Top 10 Carry Hotels

Top 10 Carry Hotels


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12-27, Kamigofuku-Machi, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka, Japan
"Brand new Two-story building in 2020, clean, It combines Japanese and Modern styles together, very clean, stylish and spacious, suitable for a family vacation and friends gathering."
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1-9-18 Hakataeki-Minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
5.0km from Fukuoka Airport
680m from JR Hakata Station
2.3km from JR Takeshita Station
560m from Hakata
1.5km from Higashi-Hie
"We stayed at With The Style Fukuoka in April last year for a friend’s wedding, and we decided to stay at the same hotel again. Fukuoka was the last stop of our Kyūshū trip. And we were excited to stay at this hotel again, due to our extremely pleasant experience last year. Their breakfast never ceases to disappoint us. Highly recommend the Japanese style breakfast and french toast. My fiancé also thinks this is the best hotel among all hotels we have stayed throughout Kyūshū. And their food quality definitely beats the top Onsen ryokans we stay. The generous offer of mini bar drinks is another plus of this hotel, so we don’t need to buy water from convenience store. We drove our car this time and they handled the parking. When we drove our car the next day, we noticed they replenished our stock of bottled water, and even offered some sweets for us. This is the sort of hospitality you could expect at With The Style. Minor disappointment occurred this time with respect to communicating with the staff in English eg taxi booking. We thought the staff here were generally more proficient in English last time we stayed, compared with hotels elsewhere in Japan. Nonetheless they still tried their best to go beyond and above to please the guests. It surprised me to see that there are not many tripadvisor reviews of this hotel. I think it definitely deserves a higher ranking and should rank as the top hotel in Fukuoka. Highly recommend to those who want luxurious hotel beyond standard Japanese basic hotel. Thank you again With The Style Fukuoka, we hope to see you again next time we visit Fukuoka. "
"I stayed at this hotel for just one night during my business trip in Feb. The room was very comfortable and clean, but was a bit too dark. I do understand that some hotels keep their rooms somewhat dark so that guests can relax, but I wish I could have controlled the brightness of the room. (After all, some people need to work.) Hotel staffs were very kind and attentive, I do recommend this hotel is you are there for leisure."
"一歩足を踏み入れると、完全なリゾート気分になりました。スタッフの方々の丁寧な接客、客室の設え、冷蔵庫内フリードリンク、貸切ジャグジーの満足感など、本当に気持ち良く滞在させて頂きました。 今はコロナの影響で利用出来ない施設もあったので、また次回を楽しみにしておきます。 ゆったり過ごせて心も身体もリラックスさせて頂きました。 ありがとうございます(*´꒳`*)"
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3-3-33 Saifu, Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan
"This hotel is absolutely marvellous. The standard of the room 103 was first class - the room was spacious, clean with excellent air conditioning. We had comfortable twin beds and the bath / shower room was beautifully done. Traditional Japanese accommodation with all mod cons. The staff were incredibly hospitable, helpful and friendly and Mr Kazurokimura and his team looked after us incredibly well. Dinner was superb, possibly the best food we’ve ever tasted and well worth the expense. Breakfast was tasty and a work of art. The location is across the road from Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and about 30 minutes by train from the city - a taxi from Hakata is 5,000 Yen so best to use public transport if possible, whilst the area is bustling during the day It is very quiet after 6 o’clock but that suited us after a busy schedule during the day. Overall a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend this property."
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2-12-43,Odo,Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
15.8km from Fukuoka Airport
2.7km from JR Meinohama Station
3.0km from JR Shimoyamato Station
2.4km from Meinohama
"I stayed here at the first hotel in Hakata. The breakfast at the hotel is very special. Although there is no fish, it is mainly vegetables and fruits, but it is very delicious. It is amazing, healthy and delicious. Going out is Ole. Eat, but there are few big names in Europe and America, mainly Japanese brands. It is very convenient to go to Noguchi Island. We took the 1,000 yen from the hotel to the pier and took the boat to Nengko Island. Then we took the bus to the beautiful park. The plum and daffodils in the park were very beautiful. enjoy. Like this hotel, it is a very light luxury hotel."
"The interior of the hotel was not photographed, only the window was photographed. The white building next to the Ferris wheel is the hotel. The rooms are quite spacious, the sanitation is clean and the service is good. We went to Nokoshima to play. It is very convenient to stay at this hotel, but we still need to get to the ferry boat and take a taxi on the return trip. The outlets on the side are really nothing to buy, but it is quite convenient to eat and eat, and there is a good place for a child to play. The hotel is a bit far from the subway station and the taxi price is ok."
"Although the hotel is small, but more humane, we arrived at night, the hotel front desk to check in and personally take us upstairs into the room and also sent a set of dental equipment, slippers, sofa can also sleep alone, on the edge is Ole, medicine Make-up toy store, restaurant, more than one kilometer away, there are AEON supermarkets, small household parks (going to the small household park on the road can also go through a supermarket called foodway are Japanese locals). There are large lawns and seascapes in the park."
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3-15 Reisenmachi,Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
"Yadoya Hitotoki is due to open in December, 2018."
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2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
10.9km from Fukuoka Airport
2.2km from Ohorikoen Railway Station
5.8km from Nishitetsu Hirao Railway Station
1.5km from Tōjinmachi
2.0km from Nishijin
"The hotel was very clean and the rooms were nice. Unfortunately, due to the influence of Corona, the shops were closed and not lively. The pool and rock bath were closed and I couldn't see them. I heard that Viking is famous, so I was looking forward to it. I think it's because the tableware is old, but I'm sorry because it feels dirty. I think it's a luxury hotel, so I may be asking too much, but there are many people who do not understand even if I ask questions, as if the staff is a part-time job, please ask other people etc. The correspondence was disappointing."
"The hotel was really nice, located next To the sea which the view was great. Really wanted to try the strawberry buffet but it was full booked! You can basically do everything in the hotel since the hotel is so big. The hot stone bath was good too. I will visit again! Thanks for the great stay"
"Breakfast can be reserved at check-in, but the price is around 3000 yen. It was a pity that the public bath was suspended. Anyway, the location is good! If you go to PayPay Dome. I'm glad that I can go to the convenience store from inside the hotel. "
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Very Good
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Chuo-ku Haruyoshi 2-7-16, Fukuoka, Japan
6.6km from Fukuoka Airport
1.1km from Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
1.6km from JR Hakata Station
640m from Watanabe-dōri
850m from Tenjin-Minami
"Trip Pod Haruyoshi is located in the Nakasu district of Fukuoka, 700 metres from Shofuku-ji Temple, 800 metres from Kego Shrine and 800 metres from Inter Media Station IMS Building. This property is 800 metres from Rainbow Plaza Fukuoka. This air-conditioned villa is equipped with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a bath and a bidet. A flat-screen TV is featured. Tocho-ji Temple is 1 km from the villa, while Nagahama Ramen Street Fukuoka is 1.7 km away. The nearest airport is Fukuoka Airport, 4 km from Trip Pod Haruyoshi."
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1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
6.1km from Fukuoka Airport
1.3km from JR Hakata Station
1.6km from Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
750m from Gion
850m from Nakasu-Kawabata
"The location was good and the front desk staff was very friendly. I was able to change my breakfast to lunch on a first-come, first-served basis, so I went home for lunch after checking out, but the lunch was also very delicious and I was full. However, probably because I stayed overnight from Sunday, many guests and lounge guests have to wait. At the afternoon tea in the lounge, our dessert plate remained on the counter for more than 10 minutes. Even at the cocktail hour at night, I had to wait for more than 15 minutes. Moreover, even though regulars always come to pick up orders before they run out of drinks, we didn't look at them and felt like they were in the air while looking at the empty glasses (laughs). At last I stopped the staff and could only replace it with a drink. I had a narrow shoulder in the quiet and elegant lounge. It's a shame that the food is very delicious. I would like to visit you on weekdays when you use it next time."
"This time, I was really looking forward to using it for the first time. Looking at the reviews, there were some harsh opinions, but the customer service and food were pretty good. I have no complaints. The Vikings were back in the lounge. There weren't many items, but it was the first lounge in my life. It's my birthday in the room, so I got a brownie from the hotel service! The friends I went with were also very happy. If you have GOTO after February, I would definitely like to use it again. trip.com Please do your best and continue the advantageous campaign. "
"I was able to spend a very comfortable time without any problems such as location, service and cleanliness. It was good that the water pressure in the bathtub was high and I was able to store hot water immediately. The momentum was the best of all the hotels I stayed at in the past. I was planning to stay for 2 nights, so I wish I had prepared the amenities for 2 nights. I was careful to call the front desk each time."
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Very Good
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1803-1, Katsuma, Higashi-ku,Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, Japan
30.6km from Fukuoka Airport
9.8km from JR Saitozaki Station
11.4km from JR Umi-No-Nakamichi Station
"同じ福岡県内だし泊まることはないかなと思っていた、休暇村志賀島の宿泊を急遽思い立ちました。 福岡市街地を抜け、海ノ中道を通り、金印街道を走ると海岸線のすぐ側にあります。 部屋はツインの洋室に泊まりましたが、部屋も広く内装は改装されたばかりなのかかなり綺麗です。 全客室オーシャンビューで夕日が素晴らしいと謳われていましたが、この日はあいにくの曇り空。玄海島付近に沈むといわれる夕日はみることができませんでした。 温泉はカルシウムマグネシウム塩化物冷鉱泉、小生好みのぬる湯で都合5回入りました。 夕食はバイキング。季節限定のかんぱちのお造りをメインとして、種類も適当でお腹いっぱい頂きました。 特にアラカブの煮つけは絶品、まじでもう1尾お替りしようかと思ったほど。 海岸線に打ちつける玄海の波音を聞きながら、早目に就寝しました。 翌朝起きるとうって変わって快晴。 朝食もバイキングで種類も豊富。ご飯4杯もお替りしてもう食べれない! "
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58 Reviews
18-25 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
18.0km from Airport Center
20.4km from Fukuoka Airport
990m from JR Umi-No-Nakamichi Station
1.9km from JR Saitozaki Station
"Beachfront, palm trees, swimming pools, countless bikini beauty, the most beautiful Fukuoka hotel, no one. Especially in the night pool, you can see a lot of bikini girls. Others commented that the service is good here, but the attitude is acceptable, and the service is not very friendly. Especially the bus problem, 40 minutes one way, back and forth one and a half hours, if you are full of hotels will not take care of you, you can only find their own way. Tips for people to go, from 14:00 to 15:00, from 18 to 19, Hakata is the peak crowd, and from 20 to 21 is the peak of the hotel. There are a lot of people who are suspected to be non-residents. The hotel itself is open for business, breakfast, dinner and all-day massage. Staying for two nights, every night I found the same Japanese young men and women to leave the hotel at the same time, unlike tourists, more like staff. Note that the hotel's shuttle bus has only one minibus. If there is no increase in the frequency and number of vehicles, it should be given priority to the guests. For tourists, it is not a small amount to take a jr or bus to and from Hakata. In addition, there is still a spit, and the service of the swimming pool is not user-friendly. The tourists who come to see the tents can buy drinks when they have a drink menu on the side of the lounge chair. They want to sit on the loungers and are told that they can not drink on the loungers. It is possible to have a drink at the evening to sit on a lounge chair. In short, there is no very detailed introduction. Those who go to play for the first time will definitely miss a lot of projects."
"Advantages: Beautiful environment, five minutes walk to the Aquarium and Waterfront Park, the room sea view is very beautiful, you can watch the sunrise, the room is large, two 1.35 beds sleep two big two small is very suitable. Each child is charged 800 yen per night with breakfast. Clean and have a free shuttle bus to Hakata for 40 minutes one way. There are not many breakfast styles, but juices and vegetables depend on this meal. Cycling in the seaside park is not enough to play, you can play all day, even many times. Free tickets are presented at the front desk. The aquarium is not big, half a day is enough, but the dolphin performance is so good, we watched two. Disadvantages: The quilt is too thick, and the blanket is too small and too thin. I have to remove the cover from the cover every day. There is no place to eat around, the restaurant in the hotel is expensive, two big and two small, Japanese restaurant dinner 15,000, Italian restaurant 18,000 yen. Overall, I have left a lot of good memories and I want to go again."
"The location is really not very good, but the hotel environment is really good, even the lower floors have great sea views. The waiter was very attentive and would take us to the door (maybe we have elderly people) If you are driving by car, the parking lot is unlimited, so how many times is not a problem, as long as you give the parking ticket to the waiter, they will give you another one for free. It's just that the parking lot is open-air, and it will be very embarrassed if it rains. There are large baths, but it has long been stated that they are not hot spring water and are a bit disappointed, but also comfortable. The rooms are large and the beds are large. In summary, it is not necessary to think carefully about self-driving tour, because even the fastest driving to the nearest supermarket is 20 minutes."
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Sep 20, 2021
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Sep 20, 2021 Fukuoka Weather: Mostly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 57%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:05/18:19
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