Top 10 Guangzhou Railway Station Hotels

Top 10 Guangzhou Railway Station Hotels


2096 Reviews
No.828 Middle Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
41.2km from Shadi Airport
12.1km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
940m from Wanshengwei
"I don't know the first few stays, I feel better once than once, the hardware of Poly Continental is not said, the software last year after a comment, there is also a very obvious improvement. The lobby service is especially good. After learning that I brought my child to the Children's Day, I offered to send fruit and drinks, and also helped to late check out twice until 2-3 pm. This must be praised. The only slight complaint is the security guard at the door. When I saw the special car for picking up the guests at the hotel, the first sentence was to ask, "Why?" The special car was parked at the hotel door. What else can I do except pick up people? Other hotels such as Garden Hotel and the door guard or doorman of the wine will politely greet and ask the driver to stop in other places, will not open the door to "what to do" appear very impolite and unprofessional. I hope to strengthen the training of the personnel concerned."
"Travel to Guangzhou on May Day and stay in an executive room at InterContinental Pazhou Location: Beside the Pearl River, the location is a little bit off, and the hotel is still being built next to it. The hotel is at the end of the road. It will be the best area in Guangzhou if it is built in the future. Facilities and landscape: the executive lounge has good meals, and the landscape is good, you can see the Guangzhou Tower and the Pearl River Inside the room: The room is spacious and comfortable, and the decoration is elegant and generous. The disadvantage is that the toilet is poorly ventilated and the smell cannot be dissipated. Service attitude: the hotel service is excellent, the service staff are actively asking if they need assistance or help, the overall level is good Overall: a good hotel worth recommending and staying again."
"The overall hotel facilities are relatively new, clean and comfortable. The attitude of the service staff is very kind and kind and will take the initiative to serve, which is commendable. Moonlight Western Restaurant on the second floor has a rich variety of food, fresh and delicious. The rooms are spacious and bright, and the scenery near the river is even more pleasant. The bedding is soft and skin-friendly. There was a minor problem with the hot water system during the stay, and the staff also arrived in time and handled it properly! The only regret is that the swimming pool has only one standard pool, no children's pool or jacuzzi."
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2897 Reviews
No.462 Yijing Road, Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
32.1km from Shadi Airport
10.4km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
4.1km from Lujiang
"Nice hotel, although there are many electric cars around, the hotel environment is not bad. If I wanted to book a twin room, I called in advance to see if I could see the Canton Tower. When I looked back on Ctrip, I added a Canton Tower view room and added money. When I went to the 16th floor, I could only see the spire of the tower. It was a pit. After negotiating with the front desk, I changed to the 18th floor and finally got a full view. The bed was too soft. Fortunately, I brought a cushion. I lay on the ground and heard the sound of insect bites. The sixth floor is the Guangzhou restaurant. It is very convenient to drink morning tea."
"Service: I feel fooled. I was going to the airport to pick up my luggage. The security guard on the first floor suddenly became enthusiastic and insisted on calling a taxi. I opened Didi and prepared to make an appointment. He said no, he persuaded him all the way, and then got in the taxi he called... …The price of a watch is more than 50 more expensive than Didi. Environment: In the previous generation hotel, the room smelled of musty, the facilities were old, the desk lamp was broken, and the sanitation was average. The meat dishes for breakfast were only processed meat products. The advantage is that the room is large."
"It is suitable for me to go to Guangzhou Textile City on a business trip. Sanitation is relatively good in the surrounding area. It is also more convenient to eat at the Guangzhou restaurant next to it. I am really very personal."
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4495 Reviews
No.515 & No.517 East Yuncheng Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
25.4km from Baiyun International Airport
5.1km from Guangzhou Railway Station
1.1km from Baiyun Park
"I made an appointment with a friend to spend the Chinese New Year in Guangzhou and booked the Wanfu Hilton. Miss Jacky at the front desk (yes, Jacky is a beautiful young lady) and Mr. Gerrard were very enthusiastic and took the initiative to upgrade the room. I pressed Do Not Disturb the next day, and the hotel took the initiative to call to ask if I pressed it by mistake and whether it needed cleaning service. I personally think that Hilton is a first-line brand hotel with very high cost performance. The Hilton next to Guangzhou East Railway Station is also very convenient. Like Hilton in Guangzhou."
"When I went to check out this morning, I especially left for breakfast. It was still as delicious and delicious as before. In order to cope with this extraordinary moment of the epidemic, the restaurant also left a thoughtful small menu, you can sit down and order food 👍👍, Waiting for the young lady in the restaurant to send over and enjoy a great breakfast time😋😋, I will definitely come back next time I have a chance. There is also Sean from the concierge department. The service is also superb, very caring, and big red flowers must be rewarded here 😀😀😀"
"I came to Guangzhou to visit relatives and stayed at Hilton. The hotel experience is very good, recommended for parent-child travel, the hotel environment is good, the breakfast is excellent, and the room is very quiet, the staying experience is very good! The location of the hotel is good and it is convenient to travel! The hotel's Tim natalie service is attentive and very good!"
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3012 Reviews
No.12 East Zhujiang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
38.3km from Baiyun International Airport
5.9km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
300m from Huacheng Dadao
"On the spur of the moment, I want to experience the long-awaited Guangzhou Zhuomeiya Hotel. The hotel occupies the top of Guangzhou luxury hotel with a high score of 4.9. The hotel opened in 19 years is very new. It is not exaggerated that the hardware equipment is the best in Guangzhou luxury hotel. All rooms are standard with Dyson hairdryer. The room is equipped with Bose and JBL sound, toiletries are Australian Biology, toothbrush is super comfortable, toothpaste is also a large amount of Colgate, not filthy. Room service, the staff on the phone is very welcoming, but the speed of delivery to the room is slightly lacking, in the evening there will be red bean lotus sugar water to deliver, VIP customers will also have fruit plate and snacks, the richness of the fruit plate is really amazing! There were some minor problems during the stay, but Lucy at the Guest Service Center was able to solve it properly quickly and deserves praise. Overall, it was really great. Maybe because there were not many guests staying during the epidemic, there were several staff waiting for service at the front desk, concierge, etc. The door does not need to open itself. The software and hardware of Guangzhou Zhuomeiya are really one-of-a-kind, and it is also my heart No.1. If you have a sufficient budget, you are very recommended to stay at this hotel! The food and drink was not evaluated without experience, but I heard it was quite good The only downside...not much view, I could see the Guangzhou Tower room, it is said that there is only one floor"
"If you want to ask which hotel in Guangzhou is the lowest-key luxury hotel, it must be the Jumeirah Hotel in Guangzhou! I believe everyone has heard of Burj Al Arab, right! It's the Jumeirah Hotel! I use the most authentic staying experience to comment on Jumeirah Luxury Hotel! 1 The room hardware is very complete and outstanding, aromatherapy lamps, double wash basins, a full set of tools for making cocktails in the minibar, bose sound, full touch button intelligent guest control, and the height of the room is as high as 4 meters! Hair dryer Dyson and more! Simply kill all hotels in Guangzhou! 2 The hotel butler has a good service attitude, cold and warm, considerate service, welcome fruits, good night syrup, responsive to requests, and return a free upgrade of the room type! 3The breakfast is exquisite. Although there are not many types of breakfast, it is very delicate and very ceremonial. The food is of high value and there is a bear on the chair, which is very cute! Finally, let me talk about the manager on duty at the front desk. I gave a free afternoon tea worth more than 400 (it feels like a big bargain haha). The young lady is beautiful, kind-hearted, speaks nicely, and behaves elegantly, so I am at Jumeirah Hotel. Give 101 points! So there are two things you should not forget when you come to Guangzhou for business trips, eating and sleeping and staying at Jumeirah Hotel!"
"This year, he chose Zhuomeiya. He mainly considers the convenience of transportation and there are many choices of shopping and dining around. Several hotels around have stayed, compared to the advantages of Zhuomeiya. 1. The hotel butler service is too good and intimate. Wechat confirmed the room layout in advance, sent a bunch of roses to wish a happy birthday after check-in, forgot to bring a charging line to the room immediately, the check-in time is due to the construction downstairs, sent a super-careful cake (construction only in the afternoon), And we actually go out does not affect haha. And there are different sugar water every night, I feel spoiled. 2, dining: Breakfast and afternoon tea have been eaten, there are live accompaniments such as Guzhao harp on the spot, not many people, suitable for friends and lovers to chat. PS, breakfast of the best beef noodles, the same as the noodles. 3, Hotel location: Stay in the Premier Suite and you can see the Guangzhou Tower. The tower view does not have an exclusive line of view. From the room, it is a horizontal view with the Guangzhou Tower, and there is a night view of the Flower City, but it is still worth enjoying the night view. Settings: The hotel is new, the equipment is new, and there is no special fuss. Unfortunately, the epidemic shut the hotel pool, it is too bad!"
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7388 Reviews
69-100F, West Tower, No.5 West Zhujiang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
38.0km from Baiyun International Airport
5.5km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
380m from Zhujiang New Town
"I have stayed in Guangzhou Four Seasons for the third time in four years, but every time the experience is better than the last time, Four Seasons is still the ceiling of Guangzhou's luxury hotels and it is difficult to be surpassed. Check-in: I came to celebrate my family’s birthday, so I noted in advance that I want a better room in the tower. The hotel not only sent cakes, but also helped to upgrade the noble tower view directly to a suite facing the tower. I gave a big surprise during CI, thanks to the front desk Viky and the hotel team. Room: Invincible Tower View + Spacious Space. The rooms of the four seasons can indeed see some traces left by the years. After all, it has been opened for 9 years, but the space from ordinary rooms to suites is spacious, far more comfortable than the high-rise Internet celebrity hotel next to it. Not to mention the invincible tower view of the suite. The living room looks ordinary during the day, but it is very enjoyable to watch the European Cup/movies with the lights off at night. The Samsung TV works well and has good sound insulation. Breakfast: Although the hotel delivered breakfast, I did not experience it because I asked someone to drink tea, nor did I experience the Michelin Yu Yuexuan, but when I checked in on Saturday, I said that it was fully booked, so I left it for next time. From software to hardware to tower view, Four Seasons Guangzhou is the most worthy hotel in Guangzhou hotels, looking forward to the next experience."
"Self-driving from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, staying in four seasons for the beauty of Xiaomanyao! criticism: 1. The parking lot in West Tower doesn't like it very much, it's really too tight! 2. The floor lamp next to the window was not installed properly, and it came across when the curtain was drawn, and it almost hit someone. Finally moved away by the housekeeper 3. When I took a bath at night, I found that the switch was turned too deadly. I called the waiter for a long time without seeing anyone, but I finally turned it on! 4. There is a small TV in the bathroom mirror, but my room will crash when I use it, so I can't use it at all! praise: 1. The front desk gave the child a special room card for children, which the child loves! 2. Ask the customer service to pick up a pair of children's slippers, and were asked how old the child is, and took a pair of suitable size! 3. The children's bathrobe inside is very comfortable. The child changes the bathrobe and goes to the swimming pool, saying that this bathrobe is the most comfortable nightgown he wears 4. Knowing that I have taken my children in, I specially prepared children's toiletries, very attentive and thoughtful! 5. There is a multi-purpose mobile phone charging cable on the desk. It is free to use. It is not the kind that scans the code and pays. I think this is very intimate! 6. Although the swimming pool is small, the service is really attentive. There are always staff reminding guests to wear shoes to prevent falling! Suggest: 1. For luxury hotels, it would be better if the curtains can be opened electrically!"
"Although I have been to many five-star hotels, the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou is definitely the king! Just arrived and experienced the professional and enthusiastic service staff! With the assistance of hotel manager Ivan, I quickly checked in and arranged the best tower view room in the hotel facing the small waist! I learned that it was a wedding anniversary, the hotel also deliberately dressed up the room and sent a bottle 🍾️, which is really thoughtful! The room is on the 97th floor, knowing that I have a child, I immediately arranged a children's bed and toiletries, intimate and meticulous! Living in the four seasons not only has the feeling of staying at the cloud, but also from the room's large floor-to-ceiling windows to see the whole Pearl River New Town beautiful scenery, the hotel is surrounded by shopping and food is very convenient, the location is excellent! The overall design and layout of the hotel is like a piece of art, very advanced! Overall the Four Seasons Tour is worth the fine taste and strong recommendation! Thank you Four Seasons Hotel, and Ivan for your thoughtful service! ! !"
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3543 Reviews
95F, Guangzhou Zhoudafu Financial Center, No.6 East Zhujiang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
37.0km from Shadi Airport
5.2km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
300m from Huacheng Dadao
"The hotel lobby is located on the 95th floor of the building. Because I arrived early, the lady at the front desk helped me store my luggage and asked me to rest first and promised to help me book a room to be cleaned as soon as possible. The service is attentive and in place. Check-in is a river view room, business development, more than 270 degree floor-to-ceiling skylights show the river view and Guangzhou CBD panoramic view. The hotel room facilities are very luxurious and complete, and guests are also equipped with exclusive toiletry bags. The gel provided by the razor kit is foamy. It's easier to use and safer than ordinary five-star hotel pastes! There is a bar on the 107th floor of the hotel. The wide-view environment is beautiful, low-key luxury, especially suitable for three or five friends to sit down for a drink and tasting. It is indeed magnificent. A curvaceous hotel with "peculiar and gorgeous, beautiful qualifications, and luxurious words"! ! !"
"Net celebrity hotel, I wanted to stay when I came to Guangzhou last time, but unfortunately I missed it when the room was full. This time I finally got my wish. Thank you to the handsome waiter at the front desk for arranging such a nice room for me. You can watch Xiaomanyao up close. The location of the hotel is also very good. It is very close to the Guangdong Museum and the library. Shopping is also very convenient. On the edge of K11. In short, all in all, the hotel that will continue to stay next time🏨"
"When booking the room, the note was reserved to see the view of Xiaomanyao. When I checked in, I kept the room facing Xiaomanyao, thank you! The room is on the 103rd floor, with a panoramic view of Xiaomanyao, Haixinsha, Haixin Bridge, and Liede Bridge, with first-class views! The rooms have some new Chinese style, and the overall feeling is good, the elevator experience is extremely fast on the 1-95th floor, and I will stay next time."
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2953 Reviews
No.16 Huaxia Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
37.5km from Baiyun International Airport
4.5km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
120m from Zhujiang New Town
"Favorite hotel in Guangzhou Because I like the scenery on the high floors, I basically choose this Park Hyatt every time I come to Guangzhou. The service is very good and the room is very spacious. I especially like the big round table in front of the window. You can drink tea and eat something to see the scenery The view of the bar on the top floor is also very good The location is also very good. It’s very convenient to go everywhere. I personally like the color scheme in the room too💕💕💕💕"
"The location of the hotel is very good and the view is excellent. The lobby and the room can be seen from the front. The staff are very enthusiastic and remind you whether you need turn-down service. Especially praise the front desk Clara's high level of service awareness and patience. Feeling very comfortable during the store. Lobby manager Daniel actively provided necessary assistance to make the whole stay experience very satisfied. I will continue to choose Park Hyatt next time."
"Pyatt is a luxury hotel located in the heart of the Pearl River New Town, and the location is also convenient, I often meet and eat here. When I checked in yesterday, Miss Grace Lingling's service was very professional and attitude was very nice... Let me recommend Park Hyatt Hotel to family and friends to stay here! The hotel's accommodation, dining and so on also show the level of luxury hotels. Next time I come to Guangzhou, I will still choose the Park Hyatt Hotel."
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3799 Reviews
No.389 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
36.0km from Baiyun International Airport
2.7km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
500m from Shipaiqiao
"I came to Guangzhou for the third time this year, and I changed hotels every time. The Mandarin Oriental I chose this time was very comfortable and I didn't want to leave. Service: When you get off the bus, a waiter will accompany you with your luggage to the front desk. When you leave, you will be delivered to the bus. Although this is what you should have at this level, the staff at Wenhua are neither humble nor overbearing, and very polite, which makes me feel very natural and comfortable. Especially when I turn down every night, I really feel like I'm home. Room: Although it has been in business for several years, the room does not feel very old. The color and furniture are very elegant. Especially the chairs that enter the door are really too convenient. Breakfast: Although the food is not much, but the quality is very good, it is enough for me Not to mention the location, downstairs is Taikoo Hui, where you can eat and buy, which is convenient enough! The only thing is that I don’t think it’s suitable for bringing children, and there is nothing to play. This time I haven’t experienced the pool or spa because of time, so let’s save it next time. Having said so many advantages, let’s talk about the shortcomings, the bathroom has a musty smell, because it is particularly sensitive to the smell, so it has been affected, and I hope it can be improved."
"The breakfast is a bit special. The coffee and main meals including omelette are cooked to order, and they are served warm and freshly made. It is great! The self-service area is not big. I was a little surprised that there is chocolate milk in the milk area. I saw several children go to get it. It is my favorite. Although there are not many bakery areas, there is a lye bag and a lye buffalo croissant that is hard to come by, and the lye buffalo croissant is done very well and professionally! I didn’t have a big appetite. I only ate alkaline buffalo horn and toast. The texture of the toast was very long and it was delicious. I guess the other bread levels should also be very high. The hotel swimming pool is outdoor on the 4th floor, but it is constant temperature. The gym is mainly for aerobic and muscle training equipment, and there is also a yoga room, which prepares a variety of lemonade, rose water and ice towels, which are very intimate. The interior of the room is also very tasteful. Although it has been built for a long time, it does not feel old at all. I saw many comments saying that, it is true."
"Mandarin oriental yyds! The birthday party gave us cake and wine, upgraded to a 19th floor deluxe room and decorated. I want to go out to eat breakfast tea, not order breakfast. But on the last day, I ordered a MO breakfast package to the room. Whether it is from the weight or the service, it is awesome, and the price is very high! Next time I come to Guangzhou, I will definitely eat breakfast at the hotel. The room facilities are very textured, using the taste of parsley, favorite! The location of the hotel is also very good, Taigu Huiwen and friends eat, drink and have fun, Line 1 and Line 3 are also convenient, but the intersection is a bit blocked every day."
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6632 Reviews
No.395 Linjiang Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
39.3km from Baiyun International Airport
6.9km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
880m from Liede
"Why should I choose an elegant hotel? Why should I give this hotel good reviews? Location: Located in the center of Guangzhou-Tiande Square, downstairs there are food courts, bars, clear bars, and various attractions are very close, within 30 minutes by car, such as Haixinsha, Guangzhou Tower ,opera Room: I chose a stylish room with a brighter decoration. It is equipped with a lot of skin care products and is gentle to use. If I feel elegant in the future, I don’t need to bring a cosmetic bag. Hahaha, yes, really If you want to experience the river view room and fall asleep with the night view of the small waist of the Pearl River ship, you can definitely have a good dream (you can dream of the lover if you can't dream of Zhou Gong) Facilities: All kinds of facilities can only be modernized. There is a food delivery robot in the lobby on the first floor. The rooms are equipped with Dyson hair dryers, automatic curtains, and the gym facilities are well maintained, except for a swimming pool. Food: There are many kinds of food. For my colleagues, it must be a domineering circle of friends. It has all the colors and flavors. But for this, I am personally picky and I won’t comment on it. In fact, in my work and life, I rarely give feedback. Before I check in, I have compared several hotels on Xiaohongshu and Ctrip, because I want to shoot products in the hotel, but the staff of several other hotels don’t allow it. After shooting my product, after a friend’s strong recommendation, my colleagues and I came with the mentality of trying it out. After exiting the elevator, the elegant staff greeted us very kindly and brought tea and towels. We were still a little flattered, and the butler Shanshan took us to compare which room type my product is suitable for, and patiently introduced us to the differences in several room types. After confirming the room, during the check-in process, ladies and sisters I also warmly informed the hotel that the breakfast, afternoon tea and supper are provided by the hotel. I am very friendly to me who don’t know about the meal after I’m busy. My products add up to be very big and heavy, Ms. Shanshan She also took the initiative to help me deliver the product to the room, and after we put down the product, we picked up other friends. The young lady quietly sent me a fruit plate to the room until I checked out and she returned home. The warm-hearted care has given me a very different feeling when I get home. It is similar to the care of my relatives and friends, which is really great."
"The breakfast type and taste are average, and the waiter is a bit indifferent. I ordered a set menu with afternoon tea. After I ordered it, I realized that it was a self-service. The variety is small and the taste is average. It is not recommended. You can book a room with breakfast separately. Room facilities: To be honest, the bay view room is a bit tricky, the door is connected to the bedroom, it seems that the room is small and monotonous, and there is no sense of design. The bathtub next to the window is bare and decorated with flowers, which is a bit different from the photos uploaded by the hotel. Oh... the outside window is a bit dusty, plus the backlight in the room, the photos are not so good, so I can only take pictures at night... I ordered this elegantly for this window bathtub, or I would choose magnificent, the price is not There is not much difference. I was really disappointed when I entered the room... And the minibar soda at this price should be standard, but only Coke and apple cider vinegar are not friendly to some travelers. Praise the hotel service. The staff restored my mood with their service attitude. The room smelled bad, and immediately sent me an air purifier and fruit plate. I was patient and polite in answering my questions. Takeaways can also be delivered, which is very convenient. Little surprise: the room is actually equipped with a fascia gun, which is simply a white moonlight for fitness people and frequent travellers! I also gave a facial mask. The front desk on the 28th floor also prepared hair clips, baby warmers, earplugs and other practical small items. The small details add points and are very considerate. The location is good, there is river view, you can see Xiaomanyao, close to Grandview Plaza, and there is a food street behind the hotel, which is more convenient."
"It’s easier to find. It’s right next to the Liede Bridge. You can sit on the windowsill and watch the Pearl River and Xiaomanyao, Liede Bridge. The city view faces north and you see the street view on the north side. The lobby is 28. Floor, the sky lobby, next to the reception is the lobby Bar. Sitting there for afternoon tea, you can overlook the Pearl River and the view of Xiaomanyao. The room is clean and comfortable. Especially there are two types of pillows. You can choose the one you like to sleep. The mattress is also soft and comfortable. Although the lobby on the first floor is not large, you can feel the height of the place as soon as you enter the door. There are 6 high-speed elevators. The decoration in the elevators is also designed by Hermes, luxurious and low-key without losing elegance. The only flaw is that some of the food in the lobby bar is not very fresh, and the variety is relatively simple. The waiter seems to just stand there, waiting for the guests to leave before picking up the tableware, instead of taking away the used tableware and cleaning the guests’ countertops in time. It seems a bit out of sync with the level of the hotel."
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3392 Reviews
No.222 Xingmin Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
36.8km from Shadi Airport
5.4km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
590m from Liede
"The gym and swimming pool are not open, for your reference, so it is very boring. I originally chose this hotel to let you come to exercise, and you have nothing to play at once. It may be an epidemic, but it is generally fine to control the number of admissions. It is too exaggerated to close all at once, so there is nothing to experience. There is no view in the arranged room. The size of the TV in the room is too mini. In addition, the remote control for TV shows is difficult to use. The only thing that is better is the good service attitude. The breakfast bar is also very general. There are no special dim sums in Guangzhou, which does not match the level of a five-star hotel, not as good as Marriott's."
"The hotel environment is really good, the first time I have a good stay in Guangzhou, there are many business districts nearby, it is very suitable for living, the surrounding environment is also very good, it is very convenient to go everywhere. As long as you open the curtains in the room, you can see the whole waist of Xiaoman. It's very beautiful. You don't need to take the night scene. Because I went out to play, when I came back, Xiaoman had turned off the lights. The sanitation of the hotel is very good, there is no dust, and the bed is very comfortable. It is worth staying at a star hotel."
"Conrad, who has lived in many cities, Guangzhou is the most satisfied. To tell the truth, the service in the South is much better than the service in most northern cities, especially in Guangzhou, whether it is a hotel or dining and entertainment. The little brother who hosted me on the day was very nice and helped me arrange a good room type. He also gave me a little doll hahaha but I didn’t get it if I had no place to put it. Coming to Guangzhou is very cost-effective, the decoration is new, and the service is good. Full score 💯"
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Top 10 Guangzhou Railway Station Hotels & Weather

Jul 25, 2021
26 ~ 36℃
Jul 25, 2021
26℃ / 36℃
Jul 26, 2021
27℃ / 36℃
Jul 27, 2021
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Jul 28, 2021
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Jul 29, 2021
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Jul 30, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Guangzhou
Jul 25, 2021 Guangzhou Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:82%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:54/19:12
Guangzhou Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Low
The climate of Guangzhou is warm and humid the whole year round. From April to June is the wet spell where there is a heavier rainfall and so be advised to bring your rain gear along. Come summer which is from July to September, the days become hotter and the sun is strong and you have to protect yourself against getting burnt. During this period, occasionally there may be typhoons and torrential rains so make sure to check the weather report before going outdoors. October to December is the best time to visit Guangzhou because the weather is mild and comfortable, and many fairs, festivals and sales events are held during this period.
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