The breakfast was paid for, the service was very good. When the check-in found that the bathroom was not cleaned, the waiter immediately apologized and sent a few bottles of water after the cleaning was completed:) Follow-up call to ask what other Need to be able to compensate me, the overall impression is very good"
"Next door is the return point, one minute away from check in, very convenient. The room is clean and it is very suitable for early flight. There is also a Marriott on the opposite side, beware of mistakes. I just made a mistake. The mobile phone was forgotten at the front desk. People called me to the front desk. Thank you very much."
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47 Reviews
2008 Airport Road Northeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
520m from Calgary International Airport
16.9km from EB Centre Street CTrain Station
17.3km from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
"It’s really in the center of the terminal building, but the soundproofing is very good. Sleeping at night will not be affected by the noise of the aircraft. There is Starbucks on the edge of the lobby, out of the lobby, going to ABC for a domestic flight in Canada, going to DE is the United States and international flight"
"Two very large beds, very comfortable to sleep, the bathtub is also good, TANN for washing, big brand, very easy to use. Checkin and checkout are also very simple. If you are hungry at night, sell sandwiches and snacks downstairs. And the location is very good, no need to leave the airport, the transfer is very convenient"
"The hotel is in the Calgary Airport terminal. The rooms are large and comfortable. The protection is still in place during the epidemic. There are disinfection wipes and the like. There is a convenience store in the airport downstairs. Although it is in the terminal building, there is no aircraft noise, and it is generally good."
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11 Reviews
1126 Memorial Drive Northwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
20.9km from Calgary International Airport
1.9km from WB 4 Street SW CTrain Station
2.1km from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
"I had such an incredible stay at this hotel. The staff and service is impeccable. They are very pleasant and tend to your needs right away. The rooms are large and have lovely decor and I loved the fireplace! The bathroom was big and the soaked tub was nice but the shower didn’t have that great of pressure. The large lotion container available was a nice touch. The unlimited still and sparkling water was also greatly appreciated but it is brought at room temperature and it would have been nice if it was cold. I also really missed having a mini fridge in my room to keep snacks and water. Due to where the hotel is you can definitely hear road traffic but it wasn’t too bad. There was a lack of plug ins in the room. Most hotels usually have them on the lamps by the bed or on the desk and this one did not. I also really liked the underground parking, although having a truck down there made me a little nervous. The location is also amazing. There were so many cute stores and restaurants to walk to. There was so much to do on a solo trip. I would definitely stay here again!"
"This was a big anniversary year for my wife and I. Our original plans for a European vacation were postponed due to the pandemic. We looked for the next best thing - a search for the top romantic hotels in Calgary led us to the Hotel Arts Kensington. We booked in for one night. The hotel was known to us prior to the stay. The front end staff was professional and courteous, with Covid precautions in place. Our room was clean and modern, overlooking the restaurant deck and Memorial Drive. The Hotel had a similar feel to a boutique hotel we had stayed at in Amsterdam, which gave our mini-vacation a bit of a European feel! We ate dinner and breakfast on site, enjoyed both greatly. The hotel deserves its rating as one of the top hotels for couples in the city."
"Beautiful hotel located right in Downtown. The rooms were clean, the shower is excellent. Nice touch is the unlimited bottles of sparkling water provided. Best part of the hotel is the location, so many options for dining and shopping. The hotel restaurant is great as well, and very reasonably priced. The staff is friendly and helpful. Parking excellent in the underground garage."
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11 Reviews
133 9th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
19.2km from Calgary International Airport
350m from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
450m from EB Centre Street CTrain Station
"The arranged room faces the train tracks, the soundproofing is not very good, the room is quite large, but there are 4 large exhaust fans in the room, it feels very uncomfortable...it is a bit strange...compared to the one I lived in Victoria Fairmont Empress feels that the things used in this store are too old, the towels are a bit old, the bathrobes are crumpled, and the texture of the toilet paper is really incomparable to the Victoria Empress...Empress toilet paper is a customized brand logo, very It has a texture, but this Lobby is still pretty. If it gets a full score of 5, it feels like 3.5."
"This hotel is the best hotel in Calgary, but the price and other Fairmont are super affordable, the front desk is Chinese, and the money is upgraded to the executive room, the room is large, but the bathroom is too small, the room is still a little Cold, but suitable for self-driving, the parking building is right next to it, you can go through the hotel."
"Apart from being a bit older, this hotel is perfect. The service is very good. It is the only hotel that did not add to the traffic during my trip this time and I am satisfied with it. It just feels a bit too old. But the facilities are perfect and everything"
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28 Reviews
110 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
19.0km from Calgary International Airport
370m from EB Centre Street CTrain Station
380m from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
"Hotel location is good, room is clean, service is good, opposite is Calgary Tower, go right and walk two streets is CORE, go left (because friends drive me to Yinlong to eat Cantonese cuisine, it is said that the most famous taste in the local area Like) Chinese restaurant, the big hamburger fried chicken tunnel in the hotel, or the agreement hotel of Haihai Airlines, Ha ~ Although I don't know English, the full screen 12-year-old niece exchange, but also barrier-free, lived for two days Feeling very good, reminder: no disposable teeth and slippers"
"Suitable for children, the room is large, there is parking lot, there is Starbucks on the first floor, facing Calgary Tower, the location is very good, there are cloth walking streets around, many places to eat, next to saltlik, a very red burdock shop, Overall, the price is very high."
"Suitable for children, twin beds are big, two big two small no problem, that is, the hotel does not have a buffet breakfast, are a single point, taste good, the hotel is in a good location, opposite Calgary Tower, from the surrounding shopping malls are also Not too far, not far from the tram stop"
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8 Reviews
610 10th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
20.0km from Calgary International Airport
470m from WB 4 Street SW CTrain Station
720m from EB 3 Street SW CTrain Station
"Stayed 2 nights in a lovely, modern 2 room suite with well equipped kitchen. I could see this would be a great place for a longer stay. Bathroom was large and immaculate. Due to Covid 19 restrictions currently there is no daily housekeeping and bagged breakfasts are provided in lieu of buffet. It was easy to bring the breakfasts up to the room and heat in the microwave and liked that the main item was different each day. Excellent location for lots of restaurants and shopping. Good underground parking. Overall the hotel is beautiful and modern in a great location. Only disappointment for us was that for such a large hotel there was no pool."
"I like it very much! The rooms are comfortable and spacious, decorated in a new and modern style. The city view is great, the travel is convenient, and the stay is very enjoyable. The kitchen utensils are complete. Breakfast is a self-collected lunch box, like airplane meals, with yogurt and bottled juice, and a breakfast cake. The only problem is the parking fee, which is about 30 Canadian dollars a day. Or you can use the hourly toll machine yourself, and the price varies according to the time of day."
"The property appears quite new and the look is very appealing. Downtown location is very convenient and has easy access. Underground parking is great, especially in the cold weather. Our double queen suite was huge, with full sized kitchen and living area. Everything was fresh and upscale. Like any condo building, the noise below can be heard at times. Friendly staff, but no dining/lounge facilities open during our pandemic stay. Would highly recommend and not hesitate to return."
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10 Reviews
899 Centre Street Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
19.1km from Calgary International Airport
300m from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
330m from EB Centre Street CTrain Station
"The location is super. Next to Calgary Tower. Walking distance from shopping center. There are also many places to eat nearby. The hotel has valet parking, which is cheaper than parking in the parking lot. Although there are not many types of breakfast, they should have everything and taste good. The hotel staff were very friendly. There is a lot of space in the room, so I recommend it ~"
"The hotel is conveniently located under the Calgary Tower in the center of the city. The hotel is very new, the rooms are large, the facilities are complete, the shower facilities are very good, all the hotel staff are warm and thoughtful. The shortage is that there is no kettle and no free drinking water, and breakfast is relatively simple."
"The location of the hotel is excellent. The Calgary Tower is just outside and 50m is the pedestrian shopping street. Room facilities are also very good, four star hotels with breakfast in the city center are relatively cheap."
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30 Reviews
209 4th Avenue Southeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
18.7km from Calgary International Airport
450m from EB Centre Street CTrain Station
670m from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
"I feel that I don’t have to return the deposit. Why don’t you have to come back? Why is it that the flow of the deposit has disappeared, but the credit card limit has not increased. Anyway, it is useless to call the hotel or the bank. In the end, I can only recognize it because we don’t have the exact information. The evidence says that he didn’t refund if he used cash as a deposit. Others are top-notch, the hotel is very good and new, the location is super good at the dt, the front desk service is very good, and they all help with taxis or something"
"During the epidemic, the hotel’s hygiene was very good, and the service was patient. The two rooms booked were arranged on high floors and adjacent to each other, which is great! Even if you check out, the underground parking lot can be parked until 6 pm. Of course, it is a paid parking lot."
"Hotel location is very good, a few meters walk from Chinatown, a lot of Chinese restaurants. It is close to Calgary Tower. The opposite is the government building. The city railway is very close to the hotel, and several stops in the city centre are free."
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17 Reviews
119 - 12th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
19.5km from Calgary International Airport
720m from WB 1 Street SW CTrain Station
770m from Victoria Park / Stampede CTrain Station
"Did not eat breakfast, but the lunch on the first floor restaurant was ok, the room was large, the double room seemed to allow four people, because the four of us opened two rooms, the front desk started to make a mistake and thought we were one Room, and then gave us four room cards, did not say nothing wrong, and later learned that it is two rooms. There is a small swimming pool on the first floor, and the environment is ok. The double beds in the double room are large, with a balcony, a coffee machine, and hygiene. You can see Calgary Tower when you go out. It takes about five or six minutes to walk."
"The environment is good, just like watching the exhibition, there are many bikini girls downstairs"
"Very nice hotel to stay at very comfortable since it is in downtown it has a lot places to go visit "
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