Top 10 Donggang Hotels

Top 10 Donggang Hotels


Very Good
46 Reviews
No.1166 Huanhu East Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
30.6km from Lishe International Airport
32.5km from Ningbo Railway Station
"On this trip, the wall cracked a big call to this holiday villa. We only had two people. We booked a room in the villa and received a call from the villa after we booked the room on Ctrip. Because of the recent rainy season, we also specially informed the precautions, after arriving on the same day The butler has already waited for us at the door. After entering the door, the butler introduced the equipment of the villa, showed us the rooms, and visited other villas, kitchens, hot springs, chess and card rooms, and two other buildings with KTV. The butler introduced that the rooms can also accommodate extra beds. , The villa has ample parking spaces, which is very suitable for parties, family outings, and company group building. The seat is very quiet in the valley, quiet and quiet in the mountains and forests, and the time is flies. It's not just facing the sea that spring flowers bloom."
"Very suitable for a family exclusive place, very quiet, high privacy, because this time two people came out to play, there happened to be a single room for sale, I snapped up a room online, the villa is very large with four bedrooms, ktv, kitchen, Restaurant chess and card room, hot springs, large terraces for barbecue... It’s about a 15-minute walk from Dongqian Lake. It’s good to take a walk, and the Hanling Old Street next to it is also worth visiting."
"Came here with a few friends again, Qianhu is in autumn, the camellia is blooming, the hot spring in the villa is very comfortable, the privacy is very good, the kitchen is very large and I forgot to take photos, and the butler service is also very considerate. , Hanling Old Street, two kilometers away from the villa, is very lively at night, there are also many local snacks, it is worth a visit..."
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50 Reviews
2-2, building 3, hanlingshui street, 1518 Huanhu East Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
29.5km from Lishe International Airport
31.4km from Ningbo Railway Station
"Finally I pulled the grass and took the baby to experience it. Let me talk about CHECK IN, the young lady on the front desk has a sweet smile, and she is patient with the children, and must answer every question, despite the fact that the children ask questions. This is the kind of place for me, and I am also very enthusiastic about children, and I have 100 impressions. The overall artistic atmosphere of the hotel is good, and I have seen a lot of people punching in and taking pictures. Entering the room also made me very satisfied, especially the coffee machine. It's not bad, I loved it. The river view at the back is very good. There is a scenic spot where you can swipe your card to enter and exit the old street. This is really convenient. All the facilities in the room make the baby shout when checking out. Mom, I don’t want to leave. Haha, don’t worry, take the baby to play. ."
"The first time I evaluated the hotel, I really felt it was not worth it. I checked in on May 3 and got a room with more than 3,000. I took a bath. The water was flooded with water. The sewer was blocked. The room was relatively small. Sleeping in a wet environment was too uncomfortable Yes, one of the bananas given out is rotten. This is not particularly important. I want to say that the price is not worth it."
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61 Reviews
Shashan Road, Dongqianhu tourist resort, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
31.6km from Lishe International Airport
33.5km from Ningbo Railway Station
"Taking advantage of the time when I was relatively empty after the festival, I made an appointment with my friends and family to go to Ningbo Xiaoju. After searching the Internet for a long time, Amway was given to Amway by the scenery of this hotel. I think the most important thing in Dongqian Lake is the scenery. After placing the order, the staff member Alice contacted me soon, knowing that I was arriving at the airport, and arranged an airport shuttle carefully. After getting off the plane, the driver Xiao Li gave me a text message and picked me up at the arrival station, although at this time in Ningbo There are fewer people at the airport, but my heart is warm. After arriving at the hotel, the staff were very enthusiastic. The hotel is small but very exquisite and luxurious. I heard from Alice that the hotel is the best hotel to see the lake view. There is no one. Due to the lack of people after the festival, I was upgraded to a single-family lake. Room with a view. In the afternoon, the large army arrived at Alice to see that many of us gave us a free upgrade to the afternoon tea on the fourth floor. When we reached the fourth floor, we were stunned. The lake view from other locations in the hotel was completely different. It was beautiful! Because the hotel scenery is so good, I really don’t want to leave the hotel. On the recommendation of Alice, we booked the hotel’s Chinese food. I chose the "Ningbo Creative" series with local characteristics in Ningbo. The taste is very good, better than the Michelin eaten in Shanghai. Yongfu is not bad, and my friend's family is also very happy! There is no dream at night until dawn, open the curtains, the lake view is greeted, and the mood is great all day! After eating a customized breakfast, we went to the surrounding scenic spots and felt that the scenic spots are really nothing, but Dongqian Lake is still a lake after all! Before lunch, we checked out and set off for the next stop on Putuo Mountain. The little guy and the young lady at the front desk were reluctant to leave. We were surprised that such a cold little guy has such a tender side! In conclusion, although the stay time is relatively short this time, the scenery and hardware facilities of the hotel are indeed invincible, but the most memorable thing is the enthusiasm and sincerity of the hotel staff! I heard that Alice said that Relais & Châteaux will be listed soon, and I specifically checked that it is very suitable for this hotel, but the price should increase later 😄"
"Far away, the name is very interesting. When I arrive at the hotel, everything is so beautiful. I like it very much from the conception and decoration effect. It is far away, in fact, very close, and feels at home. Every employee, not one is all, this is precious and sincere , All intent, a good experience. Thank you, there will be a period later."
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482 Reviews
No.1518 Huanhu East Road, Hanling Village, Dongqian Lake Resort, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
29.3km from Lishe International Airport
31.2km from Ningbo Railway Station
"Due to the comparison from the previous day, although the location is in a human-made humanistic scenic spot that has not yet been built, the residence is really satisfactory. I know the brand of Huajiantang, and I specially selected it. It's quite modern. My daughter and husband like it. Mainly very literary atmosphere, suitable for parent-child travel, couple travel, girlfriend travel, there are a few cats in the courtyard, there will be a beautiful lady who will take you to the room personally, will add a WeChat group to the guests, notify the movie time, in fact it is projection That's it, but it provides everyone with a social and resting environment. The current hotel is not just a hotel, but a tourist destination beyond the scenic spot^_^In the future, I will choose Huajiantang to praise the hardworking ladies and brothers. Ctrip gives you 5 points."
"Ningbo Huajiantang was not developed around, and parking at the entrance was difficult. It was not bad in the light room and in the lake, but the facilities were not kept up. To tell the truth, the experience of staying in Hangzhou is not as touching as Hangzhou Huajiantang, because Hangzhou seems to have many activities and rich content. There is also no arrangement for staying in the map, but there are also group reminders. The details are good, such as good night sweet soup, send the meal into the room, here I want to talk about it, it was raining that day, the waiter of the fennel restaurant and the lady sister of Huajiantang helped me to deliver the meal, especially hard, service attitude also Very good, we also specifically asked the waiter's little brother's name, want to praise him, he said that this is what he should do, let us be very moved."
"The hotel is located in the ancient town of Hanling, Dongqian Lake. The ancient town is still under construction and will be especially lively after completion. I upgraded my membership card to a family suite. It is an independent area. The entrance must have an access card to enter. The room is a two-story building. The design is simple and elegant, very warm. The first floor is a leisure area and a bathroom dressing room. The building has two separate king rooms and bathrooms. The design is thoughtful and I like the verbena toiletries provided by Huajiantang. This hotel is perfect for parent-child travel. The hotel’s fennel restaurant cuisine can’t be missed."
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1203 Reviews
No.28 Shashan Road, Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
31.3km from Lishe International Airport
33.3km from Ningbo Railway Station
"Came to Dongqian Lake for a weekend and struggled between Park Hyatt and this restaurant. Later, I saw that Park Hyatt was too old and the score was not high. This house has a large area and is cheaper. I came to this house, but this time I didn’t. Luck in getting a house [smiles] Location: To the east of Dongqian Lake, it takes 15 minutes to take a taxi from the subway station. The Sheung Shui tent camp and the big lawn opposite the hotel have a nice view. There is a Swiss feel. There is a Mashan Wetland Park more than 500 meters away to stroll around. Walk for 20 to 30 minutes from Hanling Water Street. The hotel is not a lake view, separated by a road and a tent base. The interior scenery of the hotel is quite good, the lobby is tall and gorgeous, and the exquisitely designed garden is outside. Take the zigzag wooden plank road as the main line, below is a cascading small waterfall, with a variety of plants of different colors and heights, no matter how you shoot, it is beautiful, and it is a perfect vacation without going out of the hotel. Room facilities: I set a courtyard view room, the domineering door goes in like a courtyard, the largest of the five rooms. The room is large in size. The entrance is a spacious aisle. On the right is the toilet and cloakroom. On the left is the bedroom. Outside the bedroom is an outdoor balcony where you can see the garden view. I personally feel that it is unnecessary for the bathroom and cloakroom to take up too much area, but the room is too small, with only one bed and a single sofa, and there is no place to sit while watching TV. The light pink carpet under the bed is very dirty, so it's very low. Breakfast: There are everything that should be there, there are noodle stalls, there are also freshly squeezed juice stations, coffee can be ordered, and Ningbo specialty snacks are good. Large dining space, not many people Swimming pool: The swimming pool and hot water bubble pool in the health center are very good and there is no one. Unfortunately, we did not bring a swimsuit and did not use it. The service staff was particularly enthusiastic to take us around Transportation: The hotel is very big, you can call a buggy when you go out and you need to wait five minutes. There is a shuttle bus to Dongqianhu Metro Station every two hours I encountered an episode when I took a bath at night and found that there was no hot water. Two staff members came before and after. Later, it was found that both boilers were broken. One hour later, one was repaired, but the temperature was still not too high and the water pressure was not enough. The overall feeling is good, the service is also ok, the architecture and landscape are quite good, will consider again"
"During the Dragon Boat Festival, I went to spend a vacation with my family. Ningbo came to Ningbo many times, but it was the first time to visit Dongqian Lake. The surrounding environment is very good, and the air is full of sweetness. The hotel occupies a large area. Dongqian Lake is not directly attached to the hotel, separated by a road and a wetland park, but our room can see the lake. The room facilities are not bad, but it is a pity that there is no washlet. I hope it can be increased if conditions permit. Recommended for swimming pools, the upper and lower levels, the upper level has a small bubble pool and self-heating stone deck chairs, there is also a leisure and leisure pool, the lower level is a large swimming pool, you can choose according to your needs, very relaxing. There are quite a lot of breakfast options in the hotel, and the opening hours are four hours, so the order is OK. The hotel is relatively large, so I would choose a battery car if I was too lazy to walk, but in the evening or when it rains, there may be a queue. You also need to wait a while when you get out of your room and go to other places. Most of the time, transportation is okay. Dylan, the housekeeper in our room, was very responsible. He responded quickly and dealt with problems in a timely manner. He was praised. Finally, I would like to make a suggestion. Individuals are more concerned about toilet facilities. After all, the hygiene requirements are relatively high. The toilet seat of the ladies' toilet in the public area of Ming Pavilion on the first floor is loose and will always shake, and the cover is difficult to stand on. It feels like a public toilet in a shopping mall, and it feels very cheap. It's very embarrassing. I hope that these issues can be handled properly when I come on vacation next time. After all, the details make the brand?"
"The hotel is newly opened in the past two years and other brands of hotels and resorts that have been developed relatively early. The location is relatively a little bit. The surrounding lake is just a mountain, but the environment is really amazing and very quiet. One point that needs to be said is the hotel lake view room. In fact, I can’t see the lake view very clearly, even if the room closest to the lake view is actually a road away from the lake, but when you stand on the balcony after checking in, you will find that the entire hotel is surrounded by greenery and you can’t see the lake view. It’s not too important. The hotel has everything to stay with the baby for two days without going out. The hotel’s feature is that the soup pool is very friendly to children and the hotel shuttle bus makes the children sit very cool. Thank you Mr. Mike I met him several times in the shuttle bus. Every time I saw us with luggage or heavy objects, he would personally run down from the driver's seat to help us pick up the things. On the day of check-out, it happened to be heavy rain. He ran back and forth four or five times and was holding the umbrella. We picked up the car and brought us luggage and strollers. Thank you again for the hotel’s breakfast. The breakfast is very rich. The buffet dinner is also good."
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1253 Reviews
No.288 Shashan Road (Dongqian Lake Resort), Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
32.9km from Lishe International Airport
34.8km from Ningbo Railway Station
"The hotel is located in a very good location, within a 10-minute drive from the Water Park, Hanling Old Street, Mashan Wetland, Southern Song Sculpture Park, and Erlingshan Hot Spring. Especially the back door of the hotel leads directly to Little Putuo. From the newly built secret realm of Little Putuo, you can walk all the way to Shili Sixiang, which is very convenient. The breakfast is very good, there are many local specialties, such as the noodles mentioned in breakfast in China, the black sesame glutinous rice balls are praised, and the special breakfast such as Huidanzi. Chinese restaurants are also good, and members can get a 15% discount, but you can hardly find restaurant introductions in the comments. The environment of the hotel is excellent, with exclusive access to part of the shore of Dongqian Lake. The lush greenery makes the breath and eyes drunk. There are children's playground, swimming pool, table tennis, billiards, tennis, and KTV in the independent cultural and sports building. You can play a lot when you don't want to be outdoors in the midsummer."
"The breakfast under the Kaiyuan Hotel is very good, the variety is very rich, and the taste is also very good. This is the second time I stayed at the Qianhu Hotel. The first time I came was when the Qianhu Hotel just opened. My old father always missed his hometown. In June Just when I was free, I booked the two room types I stayed in last time. The children were very satisfied with the hotel’s swimming pool. It was very large and very comfortable to swim. The hotel also took us directly to the back door of Xiaoputuo with a battery car, which was very convenient, all the way The scenery is beautiful. Dongqian Lake is the place where my father grew up. It is also our root. We will stay at Qianhu Hotel in the future. It gives us the feeling of home. The only flaw in this season is the mosquitoes and all kinds of insects. It was too much. I wanted to sit on the balcony and drink Kung Fu tea, but I was bitten by mosquitoes and fled back to the room. From now on, I will come to see Dongqian Lake in winter and stay here for a few days and escape from Shanghai!"
"In June, I took my parents and children on a trip. Through various price comparisons and search reviews, Qianhu Hotel was finally selected. The hotel has an excellent location, with its back door leading directly to Xiao Putuo, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with winding paths leading to tranquility. The hotel is very large, there are electric battery cars to pick up and drop off, you can borrow bicycles. The service staff here are very prosperous, they will greet the guests proactively and ask if they need it. A really good sense of service is to think for the guests what they did not expect, and Qianhu Hotel has done it."
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185 Reviews
No.388 Huanhu East Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
34.3km from Lishe International Airport
29.5km from Ningbo Railway Station
"I accompany my old parents to look at the old house in my hometown in Fenghua. I lived in Yintai in Fenghua last year. I felt that my stay was not ideal. This year I went to Dongqian Lake online and found the scenery to be good. I saw Narada Resort Hotel and my sister accompanied my parents to go there for 2 years. The Narada in Yueyang, Hunan, and the Narada in Xiangjiadang, Jiaxing, are both good. Because of the reassurance of Narada, I chose the Narada Resort Ningbo Dongqian Lake. But the result did not disappoint us. The environment is very good. The design inside is also new. The toto smart toilet has no appointment in the two Narada in front. Each room has a balcony. This is the biggest advantage of Narada. You can see the blue sky and white clouds, and the courtyard below. It is free at night. Soaked in the hot spring, this season is the off-season of the hot spring, there are few people, I think the breakfast is rich, my parents said that it is a little bit less than the Narada where I went, the service is good, and the waiters outside have a good attitude, but the restaurant is not I know what’s going on. It’s very slow to serve food that day, but the service ecology is good. The whole resort area is relatively large, with mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, and some places are still under construction. We don’t have Happy Farm because we just stayed overnight and we don’t have time. Now, come back next year, I hope Narada will get better and better."
"First of all, the internal scenery of the hotel is beautiful, the surrounding environment is also very good, and the facilities are relatively new. Before booking, we valued a series of parent-child activities promoted by the hotel, including farm picking and outdoor swimming pool. But after arriving, I found that neither of these were open. The children in the same group also said that they saw dead mice and frogs in the outdoor swimming pool. They didn't see them with their own eyes and declined to comment. The internal hygiene of the room is hard to explain in a word. Hair and unidentified hair can be seen on the floor of the bathroom. The location of the hotel is relatively remote. If it is not a self-driving tour, eating is a problem. The hotel’s own Chinese restaurant is often full, and there are several farmhouse meals nearby. Takeaways are definitely not available, and taxis cannot be called. In this case, all needs need to be met in the hotel, and in this case, drinking water becomes a problem. The hotel provides four free bottles of mineral water. The weather is hot and there is more water to drink, and the child needs to make milk. , I called the front desk to ask for it. I was told that I had already given you four bottles. I'm lonely too. Is there still such a thing in five-star hotels? If the hotel I stayed in before asked for water, I always asked for two bottles to get four bottles, and for four bottles to get eight bottles. In general, the scenery of this hotel is really beautiful, and there are many slots. With such good tourism resources, if the hotel's services and soft supporting facilities can keep up, I believe it will be better"
"I specially took my children to see the tide of Qiantang River and chose the nearest hotel. I thought the hotel was ordinary, but I didn't expect it to exceed my expectations in all aspects. First of all, due to the low season of tourism, the occupancy rate is not high, so the guy at the front desk helped us upgrade. The hotel is surprisingly clean, the lobby, rooms, swimming pool, changing rooms, etc., are all very neat and clean without exception. This is difficult to do in an old hotel. The staff at the hotel are very enthusiastic and recommended a restaurant to us. It is nearby. It is 3 minutes by car. The hotel is quite big. I tried it and it was delicious! After ordering a table of dishes, ten people only ate 430 yuan! It's really delicious, clean and cheap. At noon, I was watching the tide on the second floor platform of the hotel. The hotel was also equipped with a commentator. I really have to give the hotel a thumbs up. Next time I have a chance to go to Haining, I will choose Shanshui Narada Hotel"
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694 Reviews
98 East Huanhu Road (Huanhu Dong Lu), Dongqian Lake Scenic Area, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
31.4km from Lishe International Airport
26.6km from Ningbo Railway Station
"I regret that I didn't come to stay early for a vacation. The location is really excellent. The hotel is just across the road by the lake, and the trail can go all the way to Shili Sixiang. The hotel itself is a scenic spot. There are many plum gardens, bamboo gardens and rose gardens, and there are also Zen gardens that imitate the Japanese dry landscape. Unfortunately, it was neglected and felt a little barren. The hotel rooms are mostly villas. The villas on the side of the lobby are easy to enter and exit. We stayed in the plum garden. At the foot of the innermost mountain, we can drive in by car. It felt a little too quiet when we checked in at night, but it was good for sleep. It feels good when the sun comes out in the morning and opens the doors and windows. Afterwards, you can climb the mountain. Although the mountain is not high and there is no way to go too much, the mountainside scenery is also good. Speaking of rooms, the parent-child room has a large area, with a size of a hundred square meters. The living room on the first floor can be used for playing cards. The room is divided into two rooms, the outside bedroom, the inside washing room, and a SPA bed, but it seems basically not use. The space design of such a large guest room feels unreasonable and a bit wasteful. There is only one chair in the room. It is better to put a sofa or a tea table. The food tastes good. Although there are not many varieties of breakfast, they are basically available, and they are quite satisfactory. The front desk service is very enthusiastic, like it."
"The hotel is very nice, it was well decorated before, and it has been well maintained for so many years. The old management of Nanyuan is there, but I don’t know why there were few people when we went, and it felt great to stroll inside, such a big one The manor is quiet and quiet. It was a bit cold on the night of check-in. The air-conditioning unit was not turned on in time. They also sent a housekeeper in time to see and comfort them. The next day, a maintenance worker was sent. The breakfast was a bit small and the service was a bit unprofessional. Before the guests left, the aunt started cleaning...other things were good. In short, the price is very high, the room is invincible. Haha, no matter what, people must be tolerant."
"The breakfast is very distinctive, the hotel has parent-child rooms, which are very suitable for traveling with children. There is an underground parking lot to park cars with confidence. The location of the hotel is also very good, very quiet and not disturbed."
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686 Reviews
689 Chunxiao Avenue, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
69.4km from Lishe International Airport
60.3km from Ningbo Railway Station
"The location of the hotel is relatively remote, but it has the advantage of being biased. There are few cars and people around. Although there are residential areas nearby, it is not noisy at all. After being surrounded by cement forest for a long time, the scenery around the hotel makes people feel refreshed. Next to it is the Port Museum and Meishan Bay Park, which can be reached within a few minutes by car. There are a lot of parking spaces, the rooms are neat, clean, and quiet, and there are balconies on either side of which you can overlook. We live in a non-river view, but the view is also good, you can see the port museum next to it, and the wind turbine on the top of the mountain in the distance will come to live next time. Recommend to stay! The breakfast has many styles and richness, and all tastes are satisfied! 😎😎"
"Breakfast is still relatively rich. Can satisfy the whole family. Especially suitable for taking children, it was raining heavily on the day we went, and the beach could not go. But the hotel has a lot of items for children to play. The staff is also very enthusiastic for children. Especially the children's suite, there are cars in the floor to drive, parking to the door, there are small tents and drawing boards in the room. A variety of children's living supplies. The room length is also particularly good, and a small toy is sent to the child when leaving the store. The child is very happy in the hotel!"
"The experience is very good. Oh, because of the Meishan Bay, but because of the weather, the young lady at the front desk is also very good. The room is also very comfortable in other indoor attractions nearby. You can see the beautiful view outside. Small terrace My friends and I like to watch movies together at night and are very happy. The food delivery service is also very appetizing. It is a very good experience. If the weather is clear next time, maybe we will stay again!"
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2238 Reviews
No.1000 Huanhu East Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
30.7km from Lishe International Airport
32.6km from Ningbo Railway Station
"The hotel is unexpectedly good. It is a little surprise to find such a hotel with complete facilities and hot springs in Dongqian Lake. And the holiday prices are also very favorable. I took two children. The room for two adults and children is spacious enough. There is also a playground for children to play, just in time for the hotel kite activity. The children also painted two kites, which is very good. The lobby manager Zhang Yangkui has a very good service attitude and makes people feel at home. Give him a thumbs up👍"
"I can’t book a twin room, so I booked a family room with plenty of space. The small bed is 1.2 meters. The scenery is beautiful. It is very close to the Mashan Wetland. The hot spring is suitable for vacation. The butler’s lobby is warm and thoughtful, starting 2 days in advance. Contact me, she also actively helped to solve the extra matter later. I will recommend my parents to live here next time. Disadvantages: It is not easy to get a taxi back to the hotel on Hanling Old Street, sometimes you can only walk back."
"Generally speaking, the facilities in the hotel are a bit old, but the house is relatively clean. The house faces south and you can see the mountains in the distance. The lawn in front of the door is very fresh and soundproof. The bus is close to Hanling Old Street. Station in the off-season to go to the hot spring at night, no one can casually soak later, but the staff are very good and do their best. Breakfast can be eaten with rich taste and not bad. It is convenient to have a meal in the morning. If you come to Dongqian Lake next time, I should Will choose this"
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