Top 10 LA FABRIQUE Hotels

Top 10 LA FABRIQUE Hotels

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Aman Tokyo Rooms
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124 Reviews
the otemachi tower 1-5-6 otemachi chiyoda-ku tokyo 100-0004 japan, Tokyo, Japan
22.6km from Haneda Airport
740m from JR Tokyo Station
50m from Otemachi
740m from Tokyo
"The new hotel is clean, tasteful and has a sense of design. The room I stayed in is Japanese-style. I usually ca n’t book a room. Due to the domestic epidemic, there are fewer guests visiting Japan, so I can only stay for two days."
"Aman hotel is a business type hotel. Which is very near to Tokyo station. Walking distance about 5mins. Don’t expect too much shops around the hotel. The hotel lobby is super nice. "
"In a niche hotel, staying in becomes a VIP. Apart from the monotonous dining, there is no Chinese food. Everything else is very good!"

8 Reviews
1-9-10 Irifune, Tokyo, Japan
20.2km from Haneda Airport
400m from JR Hatchobori Station
400m from Hatchobori
600m from Shintomichō
"I used this because I was scheduled to leave early in the morning. First of all, the room was very comfortable! The kitchen was clean with a barmuda and a large refrigerator. There was also a large TV in the living room and the bedding was just good soft. The front desk was very polite. We also accepted that we would leave a large luggage before check-in time. If you have another chance, I would like to use it!"
"It matches the concept of the second house, and I thought the use of the space in the room, the facilities, and the feeling of the fullness of the loan were wonderful. Cospa is the strongest."
"The room was very clean and the facilities were substantial. The response was gentle and polite. There are many things to borrow and you can enjoy very much."

44 Reviews
1-9-1 Otemachi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
22.8km from Haneda Airport
900m from JR Kanda Station
440m from Otemachi
910m from Kanda
"The hotel is located in the business building group. The design style is very unique. All natural materials such as logs and bamboo grass are used to create a very warm and cozy atmosphere. Although there is no beautiful and exquisite courtyard, it also gives people a feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hotels in Hoshino will never be disappointing! The service was also very attentive and meticulous. When we saw that we had a baby, we provided the baby's bathrobe and toothbrush the next day. The public tea bar on each floor offers tea and coffee snacks, etc., of good quality. Very warm is also equipped with some small toys to make the baby have fun! The tea bar offers a free light breakfast every day-2 rice balls, which tastes great! I hope to experience Hoshino in other areas next time."
"The hotel is very tall, the decoration style is Japanese design, you have to take off your shoes on the first floor, all of them are tatami floor, the only thing is that the room is very dark, a bit depressing, the first: long strip; the second: color It's dark; third: the surrounding area may be blocked by high-rise buildings, and the sun can't get in; the facade is very beautiful but it is dark too much, which also causes the room to have a very dark tone. I like the bright and spacious sunlight. I didn't come to clean the room on the first day. Maybe we were in the room. At least we had to ask us about it. The quilt didn't change for a few days. I don't understand!"
"From the first time you check in, you can feel detailed and amazing. After slippers in the lobby on the first floor, the mobile environment throughout the hotel is Japanese-style tatami, very comfortable Check-in is handled directly at the check-in floor, and the shared space on each floor also gives a high level of comfort Needless to say the comfort of the room, Hoshino's reputation has always been very good, and it is a bit regrettable to only stay for one night Next time you visit Tokyo, you should continue to choose this hotel"

30 Reviews
4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
22.7km from Haneda Airport
670m from JR Yotsuya Station
520m from Kōjimachi
670m from Yotsuya
"We stayed for five nights. Hotel staff provided excellent and impeccable service, remembering our names and preferences to the extent of remembering to follow up on our outing arrangements and various requests which we had made. Great location with easy access to 3 Subway/rail locations. Our room was very large. The bathroom was spacious and comfortable, with great amenities, Breakfast at Santsuki was amazing too. The gardens were extensive and to our present surprise even has a small chapel with a Sunday service which we attended. Truly a refuge in a busy city. I believe the only Hotel in Japan with something like this. We were given a complimentary upgrade to a larger room which was much appreciated. Do consider application to the New Otani Club...complimentary early check-in and late check-out, a boon for us as both inward and outward flights were red-eye ones."
"We stayed during the Rugby world cup and I have to say no matter how many people were there no matter how much security (PM Abe held a banquet for 900 guests and both Japanese and Welsh teams were in residence) the staff remained absolutely fantastic and their work ethic was amazing and quite how they remained so calm and hospitable was truly, well, Japanese. We love visiting Japan and it was the first time we stayed at this hotel, we will definitely be back!"
"I stayed at the New Otani Tokyo - Executive House Zen. From check-in to check-out the service was wonderful and personal. The room was lovely, with a great view of the garden below and a very modern Japanese aesthetic. Absolutely loved the bathroom - spacious and filled with amenities. I had a delicious drink at Bar Capri - a cherry blossom cocktail - made by their award winning bar tender. Perfect way to end the night. A great hotel in Tokyo!"

40 Reviews
1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
22.4km from Haneda Airport
1.1km from JR Kanda Station
500m from Otemachi
790m from Takebashi
"We had been meaning to check out this new property since it opened in October of 2020, and we finally had an excuse to visit Tokyo a year and a half later. What did we think? It's new, solid and pleasant. It doesn't stand out versus the competition, but the competition is stiff in Tokyo, what with literally over a half-dozen top-notch luxury properties in this bustling international metropolis. We stayed in a Premier Suite, which offered good views and a decent 81 square meters of space. It was a corner Suite and had an abundance of large windows everywhere. The abundant natural light, combined with the light, muted tones of the furnishings, gave it a very airy vibe, which is very much to our tastes. Upon check-in, we wanted to try out afternoon tea, but the lounge area was completely full and they had no availability until much later in the afternoon. After some pestering, I convinced them to deliver afternoon tea to our room. It turned out that it was better that way - the lounge area was massive, crowded and full of energy... too much energy; it felt like we were at the lobby bar of hip hotel (like the W) than the typically more restrained aura of a Four Seasons property. It was definitely designed to be a "see and be seen" place, for better or for worse. We feel it's the latter. Sure, it's probably a great source of revenue for them, but after seeing the hectic lounge area, we were happy to retreat to our room. A few other minor shortcomings.... the breakfast was nothing special; we had the Japanese breakfast delivered to our room, and it was below the standards set by competing hotels like Aman or Palace Hotel. Secondly, the views from our room - especially of the Palace gardens - were partially (actually, somewhat prominently) obscured by buildings in the foreground. This is a shortcoming when compared to the aforementioned two properties, which offer a much more "clean" and panoramic view of the skyline as well as the Imperial Park. It's not a deal-breaker, but if an amazing view is something you value, there are better options than FS Otemachi. We have yet to settle on our go-to hotel in Tokyo. There are pros and cons to each of them, whether it's the Aman, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Ritz-Carlton, FS Otemachi, FS Marunouchi and the Palace. Although it's the newest of the bunch, we did not feel that FS Otemachi sufficiently distinguished itself from the pack. That said, it probably deserves a spot in our rotation, depending on comparative rates at a particular moment in time."
"For my wife and me, our stay at the Four Seasons was a splurge, but worth every penny. The hotel takes you to another place as soon as you enter the premises. I have stayed at a few other high end hotels and can say that the Four Seasons does go a step above other hotels of similar price point. The service is highly attentive, as individualized as they can make it, and it is genuine. The décor is amazing, a very modern look and fun ambient music that changes throughout the day. The food is great and you can choose from a variety of settings to dine in. The bar is a great place to hang out in the evening with some creative cocktails. The rooms are immaculate and the bedding is some of the best bedding I've slept in at a hotel. They also have very comfortable pajamas. The pool is fun with underwater speakers. The best thing about the hotel is the people who work there. It is worth it just to experience how they work as a team to deliver top-notch service. "
"I have been visiting the Four Seasons Otemachi since year 1 and since then they never cease to amaze me.❤️ I have met most… if not all of the best staff that makes up FS Otemachi a place that I would always love to come home to. Mr. Kerti from the FS Otemachi once told me that a building you can always copy but the people that makes up that certain establishment is what makes a place worth visiting. They work the extra miles to make each and every stay an unforgettable one. They have this incomparable passion with their work that touches your heart in an unimaginable way. Miss Christine Lin has been taking good care of me since day 1. She and most of the FS team always makes me feel like a royalty. The Four Seasons Hotel Otemachi is one of the finest hotel and one of Tokyo’s pride that’s worth visiting. They will surely make your stay an unforgettable one that’s worth keeping for the rest of our lives."

92 Reviews
Tokyo Midtown 9-7-1 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
21.4km from Haneda Airport
3.2km from JR Shimbashi Station
830m from Nogizaka
940m from Roppongi
"First of all, when I lived there, because the children upstairs were too noisy, I called the front desk and the front desk replied that they could not negotiate with the upstairs guests, and there was no way to negotiate, that is to say, I As a guest, I also need service, but they feel that they have no way to negotiate with the people upstairs and ignore the needs of other guests. I used to use the hotel very much and liked this hotel very much, but because of this incident, I feel Are they still lacking in service? The same guests also need to rest, so the noise of other guests upstairs makes the downstairs guests unable to rest, which also needs to be solved. The suggestion they gave is to let me change rooms and live in the next day’s room. Things are messed up, and the practice of letting the victim make concessions rather than letting the perpetrators make corrections is flawed, and they didn't even communicate, so they replied directly to me saying that there was no way to make a request with the people upstairs, I know that as a hotel manager, many things are difficult, but it is incomprehensible to let guests change rooms without even trying."
"I used the club lounge on my birthday, but it took about 40 minutes for the evening meal to be served. It would be nice if the staff could take a word like this in advance, but there was nothing in particular and I had to wait for a long time. Also, I'm sorry I was late. I'm glad that the staff's response is basic, such as remembering the name, but ... I heard that the staff's response is good because it is a major hotel, but ... I think it wasn't so ... Birthday day It was regrettable."
"I am very satisfied with the experience of this stay.Hotel regardless of service, equipment, environment is very good.The hotel is very intimate, according to guests from different countries to provide a good knowledge of different languages of the crews to assist."

42 Reviews
2-10-4 Toranomon, Tokyo, Japan
20.6km from Haneda Airport
1.7km from JR Shimbashi Station
540m from Kamiyacho
700m from Roppongi-Itchōme
"The renovated Hotel Okura was a surprise in Tokyo this time! This time I stayed in the Okura Heritage, the service and facilities were excellent! No wonder Jobs liked Tokyo Okura so much during his lifetime! Generally, hotel hardware can be used up with money. However, services and software can only reach this level through years of accumulation. All the packages of Heritage are better than after Aman Tokyo, and the service is intimate and convincing! Be sure to stay next time you come to Tokyo!"
"We were two big and two small, booked two rooms and stayed for 7 nights. Actually one room is enough. Two beds can be put together, big! The hotel deserves to be up-to-date, the service is good, and the breakfast is good. Convenient everywhere. A convenience store is just a few minutes walk away."
"Everything is fine in the new Okura. Is the food is not as expected. . . Bartending. Meals. The water sign in the room turned out to be very general. Anyway, I also want a basic evian. I was expecting a good local water card in Japan. Desserts and coffee are not bad."

45 Reviews
Pacific Century Place 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
21.2km from Haneda Airport
580m from Yūrakuchō Station
430m from Kyobashi
510m from Ginza-itchōme
"The hotel is next to the train track and you can hear the sound of trains entering and leaving the station. If the nervous guests do not need to live. The hotel is small, there is no swimming pool, there is a small hot spring pool, the area is estimated to be about 6 square meters. The rooms are warmly furnished and the mattresses are soft and hard. The hotel service is good and the surroundings are very convenient. 500 meters to Ginza. There is a lot of food under the hotel. Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building outside 200 also eats a lot, I recommend Amu Dandan, the meat is delicious and spicy! There is sushi & # 127843; on the fifth floor. There is a BMW cafe outside the hotel, rare to see"
"The location is right next to Tokyo Station, it is very convenient to travel, and it is only ten minutes walk to Ginza. As always, the Japanese thoughtful service was great. ——Comment from Qunar.com The staff will take the initiative to ask you about your itinerary and will always take you to the airport bus. The rooms are large and well-equipped, and the details are thoughtful. Also, the bed is too comfortable ..."
"The location of the hotel is superb, and the room of 40 square meters is estimated to be luxurious in downtown Tokyo. Although I was next to the Tokyo Station, the soundproofing was good and there was basically no noise. The hotel can provide a pick-up service from the station. The breakfast is very general, more than 300 yuan, there is nothing to eat too much."

54 Reviews
Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-1-1, Tokyo, Japan
23.4km from Haneda Airport
1.5km from Yūrakuchō Station
500m from Otemachi
580m from Nijūbashimae
"The photo is taken from the balcony of the hotel. The room is clean, the shower water is very good, the breakfast is good, the room is spacious, the quilt is thick, and there is no thin quilt in summer? The staff were very enthusiastic and could speak English. The waiter just arrived and took the baggage, introduced the room, and collected the tip. When he left, the young man who helped carry the baggage to the car did not charge the tip. In short, everything is fine. If you have a breakfast, the child will not come in the morning, which is not considered."
"The location is excellent, walk ten minutes to Ginza, and get around after a tired taxi ride for around 1,000 yen. There is a Chinese restaurant in the hotel. The food tastes good, but it does not lose the standard of a luxury hotel, but it is not delicious. The balcony room should be the only one in Tokyo. Rooms without a balcony also have a small window that opens up for ventilation."
"Booked a room with a balcony, it ’s convenient for her husband to smoke, two beds together, two big and one nap are very spacious, the bad thing is that the bathroom is open, although the shutters cannot be seen when the bath is closed, the sliding door is not locked. There are convenience stores and several small restaurants on the basement floor. Downstairs is the Royal Palace"

29 Reviews
4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
20.8km from Haneda Airport
1.6km from JR Shimbashi Station
410m from Kamiyacho
790m from Toranomon
"Unique and luxurious boutique hotel, with a buzzy vibe and eye-catching ambiance. The views of the Tokyo Tower will stun locals and visitors alike, and the modern amenities and room appointments will suit even the most fastidious of travelers. Opened in October 2020, the spaces still feel especially fresh and new - and the mix of customers ranges from hip scene-hunting locals and influencers, to families looking for a high-end experience all around. If you read no further, know this is a must-stay hotel in Tokyo. It was a cheekier version of The RC - approachable but luxe. My family and I stayed just two nights, over the New Years holiday week - looking for a special “staycation” experience in our hometown. Wow. The Edition’s beautiful lobby embodies the exact words of it’s architect: a frame of nature. I’ve never seen such a space! The bountiful foliage is expertly maintained, and each unique seating area is exquisitely designed (from furs/pillows/blankets on couches, to rich wood tables with intricate tealights and flowers - like you’ve just walked into a wealthy friend’s insanely decorated home.) The maintenance alone of this space is proof that the operations team is on their game. Walk closer to the window and you’ll recognize why everyone has their camera out - the Tokyo Bay and Tower just a few blocks away are mesmerizing. While check-in was slower than expected, the team working the front desk and lobby were beyond polite and helpful. The rooms are modern, spacious - and white. All elevating the experience to feel fresh, new, and like you’re the first person to use the space. The elegant wood paneling evokes Japanese design mixed with some sexy function, allowing you to peek between the bathroom and sleeping areas. Le Labo NYC products are generous (and fragrant), and together weave the scent story of the entire hotel. We ordered room service (wine and dessert) and it was prompt, delicious, and it’s tough to deliver ice cream without it melting! Our dinner the first night was set-up by the concierge at our request: yakiniku. Not only did this wonderful woman make calls on our behalf to obtain a reservation last minute, but she walked with us all the way to the street level from the hotel. I say this because this included at least 5 minutes outside, and in nearly 0 degree temperatures. Completely unnecessary, but so thoughtful to ensure we wouldn’t get lost on our way. Breakfast service in the Blue Room was a delight. The service was attentive (our server had fresh coffees at the ready before we even asked), and thoughtful in presentation. A limited menu was executed perfectly, well-timed coursing and more than ample portions. In particular, the kids raved about their waffles and pancakes for days after (I feel like the fresh whipped cream may have been a positive factor). Glassware was intentionally selected, and my mimosa was served icy cold. The pool is small, but beautifully maintained. It requires advance reservations (covid-related r"
"I stayed on Christmas Eve, which is really better than any other hotel, so I will be back soon! As the corona phenomenon is getting more and more serious, I want to know if the corona can be kept, but compared to the Christmas period, the corona measures have been strengthened, which makes me very pleased. However, the service is not inferior, I can slowly spend the new year, and I am back again, I will try my best to stay in Edition again this year! It has a resort feel, I like the smell, the tranquility of the room, bar and swimming pool! The staff is really hospitable. The English support of the room service phone is also great! I will stay again soon! I find it difficult due to corona, but please do your best, thank you very much!"
"We had a wonderful family staycation at the edition this past weekend. Anshul and his team took care of everything we needed to celebrate my husbands 40th birthday. He made sure we had the perfect room to have our room service dinner celebration and also the private dining room for lunch the next day. We had a couple friends join us for lunch and they made sure that all seats were 6 feet apart, socially distanced and everyone felt safe. On top of it all, the food was fabulous and service was excellent. Thank you again to the edition for helping us plan a perfect covid safe birthday!"