Top 10 Fanling Hotels

Top 10 Fanling Hotels


190 Reviews
No.18 Hoi Fai Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
31.8km from Hong Kong International Airport
3.1km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
1.2km from Olympic
5.1km from Hung Hom Station
1.8km from Nam Cheong
4.0km from Downtown
"Very Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good"
"The location of the hotel is near the Olympic station, less than 10 minutes on the road, rich breakfast, semi-self-service type, after check in, you can go to the rest area, free drinks are provided, the room is very large, we stayed in a standard suite with 2 TVs, bathroom and The bathtubs are big, but they have been in business for a while. Some places are old. It is worth mentioning. There is a microwave oven. You can buy food at night to counter the heat. There are large supermarkets nearby. You can buy more. The hotel has nothing else on the first floor. On the floor, there is only a small fitness room."
"All the more than 30 rooms in the hotel are distributed on the same floor, with sea views outside the windows, but the floor is not high. However, the ceiling of the room is very high and the space is open. From 1:00 am to 6:00 pm, snacks and drinks in the hotel lounge are free to enjoy. Close to Olympian City, easy to eat."
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3188 Reviews
No.30-38, Sa Po Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong, China
38.2km from Hong Kong International Airport
5.3km from Hung Hom Station
1.8km from Lok Fu
5.3km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
2.6km from Diamond Hill
6.1km from Downtown
1.9km from Sung Wong Toi
"Isolate the hotel on the 14th, one person. The room has a large space, there are stations available, and all equipment is operating normally. But it was a little dusty when I checked in. The isolation meal tastes good, and the serving size is sometimes relatively small. Takeout delivery service, the general delivery time is 30-60 minutes, tried almost 105-120 minutes."
"During the isolation and quarantine, there are vegetarian options for meals, the hotel environment is good, the water pressure of the shower is comparable to that of a professional hair salon, and the price is very favorable..."
"very good! The hotel is large and tidy, the view can be seen at sunset, the service attitude is good, the room equipment is very careful, the hotel corridor decoration design is very stylish, the toilet shampoo and shower gel are very easy to use."
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Very Good
256 Reviews
33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan, Hong Kong, China
25.3km from Hong Kong International Airport
14.9km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
16.9km from Hung Hom Station
15.8km from Downtown
"After staying for one night, the double room has a small garden. Although the privacy of the garden is not high, because it is only blocked by plants, it is a very chill place. Quietly at night, drinking and drinking is very good. There is also a restaurant near the hotel where you can stay on the beach and eat the wild shadows. The breakfast at the hotel is not many styles, but it is OK! In addition, there is a billiard table in the hotel lobby, but reservations are only open until nine o'clock! Because only one night is not enough~In addition, the check-in time is three o'clock but the check-out time is 11 o’clock. It’s too early! However, he can store his luggage, and he can visit the nearby area again! Overall it is very good! Suitable for a large family, friends and couples. But I recommend staying for at least two days! If it’s not too hurry~ Time is not enough! The hotel staff are all very nice, due to the stay of this stay, the earphone is in the room! But after I took the boat and left until next day I received a call from the hotel, and he found out that he called me! But because there is always a long way to go, I asked him to help me deal with it~ so I will stay next time! Very full during summer vacation~~~"
"The environment of the hotel room is very special. The family has children. It is a fresh experience. Because I live in a bunk bed room, the floor is high, and the bed is so wide to climb to the upper grid. The room is outside the open-air location connected to the full-floor hotel. , You can breathe fresh air when you go out, recommended! !"
"Convenient location Clean room There is a beach in front of the hotel🏨🏖️ There is a playground behind it, exciting and fun Hiking and convenient mountain trails simple Dalingdong picturesque Enjoy the view of Tsing Ma Bridge day and night🥰 "
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2994 Reviews
No.555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
33.4km from Hong Kong International Airport
2.1km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
290m from Mong Kok
3.8km from Hung Hom Station
710m from Yau Ma Tei
2.9km from Downtown
" Check in on June 10th, book a package on Trip.com, the flash is about 1,000 yuan, including one night hotel, city view room, buffet breakfast for two, 1,000 mosquito coupons, check-in at 3 pm, check out at 4 pm Point, play for 25 hours, 1000 mosquito coupons for the second eclipse buffet lunch, you will need to make up about 30 yuan. The room is tidy and has a bathtub, a Bluetooth player, and the sound quality is good. The check-in date is my husband's wedding anniversary, and the hotel gave us a cake with a big palm. For the breakfast buffet, we choose the earliest time from 6:30 to 8:00, and then return to the hotel to take a nap. For the lunch buffet, I chose from 12 to half past two. The lunch buffet is very rich, with fresh oysters, crayfish, mussels, fresh shrimp, and Hainanese chicken rice. In terms of desserts, there is a cabinet that arranges the desserts well. , There are macarons, nice cakes, and instant durian rolls. There are cordyceps soup, fresh sashimi, ice cream is a famous brand. I like desserts the most. The dessert department of the hotel should have spent a lot of time making different styles of desserts, which are so delicate and delicious. In terms of drinks, there are all-you-can-drink red wine, all-you-can-drink soft drinks, you can freeze lemon tea yourself, and there is fruit tea. I chose fruit tea, which is not too sweet and good to drink. The quality of the food is good. Of course, the food quality of the five-star hotels, and the service attitude of the staff must have five-star service. The bath products used in the hotel are of famous brand. The coffee is not Nescafe instant coffee, it is instant coffee beans, and then it is made into instant coffee powder, so you can drink it well. On the whole, I did not see Xiaoqiang because I really saw Xiaoqiang twice when I stayed at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. The hygiene is convenient and good. During the two-day holiday, my husband and I both felt so happy and would come again when I had a chance."
"If you order a ward online for one night, you can use your points to equal the price of the house for free. Good choice, check-in at 12 o'clock, although there is a cup of coffee nearby without a room, the reception is called to have a room. Upgrade lived on a higher floor, the view is first-rate, although the room is not big, but all the rooms are equipped with bathtubs, etc., the swimming pool is on the 41st floor, reservations are needed during the epidemic time, one hour per room, because the school has already started, so the swimming pool guests Not much, very good. The only thing is that the waiter in the swimming pool is unprofessional. They often play on the phone, stretch their waists, and buy drinks when they go out to drink, which gives the impression of being very unprofessional. Such waiters are rarely seen in five-star hotels, so the hotel should pay attention to the image. Ming Court is very good in terms of food, and we ordered moon cakes here. I also booked one more night stay here, and they were also happy to provide assistance for the late check-out. Overall, the service of the five-star hotel in Mong Kok area is also good. It is very convenient to go to Langham Place opposite to continue shopping. Another thing to mention is that there is enough water in the swimming pool to complete the dryness of the swimming pool. There is no skin cream in the room. Very few five-star hotels do not provide skin cream."
"This time, I booked the VIP floor. It’s a check-in on the 36th floor. It’s good, so comfortable! Sit down and eat bread and drink. The reception staff smiled perfectly, and the elderly in the house wanted to drink frozen coffee, and he would help me to make me feel at home. The only thing is the cocktail time at night, the VIP room has too few food styles, too little exaggeration, and a waste of the beautiful environment. It should be the lounge with the least amount of food I have eaten, but it can really be improved. The rooms are large and beautiful. The rooms are mainly designed in white, and the white marble color of the toilet looks high-end."
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2562 Reviews
No.18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, China
40.6km from Hong Kong International Airport
16.4km from Hung Hom Station
2.4km from University
16.6km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
2.6km from Tai Shui Hang
18.9km from Downtown
"The first time I stayed in a five-star hotel near Sha Tin University Station, the transportation is very convenient. It is only 5 minutes away from University Station. Due to the birthday relationship, the hotel has been upgraded from a garden-view room to a sea-view room. Give us a rich birthday gift and fruit plate. Very attentive and thoughtful The room facing the big sea view is very satisfying and refreshing. The swimming pool arrangement is also very thoughtful. As long as you pick up the ticket at the pool 30 minutes ago, you can enjoy two hours of swimming time. Afternoon tea. Overall, the buffet breakfast style is slightly less only disappointing. I found a moldy bath towel in the room for guests to use, but the overall is good, you can consider staying again"
"The hotel rooms are clean and tidy, and the staff are polite! The swimming pools are relatively large but the water is too shallow! Location and transportation are convenient! But restaurants can only be provided by hotels 😆 there is no choice nearby 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😹😹😹😹😹😹 The room booked this time is an open-plan large room! The hotel staff may upgrade the suite on weekdays!"
"The hotel is great! This is my birthday month stay 😄 The hotel took the initiative to send two dolls to me, and I will upgrade to the left sea view room for free However, it may be too busy during summer vacation, and there are no children's supplies in the room, but I called the front desk and they were all delivered quickly. Zhonghao was polite and the service was so good!"
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6608 Reviews
No.193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, China
33.5km from Hong Kong International Airport
3.9km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
400m from Mong Kok East
4.9km from Hung Hom Station
800m from Prince Edward
5.5km from Downtown
"The first time I stayed in a parent-child room, there are 2 large beds, which are much larger than the standard bed. The most important price is only a few hundred mosquitoes, which can accommodate 4 people, which is absolutely great value! This time I live on the 17th floor, and I look out the back of the school and the scenery is open. Having a bathtub definitely makes children scream! A bath in the bathtub is like a holiday, and it feels relaxed and moody. Hotel facilities are available with swimming pool, limited to 25 people. The staff of the hotel are very good friends. Everyone who wants to go to the room needs to show the door card and room number, so as not to have non-residents go up. The level of security is good! The hygiene level is very good. Some of them are good, except for the white slippers and the black ones. They are good-looking! I will live again next time I have the opportunity, I hope I can have a meal package next time!"
"The water pipe burst in his own building, and there was no fresh water. So I went out to eat noodles at night, and I just booked a hotel for one night near the company. Because of the temporary release, there is no luggage, so there is nothing in the wild, and I know that the hotels are all without the wild. Bathrobes are not provided. If you need a charging cable, there will be a lot of people staying (weekdays and Thursday nights, and the next day is a weekday), so I can’t get any more than me. The bathtub was numb. Although I want to rework, but Zhonghua 1100 is about to hand over the house. I don’t even know that, even if you are in the hotel, bathrobes and charging cables are provided, and the check out time is more normal than yours. On the contrary, you will have nothing to offer. It is estimated that the new X Hongji Hotel will be willing."
"As soon as the train station exits, it is New Century Plaza. The mall has instructions to go directly to the hotel. Even if it rains, it is not surprising and convenient. And the mall is so big that you can go to the mall to eat. The location is very good 👍🏻 Live in a four-person room this time So most of the rooms are so clean. The bathrooms are so beautiful. The swimming pools are so big and so good. The whole is very satisfied. 400 mosquitoes are so flat."
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1684 Reviews
No.1 On Ping Street, Hong Kong, China
38.6km from Hong Kong International Airport
13.4km from Hung Hom Station
470m from Shek Mun
13.6km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
2.3km from City One
15.9km from Downtown
"I heard a lot of negative reviews before moving in, such as crowds of people, rushing food at the buffet, and poisoning. I may have a mindset of indifferent. I am very satisfied with my stay this time. Stayed for three days and two nights, the room was tidy and clean, the staff were proactive and courteous. The hotel has a shuttle to and from Sha Tin and Tsim Sha Tsui. It is very convenient. The swimming pool is large and easy to book. Although the weather is unstable, we visited 3 times in 3 days and 2 nights. Breakfast is included. Children of Marriott members can include breakfast for free. Although there are few types of breakfast, the salads and fruits are fresh. After breakfast, the staff compares 2 game rolls. You can go to the lobby to play a remote control car for 15 minutes. After checking out You can just play while waiting for the shuttle."
"We checked in around 1300, not too long queue, staff generally are nice. Though the location is not very convenient, we drive and park and cost $400(multiple entries). The room is bit small, the view is not very nice as one side is facing bus depot and the river side is facing the Shing mun river. There’s a mini mart at the Ground floor. All restaurants Amat the hotel are fully booked and we ordered Deliveroo at last. Breakfast is hkg-style , not bad, we check out at 1300. Good thing that we can rent bicycles that’s. dry nice! No bathtubs but the smell of shampoo and shower gel is nice ! The swimming pool is very very full booking …. Have to call for an entrance . Comparatively, would choose countryard Marriott or Hyatt regency if in the shatin area !"
"Check in at 4 o’clock is more than 30 minutes, it’s obviously not long but slow, The staff kept giving excuses to open up, and many guests were so boring to ask questions. For example: shuttle bus, lost property... The high-rise rear room has a beautiful view, but the green furnishings are relatively dilapidated. Appreciate that the window cloth has 2 layers for good light insulation But the alarm clock in the room is too light and needs to be turned off. After checking out, go to the restaurant downstairs for afternoon tea, There are restaurants, convenience stores, Wellcome, and shopping malls nearby. But it feels like a mainland!"
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3570 Reviews
1 Yuen Hong Street, Shatin, Hong Kong, China
38.4km from Hong Kong International Airport
12.6km from Hung Hom Station
610m from Shek Mun
12.9km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
640m from City One
"Check-in date: 8-9/9/21 Book a room with tripcoin via trip.com $638 city view room with breakfast and Bicycle borrowed for four hours ($1000 as deposit for a card) In-room mini bar (3 cans of soda and 1 can of tea) I change four cans of tea Good luck can be upgraded to a river view room! Go to the opposite mall for dinner! Return to the hotel for a swim Booked the last show 20: 00-21: 00 The swimming pool is on the 18th floor! Teden book is so beautiful at night! GYM room! is on the 28th floor! Do some exercise and then change your shirt to swim! I believe there are different scenery at the same time 😜 After swimming, return to the room, Make romantic time and supper again😄😄 Get up at 7:30 in the morning to swim for half an hour to see the scenery on the 28th floor in the morning. Breakfast at Alva house restaurant on the 3rd floor Breakfast is not too much, but the quality is good There is glutinous rice 😋 natto The croissant is well done with the Danish noodles After breakfast, borrow a bicycle and go to the bicycle park opposite to step on a bicycle.🤪🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Hot and sun 😎🤒 After playing for an hour, return to the hotel to take a shower and drink a cup of lily coffee Check out time is 11 o'clock There is an outdoor garden on the 3rd floor and there is a room buried in the same room as a laundry room There is a shuttle bus to Shimen Station When taking the bus, drop in to the Songwangtai subway station to visit the historical sites"
"Check in at 3 o’clock normally. We arrived at about 2:30 and got the room. At 1007, it was a corner set... The room called about 5:30 for swimming, and we can only stay about 1 time a night. Swimming... At 3:30, I paid 80 yuan and went to the 15th floor to play in the children’s playroom, private room, switch fitness ring and games, and all played... I had a few cakes at the coffee shop on the 1st floor at about 5 o'clock. (Forgot to show the room card, it looks like you can get a 20% discount)...Swimming on time at 5:30, the temperature and the scenery are perfect...After the tour, I ordered deliveroo's takeaway🤣...The air conditioning, lighting, and TV in the room are all controlled by ipad , There are stations all over the world... The next day’s breakfast included, I rented two bicycles after eating, and rode for a while in the park opposite... Overall, the experience was quite enjoyable..."
"It is the first time that Li Meng knows the room contents, so he called customer service many times Every time I did not speak, the waiter politely welcomed Miss Liu to call I feel valued and don’t tell me who I am The hotel has not been opened for two years and all the equipment is very new The fitness room and swimming pool are all attracted (Unfortunately, I don’t exercise) package Mini bar thought there were snacks and only 4 cans of drinks were a bit disappointed Checkin has no time to use the bike for 4 hours at 22:00 The discounts given are like nothing to use (it is recommended to send a late check-out time to be more attractive) The birthday decoration is not available due to the same day booking Two welcome drinks were given, which happened to be used while waiting for the shuttle bus If the shuttle bus time is not good If you can return more than 15 minutes after check-out time and less than 30 minutes, it will be more user friendly Overall feel good hope to stay again"
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4943 Reviews
No.8 Pak Hok Ting Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, China
37.0km from Hong Kong International Airport
11.0km from Hung Hom Station
260m from Sha Tin
11.1km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
960m from Che Kung Temple
13.4km from Downtown
"The experience was super good. I went to the lobby early. The front desk staff had a super good service attitude and high efficiency. It was also the first time that there were riverside scenic spots on the top left floor. Because I lived many times before, it was all round scenery, so I said to the left. This time, I finally live in Riverview this time, so happy! ! !"
"The swimming pool of the hotel is worthy of praise. There is a shingle cover indoors. Don’t be afraid of heavy sun setting and heavy rain. There is no time limit for the bottom and lower reaches of the epidemic, and only the number of people in the pool. If there are too many people from Sunday to Thursday, you can swim enough. The location is first-rate, OK. It only takes 2 minutes to go to New Town Plaza, but the hotel is a bit old, but overall Ok👍 "
"Today, Haohaocai went to the next room during the renovation period. The staff talked about two beds. I didn’t have any problems. I thought it was my usual two single beds. When I went to the room, I was close to the corridor entrance. La! As soon as I entered, I used to have two double beds. Zhong Duo has a square table on the left. The room area is also larger than usual. The room is a 4-person room with 4 pairs of slippers, so I feel fresh and happy😁😁"
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Very Good
3960 Reviews
No.8 Tianxiu Road (Tianshuiwei), Hong Kong, China
42.5km from Hong Kong International Airport
24.1km from Futian Railway Station
2.7km from Tin Shui Wai
24.0km from Futian Railway Station
26.5km from Shenzhen Railway Station
34.2km from Downtown
26.0km from Shenzhen Railway Station
2.5km from Tin Shui Wai
"The location is close to the Tianxiu Light Rail Station, and there is a wetland park nearby. There are shopping malls and restaurants nearby, and the transportation is convenient. Booked a two-person room and upgraded to a family room. The room is large and comfortable, the bathroom is well-equipped, and the water pressure is sufficient. I will book again next time I have the opportunity."
"The hotel is very new tidy and clean in a non-touristy district. Very local neighbourhood. I love the environment with parks, markets, public amenities like sports group swimming pool. 10 min cab will reach Lau Fau Shan which is very famous for seafood. The interior of room is very spacious clean with all needed. The restaurant provides decent food at good price. We tried breakfast and buffet dinner here. I MUST COME BACK! "
"I feel so comfortable 😊The sheets and quilts are so comfortable that I sleep in the sky. The tranquil environment makes me really top-notch for warming books 👍🏻, the reception staff is kind and courteous, I will definitely come and come again... But I hope that the floor can be arranged higher next time, a small suggestion"
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Top 10 Fanling Hotels & Weather

Sep 27, 2021
26 ~ 31℃
Sep 27, 2021
26℃ / 31℃
Sep 28, 2021
Light Rain
27℃ / 31℃
Sep 29, 2021
Light Rain
27℃ / 32℃
Sep 30, 2021
28℃ / 33℃
Oct 1, 2021
27℃ / 33℃
Oct 2, 2021
27℃ / 32℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Hong Kong
Sep 27, 2021 Hong Kong Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/18:15
Hong Kong Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate
Spring from March to May is mild and humid although it can be a little cold at night, I would suggest that you bring along a light jacket. During this period, air tickets and accommodation are comparatively cheaper.
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