Top 10 Dongmen Hotels

Top 10 Dongmen Hotels


3119 Reviews
No.198 Taibai South Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
39.2km from Xianyang International Airport
11.8km from Xi'an Railway Station
1.0km from Taibainanlu
"As soon as they noticed that I'm a foreigner, they called someone who could speak English. Even though I can speak a little bit Chinese, it was very nice that they did that. Sylvia was very helpful, warm and kind. Her English is good and she told me that whenever I needed help, I could just text her (even after she was off from work) ❤️ I enjoyed staying in this hotel! Good service, the room was warm and comfortable, loved the view, the bathtub and shower and I had a really good night rest - that was exactly what I wanted! I could only stay for 1 night but I wish I could stay longer. I would definitely recommend this hotel - I also took a bicycle outside of the hotel and cycled a bit. There's also a Subway nearby. Good location, too much to explore! Thank you Sylvia and thank you Grand Barony for the great service! ❤️ "
"I stayed at Tianli Junting for the first time, and I felt very good, the room was clean and clean, and the service was attentive. Manager Zhang Xin received us at the front desk, who was warm and kind, meticulous and thoughtful. He took the trouble to ask us questions and made us feel very cordial. I would like to express our gratitude to Manager Zhang Xin. This time I came to Xi’an to listen to the introduction of Tianli Junting from a friend. I just came, and I will come to Xi'an in the future, I will choose Tianli Emperor, and I will introduce it to other friends."
"The hotel environment is very good, the room is very clean, the little girl Jiayue at the front desk thinks what the guests think and provides thoughtful and considerate service. After learning that the room is a bit hot, the cleaning lady sent the air-conditioning fan, and the cleaning lady left it The note makes people feel that the hotel is very warm. In addition, the little left girl and the little Jiao girl at the front desk are very nice. The experience of staying in 💯"
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No.50 Keji 2nd Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
38.0km from Xianyang International Airport
11.9km from Xi'an Railway Station
60m from Ganjiazhai
"1. When I checked in, I waited for more than 20 minutes to start check-in when there were not many people. It was speechless even if there was a jump in the queue. 2. The service center is unprofessional. I ordered a glass of lemonade and some lemon slices from the service center the first night. It was delivered to my room professionally and smoothly, but I called again the next morning When the service center asked for lemonade, the service center said that it needed to transfer me to the food delivery department. Do two different departments have to manage the lemonade for two days? 3. When I called the service center for paper bags on the third morning, the service center asked me which room? Don’t you need the room number two days ago? This fully reflects the unprofessionalism of the service center. 4. But in general, the first day of experience is the best. The concierge is also very enthusiastic and has a very good attitude. It has been waiting for me to check in before leaving. But the unprofessional service center is really angry. 5. Before I checked in, I communicated with the gentleman on Ctrip. I want a higher floor. The gentleman asked me to book an elegant double room, but when I checked in, it gave me the 12th floor. I asked the front desk why It’s not a high floor. I’ve asked before. I need a double room on a high floor, but the front desk said that I need to wait for an hour and a half. I must go to the twin room first. After waiting an hour and a half, I will go to the double room, but When I booked with Ctrip, I had clearly stated that I would check in at 14 o'clock. When I arrived at the hotel, it was about 16 o'clock. Why do I need to wait for an hour and a half? So what should I do if I have something to do during this period of time? Overall the service is really! very! Do not! it is good! Unprofessional and efficiency are really down!"
"1. The hardwear is definitely five-star+, and the bedding is also comfortable for children to sleep. 2. The service standard of the hotel has always been home away from home and nice. If anyone is dissatisfied with the Ritz-Carlton, then you can only live in Dubai. (Gary from the concierge department is very serious and responsible) 3. The breakfast is very rich in variety, which can basically satisfy everyone. If you have to pick a thorn, it is that the hotel does not have a fried steak or lamb chops. There will be relatively few western-style dishes, all of which are bread. (Reception at 10:30) 4. The swimming pool is very suitable for children with a water depth of 1.2. (The swimming pool is also external, not only for hotel guests, you can swim for an external fee) Pertinent evaluation, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Very recommended hotel."
"Gorgeous hotel! I booked an executive room with club access for 5 nights. This hotel is spectacular. The room was comfortable with great bedding, toiletries and decor. Gary greeted us at the hotel entrance upon arrival and helped us figure out how to get our green health code. We had many meals at the lounge which consisted of tea sandwiches, sushi, a noodle station and other snacks. Hot dishes and dessert plus a salad bar were also available. Drinks were plentiful and they have a wine dispenser with 4 white and 4 red bottles. All the staff were lovely, but I would like to single out Shawn at the club lounge and Gary at the arrival area. What consistently phenomenal customer service! I would not hesitate to book again at this hotel. "
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1614 Reviews
No.132 South Section of Zhuque Street (Yangyang International Plaza), Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
40.7km from Xianyang International Airport
8.8km from Xi'an Railway Station
1.5km from Xiaozhai
"The rooms are super large, the beds in the standard rooms are also very large, the rooms are fully furnished, the ironing machines, safes and fresh cabinets are all available. Paper pumping, mineral water, coffee and tea are even more important. We were set three days before the Ching Ming Festival, the price is not high, no breakfast coupons, we bought, 38 yuan, but the value, this is the most hearty breakfast I have ever eaten. Moreover, the restaurant in the hotel is a little expensive, but each dish is very authentic Shaanxi cuisine, and the salty is just right, because in the mall and the recommended restaurant for two days, it is concluded that the Shaanxi cuisine is salty, but the hotel The dishes are salty and light, and it is strongly recommended to stay here to eat at the hotel's restaurant. Although it is a little expensive, it is worth the money! The transportation is also very convenient. It is very close to the Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Datang Furong Garden. It is highly recommended! Five stars praise!"
"As a standard room of more than 40 square meters, the summer file charge 293 is still very cost-effective. Once you enter the hotel reception, you will send a mask to deal with the dryness of Xi'an, very intimate. The large bay window of the room saw half of Xi'an City. In the morning, drinking free coffee and enjoying the morning view of the ancient city was very pleasant. The 31st floor restaurant tastes great and the price is moderate. The restaurant in the sky restaurant has a different style, the waiter is warm and generous. The fly in the ointment is that the bathroom is slightly smaller, the drainage is not so good, the curtains of the small window suddenly drop and told the front desk that it was not repaired in time. But overall it is quite satisfactory!"
"We sent our children to the Medical College of Xi'an Jiaotong University. I am very fortunate to find this hotel, mainly because it is close to their dormitory and very convenient. In the 2701 room where I lived on the first day, I experienced a stinking smell in the comments. The next day I reflected the situation with the front desk. I changed the room of 2716. It was not bad. It was similar to the comments in the comments, so people said It’s a good idea to say that everything is wrong, everyone just remembers, the room is not satisfied, it can be changed."
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906 Reviews
No.31 Keji 6th Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
37.2km from Xianyang International Airport
14.5km from Xi'an Railway Station
2.2km from Mutasi
"It is worth staying. The room is large and clean, the bathroom is also very large, the countertop is very clean, the smart toilet, the shampoo products are really easy to use (I found out about the Mercure I lived in other places), the decoration is very modern, Very satisfied, the only downside is that the lobby is too fragrant. Next time I come to Xi'an, I will choose Mercure!"
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1847 Reviews
No.1 Middle Section of Zhuque Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
39.3km from Xianyang International Airport
7.2km from Xi'an Railway Station
1.0km from Tiyuchang
"Next to the hotel is the lotus food and drink, not far from the supermarket, the location is more convenient. The room is still clean, quiet, and there is no odor after changing the room. However, it is about the renovation time is too long, the facilities are old, and the switch label at the head of the bed is not clear. The room window was high, greatly reducing the area of light transmission, and it felt dark. The quality of the toothbrush was not very good, so the hotel cost control sacrificed some quality. The mattress was softer and fell asleep uncomfortable. The TV channel is about to go through the network, maybe the bandwidth is not enough, want to see the HBO card is a mess, live so many hotels are still the first time. Running for the lotus food and drink, originally want to live more days, forget it, live one night quickly change places."
"The location of the hotel is pretty good, next to the library and art gallery. There is a subway station of Line 3 nearby, 8 minutes away, and a subway to the high-speed railway station. But the fly in the ointment is that the hotel building is outdated, and the window problem may be a headache and cause a little boring. The breakfast is also ok (the breakfast is more variety, mainly Western style, combined with Xi'an characteristics. The noodles and pork burgers are delicious, and the coffee is good and they can make them for you to take out.) Check in at the front desk. There are a lot of people, so I will check out at a later time, and there will be other problems at a later time. It is a bit flustered. At this point, it is not very friendly to our customers who are in line."
"I have always liked InterContinental very much, because they are attentive to serve the guests and strive to be 100% satisfied. After booking, we first call to ask if we have any special requirements. We arrived at the hotel early, and they figured out a way to directly arrange us into the room. There was a very small problem at breakfast on the first day. I did not expect the restaurant leader to treat it as a major event and try to make up for us. On the contrary, it made us embarrassed. In short, the attentive service of InterContinental is really warm! In addition, the afternoon tea environment on the 51st floor is also very good😄"
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1926 Reviews
No.172 Lianhu Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
34.5km from Xianyang International Airport
3.6km from Xi'an Railway Station
240m from Sajinqiao
"Booking a big bed room on Ctrip is good. Before I saw everyone talking about bathroom hygiene, I also want to say that it is an old four-star family. Although the equipment is outdated, the hygiene is OK and the service attitude is good! The Metro Line 2 is next to the hotel and it is easy to get to the Clock Tower. Located next to the hotel is Sajin Bridge. Compared with the Muslim Street where tourists go, Sajin Bridge is more authentic! Authentic snacks such as fat cakes, Liu Xin cattle and sheep stir-fry are all on this street, which can be reached in five or six minutes. If you want to go to Drum Tower and Huimin Street, you can also go directly to it, or the road of Sajinqiao, turn to Miaohou Street, it can be reached in less than half an hour."
"The location is very convenient. It takes only 3 minutes to get into the subway station. You can walk to Muslim Street within a few steps. Some Internet celebrity shops are very close. The hotel has a lot of foreign friends. During the National Day, a Datang cultural performance was held, which is very popular with foreign friends. The hotel facilities are a bit old, and the locals also say it is an old hotel. There is a temple behind the hotel, and the sound of bell ringing can be heard intermittently. Overall satisfaction!"
"Gudu Culture Hotel is located near Yuxiangmen, close to Sajinqiao Road, there are many buses in front of the door, and there is Sajinqiao subway station in the surrounding area, which is convenient for transportation. It is very close to Huimin Street, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, and it is a ten-minute walk. Take the bus or subway to Xi'an City Wall, Dayan Pagoda, etc. just in front of the hotel. The hotel is clean, quiet, good service and cost-effective. There are a lot of snacks near Sajin Bridge, not bad!"
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874 Reviews
No.11 Tuanjie South Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
35.7km from Xianyang International Airport
12.9km from Xi'an Railway Station
1.7km from Yanpingmen
"From the hotel booked by Ctrip, this experience can be said to be quite perfect. From the price of the matching room type at the time of booking, to the process of check-in, it can be said to be a personal customized feeling. The location of the hotel is good, and the design style is also my favorite type. I am also very grateful to Carry for following up with customers' feelings about staying in the whole process. I will choose here next time."
"I have stayed at Hualuxe Xi'an for many times, and the first thing I feel is heartwarming. The staff inside are very enthusiastic and courteous, and they are always showing concern and help. Well, it feels like home! If it's not busy with business, I really want to live here often and feel the extraordinary warmth and care, especially Jessie, the reception is gentle and attentive, sincere and full, recommending friends to stay."
"The hotel is very new. The suite I stayed in is very trendy and modern. The service from the western restaurant to the Chinese restaurant is in place. I come from Shenzhen and like to drink Kung Fu tea. It is inevitable that I need a few more bottles of water. The young lady at the front desk in the room was very serious and responsible. highly recommended! ! !"
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3040 Reviews
No.60 Boshi Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
47.2km from Xianyang International Airport
18.4km from Xi'an Railway Station
"Business trip, second stay, the hotel is in a good location, next to a large shopping center. There are many office buildings around and many companies. The hotel is good in hygiene, clean and enthusiastic, especially the sister-in-law's attitude on the 18th floor is very good! Like it! Will stay again. There was a small episode. In the afternoon, the building broadcast said there was a fire alarm, so without thinking, wearing slippers, quickly escaping from the room, rushing down the stairs from the 18th floor, and a young man accompanied him. On the third floor, a few waiters stepped up the stairs and said fire-prevention! Suddenly collapsed to the ground. Furious, he questioned the front desk and said that he had put the notice on the room table! Now think about it, and blame me for not being careless. The hotel comforted the table by sending a fruit plate and giving it a thumbs up!"
"The breakfast was generous, the ingredients were fresh, the customer service Yang Qiaoya was enthusiastic, the professionalism was high, and the customer's response was handled in a timely manner! And thoughtfully, considering the time for the children to review their homework, we applied for a late check-out. I am already the second time I checked in, and will come again next time."
"This time I took my family to check in. The Amy service at the front desk was especially in place. On the day of check-in, Amy Yang gave the elderly the card package of the hotel. The parents were particularly happy. They gave the children a small cake. Hotel with very good service .. Stayed multiple times a year later. It was all arranged by Amy in advance. Thanks"
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1733 Reviews
No.12 Jinye Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
44.9km from Xianyang International Airport
15.7km from Xi'an Railway Station
650m from Zhangba 1 Lu
"Hotel location: There is a subway station nearby, it is convenient to take a taxi, and there are also commercial complexes nearby. But at night there is still not as much people coming and going as the city center, and there are still a lot of construction nearby, but it is not noisy. Suitable for those who like to relax in the hotel. Hotel quality: Hyatt's brand, quality is nothing to say. The suite can be checked in and checked out at the Grand Club on the 25th floor. The Regency Club has a cocktail party in the evening, and desserts, coffee and tea are available at any time. There are also some free business services. The manager left his business card before leaving. The lobby on the first floor does not look big but the design of the rest area is very strong. However, there is a small flaw that no one is greeted at the beginning, or there may be more people failing to take care of it. Guest Room Evaluation: The layout of the living room, bedroom, cloakroom and bathroom is reasonable. The impression is very deep, the material of the bathtub and sink is very comfortable. Pillows and mattresses are great for resting. There are also welcome desserts and red wine. Complementary obligatory supplies are BALMAIN, which is okay to use. Chinese restaurant: Cantonese cuisine, give it 3 stars. There is room for improvement. I am a Cantonese and I still have a certain difference in eating. Breakfast: Breakfast is located in a five-star cafe environment, and meals are four-star. Mainly bread, steamed products, stir-fried vegetables, pasta. But there are still relatively few types of stir-fried dishes, and I might be late."
"A very good experience. Anna from the front office helped us upgrade the room for free, and also provided us with a very thoughtful service, which made us feel the real Grand Hyatt, which is indeed a satisfaction and a surprise. We went with the children, and the room was also furnished as a parent-child room, with bathrobes and toiletries for children. The breakfast variety is very rich, including Xi'an specialties, meat pie, simmered noodles and so on. The happy hour and dining at the Regency Club have different themes every night, and children like it very much. The swimming pool is divided into two types: normal temperature and high temperature. The high temperature is suitable for children to experience. In short, it was a very good experience. If you have the opportunity to go to Xi'an, you will choose to stay at Grand Hyatt."
"I heard that the LTW Designworks team led by Mr. Lin Fengnian was responsible for the design. In fact, I have been looking forward to it since it has not opened yet. The design themes of the Silk Road and the mirage run through the entire space, and the elements full of tradition and history are interpreted in a modern way. The progressive pattern not only moves smoothly, but does not disturb each other. The room decorated with logs and auburn is warm and relaxing. I especially like some simple but interesting small details, such as the background wall inspired by the mirage, and the wall edges and corners with the fan structure as the concept. These are enough to see the designer's intentions in the subtle places. I really like it! Special thanks to hotel staff Jennifer Sun Jingxin for making our Grand Hyatt feel at home!"
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3047 Reviews
No.38B Keji Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
36.6km from Xianyang International Airport
11.1km from Xi'an Railway Station
740m from Kejilu
"My mother took her to Xi'an on her birthday. I looked at the hotel and compared several hotels of the same category. I had more trust in the Shangri-La brand and finally chose this side. There were some twists and turns in the middle. I originally communicated with the hotel. Can I prepare any surprises for my mother's birthday? The hotel said that it could prepare for the birthday of the room. There should be no communication between the departments. Mother first went to the hotel and found that there was nothing. After the response, the hotel remedied it in time and delivered breakfast, but the birthday surprise was still gone. I hope that the service standards of five-star hotels can be improved in the future. If you can't do it at the beginning, you don't have to promise, and there will be no disappointment in the back. In addition, when I checked in, the deposit was not mentioned in the two check-ins. I was playing outside the next day, and the staff kept calling back to the hotel to make up. This is understandable. We also said that we would return to the hotel very late that day. But at 11 o'clock in the evening, when I was exhausted from playing outside, I received a call urging me to return to the hotel. I was really angry and asked to add WeChat to transfer the deposit so unprofessional request. This was originally the staff's own mistake, but they have been urging the guests. Fortunately, overall, my mother had a good time at the hotel on her birthday. The swimming pool was very nice and the room was very comfortable."
"I took my kids to stay in a hotel on weekends and chose the old five-star Shangri-La. The whole experience is very good. First of all, I would like to thank Amelia at the front desk for helping us upgrade the room type. The rooms are spacious and bright, with large floor-to-ceiling windows and open garden views that make people shine. This is the beginning of a pleasant weekend trip. Both dinner and breakfast were eaten at the hotel and it tasted really good. The breakfast is also very rich, and friends of all sizes are very satisfied. Finally, talk about the hotel’s fitness and swimming pool, which are very standard, there are not many people, and the supporting showers are all very well-equipped. It is a good place for daily fitness. The overall stay is very satisfactory, the old five-star service in all aspects gives high marks."
"There is a handsome guy at the front desk who is very professional and thoughtful. The facilities in Shangri-La are not new but never feel too old. The hotel is a bit far away from the scenic spots, but everything else is pretty good. In addition to the good front desk service, the customer service is also very good and attentive, and the breakfast is also very good. It is not a golden Monday trip that is really enjoyable."
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