Top 10 Hanoi Star Hotels

Top 10 Hanoi Star Hotels


45 Reviews
60, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
17.5km from Gimpo International Airport
2.5km from Seoul Railway Station
3.8km from Yongsan
560m from Beotigogae
890m from Yaksu
2.7km from Seoul Railway Station
4.0km from Yongsan
"Seriously considering that one should cancel hocence because of child. Even at this time I was well guided and checked in (requested as far as possible because of the 130-day-old child we talked about). ^^ Club 315 There were a lot of children, so I was worried about the transfer, but the staff kindly helped me to enter the room without difficulty. But the cleanliness is better than I thought ... I don't know if the lights are so dark that people can't see it, but the first impression was a little because of the dust on the floor. Still, it's good to have a family resort, and the indoor pool (infant pool) is in the same building, and breakfast and especially room service (look at the restaurant if you go to the restaurant is very good). It wasn't cool because I had to sleep with my child a little later, but the menu was varied and delicious.   The surroundings are so good, especially because there are no smokers, the air seems to be good, and I've been doing well throughout my stay. If you only care a little more cleanliness! exactly!! I want to go again. haha Two days later, I almost went to my reservation with my wife. It was a real misfire, but overall it was satisfying. "
"Basically, the room is big, so I have to feel good. The downside is that the bed is too hard first. The best hotel if it's worse than my bed ... Second soundproof at all! Never! no. I slept badly. Thirdly, as you can see using Oasis, is it convenient for users? There is no detail. It's a bathroom with lockers ... There are two places in Oasis where you can have food and drinks. The hotel's basic price is high, but the taste and quality are at a convenience store. I thought that I wanted to have quality drinks and food even if I paid more, but I felt that Banyan Tree didn't care about size and reputation. Does anyone give any feedback? I want to. Except for this ... The breakfast was satisfactory ... I don't have any children but I thought it would be fun to take them with them."
"It’s really beautiful here. It’s a superb hotel. Come to Korea to live in the best hotel. The restaurant is also delicious. You can also soak in the hot spring. There is a separate living room in the hot spring. The mountain view is also very beautiful."
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657 Reviews
249, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
17.9km from Gimpo International Airport
2.9km from Seoul Railway Station
4.2km from Cheongnyangni
330m from Dongguk Univ.
480m from Yaksu
3.1km from Seoul Railway Station
4.6km from Cheongnyangni
"Shilla Hotel. It must be a thrilling hotel, but the air conditioner was a bit disappointing. Service is the best in Korea in name and reality. I was sorry I couldn't go to the outdoor swimming pool Nice indoor jacuzzi. Dinner Park View It seemed to be full, and breakfast Park View was amazed because there were so many types than I thought. A hotel with better staff than the rooms themselves."
"The equipment is a little old and old Other equipment was stylish and comfortable There were some uncomfortable situations, but he tried to solve it as much as possible. Friendly staff. And the view of Namsan from the lounge and room is pretty "
"The service is really good. It feels like everyone is watching us and being treated so that it feels like they appear when needed. Namsan view was also good. Be sure to try The Library Club Sandwich~ It's delicious~"
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13 Reviews
Fairmont Ambassador Seoul, 108 Yeoui Daero Yeongdeungpo Gu, Seoul, South Korea
"The best location for shopping is directly connected to The Hyundai, so it is good to enjoy shopping at The Hyundai. Hyundai and IFC Mall are also connected, so you can enjoy the hot summer days of the two shopping malls without going out. I booked a basic room, and later upgraded the room to a room with beautiful scenery. The facilities are impeccable and the cleanliness is good, but very good. As a downtown hotel coordinated with the surrounding infrastructure, we plan to visit again before the completion of the Pearl River complex in front of the hotel."
"The service of a five-star hotel is also top-notch. The gym, swimming pool, and room service are all satisfactory. I want to come again next time! !"
"I am satisfied with the modern design, clean room conditions and friendly staff."
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7 Reviews
3F, 21 Jong-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
"The staff is very friendly and the transportation is very convenient because it is close to Jonggak Station~~ There are many restaurants, bars and convenience stores near the hotel, so it is very good! The room is also very tidy and satisfactory"
"I stayed for a total of 2 days, but I am very satisfied to extend it by 1 day. The service is very good, and most importantly, the facilities are also very good, so next time I come to Seoul, I will definitely come again."
"It is a new hotel and the location is particularly good. It only takes 5 minutes from Jonggak subway station to the hotel. The surrounding area is full of food festival places to eat. Will stay here again next time."
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6 Reviews
Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu14-14, Seoul, South Korea
"The Anne house_1/Hongdae/3rooms+2bathroom is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Anne house_1/Hongdae/3rooms+2bathroom offers a pleasant stay in Seoul for those traveling for business or leisure. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 4km from Yongsan and 10km from Gimpo International Airport. Being just minutes away from Hongik Univ. Metro Station allows guests to explore the city with ease. Guests will find Happy Day Spa, Cookin' NANTA (Hongdae) and KT&G Sangsangmadang Design Square just a short distance from the hotel. When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. "
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127 Reviews
606, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu,, Seoul, South Korea
23.7km from Gimpo International Airport
8.2km from Cheongnyangni
9.5km from Seoul Railway Station
50m from Samseong
700m from Bongeunsa station
8.1km from Cheongnyangni
9.1km from Yongsan
"I made a reservation for a general king room on the upper floor, but I paid 30,000 won more and got an upgrade to the deluxe COEX view. This is God's hand!!!! View is amazing It's next to the road, so if you're sensitive, it would be better to just get a normal view. I wasn't able to sleep well after waking up in the middle due to the sound of the air purifier and air conditioner, maybe because the hotel is older than the car noise. All of the staff are very friendly I was doing a hocance tour hahaha I stopped by the Shilla Seoul Hotel, but even with the same deluxe room, the Hyatt is much bigger!! Especially the bathtub size was great Elbe is a little annoying because he has to go up to the lobby and change.. Rice was a set menu because of the corona, so I ate Gangnam Originally, I didn't eat well in the morning, so I ate a little Kukyeokkuyeok. The taste is just like home rice.. Orange juice zone taste~~ It’s a little disappointing because it’s a day."
"The location is very good because it's right in front of Samsung station. I asked for a high-rise room and I was assigned to a room with a great view. The view was so pretty and the room had a high ceiling so it looked more spacious and comfortable. By the way, the pool is pretty and small ~~ There is no separate dressing room so you have to go back and forth in the room I originally reserved a bakery for dinner outside, but the night view from the room was so beautiful that I canceled it and ate it in my room ~ I think the cityview is almost the best among the five star hotels I have been to in Korea. The bathroom is also pretty ~ I could see outside the window in the bathtub, and the space is spacious. And while you went out for a while, you cleaned up and brought a new towel and water ~ However, the lights did not work for a while while I went out for a while, I asked for repairs."
"I made a reservation because the location of the hotel was good! However, given the location, traffic noise must be taken into account. Bus & motorcycle noise all night is no joke ㅠㅠ The service wasn't on the hard side, but it was good! I ordered room service, but the people answering the phone should be more friendly. Cleanliness is very, very good!! The size of the room was also good for a deluxe room, so there was no problem with two people using it. I don't know if I will visit next time."
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446 Reviews
97 Saemunan-ro Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
15.3km from Gimpo International Airport
2.0km from Seoul Railway Station
3.5km from Yongsan
180m from Gwanghwamun
590m from Gyeongbokgung
1.8km from Seoul Railway Station
4.7km from Yongsan
"After paying about KRW 15,000 at check-in, it is possible to upgrade the room. The spacious and full-screen city view was great! The location was good, there were many nearby restaurants, and Yuyuan was also delicious. But... it wasn't the hotel's problem, but I got on the elbe exclusively for the room to go down to the lobby, but someone vomited on the elbe floor, and my husband stepped on it without knowing it.... In that state, I emit air from the 23rd floor to the lobby I had to come down while in charge.. ㅜ Talking to the lobby, you already knew. Wouldn't it be nice if you handled it earlier?. ㅜ All was good, but the image was a little bad because of Sat."
"The corner suite view was great. It's a good place to visit when the price is good. I used Yu Yuan, who received a Michelin One Star, and the service was good... The food just did. The tofu dish with truffle was okay, The fried noodles with soy sauce in egg were a bit bad to say that it tastes like a hotel Chinese restaurant. But the location is good, and you can walk to Bukchon, Gyeongbokgung, etc. I am not very bored. When you go, bring your sportswear and swimwear, so be sure to use the fitness and swimming pool! Especially the fitness club facilities are large and very good."
" Excellent staff from the front desk team to the turn-down service; each person is friendly and goes above and beyond to ensure a great stay. Having stayed at all the 5 Star hotels in Seoul, I can honestly attest, none are up to the top quality of The Four Seasons in Seoul. Excellent location, and amazing views from all sides. (Due to Covid, I have been in Seoul for nine months now, a great place as the city is safe and clean.). "
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254 Reviews
10, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
11.5km from Gimpo International Airport
2.0km from Yeongdeungpo Station
3.4km from Yongsan
540m from Yeouido
590m from Yeouinaru
1.9km from Yeongdeungpo Station
"Despite the many requests, the staff were always friendly and the service was really good. Happy Hour Finger Food has a good composition and taste. Unfortunately, the breakfast was delicious. The view was good and the condition of the room was satisfactory!! We had a happy holiday that was well worth the money! I would like to stay at Conrad again next time. "
"This is a place I use often, so I am always satisfied, and the facilities are of course neat. The staff are friendly and there is little inconvenience every time you use it. "
"It is a place that is always satisfied, all the staff are friendly, and when there is a request, it is convenient to use it because it is processed quickly. "
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0 Reviews
Bulkwang Dong 486-22 Eunpyeong Gu, Seoul, South Korea
"Hotel MAC (EUNPYEONG) is located in eunpyeong-gu, seoul. Hotel MAC (EUNPYEONG) has a comfortable room for a break after a busy schedule. Booking at the Mac Hotel will make your trip to Seoul more comfortable. You can take a rest in the hotel or look around the sights. The hotel has a convenient parking space. Many travelers rated it as a great hotel. This hotel is highly recommended for travelers who care about location."
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