Top 10 Jinshan Hotels

Top 10 Jinshan Hotels


8 Reviews
101, No.2 Phase 1, Shimao Yunshang Guling, No.188 Ebi Village, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
68.1km from Changle International Airport
18.1km from Fuzhou Railway Station
"The Xingyunjian Mountain Resort is one of the newest hotels in Fuzhou, having opened in 2020. Fuzhou Railway Station is located approximately 18km away and Changle International Airport around 68km away. This hotel is located near many of Fuzhou's attractions including Kuai Amusement Park, Chuanjie Guoji Mashu Club and Chuanjie Hot Spring Golf Club. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. "
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12 Reviews
X192(世茂云上鼓岭国风06西,导航世茂云上鼓岭可以到达本小镇), Fuzhou, Fujian, China
56.7km from Changle International Airport
17.2km from Fuzhou Railway Station
"The host is warm and hospitable, and because the community is large, the host also leads the way to the sales department. The fly in the ointment is that the basement floor room is too humid. If the restaurant can increase KTV singing, so much the better."
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6 Reviews
No. 251 Tonghu Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
49.6km from Changle International Airport
5.8km from Fuzhou Railway Station
920m from Dongjiekou
"I screened a few shops near Sanfang Qixiang, and finally chose Sanbao Hotel. The check-in is worth the price. The hotel is located on Tonghu Road. The location is very good. The point is convenient parking. It only takes 5 minutes to go through Wenrufang to the main street of Sanfang Qixiang. It is really convenient to go out and play. The hotel is quaint, strolling in it, and feeling the style of Chinese architecture, it is unique. The hotel is quiet, the rooms are large, clean and tidy, the decoration is simple and elegant, and the facilities are complete. The best thing is its courtyard view, which is really beautiful and makes people linger. The front desk is very attentive and the service is very attentive! I tried vegetarian food for the first time. The ingredients were fresh and the taste was delicious. After changing my impression of vegetarian food, the waiter also remembered my taboos very intimately and took good care of my dining experience. This is my first choice next time you come here! Recommended!"
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331 Reviews
Intersection of No.316 National Road and Guobin Avenue, Minhou, Fujian, China
25.7km from Fuzhou Railway Station
4.0km from Suyang
"The hotel is right next to the high-speed exit, which is very convenient for self-driving tours. The hotel is a big park. There are large tracts of green land, dense trees, Minjiang River passing, lakes and wetlands, good ecological environment, and birds. There are peacocks and geese on the large lawn. The hotel is large in size and the accommodation is divided into several buildings scattered throughout the park. Because it is scattered, the area is large, and hygiene is slightly lacking. We live in Qinyuan. There is no staff in the lobby on the first floor. The children's playground is zero-managed and all rely on self-help. After playing with the children's socks, they turned into black socks. It can be seen that the hygiene is too bad ... The hotel also has tennis court, table tennis room, billiard room and so on. Can also ride. There are bicycles for rent. Breakfast is not too many and the taste is ok. The buffet price felt slightly higher. One adult 308. Not many kinds. Waiter service was average. The beds were soft and the pillows were super soft. When I lie down, I collapse ..."
"The environment is particularly good, the green plants are large, and there are many entertainment projects suitable for children to play, but I hope that they can be added. Maybe there are only lotus flowers in summer, and there are few other flowers. The room is very clean and comfortable. The service is very good, but I don’t know if there are few staff or insufficient training, and the efficiency is slightly lower when the guests get together. The traffic is very convenient, you can get there right away, and there is a small business district within five kilometers. The hotel restaurant is very delicious, but it contains a variety of Fujian dishes. We are not used to eating Fujian dishes, so we just walk around and occasionally encounter dishes that we are not used to, but most of them taste nothing, very good 👍"
"The hotel has a natural environment, a large area, good greening, and a natural oxygen bar. Participated in the fireflies event, yes, the lighting effect in the tunnel is very good, the children are very novel, and the experience is very good. The rooms are large, with high floors, good facilities and quiet, and the whole family is satisfied. The hotel has a high level of service. Whether front desk or restaurant service staff, shuttle staff, cleaning staff, the attitude is very good, well-trained, the overall quality is high, it is very comfortable, which I did not expect before , Also reflects the hotel's higher level of service management. The hotel is a good place to relax and will come again in the future."
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2348 Reviews
No.189 Pandun Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
41.8km from Changle International Airport
11.5km from Fuzhou South Railway Station
3.5km from Huangshan
"nice hotel. clean and good rooms. the gym and swimming pool need maintenance. there is a big shopping mall just in front of the hotel so its very convinient. now there is not a subway station nearby but i think is under construction so it will be better. "
"room was very clean and nice, decent size, hotel staff was good but couldnt speak english well, but tried their best"
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65 Reviews
No.31 Aofeng Lane, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
47.9km from Changle International Airport
4.9km from Fuzhou Railway Station
780m from Nanmendou
"The Shuyuanli Fangju Hotel is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Fuzhou, having been recently opened in 2020. The hotel is only 5km from Fuzhou Railway Station and 48km from Changle International Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. The closest major public transportation, Nanmendou Metro Station, is only 800m away. Keeping busy is easy, with Yushan, Orchid Garden and Fahai Temple all nearby. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. For guests' convenience, airport pickup can be arranged. This Fuzhou hotel features parking on site. According to our guests, this hotel provides a very high level of service. "
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3586 Reviews
No.188 Pandun Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
41.6km from Changle International Airport
10.4km from Fuzhou South Railway Station
2.3km from Huangshan
"I stayed in this hotel for the first time from Beijing to Fuzhou, and made a reservation on Ctrip. When the plane had not yet taken off, I received a call from the hotel staff at the hotel's main desk 329. I was very enthusiastic about my route and arrival time. I upgraded the executive room for free and returned to this hotel a day later. The waiter 333 was still very enthusiastic. I was introduced to it without being humble. Although I already knew it, I listened patiently because I like their smiling faces and their enthusiasm, which makes me no stranger in other places ... The rooms are well-equipped and equipped, the beds are comfortable, the sound insulation is great, and the scenery outside the window is also charming ... There is a shopping mall next to the hotel. Yes, parking is also very convenient ... The breakfast is also very rich and the taste is very authentic. There are about 5 kinds of morning tea. There are many wedding banquets here, and I find that people here are married at night."
"The breakfast is very rich, the room is large, especially the bathroom is very large, the three separate design of the bathtub and shower room is reasonable, the parking is convenient, the hotel is next to the mall and the theater, there is a lot of food, and the front desk 333 has a good attitude. A small suggestion is that the room air conditioner is set to 26 ° C, which cannot be adjusted and is very hot."
"The experience of this stay is very good! The hotel does a very good job in terms of equipment, facilities and services. The hotel manager also made a return visit on the day after check-out. This time the hotel introduced a Chinese food package that made me feel that the price / performance ratio was really high, and it was the hotel's intimate call to inquire at lunchtime and directly delivered to the room."
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Very Good
183 Reviews
No.30 Middle Beihuan Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
54.5km from Changle International Airport
3.6km from Fuzhou Railway Station
3.0km from Fuzhou Railway Station
"The Gold Spa Hotel is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Fuzhou, having been recently opened in 2017. The hotel is conveniently located just 4km from Fuzhou Railway Station and 52km from Changle International Airport. The closest major public transportation, Shu Dou Metro Station, is only 1km away. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. If cleanliness is important to you, this hotel makes an excellent choice, as our guests consider this to be one of the cleanest hotels in the city. This hotel is a popular accommodation for couples. "
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2263 Reviews
No.11 Hualin Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
55.7km from Changle International Airport
4.1km from Fuzhou Railway Station
1.3km from Pingshan
"When I come to Fuzhou, I only stay at the Yuehua Hotel. The location is excellent, the environment is quiet and tranquil, well-equipped and durable, and a wide variety of buffet breakfasts. The standard swimming pool is also the cleanest and most square I have ever seen. At the front desk of the hotel, I saw the attentive Miss Chen Kexin. I have asked the hotel twice that the low-power hair dryer in the bathroom is really difficult to dry. This time I found that the hair dryer was replaced with a new one, which is much easier to use. Every time I check out, I will be consulted by the hotel staff for any suggestions, and continue to improve and improve. I would like to praise Yuehua's service philosophy and attitude, and also praise Ms. Du Zhidan's patience. If more equipment can be equipped in the gym in the future, it would be even better if the old treadmill can be replaced. See you next time at Fuzhou C&D Hotel."
"Next to the West Lake, the hotel environment is really good and the traffic is convenient. The hotel also offers good night milk and small snacks every night. Thank you to the housekeeper Helen... The breakfast is also very rich, and the freshly baked flower cakes are suitable. Thank you for the warm recommendation and service of Simon Liu, the director of Western food... Room stay The feeling is also very comfortable, thank you for such high-quality hotel services and staying environment, I highly recommend it👍"
"The hotel has a good natural environment. It is located on the edge of the West Lake, in the city center, not far from the main attractions and the railway station. The only downside is that there are no large shopping malls and supermarkets nearby. In addition, the facilities of the guest rooms are generally good, but they lack the electronic clock equipment that hotels of the same level should be equipped with, and the service response speed of the guest rooms is also very fast. In short, it is worth recommending and staying."
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3790 Reviews
No.108 Guangda Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
46.8km from Changle International Airport
7.0km from Fuzhou Railway Station
220m from Chating
"Fuzhou is a lazy trip on May Day, the city did not leave a deep impression, but the overall feeling of InterContinental Hotel is very good! Check in on April 30th and leave at noon on May 2nd. From the moment of check-in, it is super five-star service: Chen Xingxin who checked in is warm and serviced and helped us upgrade the suite for free. See the three of us, and we will give each one one for convenience. Room card, meticulous notification of dining time, floor, hotel swimming pool, fitness venues you can enjoy, every detail makes you feel lucky to choose Shimao Intercontinental; and Mr. Li, who helped us store ice cream on the evening of April 30 (I didn't remember the name, I only remember the last name Li, the three-character name, I am sorry here, tall and thin, and I saw him at the entrance of the hotel at about 2 pm on May 2); On the morning of May 1st, the driver who sent us to Sanfang Qixiang for free (sorry for not asking your name at the time) added heart service, patiently answered our questions about play and food along the way, and reminded us to pay attention to prevent the epidemic and give We provide free disinfection paper towels and mineral water; the service of calling us a car is a room service staff who answers the phone patiently to meet our small requirements. Overall, this is a five-star hotel with super five-star service. If you have the opportunity to go to Fuzhou, you must choose it again! ! ! highly recommended!"
"For one night in Fuzhou, choosing Intercontinental is mainly because of convenient transportation. You can reach the hotel 150 meters away from the tea pavilion on Line 1. One stop away from Sanfang Qixiang, but it's a bit of a way down. Nearly a week ago, I announced that I would like a twin room, but I went to the store and told me that the room would not be available until 4:30. I didn't agree with the big bed because I was bringing the child. Later, the front desk next to it said that it could give a double bed room, a suite, and an extra bed. I accepted. So the response of the other front desk was timely and effective. There is a musty smell in the room, I need to talk about it. The rooms are shown in the picture. I have lived in Nanjing Intercontinental before, and I think they are all of the same level, with older facilities and a long wait for elevators. The hotel has a lot of passenger flow, and the experience is not very good. But considering the upgrade, price, traffic and other factors, I am still happy to give five stars."
"Very good hotel, maintaining the same level of intercontinental, good hardware and software facilities, excellent location, Metro Line 1 Chating Station is near downstairs, it is very convenient to go to Fuzhou Railway Station or various tourist attractions, there are also next door A tea pavilion park, you can go to the park in the morning to take a walk and feel the fireworks in Fuzhou. I would like to praise all the staff of the hotel, the service attitude is very good, the feeling of being at home, responsive, clean and clean, a very good experience."
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