Top 10 Inigo Hotels

Top 10 Inigo Hotels


10 Reviews
Coburgbastei 4, Vienna, Austria
19.3km from Vienna International Airport
760m from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
2.2km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
310m from Stubentor
570m from Stadtpark
22.9km from Vienna International Airport
"This hotel is super luxurious, and was originally a Palace. Even the lead in room category is stunning, as is a suite, and a very luxurious and spacious suite as well, set over 2 levels. The room is so lovely, it is tempting not to leave, but leave you must to enjoy both the hotel, and the delights of Vienna. The hotel has amazing meeting rooms, so great for a family party, or a wedding, and part of the old city walls, form part of the hotel. For history buff's this is a must, as it is steeped in history, and previous royal occupants and their relatives adorn the walls. There is a lovely garden, especially in Spring and Summer, as well as a great bar and wine cellar. The restaurant serves a limited breakfast menu, however everything is cooked to perfection, and so fresh and flavoursome, the lack of options does not matter. This is a great place to stay, to feel you are part of the history of Vienna, but central and luxurious at the same time."
"No wonder that this is one of the best luxury hotels of the world, every detail is thought after and every suite is unique and amazingly designed and presented. The Michelin restaurant is to die for the wine cellars and there are 6 of them is one of the most luxurious in the world with 60,000 bottles of the best wines valued dozens of millions of dollars in first class unique wines."
"This is a hotel/residence that can't quite make up its mind. The place is quite minimal in ambiance and decor, but very roomy. The staff is very helpful and the restaurants (dinner and breakfast) are excellent (but slow). The major drawback: the fitness room is terrible. They know it and were more than helpful in getting us into the fitness facility at the Marriott, a two minute walk."
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23 Reviews
Philharmoniker Str.4, Vienna, Austria
20.2km from Vienna International Airport
1.9km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
2.4km from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
580m from Stephansplatz
590m from Karlsplatz
23.9km from Vienna International Airport
"There are no disadvantages except expensive! The hotel is a century-old brand. Whether it is the building itself, the decoration and decoration of the hotel, the facilities can see the brand of history, but it does not affect its charm. The service desk and Lobby are not big, even can be said to be very small, the front desk is The old "counter" we can't see at home. If it is in the country, it is absolutely not allowed to exist, haha, must be dismantled into a tall! Going over, I went back and said: I was originally staying at 12 o'clock. We arrived at 10 o'clock and wanted to check in and then save the luggage. I didn't expect it to be Lucky. The beauty of the room was ready and the beauty that helped us to go can be directly checked in. After we have finished, take us directly to the room, through the small hallway full of celebrity photo walls, take a small elevator that is also full of celebrity photo walls, and after entering the room, it is a typical old European style, but because the room is big The bed, the beauty that took us to the room, said nothing to help us check if there is a twin room, the second lucky one is and can be changed immediately! Oh, when the baggage enters the hotel, someone picks it up (not following you, you don’t have to take it anymore). After you check in, you will be sent to you again. For afternoon tea, if you need to go to the Sacher Cafe, you will go straight through the hotel restaurant, without having to line up, and be taken directly to your seat. However, based on the unlimited supply of Sacher cake at breakfast, you don't have to go to special afternoon tea, but you have the habit of having afternoon tea. The breakfast is really very rich and very good quality, self-service plus a single point combination, want to eat what the buffet table does not have to see the menu. There are a lot of courteous gentlemen and ladies in the guests. The whole hotel gives the impression that time is a good mark! By the way, the location is 5 minutes away from the Stephen's Cathedral in the core business district, surrounded by a variety of big-name small cards, Swarovski crystal flagship store is right at the hotel and go straight for 2 minutes to arrive (people have to buy cabbage ). Hofburg, the Opera House, and the Golden Hall are also around the hotel. Metro M4, M1, M2 go out at the hotel through a small street (2 minutes, 1 minute will pass the Vienna royal dessert brand Gerstner), central coffee also Near the hotel. In a word, the traffic and location are also completely up to the price of the hotel. The only thing that can spit is that there is no cafe machine in the room. The waiter who had sent the baggage said that it would be sent later. As a result, after we went back to the afternoon, we didn’t even have it. We didn’t send the two calls. Going back there is still no, and then send a call before sending it. And there is no welcome fruit from start to finish. The most outrageous thing is that no one answered the phone at the front desk. After many redials, it was hard to pick up the color, haha."
"The breakfast was great and there were many flavors of cheese! Tasting the Sacher cake, I have to say that the cream is great! The waiting room and the green restaurant are super beautiful, and the red restaurant is unfortunately booked. The service is very good, you can put the key, and when you come back, you can quickly recognize which room the customer is, but the waiter is still a little less. When checking in, wait for a quarter of an hour, no one at the front desk, or bring other customers."
"Hotel Sacher is definitely the first hotel in Austria. Many art exhibitions and wall-filled photos are telling his glorious history of 100 years. The experience of 3 days is impeccable. The dissatisfaction of the room can make you feel satisfied. Of course, the upgrade is necessary. Adding money~ The most important thing is service and feeling. After living in so many hotels, Sahe's service is deeply rooted in people's hearts!"
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18 Reviews
Am Hof 2,, Vienna, Austria
20.4km from Vienna International Airport
2.9km from Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof
3.5km from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
220m from Herrengasse
490m from Stephansplatz
24.1km from Vienna International Airport
"The location is very good, a bunch of famous shops nearby, it is very convenient to go to museums or important attractions, all on foot. The concierge helped book a seven-person car to visit the farther attractions such as Schönbrunn Palace. The driver was very nice and there was no additional charge for the timeout."
"I came to Vienna four times and lived here three times, every time I was very satisfied. Shopping is convenient and breakfast is OK. The doorman is also very nice. The older one actually recognizes me and greets me. I was pregnant when I saw me last time. I brought a small BB this time. Feel very warm"
"The breakfast is nutritious, and the service attitude is good. The traffic location is good, making it convenient to travel around. The hotel environment is clean and hygienic, the room is comfortable and elegant, and there is a fixed parking space. It's my choice as always."
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19 Reviews
Schubertring 5-7, Vienna, Austria
3.0km from Can Serra
19.4km from Vienna International Airport
990m from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
1.6km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
330m from Stadtpark
630m from Karlsplatz
23.1km from Vienna International Airport
"Although, the location is not bad, you can walk to the commercial street; Although there is a park next to it, surrounded by greenery Although, breakfast is okay, However, the Armani, Intercontinental, Kempinski, and Mandarin hotels that lived in this line were more impressive than it, so this is the most unsatisfactory hotel. The price is not high, the evaluation"
"The room is spacious and comfortable and the vibe shown in the room is quite modern. The service and the altitude of the staff is accommodating and impressive. The outlook of Ritz Carlton, Vienna is more spectacular when compared with others in the vicinity. At last, I would definitely come back if I visit Vienna next time."
"Very good, location, facilities, environment, meals are very good! The taste of the two restaurants in the store is very good, especially for me to know Austrian wine and gain knowledge. The room is a bit small, but it ’s understandable in European and American cities"
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10 Reviews
Leopoldsgasse 39, Vienna, Austria
1.3km from Mercat Nou
19.3km from Vienna International Airport
1.7km from Wien Praterstern
2.3km from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
400m from Taborstraße
870m from Schwedenplatz
23.0km from Vienna International Airport
"House of Time is TRULY special. Forget the large hotels, House of Time is a steal for the quality, privacy and elegance provided. The design and appointment in each suite is individual, stylish, comfortable and luxurious. The attention to detail is everywhere: from the fresh flowers which fill all the rooms to the white glove service at breakfast, I thought everything about my stay was stunning. Best of all, guests have total privacy with direct elevator access to each suite, private garage, a private bar in the basement and 24/7 butler service. The quality of the breakfast was superb and varied and being able to dine en-suite is absolutely first class. The location is also excellent, just across from the Carmelitenmarkt with its varied offerings and a neighbourhood full of small family restaurants and only a 10 minute walk from Stephansplatz. Best of all, the quality and space for price in the heart of the city is amazing: this was like having a private apartment with your own staff instead of just a suite. The VIP treatment did not end after check-out, either. One of our beloved dogs passed away on the morning I checked out and I left some possessions behind. Thomas located me in the city, brought my items to me and asked several times throughout the day if there was anything they could do for me. This is a GEM of a location and if you are lucky enough to stay in one of their 6 suites, you will never forget it. Treat yourself!"
"It's amazing place! Like another dimension into which you are have moved. All rooms created in different styles. We lived room which name - Cesar, it is felt like whole Rome belongs to you. The best people will take care for you! I recommend this place! P.S. location near the city center (1,6 km)."
"We enjoyed our visit in this awesome hotel. We were surprised with the stunning breakfast which was customized for us by the lovely friendly owners personally. Great location, very silent and luxurious. Strongly recommending to everyone."
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154 Reviews
Praterstrasse 1, Vienna, Austria
18.6km from Antuoshan
18.6km from Vienna International Airport
1.6km from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
2.2km from Wien Praterstern
280m from Schwedenplatz
510m from Nestroyplatz
22.2km from Vienna International Airport
"Going to the store and saying that the 57-square-meter large room type is gone, it can only be downgraded. Contact Ctrip to immediately compensate the difference. The feedback is very timely and efficient. The design of the hotel is very cool, but the practicality is general. The room with more than 30 square meters does not have a luggage rack, and the two large boxes can only be placed on the ground. The room was dimly lit, the desk was not big, and it was a bit cramped to work. Breakfast is a bit hot, with fritters and porridge, but not much meat, a little simpler than the other 6 hotels in Czech Republic Hungary and Austria. There are U1/U4 subway station and 1 road 2 ring road opposite the hotel across the bridge. We bought a 3 day bus card. It is very convenient for the U1 subway to have a car at 12:30, and then have a drink at 10:30. It’s great to take the subway."
"The room is really great, the view is great, the breakfast is also great, the view on the top floor is invincible, I also watched a sunrise, and I drank a glass of wine at night. There is a subway station opposite, one stop to Stephen's Cathedral, but two people should take a taxi, cheap and good cars. Rating 4.5, the pre-authorization deposit has not been released for half a month."
"I deliberately chose this place as my last stop for the two-week European trip, and it did not disappoint me. The hotel restaurant overlooks the panorama of Vienna, and the rooms can also enjoy city views. The hotel is very close to the subway station and easy access to attractions."
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28 Reviews
Kaerntner Ring 16, Vienna, Austria
19.8km from Vienna International Airport
1.5km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
2.0km from Bahnhof Wien Mitte
540m from Karlsplatz
600m from Stadtpark
23.5km from Vienna International Airport
"The hotel belongs to the Marriott Group! Service is pretty good! After check in, I will directly lead you into the room and tell you how to use the various facilities! It will also tell you where you must go and see, this hotel has more than 140 years of history! The hotel turned out to be Princess Sissi's palace, but was bought by a rich duke and given to his wife as a new wedding! The portraits of the Duke and Madam hang in the lobby! Breakfast is quite rich. There are many options for ordering eggs. You must tell her whether soft or hard for boiled or fried eggs. Soft is yellow! Choose according to your preference! Drinks of tea and coffee are also ordered separately. Juices are freshly squeezed and definitely freshly squeezed! The most pleasant thing is the bedtime service, which helps you to lay the mats in front of the bed! There are cards to tell you the weather tomorrow, as well as wireless charging equipment, which is important for those who forget to take the charger out! If you have a Best of America Card, you can enjoy the upgrade service!"
"Transportation: Intercity rental arrives, so intercity transportation is not studied. The transportation in the city is relatively convenient. It is within walking distance to the main scenic area and is a neighbor to the golden hall. There is a direct bus to the discount village a few hundred meters away. Breakfast: There is no room for breakfast, but it was taken at the hotel with the elderly. It's a bit expensive, and the meals are quite satisfactory! Service: Choose here because of its history! The checkin guy at the front desk was very enthusiastic. The doorman helped to take the luggage to the room. No one helped when leaving. I do n’t know if it was tipping culture. There was no help without a request. Even at checkout, no one helped. On the 6th and 9th, the room service was very different. One day, there was no refill of the used things in the bathroom. There was only one bottle of water in the room for two people, which made me question the level of service in such a tall hotel? But the next day various services were in place."
"The hotel is located next to the Golden Hall, 5 minutes from the Vienna National Theatre. In the palace of Emperor Joseph, portraits of him and Princess Cici hung in the hall. The entire hotel is quaint and elegant, with grace and luxury. The common rooms are slightly compact, and the upgraded Elizabeth Suite has court-like enjoyment. Breakfast is not rich and full western style. The hotel's ballroom happened to host two dances during the stay. The friends who came to the meeting were all dressed up. See for yourself, the social activities of high society in Europe. Full tone!"
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82 Reviews
Kaerntner Ring 9, Vienna, Austria
20.0km from Antuoshan
20.5km from Vienna International Airport
2.2km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
2.9km from Vienna Central Station
470m from Karlsplatz
700m from Stadtpark
24.1km from Vienna International Airport
"We originally booked a 60-square-meter luxury suite. The hotel arrived at 2 pm and the results were still cleaned. Then we checked in at four o'clock. The front desk clerk said that he would give us a big surprise and then took us to the presidential suite with great enthusiasm. When they opened the door, we were all shocked. It was really magnificent. We stayed in the 220 square meter presidential suite for free. The decoration inside was very nice. My daughter was very satisfied. We went to four people and added us a mole. Breakfast is not bad, you can order steak, egg food, overall experience is very good👍👍👍"
"The hotel is right next to the Golden Hall, to the Cathedral, and the Old Town is very close. The service is not bad, the slippers will be prepared for the guests and a small dessert will be delivered. A breakfast delivery service is also available, which can be ordered aside, in addition to regular. On the 7th floor, there are two restaurants, one French, one Japanese, and finally French. There is a dissert inside, it is very unpalatable, and the memory is still fresh!"
"The location is very close to shopping centres and major attractions. The breakfast is also good, the smoked salmon is delicious, the menu is free, and the steak is delicious. There is no free parking at the hotel. Parking is about 35 euros a day. It is also reasonable in the vicinity of this area. The car is parked at the door and there is a staff to help drive the car to the parking lot, which is very convenient. In short, the hotel is good, worth the price."
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15 Reviews
Kaerntner Ring 1, Vienna, Austria
20.3km from Vienna International Airport
2.0km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
2.7km from Vienna Central Station
410m from Karlsplatz
680m from Stephansplatz
24.0km from Vienna International Airport
"The Bristol Hotel, which was visited for two days, is one of the legendary luxury hotels in the country and even in Europe. Since its opening in 1892, countless celebrities have left their footprints and attracted cultural elites from all over the world. Russian composer Anton Rubinstein, Italian composer Puccini, West City story creator Leonard Bernstein, US President Roosevelt, Prince of Wales Charles, United Nations Secretary-General Annan, Paul McCartney and others have also stayed here. The location of the hotel is also very good, across the street is the Vienna State Opera, a few minutes walk to the Vienna Golden Hall, shopping streets, subway stations and tram stops are within easy reach. As for the room, although the area is not large, but the hardware and software are really not simple, the kung fu is in the details, it feels very comfortable, the hotel also has a small gift for the guests, very intimate [jumping] plus the room Under the celebrity effect, the environment for morning dining is very elegant, the ingredients are carefully selected, and the protocol is also very professional, so the overall experience is very good, although the price is not low, but it is still worth to feel ."
"I did not want to book the Imperial Hotel, so I chose this nearby hotel with a long history. Many celebrities have stayed. Each floor of the hotel is decorated differently, and bullet holes are left on the handrails of the stairs. Breakfast is very rich and the dining environment is good. The hotel location is super good, the subway station is just outside, the opera house, the golden hall and other sights are within walking distance."
"Great location in central Vienna. The hotel's breakfast is rich and the entire hotel is extravagant. It is a completely historical museum, making you feel like you are in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century. Many historical figures have stayed here. It is really worth the hotel."
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11 Reviews
Führichgasse 10, Vienna, Austria
20.5km from Vienna International Airport
2.2km from Wien Rennweg Bahnhof
2.9km from Vienna Central Station
480m from Stephansplatz
590m from Herrengasse
24.1km from Vienna International Airport
"The Guesthouse Vienna is situated in the heart of Vienna, just a 5-minute walk from Saint Stephen's Cathedral and next to the Albertina Museum. It offers an individual atmosphere and amenities like free WiFi and a bakery on site. This design hotel features modern, air-conditioned rooms with high-class furniture, a Bang & Olufsen TV and audio system, a living area, and a bathroom with a shower. The rooms on the upper floors have views of the State Opera and the city centre. A concierge service is available. Four bottles of Austrian wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee are provided in each room free of charge. The brasserie and bakery on the ground floor of the house serves light, healthy dishes and freshly baked bread and sweets. An à la carte breakfast is available all day. The Guesthouse Vienna enjoys a central location, only a 3-minute walk from the State Opera and the Karlsplatz Underground Station, and a 5-minute walk from the Burggarten Park and the Heldenplatz Square. For special occasions, dresses and accessories can be rented online from local premium designers and delivered directly to the hotel room."
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