Top 10 Moller Villa Hotels

Top 10 Moller Villa Hotels


915 Reviews
No.480 Jianguo West Road (Jianyeli), Shanghai, China
16.3km from Hongqiao International Airport
6.4km from Shanghai Railway Station
550m from Zhaojiabang Road
8.2km from Shanghai South Railway Station
1.0km from Hengshan Road
6.2km from Downtown
8.0km from Shanghai Railway Station
"Capella, this is my fourth stay. The first stay was not ideal. The last two stays at the hotel changed a bit, which made me a little bit better. This stay happened to be my birthday. The hotel has made relevant decorations, which is quite touching. The hotel also presented a bottle of champagne. Fruit cakes are also prepared every time. I am in a good mood and the weather is very good. I also took a selfie on the third floor. The hotel room The picture of was not taken separately because I am already very familiar with the structure of the hotel. I live in Shikumen and Garden Shikumen respectively. In fact, I think the hotel can have other improvements. For example, the Garden Shikumen is in the front row. , It is still relatively close to the road, and it does not mean that the sound insulation is not good. It is just that the cost of the garden Shikumen is more than that of the Shikumen. Is it only the flowers outside the window or the door? There are more mosquitoes in the summer. I believe that there are not many people who will enjoy the flowers in the courtyard, and there will be no people who are not quietly blowing on the air conditioner and opening the window to enjoy the flowers. The structure of the hotel is very simple. The first floor is the living room. The place is slightly narrow, but it is better than high. It looks good. The outside of the door is in Shikumen style. Open the door to enter the interior. It is indeed a large and luxurious decoration. There are pastries and fruits presented by the hotel. I believe that every room will have them. The hotel is doing well. The hotel turns on the air-conditioning control for each guest who stays in advance to make the guests feel cooler after entering. Open the door on the first floor, and the back It’s a locker, obviously not of much use, and then there is a toilet, which may be used by customers. It’s a simple toilet and wash basin. Go up the stairs to the second floor. It’s an audio-visual room. You can watch it. TV and projection screen, the hotel also prepared a comic book for us to look at in our spare time, which is very good, there is a cabinet next to it, there are free and chargeable drinks and wine, the refrigerator is all Free, tea and coffee are also free, the brandy above is chargeable. Then go up to the third floor, the master bedroom. The master bedroom has everything in it. It’s really good. If the phone is dead, there is a charging cable at the head of the bed. The hotel also has aromatherapy to help sleep. The TV can be rotated. Yes, it’s easy to watch. The hotel also has a radio to sit and listen to the radio. Of course, this is what Shikumen should have. The hotel’s breakfast is very good and can also be delivered to the room. There is a menu in the bedroom. You can call and talk to the lobby staff. There is also a cloakroom and dressing table in the bedroom. It is very good and meets the needs of the hostess. The hotel handbag is a cloth bag, which is really good. I especially like this. It depends on whether a hotel is good or not. The key is to look at this bag. Usually paper bags, cloth bags are not particularly large, and they are short and wide. Love it! On the fourth floor, there is the bathroom. The washing is here. It is very good, clean and full of things. There is only one thing. I heard from the manager. Because the floor is high, it takes a minute for the hot water to come up. So please everyone. understand. Going up one level is the top floor terrace music. There are benches and a small coffee table on which you can sit. The weather is good, you can see the clouds and stars, and the hotel umbrella can be taken away. It is very good and humane. Special commendation to Manager Li. Since the first acquaintance, he has solved the troubles of my annoying customer. He is a patient and meticulous and outstanding service industry worker. I heard that you will It’s a pity that Capella will get better and better if you have a good manager like you. I hope you will be in a new environment and everything will go well!"
"This hotel has been planting grass for a long time, and finally pulled the grass when the magic capital is in autumn😊 Before check-in, the hotel confirmed the relevant matters by phone, including the scheduled SPA time, afternoon tea meal time, etc. Since I made an appointment for the SPA, I checked in early at about 1:30. The whole check-in process was quite attentive. A dedicated service staff led the check-in and gave a detailed explanation before check-in. It really felt a bit at home. Although the reservation is the most basic room type, as far as the service attitude is concerned, compared with another one, which is also platinum-rated, it is almost a sky and an underground. It is lifted 360 degrees and spiraled up to a thousand meters. More than! The hardware level is no longer redundant, and it should be covered in other comments. The SPA experience is also great, and the price is below the average price level of each five-star spa service, but the overall spa experience is not inferior to the peers, which is remarkable. In the future, even if you don't stay in the store, you will have the urge to use his SPA. Finally, let’s talk about breakfast. Guests staying in the hotel can provide a free meal delivery service, and it can be delivered before 12 noon the next day. There are not many types of breakfast, but the taste is good, in the upper-middle level of the five-star breakfast. If there is a chance, I still want to experience other room types. After all, there are not many hotels with special features and services that are always online."
"During the Shanghai epidemic, I booked this Shikumen Villa Hotel in the city center. I visited the nearby French bakery last time. I think this hotel is quite distinctive. The hotel is located in the Hengfu historical and cultural landscape protection area in Xuhui District. It is the only all-villa-style urban resort hotel in Shanghai, with the "Shikumen" complex originally built by French real estate developers in the 1930s. A relatively low-key high-end hotel, you will miss it if you walk the road outside. It was also the Shikumen complex in "Jianyeli" that was discovered when the surrounding Yueyang Road fell on the street. The hotel lobby and the library are together. In a small place, French furniture is placed in the room and Chinese artworks are hung at the same time. It is a close combination of Eastern and Western elements. In addition to the more expensive bottles of wine in the room, the other drinks in the refrigerator can be replenished, and there are many small snacks. I like the Capella Library very much. In-house guests can enjoy afternoon tea and Happy hour in the evening. The WIFI speed of the entire hotel is fast enough. The afternoon tea pastry cake is the same style as Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire at the entrance of the hotel. 【Historic old house】"
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1116 Reviews
Lane 108, North Shanxi Road, Shanghai, China
20.5km from Hongqiao International Airport
3.5km from Shanghai Railway Station
160m from Tiantong Road
10.7km from Shanghai West Railway Station
650m from East Nanjing Road
2.6km from Downtown
3.2km from Shanghai Railway Station
11.9km from Shanghai West Railway Station
"I checked in at the hotel on July 17th. It was Ms. Cai who checked in. She was very kind and friendly. After I proposed to arrange the high floor as much as possible, I was very considerate and satisfied my request. With a smile from beginning to end, when I heard that we needed afternoon tea, I also asked us for seats, so that the guests who stayed in the hotel could feel the warmth of the hotel at the first time. The rooms were being cleaned, so we first went to the restaurant on the 37th floor for afternoon tea. Miss Bao in the afternoon tea restaurant is a very amiable girl. She said that everyone calls her Bao Bao because she ordered oolong tea, which is not easy to soak in the water for a long time. She specially brought me an empty pot to put good tea in. , The warm and thoughtful service made us feel cordial, and also experienced the hotel's thoughtful staff training. However, it is recommended that the hotel make some adjustments to the tea utensils of Chinese tea, so as not to let these small flaws ruin the overall level of the hotel. The guest room is very large. The cloakroom and bathroom are in the same door. The bathing space is very large. The dressing table is opposite to the bathing table. It is very convenient to sit down and apply a facial mask directly after washing. The shower room is very spacious. Together with the bathtub, the water is quickly launched without stagnant water and overflow. The hot water comes out very quickly and the water volume is large, which is very easy to use. Bulgari's toiletries are made by domestic OEMs. This is a matter of opinion, and I personally think that the fragrance is not bad. There are very few people in the hotel’s gym, and the receptionist lady is very friendly. She also took us to visit and introduced the relevant facilities and locations for follow-up use and search. She is a tall and thin beauty, but unfortunately forgot to ask her name. Thanks for her service. There is a trainer in the gym named Martin, who is a very nice handsome guy. He pays attention to the state of the guests and meets the requirements of the guests at any time. I came over to stop the machine in time because I accidentally fell on the treadmill and stopped the machine. Ask about the situation of the guests and tell me some measures to avoid slipping. I am very responsible. In order to avoid contact with more people, we chose to go to the swimming pool later. The water was very clean and there were few people. We ran into Martin again. He also brought us drinks and told me about the jacuzzi. How to use it, let our experience of staying this time add a lot of points. Back to the room, the hotel also provided rose tea to help sleep, lying on a soft and comfortable bed, covered with a fluffy soft quilt, I slept very well this night, the hotel room is very soundproofed, there is no sound of speech in the corridor, guests, everyone All are quiet, no loud noises, very fortunate to have a staying experience. Breakfast is a set meal. We chose Western and Chinese styles. Don’t miss Bulgari’s carbs. Her whole wheat slices and chocolate muffins are great 👍, I also added them, coated with thick butter and crispy crust With a solid inner layer, full of satisfaction, looking at the scenery of the Bund, life is very good! Miss Leslie at breakfast is a lovely and sweet Cantonese girl. She speaks a little Shanghai dialect. Because she saw that I like Muffin, she also specially packed 4 of them for us to take back to our room. I am so happy, forgive me. My civic mentality bursts again! The breakfast in the restaurant can be delivered to the room, as long as you make a reservation in advance, and it is a 24-hour service, which is very heartwarming and convenient! Finally, when I checked out, I met Miss Cai who was checking in again, and I had to sigh that the fate was so wonderful. With her cordial and friendly greetings and quick and efficient service, our stay ended satisfactorily. The most profound experience of this stay is the hotel’s service. Every employee will greet the guests, guide and answer guests’ inquiries warmly and friendly and meet different needs. I also added praise to the room attendant's work attitude. It should be the turndown attendant who helped us organize and tie up the charging cable on the table and regularized the used towels. Although it is a small detail, it adds the finishing touch to the brand image of the hotel!"
"Location traffic: The location is very good, I especially like the feeling of this old bungalow + modern mansion. service: The service attitude is very good, much better than Beijing's, take the initiative to welcome guests, the front desk is also very serious and efficient, the lady is very gentle and caring to introduce the hotel facilities and room facilities; at the same time, this time I gave the "dream" Bulgari's small perfume~ Room view: It has a wide view, although it is an urban landscape, but it has a unique charm, not inferior to the Huangpu River view. Room facilities: Two bathrooms, the main bathroom is an electric toilet; the bed is facing the large French window, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of Shanghai while lying on the bed; soft drinks in the mini bar are free, alcohol and snacks are charged; like the corner of the French window, there is one In the small sofa area, sitting and reading, it feels great and comfortable; wifi: The speed is very fast and the connection is relatively convenient~ bed: The princess bed is a bit soft and comfortable, but sleeping is a bit tired~ health: The hygiene is clean and comfortable. breakfast: Super sumptuous, the room comes with a breakfast for two. I ate it by myself and replaced it with smoked salmon eggs Benedict. The taste was superb; the Shanghai Xiaolongbao tastes very good; the seafood porridge is particularly fragrant; the best breakfast I have had recently. swimming pool: The temperature is super high, about 28-30 degrees Celsius, it's like taking a bath, swimming is too comfortable~ Cost performance: Although there are more than 6,000, but the service is in place, the facilities are complete, and the living is very comfortable, it seems that the price/performance ratio is quite high. Of course, the brand premium may account for half [naughty]~"
"🚗 Transportation: The location of the hotel is excellent. Take the subway and come out from Exit 3 of Tiantong Road on Line 10 and you will see the hotel. The low-key appearance, red brick walls, the first Bulgari apartment that comes into view, it is said that the rent seems to be forty thousand a month. The entrance of the hotel is also relatively concealed. There are security guards at the entrance to measure body temperature. After entering the hotel lobby, they have to take a measurement and register information. The check-in speed at the front desk is very fast, and there are some sweets and other snacks in the lobby. Don't talk nonsense, just look at the hotel pictures. 🧹Hygienic: The room is about 80 square meters, but a lot of space is wasted in the aisle. In contrast, the room is not that big. But the bathroom is very spacious, with a lot of space, and the toilet room is separated from the shower room. The sink is also designed for two people, which is very suitable for people with a lot of cosmetics. Needless to say the spare parts, Bulgari's own brand, each bottle contains 75ml, which is quite sufficient. The minibar in the room can be used for free (seemingly except for wine and chocolate). Needless to say, the scenery is naturally facing the Pudong Lujiazui three-piece suit. It was raining that day, but the sun came out in the afternoon after I arrived at the hotel. The character was superb and I took great photos. 🔔 The breakfast is served in the room. There are four choices. The presentation is beautiful and the delivery speed is also very fast. It can be delivered to the room about 25 minutes after the order is placed. Eating a leisurely brunch, looking at the Bund scenery outside the window and the style of Lujiazui, it is really pleasing to the eye and happy in the world."
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9 Reviews
No.60 Lane 532, Yuyuan Road, Shanghai, China
14.9km from Hongqiao International Airport
4.9km from Shanghai Railway Station
820m from Jiangsu Road
6.9km from Shanghai West Railway Station
1.1km from Jing'an Temple
5.2km from Downtown
"It was very comfortable to live on the third floor for a few days. I like the decoration style of the room and the books you can read easily. It has the same sense of time and nostalgia as the room! The sofa is very soft and comfortable... It is more convenient that the water temperature in the two bathrooms can be hotter when taking a shower. In short, I am very satisfied with this settlement, and I will come with friends next time🤗🤗"
"Knowing that this is the filming location of the TV series "Settle Down" and "Thirty Only", come and experience it! It's really good. The space is large, spacious and bright, and everything is complete. The housekeeper responded quickly and enthusiastically. The friends in the same industry also showed off their cooking skills, and then projected a movie. It was very comfortable and comfortable! Worth a try!"
"The hotel rooms are excellent value for money, and the furniture is very exquisite. It can be seen that the designer has spent a lot of thought. There is no service staff, so I don’t even give extra quilts."
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1143 Reviews
No.78 Xingguo Road, Shanghai, China
14.2km from Hongqiao International Airport
6.6km from Shanghai Railway Station
1.0km from Jiaotong University
7.2km from Shanghai West Railway Station
1.4km from Jiangsu Road
6.2km from Downtown
7.1km from Shanghai West Railway Station
7.9km from Shanghai South Railway Station
"I live in Xujiahui and bought a hotel package on the last weekend of summer vacation to check out the hotel around me. We stayed in the ladies' suite, the room was very good, the bed was comfortable, the shower was comfortable, the bathtub was by the window, the city view was beautiful, and the key was to be particularly clean. The service attitude is very good, and the happy hour in the evening also presented delicious spicy meat noodles. The swimming pool is not big, but it feels good. Finally, we were allowed to check out at 14:00, so I tried to order the takeaway and the robot delivered it. My daughter was very happy and perfect."
"The hotel is located in a prime location in the French Concession in the center of Shanghai. For such a location, the price/performance ratio is very high. The breakfast is too rich, it bursts every day. The uncle of the swimming pool lifeguard has a very good attitude. On the first day, the baby didn't bring a lifebuoy and took the initiative to borrow her float. The room was clean and bright, and the front desk upgraded us with a view room for free. There are a lot of mosquitoes on the big lawn, but it is very beautiful, and the baby is very happy to play. The overall feeling is great, recommended by perfect scores!"
"Because I have been to several bars on Gaoyou Road before, I found this hotel in the reverse direction; the hotel is within walking distance of Xujiahui Metro Station and the Wanghong Wukang Road Building, and the park (note that it has its own garden!) is full of The charm of Shanghai Shiliyangchang, the hotel facilities are very new, the breakfast is very rich, and the service staff are also very professional and responsible, which is not inferior to the old five-star hotels. If you are like me, it is a small weekend outing for your partner, Disney small bar during the day and night, here is the best choice."
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882 Reviews
No.1-4 Lane 100, Wukang Road, Shanghai, China
14.7km from Hongqiao International Airport
7.3km from Shanghai Railway Station
840m from Changshu Road
7.6km from Shanghai West Railway Station
850m from Shanghai Library
6.5km from Downtown
"I decided to celebrate the anniversary with my girlfriend. I originally wanted to book a high-level hotel like Shangri-La, but I decided to see it on Ctrip. When it rained on the first day, Shanghai Blue Warning. It's wet, but it doesn't have any scenery. We have also ordered a basic room. You must pay attention to it. The basic room is very small. People can only sit or lie on the bed. Then maybe because of rain, we found a bug on the pillow, on the right arm of my lying, and my girlfriend’s left arm. After that, both hands got a red rash. I don’t know if it’s right. The reason for this. In short, the daytime experience on the first day was not very good. I went out for dinner to celebrate at night. When I came back, I was preparing to take a shower. I suddenly remembered the fire alarm. My girlfriend and I were stunned. Looking at the yellow light (street lamp) through the wooden bed, we really thought it was a fire. The power went out. When I got up and asked downstairs, I realized that something was wrong with the facility that caused the power outage. A group of us could only wait in the meeting room (there were several people in the room). After waiting for a while, I couldn’t wait any longer. We went out to eat supper. After the supper came back at half past one, it was still in the state of power failure. It was not repaired until about half past two. I I'm so sleepy with my girlfriend. It's time to check out again at 12 o'clock the next day. I went to bed at 3 o'clock, and I definitely couldn't eat breakfast. I just woke up and had to check out again. Although the sky cleared the next day, we didn't realize much, anyway, it was accidental. What is worthy of recognition is the hotel's environment and services. After the power failure, it was considered that we changed our room to a building that was repaired first, and gave us a lunch to make up for it the next day. I am also very satisfied with the environment, which belongs to the hotel I will still come to experience next time. under It's a photo taken by myself."
"I wanted to experience it when I visited Ba Jin’s Former Residence in the past when I was in Wukang Road and Jiangma Road. This time I realized my wish for a vacation in the city. The hotel is quite small with few rooms. Some low-priced rooms are also small, but the atmosphere is still very strong. Drinking tea and reading on the balcony is quite leisurely. The breakfast is either a buffet or an order. It’s basically Western-style. Everyone serves the same meal in the morning. It’s not delicious. Hahaha There is also the soundproofing of old houses is really not good, others can hear them when they walk up the stairs, but it is estimated that the old houses are like this. Thanks to the housekeeper Ada for helping to retrieve the charging cable It's worth experiencing as a whole~"
"It’s so nice to get the name Seclusion and Prosperity The location of the hotel is really super city center It's very close to everywhere on Wukang Road Hotel service attitude is very caring It’s an old bungalow renovation. I like it very much. Live comfortably, but the soundproofing effect is a bit poor But it’s understandable, it’s an old bungalow after all, haha 【Designer Hotel】 【Old House】 【Historic old house】"
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2065 Reviews
No.158 Daduhe Road, Shanghai, China
13.0km from Hongqiao International Airport
5.3km from Shanghai West Railway Station
370m from Changfeng Park
9.7km from Shanghai Railway Station
1.7km from Daduhe Road
10.3km from Downtown
"The bed is 1.4, especially for families with children... The whole package, I think it’s super cost-effective. We will give away 2 tickets to nearby attractions. We chose the Lego Discovery Center. The children like it very much. Tickets cost 400 for visiting. There are 2 large and 1 small breakfasts, at this price in Shanghai, and it is 51. The price is too high... It is also very convenient for a car, free of charge, and the only downside is that the air-conditioning is not very good. Sleeping at night is too hot... Front desk A pen is also given to the children, which is really good, and it is recommended for parent-child travel"
"The hotel as a whole is good, the facilities are well equipped, the price is cheap in non-peak season, and the breakfast is rich in content. The two biggest advantages, but as a JW Marriot, these points are not enough. Although it was opened in 10 years, the room facilities look better than those in the 90s. Terman Ritz is not much newer... Generally speaking, business travel and business hospitality are more recommended. If you have a quality outing, you will have a better choice in terms of location and content."
"The hotel’s epidemic prevention is obviously incomparable with the Joy City on the side. There is no check in the parking lot. When the general manager of the foreigner arrives in the lobby, the doorman starts to check the body temperature and delivers masks. The service is generally online. The check-out is in the parking lot. The hotel concierge driver (the uniform is the same as the concierge but is different from the security) was there while pointing the way and cursing (I almost crashed). Although the intention was good, the behavior was unacceptable."
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292 Reviews
"My friend and I booked two Deluxe rooms to celebrate my birthday in Puxi. Although we only booked in the morning, I was thrilled to hear that, not only the hotel had managed to book me a table at their restaurant (which was full on that day) but also welcomed me with a cake and a bottle of wine in the room! Later on, I even got a bouquet of roses! The service was personalised, caring and professional all through. The room itself was beautifully decorated with a lot of care to details: we loved the Atelier Cologne products and the Marshall speaker! The decoration is the right mix between Art Nouveau style and contemporary design. Everything was perfectly clean and comfortable. The breakfast is in the beautiful restaurant on the groundfloor. It is a set menu with mostly western food (croissant and bread were the best!) and some dumplings. I would certainly recommend this boutique hotel to friends and family when they will be visiting Shanghai!"
"I went to Magic City for the weekend and didn't want to stay in a traditional star hotel. I found this design hotel. First, the geographical position is unique, opposite the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and beside the old house with stories in the city center, it is very quiet. Second, although the room is not big, there are details everywhere. Third, although breakfast is not a buffet, the combination of Chinese and Western is enough, and the sun room adds points. Fourth, there is a bookstore opposite the hotel. If you have time to choose slowly, you can get a coupon for buying books if you stay in a suite. Fifth, the hotel continues to improve its quality. During breakfast, the manager will come to investigate the feedback of the guests and introduce the hotel a little bit or two. In short, it is a good choice."
"The most cozy and comfortable hotel in Shanghai! The hotel is located in the Blackstone Apartment, a small but exquisite art park. It's just opposite the Shanghai Symphony Hall. The location is great! It is within walking distance to various small restaurants and bars in Shanghai! The service is cordial and meticulous. The rooms are exquisite and the details are treated with special care and attention. Although there is not much space, everything is available. 10/10 is always recommended! 🚗 Transportation: 🍃Environment: 🔔Service: 【Small and Beautiful】 【Designer Hotel】 [Romantic couple]"
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2047 Reviews
No.188 North Suzhou Road, Shanghai, China
21.1km from Hongqiao International Airport
3.9km from Shanghai Railway Station
670m from Tiantong Road
11.2km from Shanghai West Railway Station
1.0km from East Nanjing Road
2.9km from Downtown
4.0km from Shanghai Railway Station
12.6km from Shanghai West Railway Station
"This house as a whole meets my expectations. It has the following shortcomings The disinfection of the first bedding was not thorough enough. The child and I came back with a red rash on his face and arms. It was a bit uncomfortable. Second, if you are traveling with children, there is no parent-child park in the hotel. Of course, it is understandable that the positioning is a high-end business hotel The third hotel service is quite satisfactory. It was noted that children’s washing utensils were required before booking, and they were not prepared. I reminded it again when registering, and it was still very late. But the beauty of bath products is online, and children's wash bags are still very cute. In the end, the overall feeling is still worth the money, not as bad as in the bad reviews. The welcome tea in the lobby is delicious, and the towels are also very good. It would be better for the concierge to take the initiative to take the luggage, and perhaps it would be better for the uncle at the door to take the initiative to greet you. I'm very content with the small balcony with luxurious river view, with a particularly careful design."
"A high-end hotel with an excellent geographical location, Zhapu Road Bridge is a photo spot for Internet celebrities. The temperature of the swimming pool is estimated to be 30 degrees, very comfortable, the pool inside is like a hot spring, with a wide view, it is very comfortable to lie down and watch the scenery The room is big enough, the double bed is also big, the bathroom is tall, double basin, there is a special cloakroom and dressing table, bathtub with TV, automatic toilet. Fully automatic control device in the room with ipad mini, good night chocolate 🍫 The breakfast is of a high standard, a bit simple eggs benedict, torch coffee, small wontons and scallion noodles are good."
"On my mother's birthday, he hesitated among the many river view hotels on the Bund, and I was very happy to choose the Bellagio Hotel. Free upgrade to river view, invincible night view. And also gave a birthday cake🎂, the service is very considerate. Convenient parking, afternoon tea and breakfast are of great quality. I've lived in the Bund for a while, and when looking at the river view from all directions, Baolijia is undoubtedly the best choice, not one of them."
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2526 Reviews
No.32 Zhongshan East-1 Road, Shanghai, China
20.7km from Hongqiao International Airport
4.2km from Shanghai Railway Station
660m from East Nanjing Road
11.5km from Shanghai West Railway Station
1.0km from Tiantong Road
2.4km from Downtown
4.1km from Shanghai Railway Station
12.8km from Shanghai West Railway Station
"After the epidemic, I could no longer go out to play, so I had to check in everywhere in the country. This time I brought my parents to Shanghai. Considering the convenience of the elderly to visit the Bund and Nanjing Road, I chose the Peninsula Hotel. I just entered the holiday, the room rate has come up, only standard rooms can be booked. Generally speaking, the service is good, and the process is very standardized. The grandfather who drives the door at the door makes me very embarrassed, but we don’t do the job content of others. Dare to disturb, I can only watch him drag his luggage and thank you again here. The man at the front desk was very polite, and offered a two-hour late check-out (the lady on the third day was relatively cold [羅鼻R]). The bedding and decoration are pretty good, there is no kettle, but the coffee machine integrated with coffee and hot water is a plus (because of various news, I dare not use the hotel's kettle). Toiletries are custom-made. . . Well, it is produced in Guangzhou and Jiangsu. . . Everyone knows Breakfast is semi-buffet. Fortunately, I didn't encounter the queue as everyone said, but the meal was indeed slow, and the waiter would be too busy during peak hours. The dining table provides a variety of breads, and then orders, Chinese, Japanese, and Western dishes. The main dishes are large, and the side salads are not served until the end, but I am full. The taste is neither amazing nor bad. Maybe the highlight of the peninsula is in his spa and boutiques [cover face R][cover face R][cover face R][cover face R] It's a pity that I didn't make an appointment in advance to use the spa, and there are no models that are not available in Chanel stores. Overall, the location is pretty good. But I prefer Suning Baolijia, hehehe"
"One star is directly deducted from the breakfast experience. I will talk about it later. Located in the Shanghai Bund International Building Complex, the peninsula is well-known, and we don’t need to talk too much about it. It is indeed worthy of the name. Directly on the picture. The room accommodation experience in the peninsula is very good, and the sound insulation effect is also good. I like his style very much. The service is enthusiastic and efficient. Timely resolution of needs food Everything is perfect except breakfast. Please note, Jimei, his family has to queue for breakfast, and the queue time is 15 minutes or more. The breakfast is semi-buffet style. The buffet part has pre-dinner bread and some ham, milk and fruit. The order part has to wait for half an hour or more. I suspect that our share was made early but there was no waiter to serve it. When the meal comes up in half an hour later, it will be warm or even cold. The air-conditioning in the hotel is full. The queue time plus the time to wait for the meal, the food is still cold, you taste it, you taste it. In addition The terrace bar on the 14th floor, and the guest room is not an elevator. No appointment, first come first served. Business hours from 17:00 to 24:00, with decks and scattered tables. The deck needs to purchase a package."
"1. Location: quite good 👍 especially the river view room, the Bund is so beautiful. I like the outdoor bar on the top floor of the hotel. What needs to be reminded is that it must be positioned in advance. 2. Breakfast: The semi-buffet breakfast improves the overall dining experience. Coupled with high-quality service, it makes people feel as if they are in Europe. 3. Parking space: The hotel has a free underground parking lot, and you can also park for guests. 4. Swimming pool: The water quality is particularly clean, there is an outdoor balcony, the ventilation is particularly good, and the air is excellent. Special praise for the service of the swimming pool, the service staff will deliver water to each guest. Too detailed. 5. The hotel's facilities are also superb. The location of the trash can is too human. Never felt like this before. It's so caring and meticulous. 6. Service: I booked a room type with the cheapest price. When I entered the house, the air conditioner was leaking. There is no window in the room and there is some moldy smell. Room service will be repaired and cleaned up soon. But I changed to an oversized suite."
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3935 Reviews
No.19 Gongping Road, Shanghai, China
23.1km from Hongqiao International Airport
5.9km from Shanghai Railway Station
510m from Tilanqiao
13.2km from Shanghai West Railway Station
1.0km from International Cruise Terminal
5.6km from Downtown
6.0km from Shanghai Railway Station
14.7km from Shanghai West Railway Station
"Although living in Shanghai, Mr. Li still booked a hotel in Shanghai for his wedding anniversary. Before going there, he was still very resistant. He felt that the best hotel was no better than home. But when I checked in, I was pleasantly surprised. The bathtub is facing the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund complex, with a panoramic view of the river. The best view is on the top floor. You can have afternoon tea and clubbing. The manager of the bar, ricky, is very kind and enthusiastically takes us to the best angle to take pictures. He also told us that the larger the hotel room number, the better the view angle. Even if you don’t live in a shop, you can go to the afternoon tea and bar for consumption, a good choice. What the hotel’s service has to complain about is that the attention paid to guests is obviously lower than that of the owner, but the owner is also very strange. Isn’t it better to maintain your hotel’s reputation? When the guests are taking pictures, they come and go unobtrusively in the camera, and the quality is worrisome. At breakfast on the first day, a waiter would take the initiative to ask if he needed coffee and hot milk. On the second day, he had to go out to find it by himself. The other restaurants and front desk staff were also expressionless. Compared with other Banyan Tree Hotels, they still need to be improved. [Moving night view] [Moving night view]"
"It coincides with birthday and Teacher's Day, so I specially chose the long-awaited Banyan Tree Hotel on the Bund to celebrate the festival. Sure enough, from the time I entered the door, there was a good omen. I first met the hospitable guest manager Ms. Yao Ting at the front desk. She was eager to receive guests and had a kind attitude. She also gave me a free upgrade of the room. Here you can experience the high quality of the hotel comfortably, all rooms are equipped with "landscape windows", you can overlook the charming scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River with a panoramic view; and also, when you take a bath, you can have a sweeping view of the window, making the bath full 🈵Artistic atmosphere. The room area is also the largest in the city. This is the style and accent of Banyan Tree! Goodbye, Banyan Tree, will choose here next time."
"Colleagues made an appointment to see the river view together, and chose Banyan Tree from the left, because it has the widest river view~ I chose a suite with a bathtub, but the girls didn’t need it, but the river view was really good. I couldn’t find the feeling of taking pictures on the first night. Later, by following the little red book, I found the meaning of the room and took pictures. It's the happiest time😛 The service of the hotel is very good, the reception Jessica is also very nice, the breakfast dishes are slightly simple, some equipment such as charging sockets need to be upgraded, and others are quite satisfactory."
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Top 10 Moller Villa Hotels & Weather

Sep 21, 2021
23 ~ 30℃
Sep 21, 2021
23℃ / 30℃
Sep 22, 2021
24℃ / 34℃
Sep 23, 2021
22℃ / 30℃
Sep 24, 2021
23℃ / 29℃
Sep 25, 2021
24℃ / 28℃
Sep 26, 2021
23℃ / 28℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shanghai
Sep 21, 2021 Shanghai Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 82%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:41/17:53
Shanghai Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Severe
Shanghai from March to May has mild weather and is the best travelling season. From June to late July would be the monsoon season where you will experience lots of rainfall and gloomy days. Come July to September, Shanghai is at its hottest, so you have to avoid getting sunburnt, this is also the period where there may be the occasional hurricane and you have to be prepared for it. Autumn sets in from September to October where the weather is cool and comfortable, and it also happens to be the freshwater crab season. December to March is the off peak season and that is when the weather turns into sub-zero coldness and it is strongly recommended that you avoid travelling there during this duration.
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