Top 10 Cerro San Luis Obispo Hotels

Top 10 Cerro San Luis Obispo Hotels


7 Reviews
147 Stimson Avenue, Pismo Beach, California, United States
13.4km from San Luis County Regional Airport
18.4km from San Luis Obispo Station
"I have now stayed here two times and was hoping this would be my go to hotel for family and mini staycations. I live in Pismo Beach and wanted a place to stay when I have extra family, so we can have more space. I also thought it would be great to have a place close by to just have an escape. Unfortunately, Vespera is not it. My first trip was in November when things were really on lock down, so I thought I should give it another chance. The November trip was lackluster, but I realized that it wouldn't be amazing with all of the Covid issues. I am a Bonvoy Platinum member and was given a room that overlooked the Sandcastle hotel. There were absolutely no perks available during that stay due to Covid. They didn't even offer a grab and go breakfast option like so many other hotels did. That trip also involved a major ant infestation. The November trip was expensive and not impressive, yet I gave Vespera another chance this weekend. Once again, the Bonvoy Platinum status meant nothing. This time I got a view of the Sandcastle Hotel parking lot. I was offered breakfast vouchers and a $10 credit for food or beverages. The first day at the bar, we showed the beverage voucher to the bartender and he said we did not need that. So upon looking at my receipt, I see that no credit was ever given. The bartender was great, but the poor guy was overloaded with work. He was the only one available at the bar. The place was packed so I felt bad for him. He was scrambling to make everyone happy and I don't think he had time to deal with voucher. So when he said that we did not need the voucher, I assumed that the $10 would just be automatically taken off of the final bill. I mean the hotel can see that I purchased food and they can see that I am a platinum member, so why not just deduct it instead of dealing with a paper voucher. Or perhaps when you know the hotel is sold out, you hire more staff to accommodate the amount of guests that you have. The next morning we attempted to use our breakfast voucher. Once again, the place was packed and there was one employee taking orders for everyone. You could tell that she was frustrated. I presented the voucher and tried to order 2 American breakfasts. She informed me that I could only get one breakfast and would have to pay for the second one. I have never stayed at any Marriott brand that did not offer two breakfasts as part of the free breakfast perk. I questioned this again and she basically told me too bad, you can only get one. I can understand not being able to upgrade my room (not even for one day, even though I stayed three) , but being so cheap about a very simple breakfast is ridiculous. This is not a gourmet breakfast. It was eggs and bacon. I refused to pay for a second breakfast so, my husband and I shared our one meal. By the second morning, I have now misplaced these archaic paper breakfast vouchers and can only find one of them. We had decided to forgo breakfast on our last morning and just use both of "
"We have had two stays at this property in 2021. First stay was great which is why we chose to cancel our stay at another hotel and come back here instead and the second stay was great as well. It is remarkable to see the hotel doing the best they can to deliver a great experience within the constraints of the pandemic as compared to using the pandemic as an excuse to cut just about everything like some other Marriott hotels are doing in the USA. Pros Elite Benefits Honored: Elite benefits were honored. When a hotel honors the elite benefits, they come to the top of my list. Breakfast: The American Classic Breakfast is excellent. We are vegetarian and the servers happily substituted the meat for veggies. Coffee is fantastic. Given we ordered for to-go to the room, everything was meticulously packed with all the essentials included to make for a great breakfast experience on our balcony. Bar: Bartender Jason always did a great job. Location: Excellent location right on the boardwalk and close to plenty of eating joints. Outdoor seating: Love the outdoor seating and the fire-pits in the evening. Pool: We didn't use the pool but the pool can be booked for private slots which is nice. Parking: Convenient valet parking that is private within the hotel. Feedback Would love to see a vegetarian sandwich and/or a vegetarian entree added to the menu (maybe an Impossible/Beyond Meat Burger?) that would have allowed us to dine-in from the hotel itself versus ordering out."
"Our dogs had this to say about their stay: “Excellent dog friendly hotel. We saw many of our furry friends around the fire pits and out on the nearby boardwalk. Our room was generous in size, quiet and comfortable. Our ocean front room allowed us to safely hang out on the balcony. Our owners premium loyalty program level provided them with a complimentary breakfast. The American breakfast was looked great, generous portions and was a welcome treat for them. Our room was clean, free from stains and odd smells. We curled up and slept in our crates at night. Our pals said their owners didn’t bring crates and they got to sleep on the bed & floor. We heard our owners complain about the flat & co**** bath towels. Not thick and fluffy towels like most luxury hotels. Our owners texted for our ride & it was waiting for us when we got downstairs. $35/night mandatory valet - no self-parking. Only complaint we had, there is no dedicated doggy play or poopy area. A bowl of doggy treats in the lobby or in the room would be a nice touch.”"
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19 Reviews
601 Cypress Street, Pismo Beach, California, United States
13.3km from San Luis County Regional Airport
18.2km from San Luis Obispo Station
"Great hotel, great location. Valet parking is a nice feature considering parking downtown pismo can be impossible sometimes. Only downside is that area near the pier can be loud at night. If you want to leave the door open and listen to the ocean while you fall asleep, you might want to pick a hotel away from downtown Pismo. If you enjoy people watching from your balcony, perfect spot. The hotel is very clean, great service, decent food but honestly overpriced for the quality. Lobby bar made much better drinks than rooftop bar. Rooftop area is really cool though just to sit and enjoy a drink and the sunset. "
"The hotel is ideal for taking a break here on Highway 1. The location is right on the pismo beach, facing the sea, and the surrounding area is a small town. It is very convenient to eat and buy small things. The motel looks simple, but it is new and the room size is good. Parking is valet parking, the price is included in the hotel tourist tax. The disadvantage is that there are no slippers. When we asked, the front desk said that many people had asked, so it was very strange since everyone has needs, why not improve it?"
"The best and largest hotel in the town of Pismo, the seaside square and the landing stage, the variety of restaurants and shops are very lively, the hotel facilities are large in modern rooms."
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9 Reviews
2727 Shell Beach Road, Pismo Beach, California, United States
15.4km from San Luis County Regional Airport
16.6km from San Luis Obispo Station
"There are pros and cons. We reserved a one bedroom ocean front room and arrived on Monday. This was a celebration of my 60th birthday and I wanted it to be very special. We arrived at noon and I asked if we could hang out until our room was ready. I let her know that understood we were early but if there was any chance we could check in sooner, that I would be grateful. We were offered a key to the pool area and were told that we would be called when the room was ready. At 3 pm I went to the front desk to check in on the status of our room since we had not been called yet, and were told that someone had to go inspect the room. He came back and we were given keys and Valet took our luggage to our room. The room had a full kitchen, dining area, living area, bedroom and large bathroom. The balcony overlooked the ocean with a beautiful corner view of the Ocean and next door was the Cliff hotel parking/dock area which was a bit noisy, room 218. My most favorite place to vacation is the ocean and I pay more for ocean views and enjoy the sound of the waves, however I didn't hear the ocean because it was noisy from next door. The balcony was big and had a beautiful view. The walk down to the beach is down dirt terrain with some wood planks to help support your steps. The beach is not sandy and has pebbles that are beautiful but this is not your typical sand, lay out in the sun beach area. The Lido patio seating outside was beautiful and our waiter was very attentive and made us feel very welcome and shaded us each time the sun was in our eyes. The food was very good. Check out is 11 am. My vehicle was valet parked and the Cliffs Hotel next door was trimming their palm trees the day prior which made a dusty, palm particles mess all over my car. I only wish the valet person had considered moving my vehicle out of the way since the entire parking lot was almost completely empty during our stay. So overall a gorgeous place to stay, staff is friendly, the restaurant was good, our room was comfortable and clean and had everything we needed. The price was very expensive even with Cyber special rates at $480 per night. I really didn't expect that I would have to wait until after check in time given that the Resort really was not full. I didn't fuss and didn't want this to ruin my celebration of having a wonderful time, however it did put a slight damper in my impression of a simple thing that could have made us feel special in a special place that we were staying. The Dolphin Bay Resort Spa was not open during weekdays, however I enjoyed a 90 minute massage at the Cliffs Hotel next door which was superb. A gift from my daughter for my Birthday."
"Perfect spot to have a staycation with the girls. We live where others vacation. Who needs Hawaii when you have Dolphin Bay resort and spa. There were 6 of us, we had reservations for a 2 bedroom suite with a pool view. I had requested an early check in and late check out. I received a message from Lisa at the front desk at about 10:00 am. Our room was ready anytime and we had been upgraded to one of the Penthouses!!!!! Jay, the best valet ever was there to greet all of us and had our luggage to the penthouse before we had checked in. Lisa made sure all of our needs were met at check-in. The weather was spectacular and the suite was amazingly perfect. We all decided we would like to move in! We needed more linens and blankets later that evening. Julissa that was working the front desk at that point, ran the linens up to us in a large plastic bag. The items inside were warm like they had just been taken out of the dryer. She was very courteous and upbeat. We cooked in their high end gourmet kitchen with all the essentials. Very comfortable and inviting. We all slept well and when we said good bye in the morning, we all decided we would come back and stay two nights. When we got downstairs to valet, Jay had two of the cars waiting and was cleaning the front windows. Of course we all wanted to take him home. Thank you Dolphin Bay resort and Spa. Can't wait for the reopening of the Spa, hot tub and Lido."
"We had an oceanfront front suite with great views. I'll definitely return to this place. My wife found it after hearing a radio ad and we decided to come to celebrate my birthday. Here are the big pros and cons of the place - definitely more pros than cons: Pros Service - impeccable service from valet to check in to restaurant and beach service. Staff was timely, nice, and attentive. Closest to Ritz Carlton service as you can get. - it was that good. Room Service - very good and and timely; never a long wait; selection was ok and food tasted great check-in and valet: very attentive, thorough and helpful; offered water at departure; one bedroom suite - gorgeous, great amenities and full kitchen was awesome. very nice size with soft king sized bed landscape and grounds were in good shape overall loved the place Cons Right next to the pool; lots of daytime noise"
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11 Reviews
2241 Price Street, Pismo Beach, California, United States
14.6km from San Luis County Regional Airport
20.2km from San Luis Obispo Station
"After staying for a week, the breakfast was not changed, and I couldn't beat it every day. . . Obviously booked a double room, but gave a twin room! I don't understand why! In addition, there are more ants in the bathroom!"
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22 Reviews
2411 Price Street, Pismo Beach, California, United States
14.6km from San Luis County Regional Airport
20.1km from San Luis Obispo Station
"Super good, suitable for a family, especially a family with children, vacation on the beach: There are playgrounds for children to play with more facilities, such as table tennis, badminton, slides, etc. The swimming pool is also good, that is, there have always been two wild ducks coming to swim. By the swimming pool, there is also a bath with surf. The front desk was also very welcoming, providing hot water and coffee, and cookies in the afternoon. The restaurant is also relatively large, and the waffles will help you bake them. There are many drinks, in addition to coffee and fruit juice, it also provides a variety of brewed tea bags. Since it is a suite, it is basically 2 rooms. The room we stayed in had 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, and a balcony with partial sea views. There is a lot of space and there is no problem with the family."
"The hotel is located in a famous resort area. The hotel rooms are independent suites and are separated by doors. They are especially suitable for family trips with larger children. The surrounding scenery is also beautiful. The day is weekdays, and the price is very high. There are many options for eating and playing around. Climate matters."
"Super cost-effective hotel! The room is a family suite, a double bed room, a twin room, two separate toilets, an outdoor swimming pool, children's playground. Clean, tidy and warm, just beside the Pacific Ocean, on the roadside of Highway 1, with free parking, the location is excellent. Unique scenery and rich breakfast."
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14 Reviews
2651 Price Street, Pismo Beach, California, United States
16.3km from San Luis County Regional Airport
20.3km from San Luis Obispo Station
"The hotel is conveniently located and in a very good location, very close to the 17 mile drive entrance. Breakfast is simple, but it feels OK."
"The hotel by the sea has a good environment, and the breakfast is ordinary American style, enough. Self-driving tour is very suitable"
"Receive a 56 deposit and return only after returning home"
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10 Reviews
101 San Miguel Street, Avila Beach, California, United States
15.8km from San Luis County Regional Airport
17.3km from San Luis Obispo Station
"We absolutely fell in love with this hotel. We had not stayed there before and all we knew was what we had read on the internet reviews. Those reviews were all very positive, and that was certainly the case with our stay. All of the staff were helpful and friendly, the rooms were very clean and spacious, and the morning, noon, afternoon, and evening food experiences at the hotel were simply off the charts. And more importantly, those multiple food experiences consistently afforded you the time to meet/talk with new people from different parts of the country, and develop new relationships. The hotel is 1 minute from the beach and has many nearby restaurants as well. Both my wife and I thought it was the most exemplary hotel experience in our lifetime and we will certainly be back to visit again soon."
"What a great experience! It was our first time there and it was fantastic! Steff and the rest of the staff were amazing! They really pride themselves on being more of a boutique hotel and it really shows! They even bake, inhouse, the best local pies every evening! The property is very quaint, very welcoming and very comfortable. The staff we encounter were professional, friendly and really made us feel special. The property is conveniently located in downtown Avila so once you're there, put the car keys away! Again, the staff and property made it one of our favorites!!"
"This hotel is a real treat. We felt welcome and treated with warm hospitality all weekend. Our Great Room was sparkling clean and beautiful with a fireplace, spa and full kitchen. The pie in the evening was a nice dessert. We enjoyed our breakfast basket with croissants, tangerines and coffee on our balcony. We loved the evening hors d'oeuvres (cheese, salami, olives), wine and basket of snacks in the room. The location is just a block from the beach and in the scenic town of Avila Beach. This hotel was perfect for a quick get-away from the LA area."
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10 Reviews
1941 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, California, United States
7.0km from San Luis County Regional Airport
2.0km from San Luis Obispo Station
"On a week getaway which was suppose to be all pleasure turned into working on my vacation, the San Luis Creek Lodge made it not that bad. Newly reopened and renovated I was happy I had selected this hotel. Large long desk to support my monitors and laptop. Bright spacious rooms which were beautifully appointed. Dog Friendly which was a bonus. Hardwood Floors, Comfortable bed, linens and pillows. Large TV and cute mini bar selections (camera, candles etc) Loved the Aesop products too! The staff was top notch and super kind in dealing with my annoyance and major inconvenience when I had to break down my room, pack up and move to another building due to water issue in my building. They were on it and sought to make sure I was satisfied with the solution. Can't wait to visit again but by then they may be too popular!"
"We feel so lucky we happened upon this wonderful find in San Luis Obispo. We loved the location as it is not right in the middle of downtown (potential parking issues) but an easy walk to the center of town (less than a mile). The room is well appointed with an electric kettle and clever, individual pour-over coffee packets (as well as tea). Tasteful, minimalist decor with clean, contemporary lines. Comfy bed and plush towels. Free parking! Our room was really quiet with a peaceful, green view. Staff members were all friendly and helpful. Of course, as you've already seen in other reviews, the crowning, welcoming touch was the complimentary coffee and scones in the morning. It was like waiting for Santa Claus!"
"My wife and I have stayed at a lot of hotels along Monterey Street in SLO and this accommodation is among the very best. The rooms are very stylish, clean and contemporary but while some newly updated hotel rooms can feel cold and clinical, this felt room cozy, warm, and homey. We also loved the architecture and exterior of the buildings. The scones and coffee delivered in the morning at your door is a really nice touch (I'm also amazed at how "ninja quiet" the delivery of the coffee is in the morning - they've mastered how to deliver breakfast goodies without making a peep.) My wife said that she hoped to come back to this Lodge in the near future - a high compliment coming from her!"
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10 Reviews
198 Main Street, Pismo Beach, California, United States
13.5km from San Luis County Regional Airport
21.6km from San Luis Obispo Station
"Located in downtown Pismo Beach, this hotel provides a private balcony with an ocean view and a kitchenette in all rooms. Free beach-side covered parking is provided. Free Wi-Fi is included in all rooms at the Beach House Inn and Suites. A spacious seating area with a flat-screen TV and a DVD player are also offered in each guest room. Located off highway 101, area restaurants are within walking distance of the Beach House Inn and Suites Pismo Beach and various outdoor sporting activities such as hiking, surfing, fishing, and biking are available from the property. The Pismo Beach Pier is 5 minutes’ walk from Beach House Inn & Suites. Pismo Beach State Beach is 1 minutes' walk away."
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11 Reviews
100 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, California, United States
6.7km from San Luis County Regional Airport
3.5km from San Luis Obispo Station
"The location of the hotel is very good, although it is not by the sea, but by the highway. The environment is a bit old, the most disliked thing is that I clearly booked a double bed room, but gave me a double bed. In other words, there is no double bed, so I was fully booked."
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