Top 10 Buenos Hotels

Top 10 Buenos Hotels


73 Reviews
No.128 Section 2 of Minzu Road, Tainan, Taiwan, China
6.2km from Tainan Airport
33.4km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The overall stay is quite good, the price is not too high, but you can still enjoy such facilities and services, as soon as you step on the floor, there is geothermal heat, even if it is a tiled floor, it will not be cold when you step on it. I have never lived. A restaurant with underfloor heating makes me very surprised. In the toilet, the bathtub is small but cute. Each room may be of a different type. I originally expected that there would be beautiful tile carvings on the walls, but the place where the sink is located complemented my expectations. The bed was soft and firm, and the pillows and quilts were really good. I almost fell asleep. I can't provide any suggestions for breakfast, because the bed is so sleepy. But my boyfriend said it's not bad, and he can choose the meal time by himself. The only drawback is that the room is small, which may not be acceptable to people who like large rooms. Next time I go to Tainan, I will definitely book this hotel first👍"
"The furnishings of the rooms are very beautiful, the equipments are all complete, the bathrooms and rooms are very clean, and the stay is very comfortable! Although there is a main course for breakfast (can be added), salad bar, fruit, simple side dishes, porridge, toast, the drinks are still full and the taste is delicious!"
"Great stay experience! The room I stayed in was very beautiful and elegantly decorated. In addition, the reception attitude of the staff at the counter was great, Consultation and parking services are also handled very well. The breakfast is exquisite and delicious."
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0 Reviews
Ln. 19, Xianbei St, Tainan, Taiwan, China
9.7km from Tainan Airport
41.4km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The Green House provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Green House offers a pleasant stay in Tainan for those traveling for business or leisure. Traveling to the hotel is easy with Tainan Airport located approximately 10km away and Qiaotou Railway Station roughly 41km away. Famous local attractions An Ping Chenghuan Temple, Sanling Temple and Former Tainan Weather Observatory, can all be reached with a short walk. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. "
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27 Reviews
No.47 Xinjian Road, Tainan, Taiwan, China
6.0km from Tainan Airport
36.4km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The rooms are spacious and comfortable. This is the largest hotel I have ever stayed in! There are 2 toilets, 2 TVs, a small living room, and children with small children can apply for cribs, sterilization pots, and bed circumferences in advance. There is an indoor playroom, a good place for children to let out the air! The swimming pool is open from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm, you must bring your own swimming ring, you can inflate on-site! But I hope it can be opened at night, because the outdoor swimming pool is completely uncovered, it is easy to sunburn and it is very hot! The meal and breakfast are good! There are many local ingredients, such as salted soy milk, cut bread, you can DIY, and you can eat breakfast!"
"After staying for two nights this time, the children had a great time, and they frequently said that they would stay a few more days! The game area is very large, with bounce beds and ball pools. Unfortunately, the pool on the top floor is not open because of the epidemic. The room is huge! There is also a small living room, dressing room, bathtub and shower room. It is really a great pleasure to take a comfortable hot bath back to the hotel! There are two washstands that don’t need to be grabbed. The mirror can also turn on the lights. It’s almost a dressing table level. The child’s toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers are very intimate."
"It is the first time to stay in a roaming suite at a very favorable price. It is located in the large window of 723. The view is great. The sunset is amazing in the evening. The room space is currently the largest. Baby cot and bed circumference can be reserved. One year old The children wandered around the room very happily and kept walking back and forth. There were tea cups, teapots, knives, forks, dinner plates and wine glasses. The bathroom and toilet space was spacious and bright. The whole was full of praise."
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Very Good
58 Reviews
99 Yong'an 1st Street (Yong'an Yi Jie), Tainan, Taiwan, China
18.0km from Tainan Airport
37.0km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The staff at the counter asked attentively, and the service staff notified were very considerate and attentive. The small wounds were also covered with care, and they were also escorted to the parking lot; the quality is very good. Poor drainage of the bathtub, flooding the entire bathroom, and the swimming pool locker room is too old."
"The buffet dishes are diverse and delicious. Although it is not a new restaurant, the rooms are not badly maintained, no moldy smell, the bed is good to sleep, and there is a back garden. After breakfast, you can go to the garden, digest it, the attitude of the staff, professional all good"
"The location is a bit biased. The bed is soft and hard. The bed is peaceful. The garden is beautiful. It ’s a pity the room. Breakfast desserts are excluded. The view of the beef soup window is downtown. The garden is not delicious."
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107 Reviews
No.289 Zhouping Road, Tainan, Taiwan, China
12.4km from Tainan Airport
44.0km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"advantage: The hardware equipment of the room is pretty good, it is novel. The view is very good, probably the only selling point. The service staff are very kind and feel pretty good. I strongly appreciate the buffet dinner on 1/14 that day. The lady in charge of duck slices and vegetable rolls reflected our needs. Admire her greatly. Disadvantages: The buffet dinner dishes are really bad, the basic beef soup, but the soup tastes wrong, very bad. The fried snail meat, hot white shrimp and clam soup are all cooked first, and they don't feel like they are cooked. Then just put it out and you don’t need to order it. I don’t know the meaning. In fact, there are not many customers who dine on that day, about less than 15 groups. The worst plot came. I entered the game at 5:30 that day. After the positions were arranged, they were all sitting in the pool area. That's why they said that there were not many people, so they were positioned. A table of 3 bandits seemed to be gluttonous. Guest, you can cook the curry lobster directly. It's about 5 large plates. It is estimated that there are 16 to 20 slices of lobster in half. Because he is opposite us, we only know that there is this dish. It is only when we are going to try it. I found that apart from them, almost no one had eaten that day, because the kitchen might be scared. From the first time to 7 o’clock, only crayfish were served or not real lobsters. It should be only once. It is recommended whether to set the number of people for lobster dishes so that everyone can enjoy the food. Finally, I told the restaurant about this. There is a lobster for each of us, but to be honest, the taste is really good, super small, I am still a shrimp Well, it’s really not a good deal to eat this kind of food for 899, so I don’t recommend it. In addition, the toilet paper in the room seems to be filled only and not really replaced. Because there are children, the toilet paper consumption is relatively large. As a result, all the toilet paper in the bottom layer is yellowed toilet paper. It is super disgusting. I have already taken a picture. I hope the housekeeping can check it. The experience of staying this time, only the view can add points. I regret not to stay at Tainan Jingying Hotel, because the difference is less than 600 yuan, Tainan Jingying also only 4999 yuan for the birthday star upgrade to Xiaoximen room type. The situation was adjusted. As a result, the occupancy rate on the day was not high, and no upgrades were provided. It also showed that the hotel’s sincerity was insufficient, so the overall feeling was not good."
"The epidemic prevention measures are perfect! Take a certain body temperature when entering and leaving the hotel! The breakfast this time was also delicious! What's more special is that everyone asks to wear gloves when picking up a meal! Avoid the possibility of infection!"
"The environment of the hotel is good, the rooms are spacious and there are facilities for children. . Children like it very much. In addition, the restaurant food is also very good, this family trip is a very pleasant trip."
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49 Reviews
No. 269, Section 1, Yongfu Road, West Central District, Tainan, Taiwan, China
5.6km from Tainan Airport
37.2km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"On 4/18, I will count as the second person on the left of the Check in counter after five o'clock next time. The first person is a male. The service staff gave me a very bad feeling that day. First of all, we stayed in three people, so we directly booked a three-person mode room. The service attitude was not very friendly until the day, and the card that installed the room card did not confirm with me one by one, indicating that there is still some time to leave the next day, and I should confirm with her myself. I also asked her if there is breakfast provided the next day? Is it for three people? She just replied that there was breakfast, it was three people. Super unprofessional, and then said that the room is arranged on the second floor. I said that I have proposed to have as high a floor as possible. Is there a higher one? She went back to the same room on the second floor and the upper floor, so is it? ? The most important thing is breakfast the next day. To enter the meal, I was stopped at the entrance of the restaurant and said that I had to pay for breakfast for one person. Ours is a two-person room. I said, do you want to confirm it? My order voucher is clearly for 3 people and there are 3 breakfasts. I’ve been interrupted for five times for having breakfast like this. I have to wait and leave to make up the money. Then I have to borrow my mobile phone to see the order details. The second time I want to take a screenshot of my order voucher, saying that it was blurred just now. I said that I was going to the counter to confirm. In the end, I said that there was a problem with the system. Just stop this incident. The whole incident was the unprofessionalism of the counter staff on the 18th that caused these episodes to happen. The restaurant staff served very well. Okay, but I think you should make some compensation for me, because I hosted two friends to live, and it turned out to be so embarrassing to me, and there is no one to deal with the accommodation. It will be better to book Jingying Hotel next time."
"The hotel feels very good in terms of traffic location, clean environment, and service quality For the first time, I felt that if I came to Tainan next time I would stay in the same hotel The room has also been upgraded with a balcony by the window so that the lighting is quite good The room is tidy and very clean, the bed is even more comfortable, it will melt when lying down I regret that I cannot use the hotel facilities during my menstrual period, but I will be my first choice next time you come to Tainan to choose a hotel. This is the last stop of my honeymoon trip with my husband to come to Tainan for a walk I feel honored to be in such an excellent hotel Thank the service staff are very enthusiastic and the service is very good 👍🏻"
"The breakfast options are diverse and delicious, and the transportation is convenient. The department store and the Lanshai Cultural and Creative Park are next to it. It is also within half an hour's walk from Tainan Station, Chihkan Tower or Guoxing Street, which is very convenient. The rooms are clean and tidy, and the beds are good to sleep."
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27 Reviews
56-20 North Zhongzheng Road (Zhongzheng Bei Lu), Tainan, Taiwan, China
18.1km from Tainan Airport
36.6km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The hotel’s service is good, the breakfast is very generous, there is also a steam room available, and the room is also large. Even on a hot day, it is actually a thick duvet. I hope the hotel can prepare a thin quilt in the room to allow guests to be selective."
"It would be better if the exit of the second parking lot can be automatically sensed. There is no water dispenser, if you want to install hot water, you need to take a thermos for the waiter to help install it Inconvenient, it is recommended to add a water dispenser "
"I was born in National Chengchi University, and I have certain emotions about it. The price is good, but the level of service is somewhat lacking. Of course the overall price/performance ratio is okay."
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0 Reviews
No. 74-10 , 13 Neighborhood, Shifenli, Tainan, Taiwan, China
40.1km from Tainan Airport
59.1km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The LanPeople Hostel is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Tainan. When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. There's never a dull moment at this hotel, our guests indicate that the facilities are excellent. "
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Very Good
4 Reviews
No.148 You'ai Street, Tainan, Taiwan, China
6.3km from Tainan Airport
37.4km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"The slow location is good. On the side of Guohua Street, there is a basket of Tainan snacks nearby. The hotel does not provide breakfast. The rooms are small but simple and comfortable. The staff are friendly. There is a public library on the top floor, and you can enjoy tea and read a book at leisure for an afternoon!"
"Advantages: 1. Convenient transportation Disadvantages: 1 No toothbrush 2. Hair wrap 3. Mineral water (to be picked up on the sixth floor by yourself) 4 Parking fee is at your own expense, the maximum limit for two days stay is 360 * 2 = 720 yuan Equivalent price is about 3400 yuan, you can stay in a hotel. "
"Perfect location. Located in the centre of all the touristy areas. The staff are super friendly and helpful. The room is bright and clean. Highly recommended."
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160 Reviews
No.368 Section 1 of Zhonghua East Road, Tainan, Taiwan, China
6.3km from Tainan Airport
31.4km from Qiaotou Railway Station
"1. The hotel is located next to the department store and shares an underground parking lot, but the instructions are very unclear, and there is no parking space for hotel guests, so it depends on luck to decide how far to reach the hotel elevator! 2. The hotel room is not big, and in terms of general business travel, it is better to shrink the public art space and increase the room type space. It is a bit like a tasteless public art space on each floor! 3. The design of the black ceiling on the ceiling in the room is very oppressive. Maybe it is to cover the fire line or combine with the TV cabinet, but the oppression of watching TV in bed is really uncomfortable. Maybe it will be better to change to another color. a little! 4. The single rocking chair in the room, really did the hotel executives actually sit on it? There is no ergonomics except for the metal rubbing sound when sitting. In the end, it is reduced to a place for coats or sundries. It would be better to have an extra hanger! Above, this is a shop that only stays in once "
"Because the location is better next to the Nanfang Dream Times, it is super convenient to go shopping. There is a 24-hour "Yi Ge Beef Soup" just across the road. It is very convenient to buy it for supper or breakfast the next day! The rooms in the hotel are clean and simple, and the breakfast is diverse. You can eat and start again!"
"Services and hygiene are still maintained at an excellent standard. The breakfast buffet has not been unblocked, and the quality of the breakfast currently provided is too poor, unlike the original kitchen chef. It is recommended to eat out."
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Top 10 Buenos Hotels & Weather

Jul 24, 2021
28 ~ 32℃
Jul 24, 2021
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Jul 25, 2021
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Jul 26, 2021
Moderate rain
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Jul 27, 2021
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Jul 28, 2021
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Jul 29, 2021
26℃ / 31℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Tainan
Jul 24, 2021 Tainan Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:10-17 kph, Humidity:74%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:26/18:45
Tainan Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Low
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