Top 10 Le Midi Hotels

Top 10 Le Midi Hotels


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1682 Ichinomiya-machi, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"Following 2 nights at Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan, which is located smack dab in the center of Takayama (great for exploring the historic district), we were ready to stay somewhere a bit more intimate, rural and with much more rustic charm. Wanosato was our choice, and it surpassed our already high expectations. Located about 25 minutes (or so) by car to Takayama city proper (Wanosato also offers a free shuttle service into the city), Wanosato feels like a world away. It's nestled along the banks of an idyllic river, and is surrounded by a gorgeous forest. It's really a serene environment in which to build a small, charming, rustic Japanese ryokan, and with just 8 well-appointed rooms, that's exactly what they did with Wanosato. Upon arrival, we marveled at the old-school architecture of the main structure with its Gassho-zukuri thatched-roof construction and earthen walls - this is where the reception, common area, communal (men/women separate, of course) onsen bath and dining areas are located. The main lounge is an Instagrammer's delight - There's an open "irori" hearth in the center, and features hardwood floors, exposed wood beams and ancient (at least to our eyes) Japanese antiques lining the walls. We chose to stay at one of the four villas - the Garyu Villa - (臥龍 離れ) to be precise. Spanning 110m² it had two sitting rooms, a bedroom, and a big living area with an open hearth. It's also right along the bank of the gorgeous river, which you can hear its soothing sounds from the room. The bathroom was equally spacious and had both a shower and a wooden tub. Unfortunately, the in-room bath is not of the onsen (hot spring water) variety; you'll have to visit the main communal bathing area for your onsen fix. While it's not ideal, it's not a big deal, either... with only 8 rooms as previously mentioned, it is rarely occupied at any one time. We went twice and never shared the space with another soul. Service was discreet, although it may had more to do with the spread-out nature of the property and the fact that Wanosato only has 8 guest rooms. While we didn't have much in the way of needs during our stay, we weren't expecting 5-star levels of service with an all-star concierge manning the front desk day and night like a big luxury hotel. That said, everyone was professional and charming, if a bit muted (save for Momoka, server for dinner on the second night - she was a big ball of charm, energy and sweetness.) Overall, nothing went unattended - no major service flaws to speak of. Another highlight was the food... it was exquisite. We've stayed at many of Japan's finest luxury ryokans, and Wanosato is up there with the best. It's not an apples-to-apples comparison, mind you. Takayama means "tall mountain" in Japanese, which means its forte is vegetables, the local Hida Beef (which is amazing), and two river fish - Ayu and Iwana. Most other seafood comes from outside of the region, meaning it's not going to compete with places along th"
"Absolutely one of the best experiences we've ever had. We stayed in the Kariyasu Villa overlooking the stream at the end of the property. The breakfast and dinner were astonishingly unbelievable. All of the dishes were of local specialties or Japanese: river fishes, sashimi, Hida beef, and so on. So if you're not open to fully experience Japanese cuisine, then try more westernized hotels and don't go to a traditional ryokan. The quality is beyond or like any Michelin starred restaurant we've been to and the quantity: come hungry! We were served by the kindest and warmest people. Sure, the English is more simplified, but we're in Japan! If you want fluent English, probably best not to go to other countries other than US or UK. Also, it's the twentieth century: Google Translate! We stayed 4 days/3 nights and enjoyed the onsen every night and day ... at our last day we even went twice! They switch the female and male onsens in the morning & evening. We were by ourselves for the most part and preferred the room with rock tubs. The evenings around the fire with hot sake was truly magical. The room does get smokey, but if you listened/learned a little about ryokans and traditional Japanese homes, it's to keep the building from rotting and repels the insects. In all, we're already talking about when we can again treat ourselves to go back!"
"We stayed 2 nights in a suite of rooms overlooking the stream. It was great and lived up to the reviews I had read. The food was exceptional and although the traditional breakfast is unusual for a Western guest, it was beautiful served and so fresh. The evening meals were exquisite in how they were served and tasted amazing. The staff were lovely and although basic English, so polite and helpful. Don’t miss the evening magic show although he’s not in the Magic Circle but makes up for laughter & shows how he does it. Constantly filling up your bamboo cup with warm smooth Sake. So worth the inconvenience of getting an early morning taxi to station. Would definitely recommend it as as lovely experience in a Ryokan. My husband used the onsen but I preferred using our large wooden bath."
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2-36-2, Wakatatsu-Machi, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"Relax on the terrace overlooking the open-air bath and stream Hida Takayama Machiya Villa Enako River, which once served as a moat for Takayama Castle It is a river full of emotion with 19 beautiful bridges, with the calm cityscape of the Edo period continuing to the neighborhood. "I want to give it to someone who loves this river. In response to such thoughts of the owner, was born. When you open the antique warehouse that withstood the snow breeze of Hida, you can see the beautiful view of the courtyard. A space where the traditional crafts of Hida Takayama and the essence of a foreign country are in harmony will welcome you. The beauty of the town made of wood, the beauty that still exists in the old days, And why don't you feel while staying to live the history of the hearts of the Hida people who live there?"
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72 Reviews
411-1 Honobumachi, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"As early as one hour early in the day, there is no one at all, so it is recommended not to arrive early. It is really only until two o'clock. (Tips, there will be a shuttle bus at the west exit of JR Takayama Station, so friends who are early can visit and eat nearby. Waiting for the car to pick up is the best choice.) At the beginning of the heart is cool, the hotel is not as big as expected, the scale is very general, the first name of the mountain is not felt for the time being, the outer circle pavilion fish pond does not have photos So big and beautiful. But at two o'clock, I feel different! Japanese-style 跪 service, offering a welcome drink, a family butler, will bring guests into the house, carry luggage and so on. The toilet in the room is fully automatic, not bad. The level of catering equipment and taste and service can be compared with the Hakone Mikawa house. It is very authentic and the family will have a special private room. I have a bed in my room, and I have a tatami mat. It is very comfortable. The private soup that comes with it is very beautiful, and the quality is as good as the Lulu Shui Ming Museum! In addition to the distance, there are no attractions nearby, no shortcomings!"
"Feida Pavilion Flower Fan is a Japanese-style ryokan. The hotel shuttle bus departs from JR Takayama Station West Exit Hotel Bus Station every day from 1400 to 1730. The bus will depart every half an hour. The driver will confirm the name of the reservation customer before boarding. When arriving at the hotel, the waiter will be very warm and courteous. The same waiter received the welcome drink and snacks, then introduced the hotel facilities, and then confirmed the meal time. The food is delicious and delicate, if you are not full, you can eat ramen for a late night. The hot spring water is very slippery and the environment is good. Basically, there are not many hotel guests during the off-season. There are only three or four kittens dipping in the public hot spring. It feels quiet and comfortable. The male and female soups are interchangeable in the morning. If you want to soak all the hot springs, you can try it in the morning. The foot soup is also good."
"Two o'clock to stay, there is a shuttle bus, if you arrive early, it is recommended to stroll around the mountain JR, wait for the shuttle bus, otherwise the hotel will not be entertained, it will be until 2 o'clock. The hotel is very remote and it takes 10 minutes to get to the nearby small supermarket. The soup is extremely excellent and can be compared with the Shuming Museum. Meals are a feast of vision and taste buds. The family has a private private room, one dedicated service, very intimate. The hotel can only be bathed on the first floor. It exchanges male and female soup every day, but it is very convenient. There are soup pools indoors and outdoors, very beautiful! So if you feel that it is expensive to bring a private soup, the sharing is enough! But the room on the first floor has a bed, and the second floor has only tatami."
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Furukawa Mukaimachi 1-8-27, Hida, Gifu, Japan
"This is a ryokan built in 1850. It is located next to the river and opposite the Honkoji Temple. It is a 3-5 minute walk to the core attractions such as Baibi Tuzang Street. The indoor furnishings are quaint and welcoming. There are smoking rooms, lounges, small shops, relaxing massage rooms, etc. There are one large, one small and two hot springs. The old style of the whole hotel still exists, from entry slippers, welcome snacks, green tea soup, warm service, thoughtful details, the hotel is quiet, there is always a feeling of crossing. The main feature of this restaurant is actually Japanese, and dinner is banquet. The price is certainly not low, but value for money! The breakfast and dinner are great, it is worth trying, the breakfast is rich and varied, the breakfast every day is like a work of art, and the utensils are very eye-catching. Dinner was set for one night at 8,800 yen per person, which is the most expensive and most hearty meal in Japan. At dinner, the hotel thoughtfully took a picture for us, and the photo will be given away at breakfast the next day. The hot springs open from morning to night. You can choose to go to breakfast before dinner, before dinner, and after dinner. There are very few people. Many times are reserved for one person. Cozy. Even if it is close to Hida Furukawa Station, as long as you ask for it, the hotel will still arrange a shuttle bus."
"This trip is the most satisfying Japanese hot spring hotel! Hidden in Hida Furukawa town. You can pick up the hotel from the station and walk for ten minutes. A small river in front of the hotel must be beautiful in summer! The interior setting of the hotel is exquisite, with outdoor hot spring, massage lounge and souvenir shop. The dining environment we set for one berth and two meals was really awesome, with various Japanese-style courtyard views! Let's talk about the room again: we live in Guanyuelou (with separate shower and toilet). The room is large and clean! Staff will come to help us make the bed in the evening. Everyone was very enthusiastic. The little brother at the front desk also helped to book a famous local restaurant."
"We booked here for 2 nights, since we are here, we have to feel the comfort of this place. Breakfast and dinner are great, but their taste is a bit salty and acceptable. The hot springs are very chic, well-equipped and clean, and the hot springs for men and women will be swapped for both men and women. This room can be booked for two people. The next day we changed the room and thought it would be bigger, but it was actually two rooms, so it was unnecessary. And the scenery by the river is the same. Furukawa Town is not big, so there are not many choices of hotels. This one has a long history. Hygiene didn't give high marks because there was lint and dust on the countertops, and there was dust on the cosmetics in the room. This is what I care about."
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5 Reviews
48 Hikage, Nyukawa-Cho, Takayama-Shi, Gifu 506-2114, Japan, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"Located in the middle of Kamikochi, Takayama and Shin-Hotaka mountains, this hotel is ideal as a base for sightseeing."
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79 Reviews
Aioi 58, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"I like the Tanabe hotel very much. The grandma is very cute. Japanese introduced us to some of the hotel facilities in English. He took us to choose a bathrobe and asked us where we came from. Then I said thank you in Chinese. Then I introduced the hotel wall. The calligraphy on it was written by her dad. Her dad is an artist. It is really great. The grandma in the hotel are all dressed in kimonos. They prepare dinner for us after a busy day and then introduce the menu. The dinner was super rich and we were stunned. It is banquet cuisine. It is richer than kaiseki cuisine. Every dish is exquisite and delicious. The seafood is fresh. There are two or three slices of Hida beef. Did not eat a very special flavor, but the meat is not old, okay, we have a total of four people occupy a room to enjoy this hearty banquet cuisine, beautiful."
"There are small hot springs and there is a true hot spring logo issued by the Japanese government. The waiters are grandparents. The old Japanese-style house has large rooms and the facilities are OK. The front desk was very kind. When I left, I went to kneel farewell. Grandma saw that you were ready to go out to play. He also said in English that the weather is really good today. It's a bit like watching a Japanese drama. But overall, it feels like a family hotel. Breakfast is simpler than the well-known one-berth and two-food hot springs. If you have not experienced this kind of hotel, you can give it a try. Don't expect too much if you have been to several top hot spring hotels. Cost performance is not particularly high overall."
"Tanabe is a ryokan, and slippers are needed at the door. Many of the waiters here are grandparents, and English is accessible. You can experience the Japanese breakfast here, and the next day will be scheduled with you one day in advance. A grandma will deliver the breakfast to the room, set it up, and teach you how to eat it. Every time a guest checks out, a grandma will say goodbye to the door (it looks like this grandma is the host of the hotel). Recommended by Tanabe!"
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28 Reviews
Motomachi 1-34, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"The hotel is very good...the Japanese-style suite with balcony...the only thing everyone needs to pay attention to is that the hotel told us to take us to their first restaurant for dinner the next day...We didn't understand what it meant and agreed … After I arrived, I realized that only a few tables were Chinese… The restaurant where I was staying was not at the same level… There was a feeling of being deceived… But the complainant said that we agreed… Some speechless… …Although the hotel is very good...Please be careful...I paid for the lesson...I will not go again...If there is no such experience, it is definitely worth going again..."
"Very good, the room is large, and the toilets, baths, and washing are all separated, very clean, and there is a dedicated service. Each room has a private dining room for breakfast. Almost no other guests can be seen during the entire residence process. Remember your name and room number, and you can borrow beautiful kimonos for free in the afternoon, as well as for children. The only downside is that the hot spring is a bit small, but it's almost nobody. And you can go to a special hot spring hall opposite for free. Hotel location is right next to Jinya."
"It ’s really the best Japanese-style hotel I ’ve ever stayed at, except the Kyoto Miyoshiya. All the services are very comfortable and not obtrusive. They always appear when you need them. There is a welcome drum when you enter, and dinner also. Very delicious and breakfast was delicious. There is a car to the surrounding area, in fact, it is not necessary to go to the hotel. Miyagawa morning market is very close, and then there is a drug store. Be sure to live in this building"
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6 Reviews
4-215-1 Okamoto-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu Prefecture, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"Abbiamo provato l’esperienza in questo Ryokan per il nostro viaggio di nozze “giappone tradizionale” Staff fantastico, anche se non parlavano in inglese, sono stati cordialissimi e abbiamo trovato il modo per intenderci. Camere pulite, cena e colazione tradizionali fantastici. Non essendoci molti ospiti ci hanno dato la possibilità di usare la SPA solo per noi, come “omaggio nozze” oltre ad omaggiarci di un carinissimo portachiavi alla fine del soggiorno. Un’esperienza fantastica! Unica nota negativa, il freddo! Faceva freddissimo e il condizionatore non era forte abbastanza da riscaldare la stanza, grandissima. Ma ci tornerei volentieri! Consigliatissimo!"
"Accoglienza perfetta , le signore sono gentillissime ed attente.Esperienza positiva : camera con futon , bagno rilassante e bollente nell'onsen dell' hotel , poi cena gastronomica in perfetto stile giapponese ( sono fornite le yukata di cotone )."
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11 Reviews
1-88 Baba-cho, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"The hotel is in the middle of the mountain. It's a bit difficult to drag up the suitcase. The surrounding area is Takayama Jinya, Konosancho, which is very convenient for walking. We booked a Japanese-style room with breakfast and dinner. The front desk made an appointment to eat in advance. By the way, the shuttle bus to Takayama Station the next day was also reserved in advance. Toiletries for the rooms and hot springs are pola. The hot springs are on the first floor and the front desk is on the second floor."
"The hotel room was not very cheap so we had quite an expectation. We stayed for two nights with breakfast and dinners included. The food was not amazing at all except for the one shabu shabu dinner we had. But we could have pay for less and enjoy similar meals elsewhere near the Takayama city area. The room was ok but when I cleaned the toilet I found some dirt. The staff was very nice though, they greeted you whenever they see you and when I asked them for iced water they even came back with some chocolate treats. But other than that, it was just OK. "
"The private soup room was very comfortable. The dinner was different for two nights, with roast Hida beef and sukiyaki. There is a shuttle bus from Takayama Station. The hotel is on a slope. If you have more luggage, it may take a bit of effort, but it is very close to the attractions"
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29 Reviews
Hatsutacho 2-96-2, Takayama, Gifu, Japan
"Impeccable! 1. The hotel is an old-fashioned building with a few years of history. The interior decoration and facilities are very good. The total number of guest rooms on the first floor lobby, soup pool, laundry room, and restaurant on the second and third floors should not exceed 16. Although Tangchi is small, don't worry Overcrowded, I was the only one after two soaks. 2, the service did not have to say. The owner and waitress were very enthusiastic, prepared for the reception before we checked in, the Japanese breakfast is worth the experience, it is not the same for two days, the hotel has a local specialty restaurant directory, we went to Google on the first day with a high-scoring birthday, actually Compared to other restaurants with a score of 4.2 or higher we went to later, the idea is that the meat is good and everything is delicious. Our barbecue level is limited. In fact, the most expensive steak ordered at Shoushou proves that the chef can only afford such good ingredients! I wanted to eat a few meals at his house, but met a rest day. We didn't go to the popular reviews online red shop and could not compare. 3. I made an appointment at 8:20 a day in advance with a pass to go to Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa, and caught up with the snow in the village. The kind of tranquil beauty is indeed well-deserved, and it is worth a visit. For Chinese food, go to Komatsu Yasuke near Kanazawa Station. The seafood is not fresh. The price is relatively affordable compared to domestic prices. Compared with Nagoya and Tokyo, the price is much lower! 4. Stayed in this hotel for two nights, and the overall feeling was very good. We did not lose to us later and went to Tokyo ski resort Echigo Yuzawa Onsen Sakurachi Hotel. Japan ’s tourism is better than service! So I would recommend this hotel!"
"A very elegant local name, the interior is very refined. The basics of the stay are foreigners and locals. There is a shower in the room. There is a public soup pool in the hotel. The soup pool is not big. I stayed for two days and chose a Japanese breakfast (both western and Japanese), the breakfast is different every day, delicious and nutritious. Domestic departure to Central Japan Airport, Airport Express to Nagoya for about 30 minutes (purchase ticket), Nagoya to JR to Takayama needs 2 hours and 45 minutes (purchase ticket, do not use IC card and other transportation cards), exit train station Keep walking to the left hand for about 5 minutes, and turn right hand for about 2-3 minutes. It is very convenient. The hotel is approximately 5-6 minutes from Miyagawa City, and the summer market is open until 12:00 noon. There are fruits and vegetables sold by locals in Miyagawa City, and tomatoes are super delicious. There are also local woodcarving handicrafts, which are also very special. You can pick some friends and pay only for cash. From the hotel to attractions, attractions to attractions, walking distance, it is recommended to spend 1 day, the main attractions can basically walk. The architecture on the mountain is very local, and it is called Xiaojing. Friends who like to take pictures can practice their hands! Worth recommending staying! The only small regret is that when the actual cost of 2 rooms is paid, it is nearly 500 yuan more than the reference price at the time of Ctrip."
"Located at JR Takayama Station, turn left and walk for 7 or 8 minutes. There are two choices of Japanese and Western breakfast, Japanese 1500, Western 800, coffee and tea buffet, one for each person, it is delicious. There is a laundry room on the second floor elevator, but it is separated from washing and drying, which saves a lot of time compared with the integrated one. The room is much larger than the one in Nagoya, and children can rush to it. When I left, the uncle also gave the children Christmas gifts (small snacks), and the adults also had small souvenirs. They really worked hard. Also found a guest book, filled with messages from friends from various countries."
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