Top 10 Licensed Hotels

Top 10 Licensed Hotels


190 Reviews
1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank, Victoria, Australia
21.5km from Essendon Airport
610m from Flinders Street Station
2.1km from Flagstaff Train Station
520m from Flinders Street
2.1km from Flagstaff
"Living in Langham, Melbourne for the first time, located on the South Bank, and found it very good! You can run along the river in the morning, and there is a bridge downstairs to the north shore. Lang Ting's pink is really a pink girl's heart! Everywhere is pink. The lobby is beautiful and delicious. The room was well-ordered. Two nights were booked through other channels. The third night was booked by Ctrip. The first two nights were river views. It looked like a photo. The third night Ctrip booked a beggar room. So it's good. Langting's breakfast is good in Melbourne, special fruits, all kinds of fruits, such as cherry, strawberry, berry, and watermelon cantaloupe are neglected, so I am very happy to eat fruit, I ate it without much interest Pile of cherry tarts. Another praise is Benedict's Egg! It's really delicious and must be tasted. There is a sky bus directly to the airport 2 minutes downstairs. The airport is also here, so it ’s very convenient. I bought a ticket online, and then arrived by bus."
" We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary from Sunday to Tuesday. We were impressed with our room on the first night as it had a beautiful view of the river, comfy bed and spacious bathroom but it was really the second night that made our stay the most memorable when we were given an unexpected upgrade to a one bedroom suite that we could comfortably work from during the day but also enjoy our anniversary even more. It was one of the most beautiful hotel rooms we had stayed in with a lounge, desk, views of the Yarra and spa bath. Regardless of all this however, the location was incredible right on Southbank and highly rate the gym facilities. It was such an amazing experience and most memorable anniversary, we definitely recommend to anyone visiting Melbourne."
"Can't fault the friendly helpful staff, the little extras the staff do to make you feel special, room service or the cleanliness. My only issue (which for me I only go to a hotel if it has a pool), was that the pool was small and was packed when we went there. There was also a spa with a 3 person limit that the 3 in there never got out while we were there waiting and no chairs that we could sit on as they were all taken. It really ruined our stay. We'd stayed at a hotel the night before and they had a booking system and limit. That would have worked well at The Langham too and there wouldn't have been any overcrowding "
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Very Good
107 Reviews
8 Whiteman Street, Southbank, Victoria, Australia
21.6km from Essendon Airport
1.2km from Southern Cross Railway Station
1.6km from Flagstaff Train Station
1.1km from Flinders Street
1.2km from Southern Cross
"Stayed in several hotels in Australia. This is the best. Modern and clean atmosphere. The window is facing the river and the aquarium, and the view is great. The most important thing to bring a child is the size of the bed. This twin room has two 1.5-inch beds and the bathroom is very large. I was really moved when I entered the door. The infinity pool is awesome, with & # 127542; ️ sun roof and hot water pool, water depth 1.2, baby enjoyment. Of course, without going out of the hotel, you can directly go to the Crown Casino and the oversized shopping center. The food street is really suitable for men, women and children. You must love it."
"Good location, quiet in the middle of the noise, near the river, and noisy when there is no casino. The indoor space is large and the bed is large enough. The two-bed can live in 2 large and 2 small no problem, the overall is relatively new and clean. There are many great restaurants next to the casino hotel and the river."
"The hotel room was good, more luxurious than the hotel I stayed in Sydney. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the room are also very comfortable. The location of the hotel is also very good, it is convenient to go everywhere, at least the attitude will not make you feel uncomfortable, overall it is good!"
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11 Reviews
187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
18.6km from Essendon Airport
550m from Flinders Street Station
850m from Parliament Train Station
330m from Flinders Street
880m from Parliament
"On the edge of the graffiti street, the location is excellent, the interior facilities are exquisite, and it is not a loss for one of the best boutique hotels in Melbourne."
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37 Reviews
1 Parliament Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
17.0km from Essendon Airport
350m from Parliament Train Station
1.1km from Jolimont Train Station
370m from Parliament
1.0km from Jolimont
"I originally chose the opposite Windsor, but when it was full, I changed it to here. Although it's a bit more expensive, the hotel rooms are much larger and newer because of the refurbishment. The rooms provided are very complete and not too particular. Ladies who don’t need to bring too much More daily necessities, the front desk lady is very kind and satisfied with the opportunity to choose to live here in the future"
"The overall is very good, there is a cute welcome dog, the hotel we arrived at 3 o'clock that day has not been cleaned, gave me a card to lounge, but the lounge did not drink, the room is not very large, can only say Although Ctrip booking is cheap, but the room type is not good, the bathroom is large and very good, you can walk to buy things or walk to Chinatown to eat"
"Lived during New Year's Eve, it was the best choice in Melbourne at that time, there are many cathedrals nearby, the room is elegant, there is a very retro small window, room dinning food is great ~ although Melbourne grand hyatt location is more central, but the room park It's still much better ~"
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40 Reviews
25 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
17.0km from Essendon Airport
260m from Parliament Train Station
1.1km from Jolimont Train Station
290m from Parliament
950m from Flinders Street
"I lived in Langting for two days before I exchanged for Sofitel, sofitel felt better! First of all, the sound insulation is better, the location is more convenient, and the facilities are updated. It is necessary to turn off the lights one button at a time in Lang Ting. It feels like a hotel in the 1980s in China! The room service here is also good. You can choose it on your iPad, and you don't need to call to call! Disadvantages: 1. The kind of Jinshan in the bathroom! I don't know what kind of design of that half partition is! 2. Except for the free water on the first day, you have to call to ask for water in the next few days! 3. Don't do a night turn!"
"Good location, walking distance to Chinatown, children of Chinese stomach are absolutely convenient. Downstairs is Colin Street, which is also very convenient for children who buy and buy. The service was great too. The little brother who parked the valet delivered water every day, and the hot weather was cold to the normal temperature. Stay here next time."
"This hotel is too old .. The overall stay feels worse than Sofitel Darling Harbour in Sydney, or Hilton across the street, the concierge awareness is not very good .. No one has taken luggage from the hotel to the hotel. .. Then the equipment is very old. If you like a modern hotel, avoid stepping on Lei Ha, even if you want to clean the room and do not disturb, you must put a sign outside the door. But the room view is still good ~"
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24 Reviews
205 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
18.5km from Essendon Airport
540m from Flinders Street Station
840m from Parliament Train Station
330m from Flinders Street
870m from Parliament
"The hotel's toilet is very Versailles, quite American style, the shower system is complete, the bathtub is large, the most attractive is Westin's unique shower gel and leaf-shaped soap. The lobby design is also consistent with the ancient style. The afternoon tea is great. The disadvantage is that the floor of the hotel is too low, the old building is opposite when you see the scenery, and the cabinets in the room are all mirrors, which makes people uncomfortable to sleep."
"Two queen-size beds can accommodate 3 people, we both stayed. Hotel is very clean and tidy, breakfast is ok, relatively simple. The location is very very good, on the one hand you can walk to various attractions, on the other hand you can walk to the best shopping malls."
"hotel was great- we got upgraded to a deluxe twin suite. super clean and fully stocked with complementary amenities. only qualm was the dated television system (netflix would have been nice!) but otherwise, fantastic stay. because of covid-19 there was no food and beverage services, but that is beyond anyone's fault!!!"
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229 Reviews
123 Collins Street,, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
16.7km from Essendon Airport
570m from Parliament Train Station
810m from Flinders Street Station
600m from Parliament
600m from Flinders Street
"The brand chain's consistent service, the reception desk luggage are in place, promised to postpone until 12:30 checkout. Bath supplies are readily available, and quality is guaranteed, and bodylotion is easy to use. Lots of luxury streets, cats are not big, close to the Chinatown city center, by the river, and there is a graffiti alley in the Chaopai store. The gym is large and complete, but the pool is small and a bit shabby. Generally hotels are welcome fruit, this is Master Kang, haha cheers"
"The hotel is located on Melbourne's commercial streets and is particularly close to all luxury stores. In fact, the experience throughout the hotel was particularly good, only later when I checked out, I learned that the hotel's buffet is divided into two types. The breakfast we included is not the same as the one on the first floor, so we have to charge extra. A bit speechless. And I saw a lot of people who gave away instant noodles, and asked casually. The front desk said that it was necessary to request in advance, but it was a bit helpless. . ."
"Convenient to buy luxury jewelry, there are CHANEL and so on downstairs, hotel service is warm and friendly. It is also very convenient to reach the hotel from the airport. It costs 50 Australian dollars to take the car, or take the skybus and then transfer to the free hotel shuttle bus, which is 5 minutes walk away. The view from the hotel window is also beautiful, but the room size is not very large, and the bathroom area is large, which is very convenient to use."
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Very Good
5 Reviews
388 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
17.9km from Essendon Airport
720m from Flinders Street Station
880m from Southern Cross Railway Station
620m from Flinders Street
900m from Southern Cross
870m from Southern Cross Railway Station
"Great concept.. and certainly worth a visit. However the price is a bit of a turn off... accomodation is pretty basic and the bed was a bit uncomfortably but certainly tolerable for a short stay. The neon pink almost sheer walls on the full size bathroom are almost Barbarella-esk... the entire space is quirky, well set out and entertaining, I particularly like the outdoor giant Jenga and mini tennis court, .. Just like glamping in the CBD. The central CBD locale means everything worthwhile is within easy in walking distance.. restaurants/ cafes / entertainment / casino etc...love it.. but I think it that the potential to be so much more... a once in a lifetime stay!!"
"Although the hotel is super cute, there are no staff to assist with anything except at the garage downstairs - who weren’t particularly friendly - the room (caravan) itself was nice and cosy. Decently stocked. If you’re after a luxurious rest, not the place for you but still really enjoyable!"
"Stayed here for my husbands 50th birthday, we were really unimpressed, we both thought it would be a cool unique experience but the " airstream with benefits" is just over priced & underwhelming, i saw in other reviews people were happy with their stocked mini bar and had mentioned chocolates and heaps of goodies, all we got was a bag of chips, a bottle of wine, a couple of beers and two out of date muesli bars! i very rarely give one star reviews but we really were disappointed with the lake of love shown in our stay (i had expressed in our booking i wanted to make it special as it's the hubby's 50th, but nah this place was just blah) the parking was terrible, you have to leave your car with the keys in it and the park brake off (which made me worried as we had a hire car) i know they state its a unique experience and not like your normal hotel but when they charge over $400 a night you actually expect a bit more (i have stayed in places where i have spent the same amount of money for the night and been absolutely blown away with how they go above and beyond for you on your birthday, i.e the Langham Melbourne, crown Perth, sydney intercontinental etc) but no this is not a flash hotel so they just don't bother with the finishing touches, the spa smelt weird, the bed sheets felt damp and the aircon wasn't great, but the biggest letdown of all is the noise!! omg! i heard every single reversing garbage truck all through the night, i had read the reviews on the noise but really didn't think it could be that bad but i was soooo wrong! another annoying part was the crawling in and out of your bed, not fun at all. sorry guys but really disappointed with our stay, cannot recommend."
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8 Reviews
66 Lygon Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia
"This hotel offer great rooms and has a really good location - very close to some fantastic shops and restaurants - we had two nights and managed a fantastic Greek meal and a nice Italian. The rooms and staff are great and breakfast was lovely. All in all a very good two days away - ruined sadly by the ridiculous $100 dollar per night security charge - so the hotel wacked us $200 for two nights. This sits in the pending part of your account but means your spending money is reduced. I seriously do not know why hotels need to do this - our whole trip has been wrecked by now having to get this payment back - hotel don't answer emails. So my honest advice is this is a great hotel, good service and lovely food let down by this charge which you dont find out about until you check in. Be warned this is a regular occurrence in Melbourne so check before you travel otherwise you may lose access to funds and in this day and age of wanting to support local hotels you have to wonder if they want our support acting like this."
"This hotel is pretty good. We had a corner room (111) which is larger than the regular and smaller rooms with a great bed and notably good linen, an ok shower in a large bathroom and a well appointed room with great tv and movies, books, a nespresso machine, cocktail bar (?) complete with cocktail shaker, glassware etc. in short a well considered room with all the bits you might need for a great stay. Add to that its prime location to the city and all that goes in Lygon street, and you have a premium spot. Then there is the 5 star staff who have hospitality in their DNA. It all makes for a great stay. Well recommended"
"We couldn't fault anything here if we tried. The rooms are well appointed and clean. Staff are awesome and go above and beyond to meet your needs. They accommodated our early check in given we had a function to be at by 1pm. Free on site parking is a massive bonus given the location. The worst part of our stay was we were in the city for a function and barely got to spend time at the hotel!! Next time we are back it will be for dinner at their on site wine bar which looks amazing. We live in Geelong and often come into the city for functions, this is without a doubt our new go to hotel!"
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