Top 10 Hong Loan Hotels

Top 10 Hong Loan Hotels


10 Reviews
Chaussée De Charleroi 28, Brussels, Belgium
15.5km from Brussels Airport
2.1km from Gare Du Luxembourg
2.1km from Bru.-Luxemburg/brux.-Luxembourg
550m from Louise
690m from Hôtel des Monnaies
2.3km from Brussels Central Station
2.1km from Brux./Brus.-Luxemb.
15.5km from Brussels National Airport
1.8km from Brussels-South Railway Station
1.8km from Gare Du Luxembourg
"Very good (*๓ ́╰╯`๓)♡😊"
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23 Reviews
Rue de l'Amigo 1-3, Brussels, Belgium
15.4km from Brussels Airport
530m from Brussels Central Station
2.7km from Gare Du Luxembourg
530m from Gare Centrale
660m from De Brouckère
15.4km from Brussels National Airport
1.7km from Brussels-South Railway Station
"The favorite hotel in this trip to Europe. The room is a little bit small, but the bed is super comfortable~ Parking is valet parking. The parking fee is very convenient. The service attitude is super good. The room is also very nice! Great location, very close to the place; the hotel is full of small cartoon details of Tintin too cute and spicy! It’s a veteran European luxury hotel. Love is love! The only downside is that there is no view from the window, and it is blocked by the tall buildings in the Grand Place (maybe other rooms are not like this). I heard that this year will open in Shanghai. I have to look forward to it!"
"The service attitude is first-class, this must be praised, because the room is facing the linen room, the cleaning car enters the door and the door is very loud. The hotel immediately reacts after knowing it. After returning to the hotel, we see a towel on the linen door. 👍The room is very clean and the defects are small, small and small! We set a 32 square meter luxury room, actually about 22 square meters"
"The hotel location is very good. Close to the train station and attractions, shopping is convenient. Although the rooms are not very large, they are comfortable and clean. The hotel reception staff was also very nice. Many family-run hotels in Italy use the Amigo Hotel as an attraction. In short, I will choose to stay next time I go to Brussels."
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Very Good
29 Reviews
Excelsiorlaan 2, Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
4.4km from Brussels Airport
1.7km from Zaventem Train Station
1.7km from Zaventem Station
4.4km from Brussels National Airport
1.3km from Zaventem Train Station
"Arrivés dimanche soir 21h20, restaurant fermé le dimanche.... Mehrak, la réceptionniste, a été juste formidable Crevés de notre voyage nous ne voulions pas bouger pour dîner, et elle nous a concocté trois assietes de pâtes Son professionnalisme et son dévouement sont à souligner"
"The hotel is close to the airport, there is a parking lot, next to the highway, good value for money, can't find anything to eat on the walk around, good breakfast, dinner can also be settled in the hotel, good value for money."
"J'ai séjourné dans cet hôtel car mon avion était tôt le matin. L'hôtel est à 5 minutes en voiture de l'aéroport. Il n'est pas cher. Il est plutôt propre (j'ai trouvé toutefois des poils dans la salle de bain). L'hôtel est assez défraîchi et aurait besoin d'au moins un coup de peinture. Mais, pour une nuit pas très chère près de l'aéroport, il fait le job. Sans plus."
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10 Reviews
Rue Du Colombier 4, Brussels, Belgium
16.1km from Brussels Airport
1.1km from Brussels Central Station
1.1km from Noord Station
350m from De Brouckère
500m from Rogier
16.1km from Brussels National Airport
"Hotel location was excellent but downhill from there. Room very large. 2 single beds and one double. Double bed was comfortable but single beds had no top sheet. Bedding deffo not like the advertised pictures. Single beds had some stains on the quilts and no quilt covers on them. Lights not working and the wiring for the television was dangerous. Noisy till about 3ish and people outside using the lane as a toilet - even during the day. The stairs are so dangerous and narrow that you have to carry cases etc sideways while trying to hold on to the handrail. There for 3 nights and bin emptied first day and nothing else in the room was touched beds towels floor etc."
"The only good thing about this hotel (if you can name it a hotel), is it's location in the center of Bruxelles. Otherwise the place is horrible. There is no elevator, we had to carry our 20 kilo baggage on the 1,2 width stairs. The room for which we made reservation was a totally different room on the booing website. The room which was given to us on the 3rd floor it's not even on the booking site. In the bathroom and bedroom was a very unpleasant smell, the bedrooms window was very small and opened outside a weird, bad smelling area. The floor looked like a 20 years old, dirt floor, the bedding and towels had human hair on them (so they were not clean). Also there were no lamps on the nightstands as in the pictures u see online. In the bathroom, the shower cabin was broken, and was full of human hair on the floor. The hairdryer was out of function. Thanks to this conditions we had to search for another hotel in the same night. I don't recommend at all this place (COOP) to anyone!"
"Bed was terrible, left with back aching. Great location though. No stairs available, so you will have to carry your luggage upstairs. I didn't feel safe, as I barely saw someone at the reception. If you are really on a badget, go for it. Otherwise, choose something better."
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13 Reviews
Place Jourdan 1, Brussels, Belgium
13.2km from Brussels Airport
830m from Gare Du Luxembourg
890m from Bru.-Luxemburg/brux.-Luxembourg
980m from Schuman
1.0km from Maelbeek
890m from Brux./Brus.-Luxemb.
13.2km from Brussels National Airport
"Breakfast is always delicious in Europe! Personally feel pretty good! I haven't asked if I can add an extra bed, but the room suitable for children is not small, but you need to bring your own except for bath soap and slippers. However, the water, including sparkling water, is free of charge. The hotel location is not far from the city, there is a park next to it, and there is a European museum, which introduces the culture, art and history, which is pretty good! The subway station is about 8 minutes walk, so it is easy to go anywhere. The parking fee should not be cheap yet. Should visit again next time"
"The hotel is not in the business district, but I think it is one of the advantages. The hotel is about 5-10 minutes walk from the subway station. Everything nearby. Restaurants all over the world. There is also a farmers market in the square in front of the hotel on Sunday. Good hotel value for money, I recommend."
"Can be counted as the most satisfied hotel for this trip, European hotels are mostly old, this is very new, and the surrounding environment is also very modern. The rest was very good, and the hotel facilities were perfect, there were not many breakfast items, but enough to enjoy."
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16 Reviews
Avenue Louise 71, Brussels, Belgium
16.4km from Brussels Airport
3.0km from Gare Du Luxembourg
3.1km from Bru.-Luxemburg/brux.-Luxembourg
430m from Louise
820m from Porte de Namur
2.7km from Gare Du Luxembourg
3.1km from Brux./Brus.-Luxemb.
16.4km from Brussels National Airport
1.7km from Brux./Brus.-Luxemb.
1.7km from Gare Du Luxembourg
"The hotel is located near the shopping street. Walking past the Ferris wheel is also 500 meters. It is surrounded by shops and restaurants. If you are not used to Western food, there is a Chinese restaurant in the vicinity of Confucius. However, it is a little far from the attraction, and it is very convenient to call and call uber. The room is large with two queen size beds. There is no need for an extra bed with children. When I placed the order, I didn't see any breakfast. It was added to the hotel. The charge is 28 euros, which is quite rich. The hotel has valet parking and you don't have to worry about parking."
"The hotel is my favorite in Brussels. I have been working on the road except for the door. I have a little trouble. Others are perfect. The room is very modern. The design style is nostalgic. The modernist location is perfect. It is not far from the distance. The price is very reasonable. Hotel"
"The hotel is my first choice in Brussels. The design is especially beautiful. The location is also very good. The room is very big. The bed is very comfortable. The price is very good. The location is good. You can walk to the city center. There are a lot of breakfasts."
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51 Reviews
RUE DU FOSSÉ-AUX-LOUPS 47, Brussels, Belgium
16.3km from Brussels Airport
610m from Brussels Central Station
2.1km from Noord Station
340m from De Brouckère
610m from Gare Centrale
2.4km from Noord Station
16.3km from Brussels National Airport
1.4km from Noord Station
"I was very satisfied with all aspects of the hotel. The decoration is good, the front desk is friendly, the location is good, and the rooms are large. When I entered the room, I realized that it was a safety hazard. Be careful! Unfortunately, I was tripped over. The whole man flew out and hit the edge of the stone countertop. He also hit a bloody hole across the sweater. The skin was hurt but it hurts. It's been a day since I didn't dare to touch something on my elbow. The first time I looked for the hotel manager, I didn't apologize actively, until I asked him if there was any explanation, he underlined an I'm sorry. I said just sorry? He came to the room with no sincerity and looked at the scene, saying that all rooms are like this. European warnings are generally posted on glass doors. I said that you do n’t have glass doors. He told me that he could see the steps. Wrestling, this is the first time that happens, I go! Who is not the first time! . . . In short, I could not reason with him in English, and finally it became a safety advice to him, from the beginning to the end there was only one passive sorry. I reported to Ctrip afterwards that the customer service attitude was very good and kept apologizing, saying that they would help me negotiate with the hotel and gave me a little compensation. If you don't mind the safety hazards and don't need to be treated in special situations, you can book. Just a good hotel as long as you don't wrestle"
"The standard room and the superior room are quite different. When we first came, we stayed in the standard room. The bed was very soft. I didn't feel comfortable when I fell asleep. The bed was made up of two small beds. This time it was the last day to walk from Brussels and still booked this hotel. Because of some temporary conditions, I booked only a few superior rooms with Ctrip at the hotel door. Thanks for Ctrip's prompt response! In contrast, the superior room is really good. On the seventh floor, the bed is moderately soft and hard, the bathroom is large, and the forest shower is very comfortable. We ended up adding breakfast, 15 euros per person, but the breakfast at the European hotel is really not cost-effective, fruit yogurt, bread, egg coffee, that's all ... I actually ate some fruit after spending this money ... so Breakfast is still not recommended for the hotel. There is nothing to eat early in the vicinity of this hotel, unless you go to a nearby supermarket to buy some dry food the next day, or go to the center for breakfast later."
"The hotel lobby is under renovation, which will not affect breakfast and dining. Breakfast is rich with salmon sashimi. For twin rooms, there is no additional charge for two children, and there is no additional charge for breakfast. There is a parking lot, but the height is limited, and the rented car cannot be parked. The front desk took a map and told the nearby public parking lot, 16 euros a day, you can park your car."
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42 Reviews
Boulevard De Waterloo 38, Brussels, Belgium
15.3km from Brussels Airport
1.9km from Gare Du Luxembourg
1.9km from Bru.-Luxemburg/brux.-Luxembourg
260m from Louise
410m from Porte de Namur
1.9km from Brussels Central Station
1.9km from Brux./Brus.-Luxemb.
15.3km from Brussels National Airport
1.3km from Brussels Central Station
1.4km from Gare Du Luxembourg
"The hotel is generally good, the hardware and location are very good, otherwise it will not be booked before. I have not solved a problem and hope that Ctrip will assist you as soon as possible. I am Ctrip scheduled to guarantee a 400 Euro room fee. It is reasonable to pay 411 Euros when you arrive at the hotel. However, the hotel is debited for 511 Euros. It is said that there is a deposit. I think there may be a deposit of 100. However, please note that this is not a pre-authorization but has been debited. Later, when I checked out, I confirmed that it was still the same because of the train, and the hotel receipt was written 411 euros, so I left the store first. But so far, after one day of check-out, the answer to the credit card customer service is still a charge of 511 euros, and there is no cancellation and refund of 100 euros. I hope that Ctrip will deal with it as soon as possible. Ctrip has problems with the system for two days, so I have not reminded me. It seems that the app customer service system is not connected to the hotel after-sales department. In another comment, there was a similar deduction in the comments, which can be mutually confirmed. I believe this store may not have similar problems for the first time in this regard."
"Value for money, hotel decoration is very good, Nordic minimalist style, I like the floating platform and background wall design, breakfast is good, children are free, the hotel is a street of luxury jewelry, suitable for children who like shopping, at sunset, sitting on the floating platform , Drink a glass of wine and admire the views of Brussels city, good times!"
"Breakfast is not bad in the continental breakfast, we parked in the underground parking lot more than 100 meters from the hotel, 18 euros in 24 hours, this hotel may be the best and highest hotel in Brussels, the floor has a high view, feel Not bad, this street downstairs is a luxury street."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Chaussée de Charleroi 100-106, Brussels, Belgium
15.9km from Brussels Airport
2.4km from Gare Du Luxembourg
2.5km from Bru.-Luxemburg/brux.-Luxembourg
930m from Louise
1.0km from Hôtel des Monnaies
2.7km from Brussels Central Station
2.5km from Brux./Brus.-Luxemb.
15.9km from Brussels National Airport
"I travel to Brussels once or twice a year and this was my first time staying at the Manos Premier Hotel. The location is good, with some cute shops and a nice selection or restaurants in the area. It is not far from the shops on Avenue Louise. The first floor common spaces are beautiful, from the lobby to the breakfast room. The breakfast buffet was very good. The staff was always very accommodating. My room, was a bit of a disappointment. Very tiny and dark. I don't mind the tiny part, but when I can't see well, it is a problem. For instance, the large lamps on the bedside tables had black shades, which contributed to the lighting problem. Plus the window was frosted and added no natural light. There wasn't a secondary lock or chain on the door, which made me a bit nervous, but the elevator is controlled via a medallion attached to the room key so I guess that provides a level of security. I would try this hotel again because of the charm and excellent staff, but would definitely request (and pay for) a larger, brighter room. Most of the staff spoke very good English."
"Stayed for one night. At check in I was put in a very tine room with split level that nearly fitted a bed, bathroom was upstairs. I felt claustrophobic so asked for a bit larger room which they gave me. I noticed it was a smoking room , which they did not tell me, but I was tired and did not want to switch again. In the evening I visited the spa. Nice looking spa, however showers did not function properly, sauna was cold and there was not tap/cups with drinking water. Nowhere you could hang your towel, so some basics were missing. Also the shower head in the bathroom in the room did not work properly. Basic things I believe such hotel should stay on top of as it is so easy to repair and avoids giving a bad impression. Breakfast was awesome. At checkout I was surprised to find 25 euro on my bill for using the spa (for maybe 15 min). They said is was clearly indicated that is came at a charge, I may have missed that. A hotel like this should not charge extra for a spa, and if they do the spa should be flawless. Next time in Brussels I will probably stay someplace else."
"The venue is beautifully renovated, the best way possible seeing the global architecture. The garden is magnificent, probably one of the best in downtown Brussels. The service is perfect, warm and Belgian while very attentive. A special mention for the young man who took care of us at breakfast. Don t change anything, we ll be back. "
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26 Reviews
Boulevard Charlemagne 25-27, Brussels, Belgium
13.2km from Brussels Airport
430m from Schuman Station
1.1km from Gare Du Luxembourg
430m from Schuman
540m from Maelbeek
13.2km from Brussels National Airport
"Our stay was from 28/12/2019 - 01/01/2020 The Arrival: We arrived from airport at 9am in Brussels. We walked from city center to the hotel an easy, safe route straight roads all well lit and signed post. This took 25 minutes. A young male reception staff took our suitcases for us as the room was not available yet due to early arrival. This was no problem as we were able to explore the surroundings. Beautiful parks and museams all within a ten minutes walk (recommend to all). Check in is a 3pm. The Area: Now its the weekend you would expect more shops to be open around the hotel however it is the xmas period break so majority of shops were either closed, opened on evening or after 11am. There were some small market shops open to get snacks and goodies that were within a 15 minute walk in this particular area however once you walked into the town center their are plenty of stalls and shops. The hotel is located to the europeon commision office as the hotel is in the europeon district. Transport: €2.10/2.40 price of the tram/ train service direct to town center...Also a train that goes direct from airport to hotel stop (Schuman) which we caught on Way back home. Their is a tram pass for only €7.5 for the day where you can use at many places. We Travelled to Bruges and also Antwerp. Their is also a local bus service outside the hotel. Back To Hotel: It was now time to check in, the Older gentlemen at the reception this time did approach us differently to the 1st male. However this is because we are young 24/26. Once showing own manners the Older male was alot more open and friendly. He always had a smile and his face. Our room was 501. The Room: Alot of mixed reviews on this site. Here Is our thoughts. The room we were given was very spacious. It has a mini fridge which worked and nice and clean. Tea and coffee Facilities and a bottle of water for free. Usual shampoo and conditioner supplied for free. The Bed was the highlight, it was the Most comfortablest bed we have ever slept on and was an actual double bed not two twin beds which was pushed together which was a bonus. The blanket was perfect for the weather and given two plump pillows each. The room decor was Art work around which shown character. The shower was perfect for me however my husband who is 6.5ft made a big mess as the glass sides of the shower did not cover where the water moved due to height. This caused water to leak over the bath screen however was alright for me due to being 5.5ft. One thing we did notice although the carpet was cleaned not dirt or dust their were some bleach markings on the carpet but this did not ruin our stay. Black our curtains Were great. Air condtioning was also a bonus. Hotel Facilities: They served breakfast however we can't review it due to not having it as we always ate out as the price was a bit to much for breakfast. But we wished we did try ot as the area was comfy and friendly but also stylish. Travelling out for new years: Try every food"
"The city center is very convenient."
"STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. I booked this hotel stay in the summer during a heat wave. When we checked into the room it looked nothing like the photos. This was not a huge issue, but it was significantly more dated than expected and the room cleanliness was questionable. We noticed that there was not air conditioning in the room or a fan. Given the condition of the room and the temperature we went down stairs to ask to be moved. The front desk associate said that the hotel was fully booked so we could not be moved. At that point I asked to cancel my reservation with a refund for two of the three nights due to these circumstances (which would have been the charge had we never checked in). I felt this was fair given we spent 10 minutes in the room before we decided to book elsewhere. We then spoke with the Sales Manager who offered us to move rooms. This was not helpful since we had already booked another room given the front desk associate said that they were full. The sales manager eventually agreed to refund one night of the three night stay, which I do not think was fair but the hotel was so uncomfortable I just wanted to leave. When I came home I contacted Orbitz regarding the refund and they were not able to agree with the hotel to issue the refund. Ultimately it was a horrible experience with the staff of the hotel who at this point literally have both lied to me, and with the quality of the hotel; which was also misleading. STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE."
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