Top 10 Hantang International Hotels

Top 10 Hantang International Hotels


21 Reviews
No.17-19 Xitangzi Hutong, Beijing, China
28.7km from Capital International Airport
2.9km from Beijing Railway Station
430m from Dengshikou
"A courtyard house like this in the city center is definitely very nice. But we arrived at the hotel room after four o'clock and was not ready... But the front desk staff was very enthusiastic and flexible, and first gave us a room in the main building for the children to rest. The next day, I didn't come to clean at 4pm. I don't know if it is understaffed. Other than that, it was very good, and the breakfast was excellent."
"The privacy is very good, it is quiet, and the neighborhood is also very busy. There are also dim sum afternoon tea. The price/performance ratio is okay, but it is a worthy experience! ! Service attitude is good"
"There is an underground parking lot and you have to pay for it yourself. The privacy of residence is very good, and the quality of customer service is great."
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490 Reviews
No.1 Gongmenqian Street, Beijing, China
36.7km from Capital International Airport
9.8km from Qinghe Railway Station
730m from Beigongmen
"I like it very much~ a very pleasant experience. It took about 40 minutes to drive from Dongcheng District. It was a bit hot in Beijing these two days. When I walked into the lobby, the waiter kindly served sour plum soup, which was cool and delicious~ Miss sister was very gentle and thoughtful like We introduce hotel facilities~ The welcome fruits exchanged are much richer than I expected. Refreshments, fruits, melon seeds... It’s great... The mini bar in the room is free (except for the wine above). Just eat a little bit and go swimming. There are not many people in the indoor swimming pool. It is very comfortable to take a bath after swimming (36 degrees in Beijing in May). The quilt and room temperature are extremely comfortable. Most of the breakfast is ordered by myself, so the taste is very good, the fried dough stick tofu brain is amazing to me~ the disadvantage is that the meal is a bit slow~ it doesn’t matter, slow down, take a sip of coffee, look at the sky under the eaves, and look at the lotus. It’s the rhythm of vacation...it’s very convenient to enter the Summer Palace from the back door, just call when you come back, and there will be a staff member to pick you up~ Next time I come, I will make an appointment to watch a movie in the evening~ a pleasant trip"
"The family celebrated their birthday, so I chose the expensive Yihe Aman Hotel to stay for two days. I asked for two common rooms and a suite, and the three rooms were arranged together, which was very user-friendly. The environment is the same as the royal garden, and the decoration has Beijing cultural heritage. The buffet breakfast is exquisite, the swimming pool is clear and there are few people, and the services of various departments are also in place. I went to the Summer Palace from the hotel secret road four times in two days, and it was very good. Leave a good impression on the whole family!"
"The entire hotel is prominently solemn and quiet. Aman is still not disappointing as always! Located in the Royal Manor, the Summer Palace is just a small door. The breakfast is different from the chaos of other hotels' buffet style. On the contrary, the breakfast in Aman is semi-buffet, cooked to order, and even a plate of poached eggs. They are all very delicately presented, and the details are everything! This is definitely the hotel I have to stay in when I come to Beijing"
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398 Reviews
No.269 Wangfujing Street, Beijing, China
31.2km from Capital International Airport
2.6km from Beijing Railway Station
640m from Wangfujing
"This is my first time staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Beijing. It is easy to find near Wangfujing, and there is no parking around. The hotel entrance is ok, and the welcoming guests are very enthusiastic to help with luggage from the car door. The lobby of the hotel is slightly small, and the front desk is very nice for check-in. I also upgraded the room for free, which was unexpected. Thank you very much. The room is not too big, the toilet and the shower bathtub are separated very well! The rooms are Chinese style, with elements of the Forbidden City, kettle and tea, and many Villeroy & Boch tea cups and coffee cups are very delicate. A few days after staying in, I feel: all services are very detail-oriented, and the sanitation is very good. For example, I like to spread a bath towel on the makeup stool, and they will help me to lay a new one, which is very economical and environmentally friendly. The spirit agrees very much. The bathtub is also cleaned every day, and the drinking water is provided daily enough to make tea. An appointment is required for swimming, for 2 people at a time. The service was also very attentive. I saw that my slippers were a little tight, so I immediately took the initiative to change the size of the slippers to me. The most touching thing is that on June 22, the hotel helped us decorate the room and presented cakes, snacks, fruits and drinks, which left a good birthday impression for the children. The breakfast is semi-buffet. You can choose from Western and Cantonese styles. There are many varieties of fruits. The freshly cooked pasta tastes good, and the quality of salmon, yogurt, and salad are good. The most important thing is the Forbidden City view. Thanks to the front office operations director, handsome Shanghai guy, and thank guest relations MOWFJ for all the meticulously prepared everything for us! Mandarin Oriental loved it!"
"During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, I stayed in the Mandarin room of this hotel for three consecutive days (you can see the Forbidden City), the front desk staff (especially the one with short hair, my son likes her), the concierge at the door (every time I get off the car and take the initiative to open the door and Warmly say welcome back), room attendants (clean and tidy), restaurant waiters (polite and responsive), all give people a feeling of being at home. The location is close to several attractions, but you still have to walk 10-20 minutes to bring your baby (Forbidden City or Tiananmen Square), but the Hamrez toy store is diagonally opposite the hotel, children’s world, take my son to go to the toy every day shop. The hotel is together with Wangfu Central, which is very convenient for eating, drinking and shopping. The room type is a Mandarin room. From the room you can see the Forbidden City, the national flag, and the Monument to the People's Heroes. The breakfast is semi-buffet, ordered according to the menu. After eating for three days in a row, I was a bit tired of eating, this is no way. The hardware and software are not picky, and the toiletries and water to drink are all top-notch. Next time I come to Beijing, I will still choose this hotel and recommend friends to stay in this hotel."
"The quality, taste and class of the Mandarin Hotel are very good, and they are all first-class hotels in Beijing. The lobby area is small, and it is located in the Central Shopping Plaza. There are many high-end brand stores here. You can buy everything you want here. The rooms are modern and equipped with minibars of good quality. It is suitable for young and fashionable people with spending power to stay here, and it is convenient for shopping nearby. There is a toy shop in Hamres opposite the hotel, which is very suitable for buying toys for children."
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1626 Reviews
33 East Chang'an Avenue,, Beijing, China
30.7km from Capital International Airport
2.6km from Beijing Railway Station
330m from Wangfujing
"A hotel with a sense of history, a century-old shop, and the location of the banquet of the founding ceremony. Its meaning is to Beijing as the Peace Hotel is to Shanghai, of course, the level of refinement of the Peace Hotel will be more refined. The hotel has an excellent location. It is very convenient to walk to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City on foot. It is next to Wangfujing Street. There are plenty of choices for eating. The subway station is at the door, and it is very convenient to go to the scenic spot. Very cost-effective. I will choose this one when I go to Beijing in the future."
"This time I brought my granddaughter to Beijing Hotel NUO. The service staff was warm and attentive. She also upgraded the suites for me and my granddaughter. The granddaughter likes it very much. Tiananmen Square and the subway station are very close, and I feel very good overall!"
"The service is excellent, the attitude is very good, the mattress and pillows are very comfortable. The most important thing is that the location of the hotel is very good. It is too close to Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing. There is also a turndown service that makes people feel very intimate🌟"
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33 Reviews
No.26 Weijia Hutong, Beijing, China
27.0km from Capital International Airport
4.1km from Beijing Railway Station
540m from Zhangzizhonglu
"Old courtyard Seriously comment For the new exhibition of the National Museum of China, I deliberately stayed nearby for one night, quiet in the noisy, parking is fairly convenient (the hospital underground parking lot charges 170 higher for 21 hours), although the floor heating is not turned on, the air conditioning is turned on in advance, and the door is warm as spring. Comfortable bedding, coffee machine (Nescafe) and free soft drinks 1The gauze curtain is damaged, the chair cushion and linen need to be replaced, there is no charging socket at the head of the bed, and no do not disturb setting 2 Although the shower is good, the water outlet is seriously blocked 3 There is no electric toilet, the toilet seat heating is very useful this season 4The backrest chair is poor in comfort 5 The air conditioner is turned off at night and there is still noise from unknown sources 6 The South Yard is close to the front desk, so the standard room in the North Yard is generally "upgraded" to the South Yard for convenience, unless the South Yard is fully booked 7In fact, it should be restored to the real old Beijing lifestyle, such as the frontier Kang 8 The color painting feathers are okay, the characters, landscapes and ancient pictures are not enough. It seems that the people in the Forbidden City will not be able to paint for a month or two. Strong In the cross talk, it’s actually a good model to exaggerate residences. There are no sea yards, tea foam-colored fish tanks, eight-foot-tall oleanders, etc., and the open-air machine is drawn, and there is no cave. 10 The claim that the concubine of the Ming Dynasty gave the title to the father is open to question. Although the concubine of the Ming Dynasty mostly came from the neighboring districts and counties in order to prevent the autonomy of the foreign relatives, it seems that the reward for half of the state head must be a large courtyard. 11The taste of breakfast is indeed better than that of general hotel and bed and breakfast, but there are not many varieties and colors, and there are not many choices. Lipton for black tea should be above Twinings In short, Amman, outside of the Waldorf Astoria courtyard, is the most formal courtyard homestay in Beijing. Although the price is not as good as the six-star Wenhua, it is basically a five-star hotel in Beijing. It is worth experiencing"
"I went to Beijing to see the Forbidden City's 600th Anniversary Exhibition. My wife wanted to experience the courtyard house. I booked a night temporarily. The overall experience was very good. There are too few reviews from Ctrip. Write it seriously. The location of the hotel is easy to find. A lady greeted me warmly at the door, and the check-in process was very kind. I booked the administrative room of the South Court, which faces the north and faces the south. It is the main room of the entire courtyard. The overall design of the interior is in Ming and Qing style, with various old furniture, which is very charming. In the afternoon, I wanted to have a French meal in the evening, because the hotel had arranged an important reception and was declined. A little bit unwilling to give up, I didn't expect to meet the hotel owner by chance, and let us arrange it without saying anything. French cuisine is a highlight of this stay. The taste is rich and the plate is exquisite. It can be seen that the British chef has worked in Mi San. The French breakfast on the second day was equally high and impressive. In particular, I would like to give a name to classmate Xiao Cui. During the meal, we not only helped us choose red wine and introduced the dishes, but also took us to taste the 3-barrel and single-barrel Macallan for 18 years, and visited the owner’s wine cabinet worth ten million. The history and culture of whisky gave us a lot of points for this trip. Overall, this stay is very satisfactory, but I still ask a few questions: In terms of hardware, the headlights and curtains in the living room were damaged, the eaves were cracked, and they were not repaired in time; In terms of software, the overall service level has room for improvement. For example, no one introduced us to the history of the yard and all kinds of antiques, which I checked online and later Xiao Cui told us. I hope that the old home can get better and better, and I look forward to staying next time."
"Very good experience, the small life in the alleys is embellished with a little exquisite luxury. Chinese and Western atmosphere, floor heating in the room, Toto Premium bathroom equipment, Hermès, Ferragamo toiletries, bathing and bathing are quite comfortable. The bed is particularly comfortable, I don’t want to get out of it when I’m stuck in it. For breakfast, the portion is a little bit small. When ordering the meal the night before, I suggest you have a serving of everything. The next day’s breakfast will be quite rich 😂 because everything is It's small and delicate, and it tastes great."
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645 Reviews
No.1 Wangfujing Street, Beijing, China
28.0km from Capital International Airport
3.6km from Beijing Railway Station
180m from National Art Museum
"Look at the picture, what else can I say? The stay is over, all aspects of the hotel, Beijing's top-notch, do not accept rebuttal. The breakfast room type and all kinds of cheese bread cold cuts are the top echelon of Chinese Western food. This meal starts at 400. To talk about suggestions, I suggest using the warm colors in my pictures for the room promotional pictures of Ctrip and other software, otherwise people think that this hotel has a cold personality. I think most people still like to be high-end and warm at the same time. Bright lights are warm colors, and there is no need to turn them into cool colors in publicity. Of course I don't mind using the pictures I took, the only drawback is that the aunt cleaned the room and didn't knock on the door. And I don’t think the comment area is an exception. You really need to pay attention to this. If you encounter a more serious case, you will directly file a lawsuit with you."
"Advantages: The room is large in size, the sight is open, the room is clean and tidy, and the decoration is also on my point; both the check-in and check-out process are very efficient, the attitude is kind and welcoming, very polite, and will greet you when you come in and out; yes Basically, the needs were solved immediately. The child felt sick in the stomach and vomited up. After a phone call, someone helped to clean it up. The hotel is in a good location, and it is close to the Forbidden City or Tiananmen Square. Disadvantages: The room features the Forbidden City or Jingshan view, which is really invisible; there are really few types of breakfast; there is no child guardrail"
"After staying with Puli and the previous Purashang, it is obvious that the service of Puxuan can't keep up. First of all, there was no welcome drink when I checked in, and there was still no welcome drink when I was told that the room was not ready and I needed to wait. We had to take the initiative to arrange to go to the lobby bar. This awareness is a bit unsatisfactory. On duty foreign management was present on the day, the restaurant’s service and efficiency were very high, even the taste of the food was relatively average, and it was a little bit different from the Michelin expectations. The view of the guest room is very general, and the room is relatively small. There is no shoe-changing stool after the box is placed on the island in the cloakroom. This is also a point of ill-consideration. In addition, even the May Day staying in the room did not even have a welcome fruit. . ."
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768 Reviews
No.1 Ziyu East Road, Beijing, China
25.6km from Capital International Airport
12.1km from Qinghe Railway Station
2.2km from Datunlu East
"Very good, very good, very good. The children are so happy to have fun. The adults are also happy. The ecological environment has nothing to say. The service is good. The handsome guys and the beauties are very enthusiastic. Who said that the breakfast is not rich but the kind of Cantonese morning tea is very good. When I went to the mini bar in the Sanya house, I didn’t feel that I was in the mini bar in the Sanya house. I just drank it on my husband’s birthday and gave a cake. It was really good. When I checked out, I extended an hour and went for a swim. I’m happy, let’s talk about the insufficiency. In the summer, there is no need to set the soup pool room. There are many mosquitoes. There are always small bugs in the pool. When the weekend comes, the bathroom is full. There is a problem with the sink water. I can’t change the room. Will come again indefinite Tangchi room"
"There are fewer staff, breakfast if more guests may not be busy; there are more mosquitoes on the lower floor of the soup pool premises, half of the water in the room is released, the bath towel is taken away, the water is not changed, and it takes a long time to change the pool water; There is no phone in the room, you need to add WeChat contact, there is no elevator explanation that the old building is not developed, the bath leakage is not good, the bath is wet the entire bathroom, there is no anti-slip mat, the old child should pay attention to ⚠️ facilities are poor, but I particularly want to praise the staff's service awareness is very good, I have met my requests, from the lobby to the restaurant to the room service, they are very polite to meet, carry luggage, change towels, find our left bags in time, patiently introduce animal habits and see where they live, I took the old and the kids and thank them very much for their care"
"This is the fourth time I have come to Zaihe. I haven't come for several years, and there are more animals. I feel that this hotel is especially suitable for children. There is free afternoon tea, a lot of drinks in the refrigerator can be drunk for free, and homemade biscuits and cakes are also given before leaving. There are a lot of animals. The comparison vending machine is next to the big lawn. It costs 10 yuan a pack, carrots or mixed bird food, and has a large swimming pool, Balinese style, and a hot spring full of ducks. In short, children like it very much."
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1527 Reviews
No.2 Jianguomen Outer Street, Beijing, China
29.1km from Capital International Airport
3.8km from Beijing Railway Station
300m from Guomao
"This time I came to Park Hyatt mainly for the hotel environment, grade and location. It is located in China World Trade Center and it is convenient to do everything in the east. Service: Rating 5/5 From arriving at the store, the doorman took the initiative to drive the door and send luggage to the room. The lady at the front desk smiles very sweetly, which makes people feel that she is sincerely serving you. After check-in, the manager will send SMS greetings, and the waiter is also very good when cleaning the room. The cleaning is very meticulous. I noticed that the tiled part of the floor is mopped and washed every day. There are also fresh welcome fruits every day Design experience: Rating 4/5 This time I stayed in a cbd view big bed room, about 40-50 square meters. The house design is more reasonable for single guests. This area is also the most suitable area for single occupancy. It will not be small, cramped, nor It's too big to be scary after turning off the lights. The house is divided into two areas, a rest area by the window and a living and washing area by the door. The area in front of the bed is wide, with a bedside sofa and a large table, making it relatively convenient to meet guests. The washing area has a large bath area, and the cloakroom and washstand are hidden on the back, so even if you don’t usually clean up, you won’t be embarrassed when you come 🤓 The disadvantage is that the house facilities are slightly outdated, the air-conditioning is loud and the cooling is not effective, the low-floor rooms will face the Yintai office building at some angles, and the blinds of the rooms are often closed during the day, but compared to the view, the flaws are not concealed. Transportation: Rating 5/5 Not to mention the traffic, just a taxi, about 100m walk downstairs from the subway station, and there are plenty of parking spaces Dining: Rating 5/5 On the 63rd floor, there is Chinese food inside the lobby, which can be considered as creative dishes, with all kinds of dishes. I ate 700+ for one person at noon and left a lot. Generally speaking, about 500 is ok (I have a small appetite) Take the direct elevator to the 63rd floor of the lobby and then turn left and take the glass elevator. The upper 65th floor is a bar. The scenery is good. It usually opens until 1 o'clock. It seems to be until 2 o'clock on Friday and 6th. However, the order time is earlier. The 66th floor is Western food, breakfast is also eaten here, the variety is average, but the scenery is invincible, sometimes there is no seat when I go late. I went to eat once in the evening, and the cost per person was about 1800, but generally it should be able to get it for about 1000 per person. There is no upper limit if it can be created 😂 There are more couples, eat less meat and more dog food. That night was the weekend. I was busy in the room and forgot the time. When I went to the restaurant, the lady at the front desk was very enthusiastic but told me that there was no seat. I said I would starve to death if I didn’t eat it. news. Because I was too lazy to get out of the door, I called me when I was even ready to order takeout, and then reserved a seat for me and asked me to come directly. The service was very good. The food is served quickly and there are many waiters, so you will not be left out. In the end, I forgot to order desserts, and I couldn't eat them anymore. The waiter took the initiative to say that he could return it for help, praise! Note: Because the lobby is on the top floor of 63, you need to take the internal elevator to sit down to the lobby first, and then sit straight from the lobby to the first floor, which is a little inconvenient, but the advantage is that it is safer and more private. In addition, the window is indeed a bit dirty, but if you look at the big pants, you can see that Beijing will not last long after cleaning it."
"Yesterday I stayed in the deluxe double room and ordered the package on Ctrip. It also includes happy hour (afternoon tea + evening snacks and drinks). Generally speaking, the cp value is high. Afternoon tea, snack styles are less, but the taste can still provide hot food in the evening. Dim sum and red and white wine cocktails. The service staff emily is very conscientious and the service is very in place and attentive. He also prepared new cocktails for us. Because the front desk called to the front desk and no one answered the question, the front desk legerie Zhang Yuxin is very sorry for this, and also gave us a satisfactory answer and compensation. The problem is handled efficiently and the customer's requirements are met. Afternoon tea time on the second day, the waiter Chloe asked about our experience in Park Hyatt and said that there are many areas that need to be improved. As consumers, they hope that the hotel can get better and better. The five-star hotels I stayed in before did not seem to have such in-depth understanding. Guests staying in the hotel feel that Park Hyatt is the first to encounter it. This also shows that Hyatt Group still pays attention to the experience of guests in the modern society where the hotel industry pursues hardware facilities. In short, although it is not so perfect during the stay, these three service staff Make this stay experience a big plus!"
"This time our two families are traveling together, two mothers with four children. The service staff of the hotel are very nice 👍 very kind! I just met my girlfriend for her birthday and prepared balloons. I asked Coraline from the concierge to help us in the room while we were playing in the Forbidden City. I thought it was just to decorate the things I prepared, but I didn't expect the romantic lamp to make rose petals! I also gave a bottle of red wine, warm and touching. The point is, he knows that my friend likes Hello Kitty and drew a card for him himself. It’s so hard! ❤️The full housekeeping service is in place to meet all our needs as much as possible, which is really touching. In addition, Chole on the 62nd floor helped us place an order with the kitchen in advance to let us spend a whole day outside. We can enjoy the hot food as soon as we arrive at the hotel! All the care and care is great just like family! The breakfast is very rich, basically you can finish lunch, no need to eat! It's cost-effective to purchase this package for free extra beds. Next time I go to Beijing, I will definitely choose Park Hyatt Hotel again! Looking forward to going again next time."
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977 Reviews
No.1 Jinchengfang East Road, Financial Street, Beijing, China
33.7km from Capital International Airport
6.5km from Beijing North Railway Station
1.2km from Lingjing Hutong
"Many years ago, Carlton’s breakfast eggs left a deep impression on me. This time I came here for the unboiled eggs. The wonderful experience started from the duty manager Manager Wang helping me postpone the house, so that I can fully enjoy it. During the journey, afternoon tea in the package starts at 2 o’clock, it seems that there is a simple dinner; after the meal, you can admire the hotel’s artwork, and go to the basement floor to make an appointment for the swimming pool for the next day. Manager Wang also helped me arrange a room in Xiangdong. I saw the Forbidden City and the National Grand Theater directly. Breakfast was a la carte + simple buffet. The fried eggs were still perfect. The restaurant also packed lemonade for me, which was perfect. The handsome guy in the bar is also very active, warm and friendly. He had lunch in the lobby bar at noon. Bibimbap and udon noodles are good. The swimming pool facilities are all available, the hot tub is very comfortable, and the swimming pool can watch movies. The tree in the lobby is lively, and the parking lot is in Zone C below Jingou."
"The location is good, connected to the Financial Street Shopping Center. But when I went to the gym at noon today, I felt a little uncomfortable. There was a female guest who used the gym as her home, and she spoke with a loud voice. Later, she saw a person in the swimming pool with the word lifeguard on her clothes coming over and saying something loudly with her. No one else seemed to be talking about women. Bin's children in the swimming area have a lot of matters. The behavior of the female guest is not to be discussed, the key is that the staff should still be in a working state, after all, there are other guests nearby. In addition, other staff in the gym also have the responsibility to remind guests of improper behavior. Although the time does not last long, but I feel uncomfortable. I always feel that it shouldn't happen in Ritz-Carlton. In addition, the restaurant on the executive floor is a bit too rudimentary, and the coffee is okay."
"I chose the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Beijing’s Financial Street for my family trip. The hotel’s door was not very conspicuous. The receptionist was very Nice, and she upgraded her suite, and her liking for the hotel instantly increased. The interior decoration has a strong business atmosphere, the space is spacious, the environment is tidy, and the service attitude is also very good. The breakfast is quite satisfactory, and it is at the middle or lower level in the ritz I have stayed in. The hotel gives me a personal feeling that the style is more like the little brother Westin under the banner of Marriott, and I hope to make the ritz taste stronger in the future. In short, the family is very satisfied, and will come to live if there is a chance in the future."
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1923 Reviews
No.27 North 4th Ring Road, Beijing, China
28.8km from Capital International Airport
9.6km from Beijing North Railway Station
1.2km from Olympic Green
"Overall a great stay, the room was spacious, upgraded from viewing room to superior viewing room, which was supposed to be an emergency, but there were welcome postcards on the table to go to the room. Also equipped with fresh fruit newspaper etc, bought some daily necessities concierge to help get to the room, regrettably did not eat breakfast, but the hotel also helped pack some basic breakfast to the room, these service attitude and service details are better than other five star hotels Too much. Besides, his hair dryer is so easy to use, it's softer than Dyson's, and he's going home to do it himself. If you have to pick a problem, it's only fair to say that after a dozen years of hotels, some hardware can be properly polished and updated. Overall a 10 point experience and a very happy anniversary with my girlfriend"
"Pangu should be relatively high-end. But the facilities are relatively old. The deepest sound is the sound. The boss is fine. But the CD player/radio does not have Bluetooth. . . The bed in the designated standard room is quite big. The room is quite big. There are not too many other feelings. After all, it is not very close to the subway. The service is so-so. Parking is free but the room number must be tied. It's troublesome. For breakfast, the variety is okay. There are rice rolls. There are steamed pork ribs. The freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice for breakfast is thin like water. Then the young lady at the rice noodle stall was stunned. My friend said he wanted a bowl of rice noodles. She said no. Then we asked what it was. Said this is rice noodles. . . It's embarrassing. . . And there is no halogen. Only seaweed and shrimp skins. I did not feel any bright spots after writing the review experience."
"The voucher I bought on Ctrip before, the front desk was very nice and upgraded to a luxury room, with welcome fruit, free minibar, and was amazed by the buffet dinner. Except for the big lobster, the lo-mei and abalone juice series are very delicious. The breakfast is late because the children wake up Only caught up to the last ten minutes, didn't eat too much but the quality was good. The swimming pool is great and it's basically a private one. The only regret is that I forgot to bring bath towels for the children, the hotel does not have children's bathrobes."
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