Top 10 Columbiahalle Hotels

Top 10 Columbiahalle Hotels


13 Reviews
Budapester Str. 45, Berlin, Germany
7.7km from Tegel Airport
640m from Train Station Zoologischer Garten
1.9km from Tiergarten
490m from Kurfürstendamm
610m from Wittenbergplatz
"The location of the hotel is superb. There are several Christmas markets next to it. Subway taxis are great on foot. The room was comfortable. Good beds. There is also a rare bedside pillow, which can move up and down, like it!"
"In the past, the marathon was run, the hotel has an excellent location, it is very convenient from the shopping street, the service is very good, and the room is very clean. I will consider staying in Berlin later."
"This hotel has a great location. The position and evaluation are very good, and the staff are very helpful. When I had a small problem, they quickly solved it and made sure I was completely satisfied."
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13 Reviews
Behrenstrasse 37, Berlin, Germany
10.8km from Tegel Airport
970m from S-Bahn Friedrichstr Railway Station
1.2km from Hackescher Markt Railway Station
450m from Französische Straße
530m from Hausvogteiplatz
"Advantages: 1. Excellent location, the main attractions can be reached on foot, there are many good German restaurants around. 2. The breakfast was unexpectedly delicious. Although there is only one restaurant (Italian cuisine), the hotel tastes good. There are different Rieslings in the wine list. 3. The high-rise room can see the scenery, it is beautiful. Disadvantages: 1. The room has no master control and needs to turn off the lights. 2. There are too few plugs in the room, which is inconvenient."
"The hotel is refurbished from the old building. It has a European feel. It is close to the attractions, the rooms are high and high, there are slippers, the quality is very good, the service attitude is also very good, to explain the usage of each place in the room, but Personal reasons are still not particularly adapted or liked"
"This hotel has a great location. The position and evaluation are very good, and the staff are very helpful. When I had a small problem, they quickly solved it and made sure I was completely satisfied."
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15 Reviews
Drakestrasse 1, Berlin, Germany
8.4km from Tegel Airport
1.1km from Tiergarten
2.0km from Train Station Zoologischer Garten
1.2km from Hansaplatz
1.3km from Wittenbergplatz
"Breakfast environment is very good"
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36 Reviews
Potsdamer Platz 3, Berlin, Germany
10.1km from Tegel Airport
150m from Potsdamer Plazt Station
1.8km from S-Bahn Friedrichstr Railway Station
200m from Potsdamer Platz
710m from Mohrenstraße
"Breakfast is okay, but it is still more monotonous than the domestic hotel. The location is very good, the entrance is the Potsdamer Platz, there is also a subway station, the Brandenburg Gate, the Parliament Building, the Berlin Shopping Center are very close, and there is a Mobai at the door, very convenient. There are also other companies sharing bicycles with children's seats, but the QR code can't be scanned. I don't know how to use them, but the hotel has a bicycle with a child seat for rent, 30 euros a day, 15 euros a day. To the northwest of the hotel is a large Tiergarten park, which is in a good environment with trees, grass and water."
"Good, there is nothing wrong with it. The location is convenient, just opposite the Potsdam train station square, the waiters are very polite, the luggage arrived on the first day, told the front desk, the next day the airline sent the luggage to the hotel, the waiter immediately sent to the room. There is a coffee machine in the room (hidden in the cabinet under the TV, to open a board at the top of the cabinet, pull the drawer out) and send two bottles of water every day. It is the hotel with the highest price-to-price ratio throughout the European itinerary."
"The hotel is right in Potsdamer Platz, and it is convenient to go to the subway station. I checked in at 10 am, and I chose a higher floor to see the night view at the request of my request. Going out the road is the Sony Center, and there are many restaurants on the side that are very convenient to eat. A few minutes walk is the monument to the murdered Jews, and it takes about ten minutes to reach Brandenburg! Next time I go to Berlin is still the first choice."
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20 Reviews
Unter den Linden 77, Berlin, Germany
1.4km from Suzhou Amusement Land
10.0km from Ai Lian
9.7km from Tegel Airport
870m from S-Bahn Friedrichstr Railway Station
1.0km from Potsdamer Plazt Station
60m from Brandenburger Tor
720m from Mohrenstraße
"The hotel is just 100 meters from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. In the morning, almost no one is photographed at the Brandenburg Gate. It is a rare sight for a landmark attraction. The full name of the hotel is called Adlon Kempinski, but when I take a taxi, I say Kempinski next to the Brandenburg Gate. It’s better to say that the Adlon Hotel is more able to let the driver know, because Adlon The hotel has become a cultural symbol just like the Lao She Tea House and the Budapest Grand Hotel. It has witnessed the historical changes of Berlin and even Germany. The hotel gives a very classic feeling, the floor display of the elevator on the first floor and the floor display in the elevator are still mechanical pointer type, very old fashioned feeling. We stayed at the administrative level on the sixth floor, but because the flight was cancelled the day before, it was early in the morning in Berlin. The check-in was at 8:30 this morning. The room didn't pick the best position in the field of view, but it was also the window. The Den Burg Gate and the Capitol. The hotel is decorated in a classic style with complete facilities and an indoor swimming pool, but the tour in September is still relatively cold. The breakfast at the hotel is very rich, and there are actually preserved eggs that foreigners can't stand. The overall feeling is very good."
"The location is excellent, right next to Berlin's Brandenburger Tor, S Bahn is just off the station and the traffic is very convenient. As the originator of the European hotel industry, Adlon is worth living"
"Great traditional European hotel Hygienic negligence Improved with complaints and apologize promptly to remedy. Unique geographical location, historical heritage, is the legendary name of the hotel industry, the only."
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Very Good
12 Reviews
Rosenstraße 1, Berlin, Germany
10.9km from Tegel Airport
290m from Hackescher Markt Railway Station
800m from Bahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz Railway Station
480m from Weinmeisterstraße
920m from Alexanderplatz
"It has the best location to travel by walk or subway. The staffs are so kind and nice. But the room is smaller than my expectation. Would like to recommend. :)"
"Very good location! The environment is also good, the room is big enough even after the extra bed"
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11 Reviews
Charlottenstra?e 49, Berlin, Germany
21.0km from Suzhou Amusement Land
10.0km from Ai Lian
21.0km from Fenhu Lu
10.2km from Tegel Airport
790m from S-Bahn Friedrichstr Railway Station
180m from Französische Straße
460m from Stadtmitte
"The location is good, it is very convenient to go to various attractions, and you can walk or take public transportation. Shopping around is very convenient. Reception front desk and doorman service are very good and very polite. The hotel's decoration style is more ancient, and it doesn't matter if it is different from person to person. It is difficult to comment. What the individual doesn't like is the breakfast mode provided by the hotel. The buffet style on the table is only a small variety of bread, butter, cheese, sliced meat, a little fruit, a little juice and so on. Any omelet or egg, or sausage, or hot vegetables, must be ordered in a variety of language menus provided by a single door. Although the speed of serving after ordering is OK, the taste is average and even disappointing. The taste of the drink is average. The overall feeling of the hotel's breakfast quality is not worth the price it sells. In particular, if you are accustomed to eating a self-service rich breakfast, you may not be able to adapt to this breakfast mode."
"The location is super good, right next to Galeries Lafayette, you can get a 10% discount on Galeries Lafayette at the front desk, you can use cosmetics and Zhuangliren! The room and bathroom were very large. Three people stayed in it, with a large bed and a single bed. The service attitude was particularly good. Especially the waiter at the gate cleaned the door and helped take care of my mother. Because in the urban area, the parking lot is quite small, we first checked in and checked in."
"The hotel decoration is large and the bed in the room is particularly comfortable and soft. Good location and easy access to various attractions. The front desk and concierge service are meticulous and enthusiastic. Near the Centennial Internet Red Hotel and Berlin's famous attractions and squares. It is recommended for everyone to stay at ease."
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15 Reviews
Neue Kantstraße 1, Berlin, Germany
7.1km from Tegel Airport
820m from Messe Nord/ICC (Witzleben)
3.4km from Tiergarten
570m from Sophie-Charlotte-Platz
880m from Wilmersdorfer Straße
"The hotel site is convenient to travel. There are bus stops next to the hotel. The bed is little dirty and there is a large mirror in front of your bed. "
"big bed Nice room, quiet, health"
"No extra bed, breakfast is OK"
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23 Reviews
Hardenbergstr. 28, Berlin, Germany
7.5km from Tegel Airport
260m from Train Station Zoologischer Garten
1.2km from Tiergarten
230m from Zoologischer Garten
260m from Kurfürstendamm
"The location of the hotel is very convenient, all kinds of subways and buses are just across the road. However, when checking out, you need to pay attention to whether the local hotel tax is included in the price of Ctrip, so as to avoid the risk of being doubled."
"The layout of the room is very good, and the privacy of the entrance is very good. The dry and wet separation of the bathroom is also very good. The only drawback window is only one, a bit dark. But the outdoor view is very good"
"Hotel location is good, mainly the view is particularly good, the room is very large and very comfortable, next time I want to live in this home, really good! High cost performance"
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Very Good
13 Reviews
Petersburger Str. 24, Berlin, Germany
14.1km from Tegel Airport
3.2km from Ostbahnhof Station
3.8km from Hackescher Markt Railway Station
1.1km from Frankfurter Tor
1.3km from Weberwiese
"The whole is OK, and there is no way to compare with the domestic, it is also the domestic standard."
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