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"My first vacation with my 5 month old baby is so good! I couldn't go to Seamer because my baby was young, but the indoor and outdoor pools were great!! The baby is playing well in the water~~ The night view is so pretty, the photos come out well hehe It is possible to rent baby products, but I was worried that the baby bottle sterilizer was out of stock because I couldn't request it in advance, but fortunately the concierge center sterilized it~^^ I highly recommend it for a family vacation!!!"
"The first time I went, the room condition was good, and there was no inconvenience in using it. The gym and swimming pool facilities were good, and there is a convenience store and cafe (Paul Bassett) in the hotel."
"Paradise is so good anytime I go. The buffet is so delicious. I will go again next time!! It's clean, the bed is soft, the amenities are good, everything is good!!!"
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"Very friendly service, location and unique atmosphere. It is a pity that there is a little distance to walk to go to the main street and outside, but walking inside the hotel was a very different experience. The wind of foreign objects coming out of the coffee pot made me feel sarcastic, I was admired by the quick response and sensible response of the staff. I can’t go there often because of the price, but I’m not sure to visit again."
"While looking for a place to relax with my family, I visited the Hanok Hotel, which I had always wanted to go to. I was able to rest much more comfortably than I thought. I enjoyed playing classical games with my children. Above all, thank you for the kindness of the staff. Because of the corona, everyone rested so well at a time when everyone could be sensitive. "
"It’s a bit unfortunate that I just ate according to the time slot without a buffet because it’s Kosi soup I was a little embarrassed because the pack juice came out The best thing was that a clothespin came out on the powder room chair in the room Except for that, they were all kind and satisfied."
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"Four people went to the company workshop. There is nothing particularly delicious in Eulwangri other than the grilled clams, so this resort is really great. I stayed in the living room and sea view room for a week, but the room was clean and beautiful. Simple cooking is also possible, and the atmosphere of the medium-sized tatami room is particularly good. I want to come again next time."
"really good In addition to the sea view, Eulwangri Beach (Eulwangri Beach) is right in front of it. First of all, I am glad that it is close to the sea. The sunset in the room is really cool I also like this room very much, it's very clean. It's best because the bed doesn't even smell like disinfectant. Next time I go to play, I will stay here. Upload photos of the sea from the roomㅋㅋ"
"Since it is newly built, it is clean and has various facilities, so you can enjoy a lot of fun without going out. However, when I went to the beach to watch the sunset, it was really beautiful and the sea breeze was good Very good and tidy, so I want to go again, so I booked in the next month~ "
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"The service is great. I took the subway to T1 and contacted the front desk. There was a special car to pick you up at 3C. The driver would help you with your luggage. Five-star service is available. The hotel has a good view of the upper floors, the scenery is very beautiful, the hotel is clean, and the room air is pretreated, and the non-smoking rooms have no smell at all. The English communication is very fluent. The cafeteria downstairs is also great, it is a great value to book this one near the airport!"
"The temporary aircraft was changed and signed, the rooms are large, the service is good, the overall feeling of the hotel is okay, but the facilities are relatively old. There are swimming pools and small outdoor rides. It is far away from the airport T1 and it has to go around a big circle."
"Due to the corona, some facilities are difficult to use, but everything was so good, including room condition, swimming pool and fitness centre. However, breakfast was a bit unfortunate. Still, I had a great time. 100% return doctor"
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"Stayed here three times each time the room design is different, very wide, the experience is very good, the price is very reasonable and cheap, the bed is comfortable, the heating of the room is super hot, praise. The main problem is that some of the front desk will be biased towards Chinese tourists, and there is a need to check in the online booking of the room. It is not as convenient as other hotels to have a direct passport. It needs to be improved."
"Very design, service and location are generalized, about 10 minutes walk from the Metro Art Center Station. I have to say that it is not bad."
"Nice good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good"
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"Arrived late, but he is kind and relaxing. The breakfast was good and the infinity pool was good All the staff were greeted and friendly when they met Except there is no place to eat around 9 o'clock in the evening, everything was good. So, because of the location, I gave one dead point. The rest were good."
"My girlfriend said she wanted to go, so I went there avoiding the weekend. It was clean like a 5 star hotel. I really liked the facility to listen to music through a Bluetooth speaker behind the bed. There were many restaurants and pretty cafes around the hotel, which was even better. Very satisfied."
"The location was a bit disappointing and the rest were pretty good. I was looking for a place with a swimming pool in Incheon, so I decided to choose it. The facilities are tidy, the staff are very friendly, and the ocean view right next door is great. If you look for it, there are pretty good places to eat and cafes"
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"I want to say wow, this location is too convenient, downstairs is the duty-free shop and the boarding gate, there is a 24-hour 7-eleven within a 5-minute walk, and there is a chargeable airport lounge (the airport lounge provided for free by Ctrip members) It can also be used.) It’s right next door, and the other door comes out. I’m flying to South Korea for a transfer. On the next day’s noon flight, it’s more than enough to check out ten minutes before boarding and walk there."
"No breakfast, hot water at the front desk, Ctrip customer service is great, can help solve problems. I arrived at T2 and departed at T1 the next day. Staff at the departure entrance of T2 are not allowed to enter. After communicating with the customer service, I successfully checked into the hotel through the shuttle train, but I still had to ask the staff to take it to T1 on the second day of departure."
"During the special period, I returned to my country and transferred in Seoul. This hotel is not bad except for some minor accidents. I am satisfied that I don't need to sleep in a public place overnight at the airport. It is recommended to book the hotel 2 months in advance"
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Very Good
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"The young male staff were frustrated when talking, but the female staff were all kind. The rooms are clean and nice, but the bed side view is the construction view and the sofa side is the park view, and the sofa side is pretty at night. The restaurant doesn’t have enough explanations for first-time customers, so it’s a pity that I don’t know if there is food in another place, and I only eat the food at the seat There is also a Lotte Mart near the hotel and there is a swimming pool in the hotel, so it is perfect for a vacation. I am satisfied with 90%."
"There is no breakfast in Ctrip, and it is not suitable for children with extra beds. The location is relatively close to Incheon Airport and there is a parking lot. The overall feeling is not bad, except for a garbage bin, it is estimated that it is forgotten to pack up, and everything else is fine. No free toothbrush, you have to bring your own. There is a small park around, you can take a walk and see the sea."
"It seems to be the only place in the suburbs of Seoul that caters to the busyness, outlet shopping, and three swimming pools (good location). Hmm if the room TV is a lot small. If you are sensitive to light because it is a little uncomfortable to turn off/on the lantern, please refer to it. The staff was very friendly."
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"I made a reservation for a two-bedroom superior ^^ I requested a view of Central Park, but the view is really a work of art. The staff are friendly, the room condition is good, the breakfast is good, and everything was good! Hehe The only thing I regret is that the smell of the living room smells similar to the smell of old carpets ㅠㅠ However, there are so many other advantages that it is a hotel worth visiting. ^"
"For the first time in three years, in Oakwood, which has been one of the favored hotels for a long time. I'm home. Location and facilities are all great hotel. However, the staff service felt a bit out of date. For room service, I ordered a hamburger and pizza. It didn't taste good."
"It was really the best hotel! The service, the view, the facilities, the atmosphere, the cleanliness, etc. It was a perfect space.. Especially the Minji hotelier who check-in was so kind! ㅎㅎ I've been enjoying the best accommodation at a low price🤍"
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