Top 10 First Light Hotels

Top 10 First Light Hotels


11 Reviews
19 West Park Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
19.9km from Leeds Airport
24.1km from Burley Park
19.7km from Leeds Airport
"I originally wanted to order Rudding Park, but I have seen the room type and I have been entangled for a long time. I chose West Park and then I was alone in the RP official website. The same 4 stars difference is too much. The suite is very low cost and the restaurant that WP comes with is very expensive. Brunch ate 30+ pounds"
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15 Reviews
8 Russell Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
14.0km from Leeds Airport
400m from Leeds Railway Station
3.1km from Burley Park
13.7km from Leeds Airport
"Located in the heart of Leeds, the hotel is luxurious, comfortable and clean! In the north-central part of the UK, it is difficult to have such a beautiful hotel. If you go to Leeds in the future, you will definitely choose this hotel. The point is that the price is cheap! Although the reservation was made the night before, the general room was already more than 2,000. When I chose the hotel a few days ago, it seemed that the suite was only 25,000-6, but we had no suites when we booked temporarily. But still very worth it! This level of hotel is definitely over 5-7 thousand / night in the city of London. The only thing that needs to be improved is that I went out to eat in the evening, and I clearly hanged the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, but the waiter came in and started the night bed as usual. Because I lost my handbag purse to the desktop, I still feel that no one will come in. Of course, we have no loss of property!"
"It's a very good hotel. I really like it. The environment and hardware are very good. The location is superior, the scenery is beautiful, the service is considerate, the praise is great. I will stay next time"
"Leeds’s five-star overall level is still normal. It’s also comfortable."
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10 Reviews
Yorkgate,West Yorkshire, Otley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
4.4km from Leeds Airport
9.3km from Baildon Railway Station
12.7km from Burley Park
"Absolutely fantastic! Me and my mum have had this booked for a few months thankfully a few days before we are due to go back in lockdown. Best decision we both have had a lovely time beautiful view outside, so many squirrels. Very peaceful, staff are extremely friendly and helpful. We both had two spa treatments absolutely lush and the food just incredibly cannot thank them enough. The Picture does not do it justice. "
"I’m not going to repeat everything that has been said as it’s not changed. The location is lovely or could be. We stayed in the Nidderdale very big cabin in the woods lovely but no hooks to hang wet jackets store muddy boots as it rained all week, why doesn’t anyone check that plates cutlery scissors knives are there, easy things. The management must be terrible as the staff are shocking no customer service from the girls on reception bar staff to the restaurant. I asked for a nice walk with 2 young children and dog and was told to walk along the road to a car park then turn right, are you stupid!!! Lewis Hamilton was driving past at 90mph in the rain. We found at the corner of the hotel car park a trail which in the grounds ran parallel with the road to Chevin forest easy no roads. When on London tube I was told not to smile or speak to anyone or I would get stabbed or arrested . Well it’s the same here no craic manners humour.......,customer service nil Why am I only allowed to use the pool area early morning or 4.45 pm onwards because people are going to the spa sorry but I’m paying £700 for 3 nights get stuffed. Then again hot tubs out of order as the ph is wrong which I totally understand well done josh the only person who explained to people the reason, with the current staff josh will be manager within the week, he’s only been there a month. This place could be excellent but it won’t with the current staff and you can’t blame Covid-19 as the symptoms are not that you turn stupid."
" Far too many things to find wrong with this place and repeating what other reviewers have stated will not make it any better. I have been designing, building and working in and on hotels throughout the world for many years and this particular establishment is a prime example of how not to run one! The same faults and organisational problems are recurring on many reviews – so take heed and do not book in haste as your lowest expectations will be manifestly reached. Like others, we booked for three nights and could not stay beyond one and that because of the delay created in them finding us an alternative ‘upgraded’ room/lodge, which left us with no time, late at night, to find another hotel. The same complaint scenario can be seen over many revues to the extent that the repeated excuses given to unsuspecting clients and visitors is well practiced - and almost believable! The marketing photography does not reflect the true identity of the establishment and the services offered are a sham. From the two rooms we viewed the same poor standard is prominent. Chevron Country Park is tired, well-worn beyond its days, shabby, poorly managed and, depending, it would appear on unsuspecting and young inexperienced clientele for its income. Beware and do not rush into choosing this place - no matter how much you feel the need to get away for a break. "
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Prospect Place, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
19.9km from Leeds Airport
24.2km from Burley Park
20.8km from Leeds Airport
"We stayed here with our grown up children and our new grandson for our first family break as grandparents, we had stayed here previously and couldn’t fault it as the location is fantastic We had three rooms booked one of which unfortunately was one of the basement rooms that you have to access by going outside which on a damp October day is not ideal as you can imagine, These rooms are obviously not considered in the same way as the other rooms as we obviously had two more rooms to compare it to. The room on first impression was clean and presentable although it smelt quite damp. The bathroom was a little jaded there were no little touches like tissues or shower cap or conditioner in the bathroom as in the other rooms we had booked for others in our family. The noise from upstairs was unbelievably loud as the Wolf Blass room we stayed in was directly underneath what looked like a service area to the dining room, this went on til quite late then started again just after 6am, I was so glad we hadn’t put our daughter and new baby in that room, we did ask to change rooms as we were staying two nights but unfortunately were told the hotel was fully booked, to add insult to injury our room never received any house keeping at all during our stay, it was too late to mention it when we got in from a day in York so it was mentioned when we checked out the following day, with no explanation as to why, you don’t expect not to even have the bed made when staying in a hotel. Breakfast service was only ok as we had to ask for things quite a few times and on one occasion the coffee I’d asked for never arrived so I gave up, And toast came with one little square of butter for three pieces of bread, plates and cups were left on the table despite staff coming back to our table a few times we had no space even when staff were putting items down, these details shouldn’t be missed In a hotel of this standard When we went out for the day nobody said we had to tell staff we were moving our cars so on our return we couldn’t park one of the cars in the space we had paid for, a little heads up to put the cone in place would have been useful although the lovely receptionist on that night was very helpful in trying to sort us out with a different space at the rear of the hotel. This has unfortunately left me feeling quite disappointed as this was a return visit to the hotel I was obviously expecting the same quality of service, unfortunately I would probably book elsewhere, I feel like the high level of service is not always guaranteed and that’s a chance I don’t feel I’d want to take which is a real shame as it could have and should have been a perfect break as all of these issues apart from the basement room are an easy fix"
"Just returned home from overnight stay , wonderful . We stayed in Grange so quiet and spacious . Everything you need in one room . We stayed the night of storm Denis perfect place to be tucked up in luxurious bed with the softest pillows . Peter on reception was so warm and friendly when we checked in . £10 parking fee but compared to parking charges else where to know your vehicle is safe and handy counts for a lot . A night at the theatre just 10 mins walk from hotel no taxis perfect . All staff were so friendly , my husband had a super treatment from katy the spa manager , the spa is hidden away but worth visiting . Breakfast was delicious and relaxed , I was very suprised to see the manager helping out serving tables as it was so busy . Getting his hands dirty adds to the feel of a well oiled machine . We will definitely be back for another visit . The hotel was lovely and warm room included even on a cold blustery night . Thank you to all the lovely friendly staff members we met . Keep up the good work ."
"I had planned a special overnight stay for my husband’s 30th birthday - and considering that google let me know that this was a boutique hotel I thought I’d splash out £££ and book here to celebrate this special occasion. We also booked a 3 course meal with our stay. On arrival; parking was quite stressful; driving around the hotel to find space. We had to pull up to ask where to park before parking in a designated bay. I think as a suggestion for feedback, the hotel could allocate a bay space for hotel guests with room bookings to make this less stressful on arrival. Car parking is £10 . As I’ve worked in a hotel previously; the check in desk didn’t provide a warm welcome I expected from a hotel such as this ; but never the less we were checked in with room key in hand and the lobby area looked great... So we felt excited to check in and see the room. On entrance of the room, we were greeted with a few things; A fire alarm covered by a plastic bag and the smell of paint from the sealing which looked like it had been patched up. A large dusty fan and a additional heater (heater left on presumably to dry the paint)- both not in the photos on the website of the room! Dusty blinds, and mouldy shower, dirty coffee machine, cracked sink and an uneven creaky floor which we felt sorry for whoever was in the room below us as we creeped around the room. We went down to inform for the general manager about the fan and heater being left in our room and also more importantly the fire alarm being covered by a plastic bag... which we considered dangerous/illegal... The manager didn’t seem to really care and didn’t even apologise. He turned to the maintenance guy and pretty much laughed it off; despite my comment on it being pretty dangerous right? Nothing! The maintenance guy admitted he had been working on the room ”yesterday”- which means the heater had presumably been left on with the fire alarm covered? Since yesterday? For this to be laughed off with no apology is not how I expected the situation to be dealt with! Surely the safety of us, the hotel, and the rest of the guests is of importance?! Clearly not. The maintenance guy headed up to our room to “sort it out” - we returned later to find the plastic bag removed but the fan and the heater still in the room. Heater still on - and our room feeling like 100 degrees. In my opinion, the greetings and interaction between staff and guest is super important to the guest experience... It’s a shame this wasn’t dealt with the way it should have been (with at least a “sorry”). In hinds sight, due to the room and it’s condition, we should have asked to change room. I was just trying to keep positive as this was a birthday occasion... The hotel stay itself was average ... I woke up a dozen times in the night to the smell of drying paint which didn’t make a great nights sleep for neither myself or my partner. Like I said- not what I expected! Glad to be home."
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Very Good
11 Reviews
Sovereign Quay / Bridge End, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
14.1km from Leeds Airport
470m from Leeds Railway Station
3.4km from The Middleton Railway
13.9km from Leeds Airport
"No extra bed, breakfast is OK, good location, great location, walking to most malls"
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25 Reviews
No 1, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
13.6km from Leeds Airport
570m from Leeds Railway Station
3.5km from Burley Park
"Superior location. The hotel has good facilities. In front of the gate is the river. It's safe, too. I do a lot of running in the morning. Next to it is a new shopping mall. Later, I found that there are many noodles to eat. You can also see the scenery outside. Very good"
"It's a very good hotel. I really like it. The environment and hardware are very good. The location is superior, the scenery is beautiful, the service is considerate, the praise is great. I will stay next time"
"The hotel service is very good, the equipment is very new, and it feels safer than the other hotels in this time. The room is large, comfortable, and the location is good. It's not too far away if you drive."
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13 Reviews
Ripon Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
22.2km from Leeds Airport
24.9km from Burley Park
20.6km from Leeds Airport
"The hotel's exterior, public areas are very good, breakfast is very good, and it is close to the exhibition hall. Because the new carpet was changed, the smell was very uncomfortable. After changing the room, I also changed a room with a lower level, above. And the attitude is very unfriendly, although Ctrip customer service has been in contact, but the hotel has not dealt with."
"the hotel is location is a old british hertigage. my room was spaceious, easily accessible to town center on foot."
"The room and service are very good, the location is a bit off, the hot spring is not open"
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10 Reviews
Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
25.7km from Leeds Airport
8.0km from The Middleton Railway
9.1km from Cross Gates Railway Station
26.0km from Leeds Airport
"We stayed here for our anniversary. It’s a beautiful hotel with loads of potential but sadly the customer service and organisation lets it down. The room was ok-clean but poor view of the top of a roof and bathrooms are small and very basic- nothing luxurious about them despite it being a deluxe double room. We had paid for a package which should have included Prosecco on arrival in our room. We rang to point out this wasn’t there and were told it would be brought up - it never arrived. The restaurant was fine on the Friday evening and our food was lovely. However on the Saturday night it was a different experience. We booked a table (in the day) for 7.45pm but when we arrived and gave our name and room number, the staff member on the desk checked and said we weren’t on the list. Eventually he found it with a spelling mistake, but then said we were late. We pointed out we were on time and that the list was clearly wrong (we recounted a conversation we’d had when booking it which made it clear we couldn’t have got the time wrong) . His manner was slightly rude and dismissive - certainly not the customer service I would expect from a senior member of the restaurant team. When we were finally seated it took an age to be served - there were just simply too few staff and too many customers. People were getting cross at the desk having to stand around waiting for their table, and it just seemed disorganised. The poor waiting staff were all lovely but clearly too busy. Their customer service put that of their senior staff to shame. The bar staff were poor. We stood and waited at the bar for almost 10 minutes with absolutely no acknowledgement by any of the staff - not even a “we’ll be with you in a minute”. It was as if we were invisible. Very rude and disappointing- we ended up walking away without being served. I suspect they were busy - 2 staff for a Saturday night at such a large hotel seems ridiculous- but they need to taught how to at least acknowledge a customer’s presence. The spa was fine on the Friday evening but ridiculously busy on the Saturday. Pool too full to swim, jacuzzi permanently full (with 3 of the same people who literally stayed in for the entire 45 minutes we were down there!), no where to sit around pool, female changing rooms smelled of urine- just not good enough all round. It appears that this hotel is trying to be too many things - a day spa, a luxury hotel, a party venue, a conference centre, a golf hotel and a local gym - and not doing any of them very well. Such a shame. Overpriced compared to other similar hotels - would not return sadly."
"Just got home after another fab spa break with my sister. Warm greetings from all staff when we arrived, we have been a few times before and a few staff recognised us, which is lovely. Pool area great and not too crowded. We then went in relaxation room, lovely comfy beds which the top and bottom go up and down. We bought lunch for £12 each for the buffet in the main restaurant, this included water, salad bar, jacket spuds, veggie dish and an amazing chilli, then mixed deserts to choose from, great value. We both had treatments which were amazing the girls in the spa friendly and check that pressure is correct and you are ok throughout. Later we popped to the champagne bar for cocktails, then on to the main restaurant. The menu is varied and I think everyone will find something to enjoy. Also we both got a happy birthday drink brought over which was a lovely touch. Throughout the whole break all staff were friendly and helpful, even the housekeeping staff all made the effort to look up and say hello as you passed them. I love this place and can’t wait to go back. I so don’t understand any of the negative reviewed. Our room was so comfy and clean, beds amazing. A special thanks to Chris helping track down my handbag and glasses I had lost. See you all soon!"
"I walked in to the COVID compliant hotel, with an amazing welcome with a big smile from Sarah at reception, she welcomed us and was really kind and thoughtful as she could see we were so stressed. After a quick check-in with some information and booking in for when we wanted breakfast we went up too our room. I walked in and I was definitely impressed, everything was clean, the room just smelt clean if that makes sense. The bathroom was brilliantly clean and no mould on the silicone like I have seen in some hotels! The meal in the restaurant was good, fast and friendly service. Food was great, had a walk over to the bar where we was greeted by a lovely staff member who helped me decide with what I wanted to drink. After the bar had closed we went up to our room with a really quite night, I slept like a baby and my partner certainly did. After a nice breakfast we went to go check out, again with a lovely staff member checking us out called Megan! She was lovely! Overall I wish I could give more stars than just 5! Would 100% recommend this hotel for a great couples getaway!"
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11 Reviews
9 Quebec Street, West Yorkshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
14.1km from Leeds Airport
190m from Leeds Railway Station
3.1km from Burley Park
13.8km from Leeds Airport
"The hotel is in a good location, right next to the station. It feels safer to live alone. The room is also quite big, the toilet is decorated nice, emmm is that the sheets have a small piece of black that affects the mood. Overall, the hotel has a feeling of British history, it is recommended 呐✌️"
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Very Good
11 Reviews
Queen Building, Park Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
19.8km from Leeds Airport
24.0km from Burley Park
20.2km from Leeds Airport
"Very nice feel of a top hotel without the price tag. Great location and nice food in the lobby. Room was spacious and staff friendly and helpful "
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