Top 10 Kingkey 100 Hotels

Top 10 Kingkey 100 Hotels


2087 Reviews
No.2002 East Qiaocheng Road,Huaqiao City, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
27.0km from Bao'an International Airport
7.5km from Futian Railway Station
610m from Qiaocheng East
"This hotel is awesome. Come over for the holidays + New Year’s Eve and check in early in the morning. It turns out that the hotel prepared a surprise for us early. There are free sugar water and drinks in the refrigerator every day. The five-star quality is also very good. The location is convenient and close to the creative garden. The facilities are complete, all aspects are super good, it must be five-star praise ❤️"
"The environment is elegant, the location is good, the dining is convenient, and the transportation is convenient. It takes more than 10 minutes to take a taxi to the Window of the World and Yitian Holiday Plaza. The room is fully equipped, clean, and the service attitude is very good! The charger is missing in the room, the front desk will notify and return it in time, thank you very much!"
"Yes, the original Novotel Bolin, changed to Bolin St Helens in 2017, the service quality has not changed. Stayed many times, the service is comfortable and the hotel is warm. The Eastern Market is not far away, it is very convenient to eat and drink tea. The breakfast is quite rich, with a bowl of pork liver and kidney noodles every day."
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307 Reviews
No.2018 Binhai Avenue, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
28.5km from Bao'an International Airport
8.6km from Shenzhen West Railway Station
720m from Shenzhen Bay Park
"The service of this hotel should be the worst I have ever stayed in~ It was originally a villa, but it was arranged to a far away room. The front desk staff also told me specifically that because you ordered by Ctrip, your price does not include breakfast. Ok, no problem, I don’t need your meal. Breakfast~ Secondly... When I put forward the bill of water, the front desk staff felt that they had just come for an internship, and they answered my questions unprofessional, and a girl like a supervisor also answered with full marks. Nothing is acceptable. Our hotel is not so unprofessional and does not have any expression of service...Is your hotel so proud?"
"The location is very good, the pool is a bit small, but the breakfast is the highlight. It rained on the day of check-in. When I came back in the evening, the turndown was already open, and the staff’s service attitude was also very good. Generally speaking, it was not bad. The only regret is that the staff are too few, because they are not big, they are all walking and there is no battery car. There are no lifeguards in the public swimming pool, so you can consider improving it."
"The location of the hotel is very good, on the edge of Binhai Avenue, very convenient. The hotel service is very good 👍Maggie, the service staff, is very professional and enthusiastic ❤️He was greeted warmly as soon as he entered the lobby. He was very professional and proactive. He was happy to serve me with a smile all the way and sent me to the room. I have been supporting this hotel in the future."
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5219 Reviews
No.1085 Heping Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
39.3km from Bao'an International Airport
930m from Shenzhen Railway Station
1.0km from Luohu
"Coming from a business trip. There is a 711 convenience store downstairs, which is very convenient. The original double bed room was upgraded temporarily after no room. Very comfortable and very nice environment. The hotel is close to the Shenzhen Railway Station. Many national leaders and foreign heads of state have stayed there, which shows its quality and reputation."
"Large room, convenient transportation, high cost performance, just outside the train station, the Hong Kong scenery can be seen from the side, the greening of the park underneath is great, the breakfast is too late to eat, the swimming pool is open, it looks very good"
"The room is very small, the facilities are very old, a bit like the old Japanese hotel, but very clean. The bathroom was renovated and tasted a bit renovated, reflecting the fact that the waiter and sister came over to apologize, added an aromatherapy purifier, helped open the window, and came back in the evening and it didn't taste. The price/performance ratio is still very high."
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1084 Reviews
One Shenzhen Bay, 3008 Zhongxin Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
26.1km from Bao'an International Airport
6.3km from Shenzhen West Railway Station
880m from Dengliang
"It is worthy of being the most expensive hotel in Shenzhen. It is more than five-star in every aspect, it can't be better! For my wife’s birthday, I took my wife and baby to stay for one night. I really feel good! [Smile] Room facilities: very good! I can't fault it. When I left, I found that the cold drinks in the refrigerator are free. Even the pillows have twelve kinds for you to choose... The hair dryer is also Dyson's ~ in short, it is very good. Except for a five-star hotel in France, this is the second hotel that we have stayed in and found that body milk is super easy to use. Because I said to bring a child, I also gave a set of baby supplies. Value for money: There is no value for money in this kind of hotel, so I can only say that I am happy! Restaurant: I ordered a buffet for two in the sky cafe. It's great too! The lobster and foie gras are really delicious. It's just a pity that I haven't waited until the caviar... I'm too full to eat. I can't wait. It is recommended to eat slowly and wait for his selection of dishes to come up slowly. There is too much to eat in the full buffet, and the selected dishes are not available. Room view: Helplessly rainy weather, no stars...but huge French windows! The scenery is invincible! Sure enough, it is the most expensive area in Shenzhen...it is really good (hao)! Location and transportation: the legendary car show parking lot 🅿️ is it! Ferrari Lamborghini Bentley, everywhere... Swimming pool: very good, there is also a bubble pool~ my son is very happy to play. There is also a sauna in the locker room, Very good hotel🏨 still want to go again! Work hard to make money~ 💰[smirk][applause]"
"Raffles has a very good location, there are many good restaurants, massages, shopping malls and so on nearby. Basically these days, drinking, eating and massage are all nearby. As soon as you get out of the elevator on the 34th floor, you can see the springing up of landmark buildings. The comfortable environment and the friendly service attitude greatly enhance the experience. Special nomination to praise the butler Zhu Zhu🥰 Thank you for your meticulous care over the past few days. The bond with the guests is very high! After checking in, I helped send my luggage to the room. When I entered the room, it felt bigger and clean than I thought. Introduced the placement of various items and the services that can be provided, and gave me and my friends exquisite and practical small gifts 🎁 in the evening. I took care of the feeling of check-in very carefully throughout the whole process. The work efficiency is very high. When I left, I also gave a small gift on the first day of the month. It is a very cute little giraffe. When we left the store, we were sent downstairs. Service. For the hotel's good service in addition to the environment, guests will have a better impression of the hotel. The butler Zhu Zhu is very impressive. I recommend everyone to stay 👍👍"
"The hotel called a day in advance to confirm the check-in information, the needs were very considerate, the bedding and shower facilities were very good, it may be that there are not many people checking in on rainy days, so it is fast. The view of the room at night is very good, but it is a bit dazzling during the day. The housekeeper Zhu Zhu thoughtfully prepared birthday cards, birthday decorations, and small cakes. The daughter was very happy and the room was very comfortable. In addition to staying in the room for breakfast, the housekeeper also helped us delay check-out until 2 o'clock. It was a good check-in experience."
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1133 Reviews
No.5023 Yitian Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
31.7km from Bao'an International Airport
990m from Futian Railway Station
310m from Shopping Park
"I rarely write Trip.com's comments, but Park Hyatt Hotel is worth writing a few words of sincere recommendation to everyone. The hotel service is very intimate, and every staff member encountered shows enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and professional service spirit. I am personally satisfied with the hygiene of the room. The epidemic can't go far, and take the children to the hotel to play. The most attractive thing for them should be the swimming pool. The Park Hyatt pool is really very clean and there are fewer people. After the swimming, there is a comfortable spa for us to relax. The hot water massage pool and sauna are free to use. Breakfast is good, quite rich, and the taste is OK. The hotel is downstairs in coco park, and it is not far from Zhuoyue Center, Huangting Square, Central City... It is very very convenient to eat. Staying at the hotel on June 1, the hotel carefully prepared a little Lego gift and afternoon fruit (quite delicious car lizi), which is not very expensive, but it feels warm. I will stay in Park Yue in the future and will recommend Park Yue. Finally, Shenzhen friends can also do a separate swimming card in Park Yue, I checked out after the private swimming lessons."
"Location traffic: It's a short walk away from the convention and exhibition center, and it is quite convenient and the transportation is also convenient. service: The service attitude is not bad. Room view: The view is wide and the lighting is good. health: Hygiene is OK and very clean. bed: The bed is not big and quite comfortable. wifi: The Wi-Fi speed is OK, much better than Shanghai's. Room facilities: Electric toilet, TOTO, easy to use; separate dry and wet, the shower room is relatively large; there are two wardrobes, the space is still adequate; the shower flow is OK, not too big nor too small; the room is not big, but there is enough space . Cost performance: The price/performance ratio is OK, and you can choose for business travel."
"Park Hyatt Shenzhen is located at the core of Futian Business Center, located in the South Tower of the Ping An Financial Center Complex. The hotel is very new and stylish. The decoration style is Chinese and low-luxury. The layout is elegant and makes people feel peaceful and far-reaching. Overlooking the prosperous city view of Futian. Surrounded by many dining and shopping facilities, it is suitable for business leisure. The hotel service is very good. I would like to commend Chris, Joshua, and Spencer from the concierge department for their considerate and courteous service! Next time continue to choose to stay at the Park Hyatt Shenzhen."
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295 Reviews
2600 Keyuan South Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
26.5km from Bao'an International Airport
6.9km from Shenzhen West Railway Station
2.0km from Houhai
"Choose a hotel. Among the hotels of the same level, you should really choose a new hotel that has opened in recent years, because anyway, it must surpass the old hotel in terms of hardware and software equipment. Even if the old hotel is well maintained, there will be some traces of old age, not to mention the fact that technology is developing so fast now that many hardware aspects can't keep up. To In the past two years, Shenzhen has really opened a lot of high-end hotels. Raffles, I actually really want to check in, but the price of May Day did rise a bit, so I chose Andaz. To I booked a city-view big bed room with two breakfasts, complimentary lounge privileges and a minibar. I think the prices are basically the same on May Day and weekdays, so I feel very comfortable. I really hate hotels that double on holidays. To About the hotel as a whole: The location is excellent, downstairs is the Vientiane City, the Internet celebrity restaurants and luxury goods are all complete, so you can eat, drink and shop when you go out, and the transportation is also very convenient. Next to it is the Shenzhen Talent Park, which is well repaired and has a nice view, so you can just walk around. As an Internet celebrity check-in hotel in Shenzhen, whether it is the overall design or color matching, it is really impeccable, especially the film, it is very beautiful. To About hotel rooms: The 550-square-meter city-view room has a reasonable design and uses a mirror surface, so the room has a strong sense of space, as if it has a feeling of 60 square meters, which is completely enough. Electric curtains, smart toilets, and their modern hardware configuration, the air conditioning sound is not loud, in short, it is just fine. In terms of hygiene, I haven't picked up anything wrong, it's pretty good. To About dining: The lounge is for all in-house guests, but this so-called lounge area is actually the public area of the hotel. People come and go, and the feeling is very bad. The snacks and drinks provided are few and the taste is not good. Slightly perfunctory There are not many varieties of breakfast, semi-self-service mode, but a la carte, the taste is okay, relatively delicate, I think it is completely enough, I like the small but refined mode; To About service: The clerk who turned the turn-down service was very serious and tidy up all the used shower rooms with great care. The efficiency of room service is still relatively fast, and the overall staff service is also available. The little brother who brought us into the room, I forgot the name, sorry. But I am very enthusiastic. I would like to call for praise, but it is a pity! Because there is a memorial day, the hotel has prepared surprise balloon gift boxes, as well as cakes and snacks, which are particularly beautiful, hahahaha, I like it. It is particularly worth mentioning that the berry cake is really delicious, I finished it in one bite, not greasy. To About other: I like the design of Mr. Ji Yutang, and the hotel he designed, I want to go and get stuck. The lobby of the hotel is very small. The check-in method without counter design is actually a good idea. It can make guests feel no sense of distance, but it is easy to cause a sense of crowding. Therefore, the peak check-in and check-out peaks here will look like a bazaar. Why can't I take a photo with a camera, because I'm afraid of taking pictures of the hotel's blemishes. Is this called a taboo doctor? Slightly funny. To To Well, generally speaking, I like it, and I like the handwritten greeting cards they gave us. Thank you for your heartfelt memories. To"
"A hotel I like very much. I usually book a hotel by various brands and I rarely choose my own. I chose Shenzhen Bay Andaz Hotel for the company event in March. The first time I stayed was amazing and I have been thinking about it. There are few hotels that impressed me so deeply. This is actually my second stay, and I will still book it next time. The moment you step into the hotel, all the hustle and bustle are isolated. It seems to open the door to a new world. It will make you want to explore. There are always surprises and details worthy of taste. Picking up the phone is a must-see everywhere, and the filters are all superfluous. It is worth mentioning that the girls are most fancy bathroom design when they go out. The bathrooms in Andaz Hotel are all marble design, the lighting is also very good, and the closet is next to the bathroom, which is super convenient. The mini bar can be customized for free, and I have all the drinks I like, the breakfast is also very good, buffet can be ordered, the restaurant can see the park and the sea. It’s a few meters after I’ve finished writing. The hotel’s staff provides good service and the surrounding area is also very convenient. If you drive by yourself, you can directly navigate Shenzhen Bay Vientiane City, which is the same parking lot as Vientiane City. The hotel has an entrance near B4N. It's easy to find, in short, this is a hotel that is worth coming back and staying long."
"This Andaz really exceeded my expectations. The decoration style is very unique, which is indeed rare in domestic hotels. The hotel is in Nanshan District, surrounded by big companies. What impressed me was the thoughtful service of the concierge. I am very grateful to the concierge Biden for helping me carry my luggage. Seeing me taking pictures alone, Hiram, the concierge, was very enthusiastic and patient to take pictures for me. I left my belongings at the hotel when I checked out, and the hotel also helped me mail them back. The breakfast is also very good, and the gym equipment is also very complete. Next time I go to Shenzhen, I will definitely choose Andaz!"
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1047 Reviews
No.2235 Xuegang North Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
34.1km from Bao'an International Airport
7.4km from Bantian Railway Station
2.4km from Gangtou
"The hotel is in a good location, 1.5 kilometers away from Huawei, convenient and cost-effective. The service is very attentive, wait for the time to take tea, help me to upgrade to a comfortable double bed room with windows for free, inform the billing information in advance, and get the ticket directly when checking out. The breakfast buffet was also generous. The shortcoming is the new decoration, the interior tastes a bit, although a charcoal bag has been put on the bed ..."
"There are different restaurants near the hotel, as well as many different shops. It is very convenient in shopping and shopping! Although it is far from the subway station, there are different buses to reach the hotel, and the transportation is very convenient! The room was clean, spacious and comfortable! The breakfast environment is comfortable and there are many types of food, that is, the noodle soup base tastes good! $ 383 for two for breakfast, great value for money!"
"Shenzhen Bantian Mulianzhuang Hotel is worth a stay. Except for the location difference, the others are cost-effective. The front desk, rooms, breakfast, and hygiene are very satisfied! Boy at the front desk, Hai Tao is very polite, worthy of praise, other staff are also very polite!"
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2594 Reviews
No.5016 East Shennan Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
38.1km from Bao'an International Airport
3.4km from Shenzhen Railway Station
460m from Grand Theater
"Since staying at the St. Regis in Zhuhai once, the family has a special liking for St. Regis, which occupies the landmark high-rise buildings of various cities. This time they asked to stay at the St. Regis in Shenzhen. Located in the former commanding heights of the city, the Kingkey 100 Building, St. Regis provides unparalleled and charming scenery, which is undoubtedly satisfactory when taking pictures. The first floor of the hotel has also taken measures to allow staff to clock in to go upstairs, restricting some people who hit the stairs and clocked in. It may be that the land price in Shenzhen is expensive, so the room is smaller than the St. Regis in Zhuhai, and the layout is not so reasonable. The bathroom door of the toilet has a chance to be caught. The most surprising thing is that the door separating the toilet and the living room is actually translucent, directly facing the toilet inside. It would be very embarrassing if the same room is not a couple or family. The swimming pool is not big, so don't think about swimming well when there are too many people during the holidays. The water is constant temperature...cold! Girls basically go down to play around and can't stand it, they can only use the water. The hot spring pool next to it is too mini. The locker room is not like a Zhuhai store. There is no hot spring bubble pool or heated stone bed, and the cabinets are also difficult to lock (it teaches you how to lock it with a password, but it is actually useless). The food is commendable, the breakfast products are much more than that in Zhuhai, and the afternoon tea is also very rich. However, there is no hot chocolate provided, and the yogurt does not know why the staff always hides it, and asks for a limited amount before putting it out and putting it on. The macaron was gone and was not made up in time. Finally, I will focus on the front desk service (tu cao): I am still a more tolerant person, but I still don't understand why the check-in efficiency at the front desk is so slow. I just operated and played on the computer for 20 minutes. I didn’t know that I entered my 5,000-character resume into the computer for the record. The guests nearby were impatient, but fortunately, modern people still have the quality and patience. The front desk staff was obviously unfamiliar with various hotel package services. I asked three questions about the parent-child content in the Ctrip product I booked. In the end, I had to ask the housekeeper to get the answer, but in the end the layout of the parent-child room was still not provided. The gift of 300 yuan was almost lost because I thought I could continue to spend the day after checking out, but it turned out not, but Ctrip and the front desk did not inform, when asked how to operate, the front desk lady just answered coldly: System regulations , No way! Fortunately, at the end, Miss Truda Guan, the receptionist in the lobby, eagerly helped to find the manager, Miss Yoyo, to solve it, and let us use the remaining more than 100 yuan worth of courtesy. In fact, with all that said, I still hope that the St. Regis brand can continue the purpose of butler service, so that guests can live comfortably, so as to truly protect the brand's reputation and allow guests to keep coming back and staying. Looking forward to a better experience next time staying in another St. Regis."
"To commemorate the 10th anniversary of my wife and I, I specially chose the 3888 package of St. Regis. The friends of St. Regis were very considerate to help me upgrade to the Caroline Suite, and also prepared a welcome gift. The landscape is really invincible. Watching the sunset, the lights are beginning to appear, taking care of the bustling day and night of Shenzhen. The Italian restaurant on the 99th floor of the set menu is also very good. The service is also very considerate and will be considered for customers. It also gave the children a tiramisu dessert~ The SPA is a suite with a separate panoramic bathtub, shower room and toilet. It is also prepared For refreshments, the technician’s technique is also very professional~ The pool view faces Hong Kong, and the sky pool can shoot many blockbusters~ This time the 10th anniversary is full of pleasant memories. St. Regis’s friends are great."
"The hotel itself is very good, the staff are professional and courteous. During the telephone consultation, it was recommended to add money to upgrade the room. After the refusal, there was no entanglement, and it did not affect the service. The requirements were also met as much as possible, especially the gift of a very thoughtful little cake. Thank you, the breakfast is very rich and delicious, the service is prompt and fast, the room windows are designed to prevent rain, rain will not affect the view too much It’s just that the booking process is a bit tossing and going, the order is confirmed early, but the booking information has not been confirmed (not a hotel issue), and there is no need to book a hotel package for a simple dinner"
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3239 Reviews
21-25F, Building A, Shangmei Hongshu Huafu, No.8 Shaju Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
30.5km from Bao'an International Airport
3.9km from Futian Railway Station
580m from Shangsha
"The location is very good. Paul's service is very warm and professional. Located 500 meters away from Shangsha subway station, Hongshuwan No.1, the new Hongshuwan No.1 building complex and the bottom business are new planning, and it is a very new building in the old city. The hotel has simple and stylish lines. I originally booked this hotel because it opened in May last year. It is suitable for travelers like me. I didn't expect everything to be online after I checked in. Even the cleaning aunts are kind and service-conscious. The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the room is super good. I stayed here for every business trip in the past month."
"Hotel near Shangsha. Just a few hundred meters from the Shangsha subway station, the lobby on the first floor is not very decorated and decorated in a courtyard style, very warm. Miss Janna at the front desk has good service and helped me choose the room I like. The hotel rooms and restaurants are all on the same level, which is more convenient, and the hotel disinfection is quite in place. There is also a free laundry room and gym. The maple trees at the door of the room are super nice~ the room is very comfortable. Like the smell of shower gel, the bed is very comfortable, a good experience."
"Good price/performance ratio, Japanese style courtyard style floor and Chinese style, dark yellow light is very mysterious, beautiful photos! The service at the front desk is very good, and we greeted us as soon as we entered the door. The location is also good. Futian Stadium and Hongshuwan Park are very close and you can walk there. If there is traffic, many taxis will pass by the door and stop by the subway for 6,7 minutes. At Shangsha Station, there is also a Shawei subway that takes about ten minutes to walk. In addition, JANNA at the front desk, good service attitude, like it"
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4536 Reviews
No.138 Fuhua 3rd Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
32.2km from Bao'an International Airport
870m from Futian Railway Station
510m from Convention & Exhibition Center
"Because I wanted to have a sense of ritual for my 18th birthday, I decided to spend one night at Four Seasons Hotel for my birthday. I didn't expect it to be a surprise! ! I booked a four-season big bed room. After I made the reservation, I called the front desk and asked if it was a birthday. Can I help with the decoration? Then the front desk left my phone number to indicate that the housekeeping department will call back tomorrow. The housekeeping department called back very politely and said that it would help to decorate some simple balloons and present small cakes, and also asked me if the room is facing the requirements, I really feel like I am a big man haha, and then added v and said that there are any problems afterwards. Can send a message to her The front desk attitude was so good when I checked in for my birthday yesterday! ! Always say happy birthday to me, and help me upgrade my room type for free! Take a look, my goodness, this room normally costs 3000+ It's an executive suite, and the decoration inside is really thoughtful! ! There are so many balloons, and happy birthday is posted! the most important is! The free cake is so delicious! ! There is a flower arrangement of roses on the coffee table, as well as a separate rose plus a greeting card that says the housekeeping department wishes me a happy birthday🎂 I'm so touched! ! ps: Rachel at the front desk and Emily in the room department"
"Breakfast is not good, few choices, not worth the price of breakfast. Room facilities are OK, but it is recommended to choose a high-quality brand of hair dryer. Not suitable for bringing children, but there are many children staying during holidays. The location is very good and the surrounding traffic is convenient. The maximum depth of the swimming pool is 1.2 meters. It does not seem to be suitable for professional swimmers, but only suitable for playing in the water. The nightgown is still taken by the pool by mistake, and the management can still be diligent. Overall it is good, but there are still some software procurement management aspects that are not in line with the Four Seasons brand."
"I usually don't make hotel reviews because there will be unpleasant things every time. But this time staying at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen for the first time, the experience is very good. Although the facilities and equipment are not so new, it does not affect the service standards of the four seasons. In the case that we were only one day in advance, we still made the room decoration very carefully, and delivered welcome fruits, sparkling wine and small cakes when we turned down in the evening. Very moved, I will choose Four Seasons Hotel next time."
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