Top 10 Fruit Paradise Hotels

Top 10 Fruit Paradise Hotels


2259 Reviews
No.887, 889 Changhong West Road,, Tangshan, Hebei, China
17.7km from Sannuhe Airport
5.2km from Tangshan Railway Station
"The family carnival package ordered by Ctrip's customer service for this trip includes afternoon tea and children's room decoration, but these two points are unsatisfactory. Check in at 6 pm, and repeatedly urged, until the 10th store in the evening to decorate the children's room. Go to the lobby bar to report the room number and say that Jiahuan has a family afternoon tea. The waitress asked for a long time and said yes, and then asked me to sign the bill. After signing the bill, I asked another waiter to confirm whether it was free , Included in the package, he said yes. As a result, 188 was deducted when the room fee was deducted. Under the coordination of Ctrip's customer service, 188 was returned. But the sister of swimming fitness is still pretty good. This time, I was given a room at the end of the corridor with more windows."
"Last year, I did not travel for a year due to the epidemic. This year I chose Tangshan not far away to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel. The breakfast is upgraded to the Horizon Pavilion. There are not as many types of buffets on the first floor, but it is quiet and exquisite; check-in free parking, there is a large green area downstairs, and the environment is very good. A naughty castle with children, a gym and a swimming pool, but the pool water temperature is a bit low. I especially like the duty manager Jeffrey. Before check-in, he contacted us to confirm check-in time and preparations, and gave us directions during the journey. Check-in is quick and convenient. Next time I go to play, I will find Jeffrey!"
"It should be the best hotel in Tangshan. It is located in the heart development zone in the west of the city. The transportation is convenient. It is more than 10 minutes drive away from the high-speed entrance and exit. When there are many people in Nanhu Wuyi, I just took a taxi, it seems to be 17 yuan. Adults and children love the hotel, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, bathtubs, swimming pools, and gyms. The cleaning equipment for children is very good. Breakfast is generally good, Western food is better than Chinese food, and children under 6 are free. Next time I go to Tangshan, this is my first choice!"
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580 Reviews
1-8F, Tangshan Food Culture Museum, Nanhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shiyuanhui Culture Square, Tangshan, Hebei, China
23.2km from Sannuhe Airport
5.3km from Tangshan Railway Station
"Opened in 2019, the Yan Wenlv Hotel offers travelers a pleasant stay in Tangshan, whether for business or leisure purposes. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 5km from Tangshan Railway Station and 23km from Sannuhe Airport. With multiple attractions nearby including Tang Shan Nanhu Zuqiu Spa Shuiliao Center, Nanhu Ecotourism Resort and Bainiankailuan Square, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. For guests' convenience, airport pickup can be arranged. This Tangshan hotel provides parking on site. Our guests rate this hotel as one of the best hotels for cleanliness. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families. "
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2997 Reviews
No.99 Weiguo South Road, Tangshan, Hebei, China
24.1km from Sannuhe Airport
6.8km from Tangshan Railway Station
"The hotel is right next to Nanhu Park, connected by a small gate, you can go whenever you want to turn around. At night, you can watch the night scene lights [happy][happy][happy] The hotel is in the style of a castle. For the first time, it was set in the luxurious double room set by xc. When it arrived, it was arranged on the 5th floor. I was very happy. The highest is the 5th floor. I don't like it to be too low. There are small windows on the 5th floor, it’s too much trouble to replace, just one night Remind everyone that it is best not to 5th floor! Parking: there are parking spaces and charging piles Everything is good, there is a child in the swimming pool, but this season is too cold, the child will not be cold after playing for a while, the adult swimming water temperature is just right🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️ Tucao about breakfast! I was optimistic about many netizens who said that breakfast was not good. It’s not everyone’s hypocrisy, because everyone compares them according to the standards of five-star luxury hotels. There are not many categories and they are not exquisite. It’s okay to have a full meal. ]"
"The location is very good, walking 20 meters to the South Lake tourist area, the lake view is pleasant. The hotel is European style, with complete facilities in the room, and the bed is very wide, especially the end of the bed facing the window (I am in this room for the first time). You can lie on the bed and enjoy the scenery. There is a square and a stadium under construction on the opposite side. There are many kites in the sky! The hotel has a swimming pool, it was warm that day, very comfortable. Disadvantages There are many types of breakfast, but the taste is average, especially when there are many guests on the day. The fried eggs, boiled noodles, and pancakes must be lined up. It took nearly half an hour for the three to wait, and it didn't feel good! Overall recommendation."
"Very good hotel, I chose Pullman. The appearance of the hotel attracted me. The appearance of the castle is very magnificent. The hotel staff is very friendly. There is free parking on the ground and underground in the hotel. You can also park for free when you stay here. It is very big, the food in the restaurant is very rich, there is Nanhu Park next to it, the first impression is very good for Pullman, if there is a chance, I will stay with friends again! The environment and service are excellent, and they have been upgraded. After coming to Tangshan, I will stay at the Pullman Hotel and leave good memories."
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3059 Reviews
No.11 Wenhua Road, Tangshan, Hebei, China
24.6km from Sannuhe Airport
8.0km from Tangshan Railway Station
"Hotel breakfast is a standard hotel meal, quite satisfactory, without any special highlights. The location of the hotel is excellent, in the city center, across the road from Dazhao Park, and the Earthquake Memorial Monument. Next to it are department stores, Intime, Wanda, everything is very convenient. It is more than 3 kilometers away from Nanhu Scenic Area, which is very convenient. The hotel has a parking area, the location is not particularly large, accommodation is free, if you pay more than 100 yuan for 24 hours. Freshly ground coffee is available at the front desk, red dates and ginger tea are very intimate. The room size is OK, and the facilities are OK. The service is also regular. I hope that the glass can be wiped off. Of course I know that this is very difficult, especially this year there is a lot of sand and dust."
"The location of the InterContinental Hotel is particularly good. You can see the earthquake-resistant monument and museum in the room, next to Wanda Plaza! During the May Day breakfast, there will be a lot of people from 7 o’clock. The breakfast is very rich. There are humidifiers and purifiers in the room. The facilities are in place. There are speakers in the bathroom. You can watch TV in the bath. The swimming pool is open after 6 o’clock. Now, we almost booked the venue at 8 o'clock in the morning. After swimming, we still steamed in the sauna. It was very relieved! The late check-out was at 2 pm, I took a nap at noon and returned to Beijing for 3 hours! The only problem is that the parking lot is not enough on holidays, and there is no parking available, but the parking ticket in the lobby is free for the residents."
"Staying at this hotel for the first time, I feel very satisfied overall, the location is excellent, located in the city center, and convenient transportation. The hotel has high-end atmosphere, complete hardware facilities, comfortable guest rooms, spacious rooms, and convenient and free parking. Early breakfast is very rich, Chinese and Western styles are all available, and the time is up to 10 in the morning, which is very convenient. The level of service is first-rate, the staff is kind, warm and thoughtful, in short, I like it very much, and I will choose this hotel next time I have a chance."
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1450 Reviews
Intersection of Yunhe East Road and Chunyang Street, Tangshan, Hebei, China
24.3km from Sannuhe Airport
9.4km from Tangshan Railway Station
"Tangshan's Grand Metropark Guofeng Hotel (Guofeng Weijing Guoji Dajiudian) is located in Fengnan District, near the scenic Huifeng Lake.Guests who want to dine at the Tangshan hotel can choose from Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisines, or visit the bar and cafe. A banquet hall and several function rooms are available for those looking to host large functions and parties. Guests with leisure time on their hands can relax in the sauna, enjoy the treatments offered at the spa, sing in the karaoke room or work out in the gym."
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540 Reviews
No.152 Jianshe North Road, Hi-Tech Development Zone, Tangshan, Hebei, China
18.6km from Sannuhe Airport
9.9km from Tangshan Railway Station
"Beautiful hotel in a perfect location. Amazing and friendly staff who are always willing to help you with anything you need. This lovely hotel has one on the most gorgeous layouts I’ve had the pleasure of staying at in Thailand. Beautiful and well kept gardens makes you feel like you’re staying in the middle of the jungle with a 30sec from the main strip and a very short walk to two beaches. I will definitely stay here again and would recommend this hotel to anyone. The pool is great too if you if you just want to relax after a long day of sightseeing."
"The two young ladies and sisters received at the front desk were easy-going and gentle, giving a friendly feeling. Hotel has not stayed less, the first impression at the front desk is very important, extra points! The hotel has a parking lot, next to the People's Shopping Center. It is rich and convenient for shopping and eating. By the way, the Amway family's "Three Treasures" are delicious. Rest at night is very quiet, sleep well!"
"I was staying in a more expensive suite. The room was colder than the corridor and could freeze to death when taking a bath. The air conditioner turned on and the air temperature was too high. The air outlet was very noisy. Because the windows were close to the main road, the soundproof glass was not ideal. The main thing is that the water from the shower room is very slow. All the water flows out of the shower room. Go to the front desk and ask me for a plastic bag to tell me that the bedside table is there. I ca n’t find it when I turn it over. , Not worth the price."
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317 Reviews
Intersection of Huikang Street and Liangjiatun Road, Tangshan, Hebei, China
22.2km from Sannuhe Airport
4.5km from Tangshan Railway Station
"The hotel is very clean and tidy, the newly decorated style is very simple, the front desk staff is very humble and friendly, the breakfast can be relatively simple, there is a park nearby, and the location is good"
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1038 Reviews
No.136 Xinhua West Road, Tangshan, Hebei, China
19.0km from Sannuhe Airport
870m from Tangshan Railway Station
"The five-star hotel has a wide variety of buffet breakfasts, cheese and coffee, and there are not many guests. It is very easy to eat and the price is not expensive. The size of the family room is not small, it should be changed from the inside of the coat, there is a kitchen but it can't be used for two days. The only bathroom area is not small, but the washing machine in the shower room can only stand in the bathtub. It is estimated that a long private room will only be used in the washing machine!"
"The price is higher than the hotel in the same class in the city because of its location: close to the airport. The comfort of the room is very general. The sound insulation is poor, the people in the corridor can speak clearly, and the sound of the next room can be heard. More noisy. The plane sounds great at night. Choose carefully if you have a bad sleep. The indoor facilities and equipment are very general and can be used."
"As a five-star hotel, the gap is great! Only the breakfast standard is enough to get five stars! The decoration is especially old! Facilities and equipment are too bad! The bathroom didn't have a shower curtain! Security is just like it! The price is not high! Convenient transportation! Five minutes from Tangshan City. No pool! I look forward to improving it! ! !"
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1143 Reviews
No.87 Beixinxi West Road, Tangshan, Hebei, China
19.6km from Sannuhe Airport
3.6km from Tangshan Railway Station
"Great location. Great service. We will definitely stay here again. "
"Great service, good location, clean. We enjoyed our stay. "
"The stay was good as I found the receptionist to be very helpful her name 盛娜"
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1987 Reviews
Intersection of Beixin Road and Weiguo Road (Fengcheng Guomao), Tangshan, Hebei, China
21.3km from Sannuhe Airport
5.2km from Tangshan Railway Station
"The breakfast, in fact, has very few varieties and average taste, but the service is very good. The hotel staff called twice after entering the room the next day. The first time was after check-in, asking whether the environment is satisfactory and whether there are other needs. The second time I asked whether the service was satisfactory, it was very considerate, but the sanitation of the hotel is getting worse and worse. The carpet is full of stains, and the corners and corners are not dust or rubbish. When I took a photo, it was pretty good. As a result, I didn’t notice the hygiene problem until I went to bed after washing. I was too lazy to change the room. The desk lamp was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I was tired for a day. I really couldn’t toss about it because I was there at the beginning. I bought a house next to the Aegean Sea, so I have lived in it many times since I opened it. I didn’t expect it to get worse..."
"The location is farther away from Tangshan Station than it was introduced, but it is located in a prosperous area with convenient transportation. There are shopping malls, Wanda Cinemas, and a lot of snacks. The pancake story tastes good. The hotel lobby is on the third floor, with warm and thoughtful service and complete facilities. The breakfast variety is quite complete, including Tangshan snacks such as Rou Jia Mo, Wonton, Chess Biscuits, fruits, yogurt, drinks, etc. My daughter said that some meat dishes are missing. Overall satisfaction, recommended!"
"The surrounding area is lively and convenient. It’s the same building as the Aegean Shopping Mall. It’s fast to go to the Earthquake Memorial Plaza. It’s quick to take a taxi and ride an electric car. The breakfast is good. The kids are over 1.2 meters above. They don’t struggle, don’t care, and the underground parking lot. A little test of car skills, the hotel is slightly inadequate in some details, it needs to be further cleaned up, check out is simple, next time you will give priority"
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