Top 10 Jingcheng International Hotels

Top 10 Jingcheng International Hotels


1143 Reviews
No.83 Qingnian Middle Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
16.8km from Xingdong International Airport
9.6km from Nantong Railway Station
"Very convenient to travel, in the center of Nantong, the location is very good, convenient to travel, eating, shopping and entertainment are very convenient. The location of the room is very good, the view is good, seeing the city view, I want to stay at the hotel again next time. Thank you! Nantong Hotel, Zan Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z"
"Good health, the hotel is relatively large. There are many buses in the city center, but it is not convenient to get in and out of the subway now. Breakfast is ok, mainly Chinese style, western style is not good enough, bread and cake are not exquisite, coffee is placed in the corner. An additional breakfast is 50 yuan. Overall 4 stars!"
"First of all we got the room in the 48th floor, the view was amazing. You can see the city center and the river view. Everything about this place is amazing, it’s good for couples, families etc. The breakfast is super yummy. Almost all the facilities are available "
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1339 Reviews
No.508 Yuelong South Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
23.6km from Xingdong International Airport
14.6km from Nantong Railway Station
"InterContinental is a brand I have always trusted. I have stayed in many five-star hotels during my travels. The quality of InterContinental is the most stable! I am very satisfied with the decoration, hygiene, service, meals, facilities, etc. of the hotel. The Yangtze River can be seen directly from the guest rooms of InterContinental Nantong Riverside Hotel, and the outdoor ecological environment of the hotel is beautiful. In summer, after breakfast, strolling along the lake, there is a breeze, listening to cicadas and birds, it is very comfortable!"
"The service is in place, the environment and location are good, the landscape in the park is unique, there are swans in the center of the artificial lake, and it is surrounded by greenery. To the west is the Yangtze River. It takes 10 minutes to walk west from the hotel. In the evening, you can enjoy the sunset over the Yangtze River! Close to Binjiang Park and Langshan Scenic Area, it is suitable for sightseeing on a local electric bicycle!"
"The hotel is very nice, the front desk staff is very nice, the waiter guides you as soon as you enter the gate, and the parking is free. The bathtub in the room is comfortable and you can enjoy the river view. The bathroom design is elegant and comfortable. The breakfast was good, and the pastries were fresh and delicious. For example, croissants were baked that day."
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893 Reviews
59 Middle Qingnian Road (Qingnian Zhong Lu), Nantong, Jiangsu, China
17.6km from Xingdong International Airport
9.8km from Nantong Railway Station
"Return to Shanghai via Nantong and stay for one night. The hotel is completely blindly selected, but it is unexpectedly "cultural, connotative, beautiful, service, and technology". It is very cost-effective and worthy of another brush. The hardware of Chongwen Building is close to the top configuration. Smart toilets, electric clothes hangers, Tmall Genie, electric curtains, atomized glass, etc. are all equipped. The disadvantage is that there is no place for sofas and small tables in our twin room except for the bed. As a result, the food delivered by room service can only be placed on the desk; I chose the butler service floor and enjoyed tea service and complimentary fruits. Afternoon tea is worth mentioning. I enjoyed Hong Kong style in the restaurant and room service was also delivered. Western-style set. In terms of service, Ms. Zhai is more impressed. She has service consciousness and service ability and feels very comfortable. Other staff need to be upgraded: when we checked in, a male waiter led us to the room. He neither helped with the luggage nor explained the content of the service. When he turned around at the door, the people were gone. This service was useless; another restaurant had breakfast. As a leader, I reported my room number, and after showing my hotel’s "passport", I had to check my room card, and I had to go far to ask about the table I had already reserved."
"Stayed at this hotel because of a business trip First of all, the hotel environment is particularly good, next to the park. You can also stroll around to enjoy the cool at night, there is a swimming pool at the door, and the swimming pool is also very clean. The rooms are also relatively large, equipped with two types of pillows, soft and hard pillows, the bed is also very comfortable, the room has a small balcony, good ventilation 👍🏻 The toilet is equipped with a shower and bathtub, which is especially intimate. There is an automatic sensor night light at the entrance of the toilet, which is convenient for getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. There are also many types of breakfast, many choices, both Chinese and Western dishes. Especially delicious 😋 All in all, it's great~"
"I went to Nantong on a business trip and stayed at Wenfeng Hotel. The hotel is really good. The hotel in the garden is very quiet. I have also stayed in many hotels, this hotel has special meaning, toilet foot pedal, Tmall Genie, Chinese herbal bath, sandalwood, etc., too much. Going for breakfast in the morning scared me. There are so many Chinese and Western dishes, and there are so many noodles. There are not many hotels that have beef cubes with black pepper for breakfast, which is a bargain. It's a pity to leave early, otherwise you can swim, which is great! ! !"
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1857 Reviews
No.208 Gongnong Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
15.9km from Xingdong International Airport
7.9km from Nantong Railway Station
"Without a doubt the easiest booking in process, amazing bathrooms and bedrooms and friendly staff. They do advertise a western breakfast, but only Chinese food. it was nice, this is just a heads up. we will definitely be back."
"We had a great stay at the hotel. Staff was very friendly and helpful , Hospitality is superb. The Staff came to help us cater for our son, while We had our meals. Breakfast and dinner buffet excellent . Will definitely come back again . Thank you ! "
"Except that the price is a bit expensive, the facilities and services are really good"
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526 Reviews
No.1 Shanshui Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
26.2km from Xingdong International Airport
24.9km from Nantong Railway Station
"Villa resort hotel, quiet, comfortable and clean. Once received the head of the central government, the old leader inscribed the store name for the Pengxin Garden State Guest Hotel. The lobby service is enthusiastic and the restaurant chefs are highly skilled. If individual guests can dine-in at every meal, ordering is even better."
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3517 Reviews
No.199 North Street, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
16.3km from Xingdong International Airport
2.0km from Nantong Railway Station
"It was a thrilling experience...long business trip is all one person, but was disturbed by knocking at the door at 1:30 in the middle of the night!!! After the explanation of the hotel, there are students on the floor who are taking the exam. It is the guest in other rooms who knocked on the door... said that my mobile phone voice affected the next room... my mobile phone volume is about two-thirds open, so you can affect the next room... this sound insulation effect is really not I know how to describe it...I immediately turned off the phone but this weird knock made me hardly close my eyes for two nights...The hotel didn't take the initiative to communicate with me the next day and after I had responded very seriously...trying to send some fruit and meals to make up for it (No one at the hotel paid any attention to the knock on my door the night before my reaction at 7pm the next day). If things are true as the hotel has stated, this problem may be caused by the sound of my mobile phone, customer behavior is not known in advance... but anyway, this incident brought me a lot of psychological pressure."
"The breakfast was very good. I forgot to post photos after posting the comments. There are several kinds of porridge for breakfast-white porridge, pumpkin porridge, preserved egg porridge, and red bean porridge. The choice of full-fat and skimmed milk is very meticulous. There are 3.4 varieties of soy milk and freshly squeezed juices, which are really rich. In short, I will stay here next time I go to Nantong. It takes 5 minutes to walk to Vientiane City, where you can eat everything. I took a taxi to the Siyi Cake and Tuan Shop. The duck blood vermicelli soup was very delicious, as well as the small chicken wontons. I read the reviews and said that the chicken is delicious. My mother insisted on eating shepherd's purse, but the chicken was delicious. There is a coconut dumpling that is worth eating. Take a taxi to the starting fee, it's very close. The hotel's service is also good and polite. The cakes and coffee in the lobby bar are very cheap, but I can’t eat anything after breakfast, haha"
"Because I was going to take my children to Nantong Forest Zoo, I booked a holiday hotel near there. The hotel has convenient parking and the tea restaurant at noon tastes good. The swimming pool is huge, especially the breakfast is abundant. The room is large in size, very suitable for living with children, and provides children's clothes, slippers and toiletries. The experience is very good."
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455 Reviews
No.60, Chongzhou Avenue, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
17.7km from Xingdong International Airport
18.6km from Nantong Railway Station
"The Nantong V-CONTINENT Hotel is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Nantong, having been recently opened in 2020. The hotel is 18km from Xingdong International Airport and 19km from Nantong Railway Station. This hotel is located near many of Nantong's attractions including Nantong Ocean World, Zhongyang Park Square and Sik Park. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. Guests of this Nantong hotel can make use of the parking facilities. If cleanliness is important to you, this hotel makes an excellent choice, as our guests consider this to be one of the cleanest hotels in the city. This hotel is the usual choice for a large number of business travelers. "
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302 Reviews
No.8 Haonan Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
17.2km from Xingdong International Airport
8.9km from Nantong Railway Station
"Composed of an 18-storey main building and a 9-storey affiliated building, the Nantong Youfei Hotel (Nantong Youfei Dajiudian) stands by the beautiful Hao River, and is close to Wenfeng Great World, a popular department store. This Nantong hotel features a wide variety of Chinese dishes including Cantonese food, as well as Italian, Korean or Japanese flavors at the on-site restaurants. Ten Private dining rooms and a 400-person banquet hall are also on offer for meetings or parties.When it comes time to relax, guests can take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, use the steamy sauna and massage center, exercise at the gym, or play a game of chess or cards."
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904 Reviews
No.3 Huancheng West Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
17.3km from Xingdong International Airport
7.1km from Nantong Railway Station
"Amazing stay ... stayed for 2 days .. can't forget the sunset and sunrise"
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2706 Reviews
20 Renmin Zhong Lu, Block C, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
17.6km from Xingdong International Airport
6.0km from Nantong Railway Station
"I planned a long trip to Nantong and it was a very satisfying experience. First of all, in terms of choosing a hotel, this time I took my parents out to play. Because they are too old, considering that the attractions around the hotel are not too far away from each other, try to rely on as many attractions as possible, integrating Langshan, Haohe, Museum and surrounding businesses After a comprehensive comparison, I think Atour is the most appropriate keyword. It is easy to find the hotel by following the navigation. Parking in the downtown area is also convenient. There are above and underground parking spaces; the handsome brother and beautiful young lady at the front desk provide patient, meticulous and professional service; the rooms are clean and exquisite, and the bath water is large and comfortable , Complete supporting facilities; on the same day, we went to visit Nantong Museum, which is very close; breakfast is complete and exquisite, with all kinds of food available; I like to run in the morning, the road around the hotel is not very familiar, the hotel has a small gym, so I went to the treadmill Run for 10 kilometers; opposite the hotel is Haohe Bell Tower Square and Bell Tower Qiaolou, the night lights are good; there are Yaohan, Wenfeng World and other commercial complexes around. All in all, the trip to Nantong was a very enjoyable trip. The people in Nantong were also very enthusiastic, more satisfied than expected, and excellent value for money."
"I found that I have become addicted to living in Ador, haha, because the quality has been trusted ~ The location is opposite the Yaohan Scenic Area, and the taxi station is half an hour away. The rooms are soundproofed and very quiet. There are large shopping malls and supermarkets in the surroundings, and shopping and dining are convenient. In the evening, you can take a walk along the riverside walk, and it is convenient to take a cruise. Breakfast is also good, you can order small noodles and noodles, good service ~"
"Very kind and helpful staff. Room was very clean. Location is very convenient. Breakfast wasn't so fresh"
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