Top 10 Marta's Hotels

Top 10 Marta's Hotels


17 Reviews
"Hotel environment and service are very good. However, I used to watch the pictures of Ctrip's hotel, which was attracted by two large windows on the floor, but the actual room was very small, and the psychological gap was very big! There are a lot of more than 1,000 hotels in the city, but I want to see the big beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows for more than 2,000 yuan a night. The result is very disappointing! I hope that the picture of the hotel in Ctrip will be consistent with the actual room image of the hotel, otherwise it will mislead the customer."
"The suites, the result is no scenery, said that there is a garden view, the result is a platform outside, there is no such thing, and many rooms are decorated in the door, on the basis of good location, good breakfast environment, and thank you for early check-in, Praise"
"A hotel that helps a colleague make a mistake. This family was good in all aspects of the evaluation and chose this family. The hotel's been making good comments. Nice position, too! Good recommendation!"
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25 Reviews
"The rooms are spacious, the room temperature is adjusted properly, the facilities are perfect, and the bedding and hardness are very comfortable. Very close to the shopping street, Frankfurt is the first choice for sweeping goods. When I went to the hotel where the train station changed to the subway, the stone road that dragged the big suitcase all the way was very unfriendly. I left the airport and decided to take a taxi. The hotel can reserve a locomotive, five large boxes for five people, and a Mercedes Vito fifty euros."
"it's next to the Arc de Triomphe, and it is convenient to dining. The environment is also great. Most importantly, the price of over 1000 RMB a night is very suitable. The famous brand street is nearby. I am not interested in it myself. But it is very convenient for those who like it."
"Excellent location next to the city center opera square. We stayed pleasantly in a clean and nice facility and had a pleasant day as the wine market opened every Friday near the next morning."
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74 Reviews
"The first hotel in Europe this time was very smooth right out of the airport, and the traffic was very convenient. We also met very good locals. Not only did we pay for the tickets for us directly, but it also took us to the hotel door. heart. We always have to return the tolls to them. They said that they simply sent you down the road and ensured that they arrived safely. The location of the hotel is very good. I didn't find it at first. Later, all the places are near the hotel, which is very convenient. The view is also good. The rooms are the same as in European hotels. Don't imagine it too well, maybe you can be happy."
"The hotel was unexpectedly nice, very new, high end atmosphere! Especially the handsome guy who gave us check-in service was excellent and warm and caring! Thank him very much! The hotel is located in the center of the old town, very close to the Roman Forum, 10 minutes walk! There is a big mall next to the hotel, and a shopping street is out of the mall! Breakfast is very rich and staff service is good, all in all very good value!"
"The hotel location is very good, 1 minute away from the subway station, the entrance is the Z shopping center and the largest galleria mall. The hotel is stylishly decorated and the rooms are very modern. The breakfast variety is not much, they are all western style, which is the only regret. Fortunately, there is Longjing tea. The waiters were very nice and the waiters were in place. Room service is available twice a day."
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12 Reviews
"Stayed in the hotel for the second time, the location is excellent, the service is in place, I still choose here next time. There are delicious Chinese and local dishes in the surrounding area, and Zell Avenue and Luxury Street are also within walking distance. The architectural style of the hotel is also my favorite."
"Living studio suite, the room is not very big, the service is good, dessert and wine delivered. The living room floor is not too hot at night, and the bedroom temperature is okay. The hotel lobby is very atmospheric"
"Good location right in the centre of Frankfurt. The service used to be much better. Cleanliness average, room quite old and dated. Check-in took almost 15 minutes. "
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52 Reviews
"My ratings have always been low, not for which one. The overall feeling of this hotel in Frankfurt is still good, but I will fill in the pits for other comments. Who said that the green apples sent were delicious? Is it sour? Who said the hotel had a good breakfast? There are not even standard scrambled eggs for breakfast. There are not many varieties of breakfast. The eggs should be ordered separately. Of course, they are free. There are bacon and ham without sausages. The intestines cannot be ordered separately, the room is ok, the bathroom is completely transparent and unobstructed. Of course, the double bed room I set, I do n’t know if it is a twin room. It may be awkward if it is a friend or colleague. It is very small and ordinary. Two people and two large boxes are full, but there have been comments that the elevator is fun and special. What do you not understand? Are there other elevators? My evaluation is as objective as possible."
"First of all, the room I booked and stayed in was not a room type. The first day was very tired. No complaints. The hotel room for me was very noisy. There was no way to sleep. I booked a 25 square meter bed. The front desk gave me 20 square meters. After I complained about the normal room, I changed the room the next day and it was a Korean boy who helped me deal with it. The late room was not bad. There are things in my country. Check out one day in advance. The result was only refunded according to the price of their hotel on the day. Full refund of my room rate via Ctrip communication Thank you"
"The hotel is in a good location, just a few minutes away from Zeil Street, close to the Roman Forum and the iron bridge, and surrounded by shops. The green apples at the front desk are very delicious, sweet and sour. Go to the airport, probably Around 45 Euros. Many people stay, breakfast is ok, the room also has free water, things are quite complete, and there are slippers. It is worth recommending"
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19 Reviews
"The price is really high, but it is still a good choice during the epidemic! Especially with children on transfers! There is no problem with hygiene. Basic hair dryer and bath are all right! Free coffee, hot chocolate, fruit tea and hot water are provided, and there are also vending machines to buy simple sandwiches, canned water, drinks, etc. The prices are normal EU prices!"
"It's not that you will not stay overnight if you transfer overnight. The price is high. The sanitary environment is okay, but the facilities are poor and the length of stay is tight."
"The connecting flight takes 36 hours, so it is a good choice to take a break, and only this hotel does not need to enter Germany."
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Very Good
85 Reviews
"The hotel is 2 km from the railway station in the center of Fran. It is very convenient to take a taxi to 10 Euros. This is the best hotel room I have stayed in. The room is not facing the street. It is a park that sleeps very cool. It is more than other super five-star hotels. I am from When Paris fled, I met a very good German guy who wanted to pay tribute to him. We stayed in the twin room that was booked late and left a big bed. The German guy actually followed me upstairs and raised a bed for me. I am linking wifi. I want to say that Mercedes-Benz is Mercedes-Benz Hilton or Hilton. Thanks again to the German guy who is on duty that night."
"Facilities are old, some hotels are very clean and comfortable. The front desk English is rare in Germany. The standard service attitude is good. Sending things quickly. Slippers have to be sent. The bed is not soft. The old waist is like the old brand. The old brand is very practical. The pool is not leaking. Do not spray out, always old, good location, good location on the map, but Frankfurt is very small, unlike Munich, it’s a big step. You can take a two-step turn in the city."
"This hotel has been several times to Frankfurt. The room is large in Germany. It is a few minutes walk from Zell and Goethe streets, shopping is very convenient, there are many dining options around, there is a small park next to it, suitable for getting up early for exercise. And breakfast is good, after all it is Hilton."
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Very Good
30 Reviews
"Maybe I was a bit too harsh the last time I stayed or perhaps the Marriott made improvements to their services based on other people's comments, I just don't know. However, this stay was so much better in every regard. My wife and I stayed one night before she flew to the UK for business. Having just joined me in Germany recently after getting stuck in the states for a year because of COVID-19 and other health matters, I hated to see her leave already, but I wanted her to go out in style. First, when we arrived they was no long line and the check-in desks were both open. This was not the case during my previous stay. We were also pleased to find that the Skyloft restaurant was open for dining in. Despite the "lockdown" this was a wonderful dining experience. The place was rather empty and the tables were set far apart. This was actually my wife's first chance to dine out at a German restaurant even though it is not your traditional German restaurant. The staff made us feel like we were home, offering top notch service. The waiter recommended and outstanding wine and the dinners we ordered were amazingly delicious. The room was very nice and the bed was perfect for an excellent night's sleep. Had there been coffee available in the room, I would have given this a five rating. COVID-19 aside, I have been to other hotels during the pandemic where coffee is readily available and free. I had to buy four cups for 18,00 Euro, which is quite expensive. Maybe next time..."
"This airport hotel started earlier this year (2020) the process of rebranding from Sheraton to Marriott and is using both names for the time being. The hotel‘s hygienical anti-Corona measures seem well thought-out and executed. The hotel‘s restaurant is Open (Hotel guests only) and they provide Japanese- style wooden boxes to take the food to your room - a nice touch, While I had stayed at the Sheraton a couple of times this was my first visit after they apparently did some extensive redecorations/renovations of the rooms so I was curious how that went. While the room was ok (what you would expect from a hotel at this level) the bathroom was quite a shocker. The shower is basically in the center of the non-toilet section and has no walls, just some very thin (and easily displaced) curtains. This means that after you have finished there will be a lot of water on the floor which you then distribute, unintentionally, all over the place (see fotos). It was quite a mess and I have never seen anything like it. While the location is quite convenient bis-a-vis the airport I doubt if I should give it another chance. So strange"
"Unfortunately due to Covid, most of their amenities were not open, like the executive lounge and certain service restrictions are in force (no minibar, limited room service hours etc.). However this former Sheraton hotel has been renovated and the rooms have a nice fresh look (not luxurious but pleasant design) with modern amenities (TV, fast Wifi) and comfortable beds. The suites also include a queen size sofa bed, which makes it perfect for families with kids. What counts most is the convenience to the airport (not even a one minute walk from the exit). For me the best place to stay at the airport for either an overnight stay or even a day room."
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11 Reviews
"Perfect for rest. The place in this hotel is great. Officers are also very happy to help. The guest room is very elegant, with a huge and comfortable room. We will definitely live here next time"
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29 Reviews
"The rooms are small, the facilities are average, the service at the front desk is acceptable, the breakfast is poor, and a middle-aged female waiter in the breakfast room lacks proper training, has a bad attitude, and speaks loudly, which is unpleasant. Hotels in Germany are considered cost-effective, but many places as mentioned above are not enough five-star standards, Ctrip's hotel ratings are always too high and disappointing. It is conveniently located across from Central Station."
"Because the luggage is too large, I don't want to drag the suitcase to find the hotel near the train station. This one is just across the train station, just across the small road, the location is ideal, the service is good, the breakfast is rich and the Chinese food is fried. Not bad."
"The hotel is very expensive, next to the central railway station square, the service attitude is also very good & # 128077; especially the concierge service and room service! Free two bottles of water and fruit are included in the room. The variety of breakfast is also very rich."
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