Top 10 Kalita Hotels

Top 10 Kalita Hotels


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2 Okhotny Ryad Street, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
32.7km from Sheremetyevo Airport
3.5km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
3.5km from Belorussky Train Station
190m from Okhotny Ryad
270m from Teatralnaya
"At check-out, a smoking fine of 25,000 rubles was written on the payment slip. When did I say we smoked, he said they smelled in the room 7 days ago. Did I say the alarm goes off? He said no, did I say there was a cigarette butt? He said no! I said we'd draw back to the room downstairs. The waiter coming to deliver night snacks may be the smell on our clothes! I said we could stay for 10 days in a row without paying a fine, but we did not smoke. Then they said 10,000 rubles! I said you were ridiculous. I was in a hurry to the airport. But I am very puzzled about this overlord, there is no evidence of arbitrary charges, but also random prices! I'm drunk too"
"The location of the hotel is very good, the surrounding attractions are very convenient for shopping. The price of the room type picture provided by Ctrip does not match the actual price. It is best to ask before the reservation, the breakfast is more general, the hot food is not much, the western breakfast, the room scenery is poor, most of the interior is facing Courtyard, room size is large, spare parts are not bad, service response is slow, overall service is general, restaurant selection is small, concierge service is good, price is high, cost is relatively general"
"Very good hotel, location invincible, core location, Red Square, Kremlin, subway, shopping mall are all within easy reach, the main attractions, eating, drinking, and walking are all on foot, the room is clean and tidy, the washing supplies are Bulgari, breakfast Exquisite, delicious, will definitely live again next time in Moscow"
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21 Reviews
Tverskaya Street 3, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
0m from Incheon City Hall station
200m from Gyulhyeon station
32.8km from Sheremetyevo Airport
3.7km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
3.7km from Belorussky Train Station
950m from Aleksandrovsky Sad
1.1km from Arbatskaya
"This is the last time I lived in this Carlton, Moscow. The service really couldn't keep up with the brand. I stayed in the executive room several times before, saying that we didn't have breakfast, we couldn't eat breakfast in the Executive Lounge, it made us very embarrassed, and later we had an apology, which made me lack confidence. Give another chance, think. The result is still not leaving room for me this time, forget to give up. Every time I live in Moscow on a business trip, I should change it. Ayara yhatt should be a good one, opposite the tum shopping center. The guest recommended it many times, and it seems that the locals do not like this hotel. Once again advised everyone not to go to this house, the four seasons on the side are also good. It is the breakfast of the four seasons that always has a little bit of deficiency."
"The location is great, cross the underground passage to the Kremlin and Red Square. The best thing is breakfast, there are two kinds of caviar, champagne, etc. You can watch the Kremlin while having breakfast. In the opposite direction of the Kremlin, you can go to the Internet Red Supermarket (there are less than a few gift shops in the supermarket, the price is cheaper than buying a doll on Red Square), and then a few more are Pushkin Bronze Statue Square, crossing the road That's Pushkin Café (this one was later built, really in St. Petersburg) and the Turandot restaurant next door. Will have the opportunity to live again in the future."
"The hotel location is very good. An underground passage is the Red Square Hotel. A 10-minute walk from Tverskaya Street to the Internet Supermarket. The rooms are in good condition. The lobby was closed for a while after 4am The hotel system date was changed to a new day and the front desk discussed to give one room free early check-in and the other one charged a half-day room rate RMB1300 for early check-in flexibility. Satisfied breakfast. Nice view on the top floor The breakfast is also very good. There are not many varieties. The caviar hotel pool is also good."
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20 Reviews
12, Nikolskaya Str., Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
32.7km from Sheremetyevo Airport
4.0km from Moskva Kazanskaya
4.1km from Kazansky railway station
290m from Lubyanka
480m from Ploshchad Revolyutsii
4.0km from Moscow Kazansky Railway Station
"Eleven out of four travels in Moscow because of visa problems. The hotel was booked late two days later and there were no rooms in the four seasons, so I booked the nearest St. Regis. The location can only be considered. Compared to the four seasons in the same area, the Ritz-Carlton ratio is still a little remote Fifteen minutes' walk from Red Square. It's cold. You know that it's really inconvenient. Reggie has always been the representative of high-end hotels in my mind. But this one doesn't know why the service is general butler service. There is no domestic caring room, especially the toilet is only half of the season Too much value for this price and it is very uncomfortable because the front desk obviously received the incidental deposit and the mini bar in the room was actually locked. The food was not clear. The snacks in the lobby for the first night felt inexplicable, so I did n’t eat at the hotel."
"I have always liked St. Regis's brand. The location is very good. It is convenient to go shopping and go to the sights. The subway station is also very close. Different from St. Regis, ETRO for toiletries, but it is really not good! The room given at the beginning was very small, the bathroom was still anti-taste, and the room was changed in time after calling the front desk. The service was ok. Breakfast is average, things are not too much, the taste is acceptable."
"Just on the edge of the Red Square, I walked to the Red Square for about ten minutes."
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15 Reviews
4 Neglinnaya Street,, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
29.9km from Sheremetyevo Airport
3.9km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
3.9km from Belorussky Train Station
390m from Teatralnaya
450m from Okhotny Ryad
"Very satisfying stay! The location of the hotel is very good, Red Square, Gum, Kremlin, DLT are all within walking distance. It is also close to the subway. It is very convenient to visit Moscow University and visit the subway station! Hotel service is also good, take the initiative to help with luggage (actually this should be done by hotels with more than four stars, but it was not treated in St. Petersburg the previous two days, the contrast is strong) Finally, I would like to remind everyone that if you are traveling by car, this hotel has no parking lot and can only be parked in the surrounding malls."
"The hotel is convenient for travel, 10 minutes walk from attractions such as Red Square, 700-800 meters from Metro Line 2, and 20 minutes to 30 minutes to Pushkin Cafe. Breakfast is good, breakfast is better than the Europa Hotel in St. Petersburg (for reference). It is very welcoming to have a taxi through the hotel or to ask the hotel to help book a restaurant. The point to be improved is that if the bathroom is turned off after the air conditioner is turned off at night, it must be kept air-conditioned at all times and it will be cold at night."
"The hotel has a good vision, good sanitary environment, and convenient transportation, but the service is not in place. At first, the luggage was not moved to the guest room, and it was said that it had been moved to the guest room. Finally, it was found three times before it was found that the luggage was still at the front desk."
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5 Reviews
Pyatnitskaya Street, 42, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
34.9km from Vnukovo Airport
2.9km from Paveletsky Railway Station
6.1km from Kurskaya Railway Station
400m from Tretyakovskaya
440m from Novokuznetskaya
1.6km from Paveletsky Railway Station
"The Richter Hotel. A Member of Design Hotels provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Moscow will find that the Richter Hotel. A Member of Design Hotels is a fantastic accommodation choice. Traveling to the hotel is easy with Paveletsky Railway Station located approximately 3km away and Vnukovo Airport roughly 35km away. Just a short walk from Tretyakovskaya Metro Station, traveling to most city destinations is a breeze. Guests will find Tekhnologiya Kvesta, Church of St. Nicholas and Snail Monument just a short distance from the hotel. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. Airport pickup can be arranged by the hotel upon request. "
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45 Reviews
Voznesenskiy Pereulok 7, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
33.4km from Sheremetyevo Airport
3.6km from Belorussky Train Station
4.2km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
890m from Arbatskaya
890m from Aleksandrovsky Sad
"Free travel to Russia, stayed in Moscow for seven days, this hotel. How to evaluate it? The first day of check-in was about 8 pm Russian time. The boy at the reception was estimated to have fallen in love, and he had a bad face all the way. He gave us the room card and asked him questions later and ignored me. . . The arranged room is on the first floor, and the hotel ’s conference hall is outside the curtains. People come and go. The two girls live without privacy, and the shower faucet in the bathroom is broken. Jinshan, because the day is late, we will stay. Early the next morning I contacted the Ctrip housekeeper, hoping to change rooms to ensure our privacy and security. Here I praise Ctrip and actively communicate with the hotel. After 12 noon, we changed to the second floor. The same room type. The room is better than the first floor. A little bit, it is very satisfying to live. However, another unpleasant thing happened on the fifth day of the stay. During the daytime, we went out to visit and did not stay in the room. It happened that on the afternoon of the fifth day, the little friend was in a car sickness, so we cancelled the trip and returned to the hotel at 3 pm. At about 3:20, a waiter opened the room with the key without knocking on the door or asking. We saw him asking him what he came in, she said that the house was clean, but in fact the room was cleaned before we returned to the hotel! !! We didn't argue much with him because of the language barrier. I contacted Ctrip Management again. At home, we raised our doubts and concerns. The steward sister helped us communicate with the hotel very enthusiastically. We feel that as a four-star hotel, such mistakes should not be made, should the staff who come in have ulterior motives? After the butler's communication, the hotel apologized to us and said that the mini bar staff would check the usage situation (we still feel the driver's excuse), but we still thank Ctrip, overseas travel, and the talents of the motherland. Russia is still a little messy, there are many days of stealing things"
"Breakfast does not include breakfast, the breakfast order is too expensive, walking around 2-3 streets to KFC and Arbat Street, very convenient, the main front desk is very good in English, and the service is in place! Quite quiet hotel, it is better if the room is 5 square meters larger, we can take an extra bed for three people with children."
"Hotel location is quite good, about 5 to 10 minutes away from the subway station, you can walk to Red Square, the Kremlin. There are restaurants and supermarkets near the hotel, which is very convenient. There is no need to have breakfast at the hotel. Booked a twin room, the front desk saw our family of three staying in, and helped us to add an extra bed for free."
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190 Reviews
Teatralny Proezd 2, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
30.0km from Sheremetyevo Airport
3.9km from Moskva Kazanskaya
4.0km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
270m from Teatralnaya
330m from Okhotny Ryad
3.9km from Moscow Kazansky Railway Station
"The hotel itself is very historical, and the location is superb. You can walk to the Red Square for a maximum of ten minutes. You can't get used to staying earlier. You can go to the view room, face the attractions, the rooms are not large, the facilities are not new, some history but good maintenance. The manager who met them in the elevator was very enthusiastic and asked how we were staying. They said that many Chinese in their hotel liked it. In addition, I was very impressed with the breakfast. I have to make a reservation. The restaurant is beautiful, the food is rich, and the caviar is pleasing to the eye. I like to take pictures. The waiter at the door was very enthusiastic and helped us taxi to the airport."
"Highly recommended! It is indeed an old classic hotel. The location is excellent, just a few minutes walk to Red Square. The Christmas decoration has not been removed at the end of January, and the surroundings are like a fairy tale world, which is fantastic. The hotel service is of high standard, responsive, and very polite and enthusiastic. There is a kettle in the room for the convenience of Chinese people. Hairdryer and slippers are all provided. Be sure to experience breakfast. Variety is rich, also comes with Chinese. It is more suitable for Chinese people than other hotels we have visited this time."
"The location is really good, just 3 minutes walk from the subway theater on the side of the Red Square. The price is expensive in this area, and the room with a large bed is not bad. The restaurant for breakfast is super beautiful. It has red caviar but it is fishy and salty. I really ca n’t eat it. It ’s enough to recommend one or two to taste. For Chinese tastes, fried rice and dumplings are better"
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36 Reviews
Petrovka St-Bld 11, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
32.1km from Sheremetyevo Airport
2.9km from Belorussky Train Station
2.9km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
740m from Trubnaya
780m from Chekhovskaya
"This hotel is located in the center of Moscow, very close to Red Square, convenient for shopping, and surrounded by major famous stores around the world. The service attitude is very intimate. There is an aroma as soon as you enter the hotel lobby. When you enter the room, it has a fresh taste. I just want you to live here. The hotel ’s toilet paper also has a LOGO. Breakfast was also very rich."
"This hotel is really awesome during travel throughout Russia! The location is good, as soon as the taxi, the hotel staff took the initiative to request the luggage. The room was really large. If there was any problem, we would call the front desk and the staff would come to the door to solve it soon! I would definitely choose this hotel if I go to Moscow👍👍"
"The rooms are really large, the bathrooms are also very large, the front desk and the concierge are very polite, the location is super good, at least there are eight theaters around, shopping and eating are all just out, five minutes walk to Red Square, hunter's firm. Breakfast is ok, there is nothing unaccustomed to eating, and you can change some tricks every day. It is better to clean the cups in the guest room."
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53 Reviews
15/1 Mokhovaya Street, bld. 1, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
32.2km from Sheremetyevo Airport
3.0km from Savelovskiy Vokzal
3.1km from Belorussky Train Station
180m from Okhotny Ryad
420m from Teatralnaya
"Booked a classic king-size bed room, the bed is large and comfortable, but the room is very small. The hotel's minibar needs to be closed and locked if it is not in use, which means that the refrigerator cannot be used. If you want to use the refrigerator, it costs 600 rubles a day, 600 is not a deposit, but a service fee. Stayed in so many hotels for the first time using the refrigerator for a fee. In another family of my companion, my father was fined for smoking in the room. He was fined 5,000 rubles a day. The companions who lived there later noticed. Never smoke in the room. There is no toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and razor in the room. It is said that you can ask the hotel for it. However, referring to the charge for refrigerator use, my friends think that toothpaste, toothbrush, and comb. The hotel breakfast is average, and the view of Red Square is really nothing special. It is recommended that friends can have breakfast at the hotel. The location of the hotel is unbeatable, and it is very close to the subway station and Red Square."
"The location of the hotel is very good. It is the entrance to the Red Square through an underground passage. The underground passage can also pass through the hunter's mall, which is convenient for shopping and eating. The front desk is welcoming and there is a turn-down service every day. The price does not include breakfast. The restaurant in front of the hotel opens at seven in the morning. It is very delicious and the price is not expensive. It is recommended to try!"
"Very good hotel. On the edge of Red Square. You can see the statue of Zhukov when you come up through the underground passage, and you can walk to the right to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier within 100 steps. The hotel is quite historical, Lenin and Sarkozy have stayed. The room was fine except for its small size. Breakfast was very good. In short, the price of a thousand yuan is very good!"
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2 Reviews
12 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
30.0km from Vnukovo Airport
5.3km from Kiyevsky Train Station
7.9km from Belorussky Train Station
170m from Vystavochnaya
170m from Delovoy Tsentr
"The Panorama City Federation provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Moscow will find that the Panorama City Federation is a fantastic accommodation choice. With Kiyevsky Train Station just 5km away and Vnukovo Airport only 30km away, transportation is very convenient. Being just minutes away from Vystavochnaya Metro Station allows guests to explore the city with ease. Keeping busy is easy, with Classical Massage, Federation Tower Panorama 360 Observation Deck and Chistaya Liniya Mini Ice Cream Factory all nearby. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. For those driving themselves, parking is provided on site. "
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