Top 10 Japanese Castle Hotels

Top 10 Japanese Castle Hotels


5 Reviews
7830 Crescent Avenue, Buena Park, California, United States
17.4km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
10.8km from Amtrak Fullerton Transportation Center
11.1km from Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center
"I loved the way everything is just as it should be. No worries because we look after each other for where to get the best deals (already one up on that, just ask nicely, and honestly you will be heard. Also close enough to walk to that big ol theme park and has a pharmacy/liquor store right in limping distance for those sore legs and arms from frolicking. Say hi to Maria, she keeps what you have in good hands, and cleans like nobodies business. Loved my day, Jim"
"We were just looking for an inexpensive place to stay one night near Knott’s park, and this fit the bill. Walked to the park easily, friendly checkin, and the room was recently updated and very clean. I liked the laminated floor - easier to keep clean, no stinky carpet. Very pleasant stay. "
"I’m pretty sure this was one of the more disgusting filthy run down places I’ve ever tried to stay in. Tub wouldn’t drain, long black hair all over the bathroom from prior guest. Fabric on chairs FILTHY. I’ve bought paper towels thicker than the bath towels. Ice machine out in general area for any homeless guy to walk by a pee in. Area sketchy a best. I’m also fairly certain it’s one step above renting by the hour and I can’t confirm but I’m also quite certain a drug deal of some sort happened outside my room at 3am. I had prepaid for 3 nights, after a mere 10 hours there (we checked in at 10:30pm exhausted, left at 830am) we asked our 3rd party booking site to terminate our next two nights and get our money back. Which they did. We moved to a MUCH nicer place for about $25 more a night!!!"
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5 Reviews
3946 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, California, United States
"My husband and I were finally able to get away for a much needed vacation . We usually stay at one of the large hotel chains but this time, decided to get something closer to the beach. We made reservations at the Belmont Shore Inn not really sure what to expect - what we'd be losing in choosing not to go with the big chain. First thing we noticed is that it literally is just steps away from the beach. The room we stayed in was a lot bigger than most and they did have Directv! It was updated and quite comfortable. There was a grocery store right next door so we were able to stock the fridge and not have to eat out every night. The biggest surprise for me, was standing just feet away from hundreds of wild parrots living in the trees across the street. It was something I had never experienced before. As far as any issues we came across, I have to say parking was a concern at times as it is very limited. I do have to say however, that every time the owners noticed us out looking around, whether for a parking spot or at the parrots, the owner came right out to offer advise on what we needed to do, where to go, etc. They truly went above and beyond to make us feel welcome - something you'd never get at that big chain hotel! We will definitely make the Belmont Shore Inn our first choice for all of our future stays."
"This is an old shore motel with modern charm and good old fashion Management that were so appreciative of our business. We stayed one night before our cruise and look forward to returning for a vacation in Long Beach at the Belmont shore. It does not look like much from the outside, but don't be fooled. The couple that manages the motel were so happy to host us and were extremely helpful in getting us transportation. Many thanks to you!"
"The hotel is a small family run hotel near the beach. We arrived in Long Beach early in the day but the hotel held our luggage for us until we could check into our room. We were able to have breakfast and spend time at the beach without worrying about our luggage. The room was very clean and the bed was super comfortable. It appears to have been remodeled recently and their photos are very accurate. Good air conditioning that was quiet. The staff was very friendly and made several suggestions for us on where we could eat within walking distance."
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38 Reviews
200 South Pine Avenue, Long Beach, California, United States
15.8km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
29.0km from Douglas Train Station
39.1km from Union Station
640m from Downtown Long Beach
850m from 1st Street
"The biggest advantage of Hyatt Regency Long Beach compared to Hyatt Regency San Francisco is that it is convenient for parking. Right next to the hotel, you can enter the garage directly at the hotel's main entrance. There are many and spacious parking spaces in the garage. The hotel will give you a magnetic card for 31 nights parking. It is convenient to go in and out at will."
"The hotel is located in the center of Long Beach. The five-star hotel is quite large. The room is quite big. You can see the sea. There is a Pacific aquarium on the opposite side. You can go to play with children. Tickets are not expensive. Parking is more expensive, $29 a night. There is nothing wrong with the whole, and there is no bright spot."
"The room is a bit small, but there are washing samples, the coffee machine is broken and no one has been replaced. The black sister who cleaned up the room, spoke loudly in the hallway at more than 7 am, and knocked on the door to make sure there was someone in the room. She didn't need to go in and clean up. She was awakened by her early in the morning. The air conditioner was noisy."
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17 Reviews
700 Queensway Drive, Long Beach, California, United States
16.7km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
29.1km from Douglas Train Station
39.2km from Union Station
2.9km from Downtown Long Beach
3.5km from Pacific Avenue
"The hotel environment is very good, dining on the beach. There are long scenic paths along the coast to enjoy. Sitting on a sofa by the water during the day is great! There are flames at night. The floors are not too high, and it is convenient to go up and down. Next time I go, I will choose here."
"There was a wedding going on until at least midnight so it was pretty loud. Expected more for the price we paid. The balcony was nice but we had to close the door at night because of the noise. We won't stay here again."
"The overall feeling is average, no breakfast, the room is just close to the construction area, the noise is louder, and there is a strong smell of gasoline, parking for $ 27 per day"
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Very Good
15 Reviews
285 Bay Street, Long Beach, California, United States
15.4km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
28.6km from Douglas Train Station
38.7km from Union Station
560m from Downtown Long Beach
860m from 1st Street
"This is probably the smallest hyatt living till now, it feels like a factory remodeling and then hanging the hyatt card! No lobby is super small. The left hand is the entrance to the restaurant. The curry smell drifts all year round. The elevator is like a freight elevator. The room is very small. Although the business hotel is equipped with a small hall, the total area will not exceed 25 square meters! The socket is old, and it is easy to loosen and not charge. The only plus point may be the girl at the front desk, cheerful and enthusiastic. Been to Beijing and a little Chinese is very friendly. In addition, the hotel only has a valet parking of $ 35 / night. The public parking space on the doorstep of the hotel and on the street behind the hotel is free from 9pm every night-9am the next day is free, 2 knifes / hour after 9am. The parking lot next to the hotel is 16 knives / night, provided that the receipt from the mall next door is required to enjoy the price. Self-driving friends can choose to park on the street and go down in the morning to pay 1-2 hours of fare."
"The location is very good, very close to the sea, there are many shops around, and the hotel rooms are very clean. Next time I go to Los Angeles, I will choose there again. There is a breakfast room, and an additional fee is required. There is an additional charge for parking. Generally quite convenient!"
"The friends we went with were particularly convenient from the airport. It was good to take a taxi directly. Then the front desk service was very warm. We stayed at so many hotels and felt that the price/performance ratio in this hotel was still very high."
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16 Reviews
701 West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California, United States
14.4km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
27.5km from Douglas Train Station
37.7km from Union Station
890m from Downtown Long Beach
1.4km from Pacific Avenue
"Different hotels staying in the United States every day for 15 days use booking and Ctrip. With both app bookings, Ctrip has the advantage of being a bit cheaper than booking. But Ctrip appears moths every time it is used! It often happens that the hotel does not receive the Ctrip payment, but Ctrip has deducted the payment, so that the hotel still has to pay. The lost money is usually about 200 US dollars. Ctrip said that it will be dealt with, and it is still not handled well until check-out. It might as well cost dozens of dollars to book with booking ... At least it will not cost hundreds of thousands Too depressed I won't recommend all my friends to use Ctrip overseas ... I hope everyone will not be as miserable as me. The hotel I have stayed in has no problem. The quality of Hilton is as always. The front desk of the Holiday Hotel is more anxious than repeatedly contacting the supplier. As for Ctrip, you never spit out money when you eat money."
"The hotel as a whole is still very good. It takes only 20 minutes for the plane to drive over. It's a little bit to the seaside, but it's quiet and safe. There is a garage on the first floor of the hotel. You can get a ticket to go in. You can show it to the front desk when you leave. You can swipe it for free."
"The hotel is located near the port and you can see the Queen Mary Cruise. On the night of the end of 2018, we stood in the window and saw the colorful fireworks walking in the night sky above the sea, beautiful. The hotel is luxurious and comfortable with convenient transportation and is recommended."
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15 Reviews
111 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California, United States
16.1km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
28.5km from Douglas Train Station
38.6km from Union Station
240m from Downtown Long Beach
370m from 1st Street
"You can see the bay, but the view is not very magnificent. The sea view is a bit expensive and not worth it. The price of hotels in this area is very high, and the price/performance ratio is not bad. Parking charges, convenient for eating around."
"The airport is not very far. There are some facilities, breakfast is OK, there is parking. Business or travel can be accommodated. There are also large meeting rooms available for rent."
"Nice, good location, you can walk to the beach or visit the town of Long Beach"
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13 Reviews
333 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California, United States
16.4km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
28.8km from Douglas Train Station
39.0km from Union Station
270m from 1st Street
580m from Downtown Long Beach
"The room was very clean. I would stay again. "
"Everything is fine, worthy of this price."
"Have a special liking for Westin"
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19 Reviews
21381 South Western Avenue, Torrance, California, United States
13.0km from Compton
12.7km from Douglas Train Station
30.9km from Union Station
"Compared with other hotels in this trip, there are many advantages: hot water bottle, slippers, more suitable for my needs, very close to the supermarket is very convenient! It is far from the sights, but it is very convenient to drive."
"Hotel location is very good, there is a supermarket behind, shopping is very convenient, there is 85 degrees C nearby, the best is free parking"
"Full score There is no problem with the Japanese. Clean, safe, peace of mind, breakfast is very delicious"
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6 Reviews
7930 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, California, United States
23.7km from Long Beach Municipal Airport
9.8km from Amtrak Fullerton Transportation Center
10.0km from Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center
"Stayed here for a week and were more than happy, had everything we required refrigerater, microwave, Free Wifi, pool, hot tub, laundry and a basic breakfast. Staff were friendly and helpful, room was quiet yet was easy to access being a couple of blocks from the 91"
"Overall definitely a great stay, all the essentials of prime location, AC/heat, hot warm, and clean beds are met here! This hotel is located within walking distance to food and fun; I was able to park my car and walk to Knott’s Berry Farm and to quick bites. They have lament flooring which is so much cleaner, however, due to the lack of carpet it can get noisy. Also, breakfast is skimpy so don’t expect to fill up on it. Great deal for sure! "
"I can't even begin to tell about everything that is wrong with this 'hotel' because i'm sure i'll miss something, but i'll try: :: Staff is rude, they hardly speak any english, I even saw them arguing with a customer (yelling at her). :: I killed 7 (yes, 7) cockroaches :: The A/C has never had any type of maintenance :: The room smells like pee, absolutely disgusting :: Breakfast is a JOKE, the orange juice tasted horrible the first day, and even worse the 2nd day, so i didn't try the 3rd day. :: Carpet, linens, pillows, etc are old, ragged and smelly. :: Cleaning service is a JOKE too, all they do is change towels :: The shower pressure is non existent :: I have to mention again the horrible pee smell in the room :: I heard several other customers complaining about cockroaches and a terrible smell of their rooms. :: The mattresses are so old that you hardly get any good sleep Pros: :: Channel selection is ok. I wish I hadn't prepaid for this hotel."
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