Top 10 New Town Hotels

Top 10 New Town Hotels


29 Reviews
Via Di Ripetta 231, Rome, Lazio, Italy
30.3km from Ciampino Airport
4.3km from Roma San Pietro
4.3km from Stazione di Roma San Pietro
460m from Flaminio – Piazza del Popolo
760m from Spagna
30.3km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
4.3km from Roma S. Pietro
15.4km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
2.2km from Roma S. Pietro
2.2km from Stazione di Roma San Pietro
400m from Flaminio – Piazza del Popolo
630m from Spagna
"The location is very good, it is very convenient to eat and shop around. It is very good to have a good dinner at 10 o'clock and go back to the yard to have a tea chat. The room is ok too. In this position, the price/performance ratio is very high. The only inconvenience is that the hotel room should be washed and washed. I booked three rooms for two days. I accidentally had no room. It was very troublesome and it took more than two hours. Later, I can only book one day, not the same three room types, the price of each order is not the same. If there is no room at the time of the key reservation, it should be displayed and cannot be booked. After the payment, I will tell me what the network problem is scheduled to fail. Later, I asked Ctrip customer service to know that there is no room."
"The hotel is away from People's Square, Plaza de España, Trevi Fountain, etc., there is a subway to the Colosseum, with a baby to go out and book a room for 3 people to the duplex room, the sofa downstairs is changed into a bed, upstairs double The bed is a big bed, the service staff are basically handsome, courteous, the room is more age, the overall feeling is good, breakfast is delicious. The picture didn’t make any difference with everyone’s hair."
"Exceeding the expected hotel! It’s much better than the first Roman art hotel next door! The toiletries are Pan Heiligen, the room has a minimum of 30 square meters, the hall and the yard are very beautiful, the room is very quiet, not facing the road, the location is very convenient, go straight out of the two streets is the big street, all the way to the Spanish Steps Square I will stay here next time."
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15 Reviews
Via di Monte d'Oro 30, Rome, Lazio, Italy
30.6km from Fiumicino Airport
4.3km from Roma San Pietro
4.3km from Stazione di Roma San Pietro
730m from Spagna
1.0km from Flaminio – Piazza del Popolo
30.6km from Fiumicino – Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport
4.3km from Roma S. Pietro
"It is the most satisfying hotel in my European travel for more than ten days. The decoration is very delicate and the breakfast is very delicate! I like it very much, shopping is very convenient, and all the snacks and drinks in the mini bar will not be charged extra."
"They are all very high, the only rooms lacking in Rome are small, and there are no kettles in the facilities."
"Amazing beauty and design. The breakfast is very rich."
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11 Reviews
Via Ludovisi 49, Rome, Lazio, Italy
28.8km from Ciampino Airport
1.7km from Roma Termini
5.5km from Roma Ostiense
450m from Barberini – Fontana di Trevi
640m from Spagna
28.8km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
"A perfect experience, definitely not lost to the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, every detail is perfect and exquisite. The bed is big enough and the bathroom is super luxurious. Breakfast is on the 6th floor and is rich and exquisite, overlooking Rome. Location is also good, walk to Plaza de España for 5 minutes. With an 11-year-old child, there is no extra charge at the hotel. In short, it is a memorable and memorable life!"
"perfect. Service nice, hotel facilities are excellent, b&o TV is cool~~~~"
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13 Reviews
Via Del Babuino 9, Rome, Lazio, Italy
30.0km from Ciampino Airport
4.6km from Roma Termini
5.1km from Roma San Pietro
330m from Flaminio – Piazza del Popolo
680m from Spagna
30.0km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
5.1km from Roma S. Pietro
"The breakfast is very good and rich in variety, with comb honey available. The hotel is in an excellent location. There are many famous shops on the street. It's about 5 minutes' walk from the Spanish Steps. You can see the monument of People's Square on the balcony."
"Hotel location is good, service is also very good, hotel location is good, service is also very good, hotel location is good, service is also very good, hotel location is good, service is also good, it is worth living"
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10 Reviews
Via della Fontanella di Borghese 48, Rome, Lazio, Italy
30.9km from Ciampino Airport
4.2km from Roma San Pietro
4.2km from Stazione di Roma San Pietro
650m from Spagna
960m from Flaminio – Piazza del Popolo
30.9km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
4.2km from Roma S. Pietro
"FENDI's first concept hotel in the world is more like a lifestyle experience hall. A full set of Fendi Casa, Karl Lagerfeld photography works, unique lamps, fur stitching, artwork... Because the hotel has only 7 suites, and they are all located on the same floor, it feels more at home, and the public space is more like a big house The living room, corridor, living room...a bit of living under the same roof, the decoration details are very exquisite, and it beats the Armani hotel🤘 The only problem is that there are no children's slippers, toothbrushes, etc., the bar on the top floor is like a nightclub, and children are not allowed to enter..."
"The service is very good, the location is also great, there are few residents only seven rooms, the facilities are also great, very beautiful, all the services are very attentive and attentive"
"There are a total of seven rooms, all of them are awesome! The location is also very good, on the edge of the Spanish Steps. Is the price is slightly higher!"
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Very Good
11 Reviews
Via Sistina 69, Rome, Lazio, Italy
16.5km from Ciampino Airport
2.0km from Roma Termini
5.3km from Roma Ostiense
100m from Spagna
560m from Barberini – Fontana di Trevi
16.5km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
"Newly renovated odor"
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30 Reviews
6 Piazza Trinita Dei Monti, Rome, Lazio, Italy
31.0km from Ciampino Airport
5.5km from Roma Termini
6.0km from Roma San Pietro
90m from Spagna
560m from Barberini – Fontana di Trevi
31.0km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
6.0km from Roma S. Pietro
"The hotel service was very good. After checkin someone was delivered to the room and explained the room facilities. The room was clean and the bedding was comfortable. I saw some people say that breakfast is simple, but I think it is very good. Breakfast abroad is coffee + bread + ham + cheese. The breakfast variety is rich. There is a Samsung Michelin restaurant on the 6th floor of the hotel. It is booked in advance. This restaurant has no a la carte menus, and the package is arranged. The service fee is quite high. It costs more than 1,100 euros for two people. . The location of the hotel is very good, the Plaza of Spain, convenient shopping and walking, not far from various attractions, taxi is very convenient in the past. The hotel does not have a parking lot, and the area is a no-go zone. Passes or locals can drive to the door, so it is convenient to take a taxi. In the end, there is a habit of collecting tips. I think the service is good and I can give it."
"Deserves to be a five-star hotel, the service is amazing, and the bedding is very comfortable. Excellent location right on top of the Spanish steps. Because I booked six nights, I got a free room with a small balcony. As soon as I entered the room, I was pleasantly surprised. There were welcome fruits and a welcome card with my name printed on it (still bilingual in Chinese and English). The cleaning service is professional and clean. Free water and chocolate every day and a bottle of red wine. There is a Mixing restaurant on the sixth floor of the hotel. Unfortunately, I did not go to taste this time. Before I left, I went to the restaurant on the first floor of his house. Angus steak was superb and delicious. In short, such a hotel is worth going to Rome again."
"The best hotel in Rome, Italy, in the Plaza de Espana, the Plaza de Espana is downstairs. Shopping and shopping are very convenient. The only drawback is that private cars can enter and leave the area within a limited time, taxis and hotels' own cars can. The hotel specially upgraded the room type for me, the room size is right, the bathroom is large and the facilities are advanced. The only drawback is that the hotel does not have Chinese-speaking service staff. The menu on the first floor restaurant is English and Italian. I ca n’t read and ca n’t understand Chinese, which is a bit awkward."
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14 Reviews
Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 3, Rome, Lazio, Italy
15.8km from Ciampino Airport
920m from Roma Termini
4.7km from Roma Ostiense
220m from Repubblica – Teatro dell Opera
590m from Barberini – Fontana di Trevi
15.8km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
"The hotel location is very good, very close to the central station, taxi normally within five euros, but too close to the driver to make a detour to make money, Italy, understandably, we were detoured ten euros. The hotel is very beautiful, very good stay experience, comfortable, elegant, breakfast and dinner are great, wine is also very good, highly recommended!"
"This is a great hotel. It is indeed the St. Regis Rome. I gave it an upgrade. The room was bigger and I also gave champagne. But it was also for others. But it ’s really amazing. Live, it is 5 euros to take a taxi to the train station, it is still recommended! It's okay to walk to the sights, there are subways in the surrounding Republic Square"
"Hotel environment is good, but rooms are a bit small"
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16 Reviews
Via del Corso 281, Rome, Lazio, Italy
16.3km from Ciampino Airport
2.8km from Roma Termini
3.5km from Roma San Pietro
1.3km from Barberini – Fontana di Trevi
1.5km from Spagna
16.3km from Ciampino G. B. Pastine Airport
3.5km from Roma S. Pietro
1.2km from Barberini – Fontana di Trevi
1.2km from Colosseo
"The location is very good, in the small hotel on the main road, you can go to many places to visit such as the Trevi Fountain, Plaza de España, Colosseum, etc. on foot, you can also walk on foot, the street where the hotel is located is Visitors, there are many small shops on both sides of the road. Zara and Masimo Dutti are all within a 10-minute walk. There are also souvenir shops, Italian restaurants and ice cream shops. Going to the Vatican for about 10 minutes, the front desk can help you by car. Very convenient location. The lobby is very small, there is no restaurant, but the bustling hotel in Europe is like this. The breakfast is served every day. The boss is very generous. Five kinds of small bottles of jam are sent every day. It is very luxurious. The room facilities are also very good. Hotel facilities are good, all the toiletries are Bulgari, the taste is very good. The living room has a sofa of Day bed, which is equal to a single bed in the living room. Our room has no balcony on the outdoor balcony, but there is a balcony and table and chairs that have been met. The overall feeling is better than the five-star hotel without features. I will stay there next time I go to Rome."
"The door is small and there is almost no lobby, but the service is good Good hygiene, Bvlgari toiletries The most worth mentioning is the rich breakfast, enough for one person and four people, and it is delivered directly to the room It's very close to the central area. A few hundred meters away is the Wishing Pool. By the way, I went to the famous street. If it is not good, you will hear the sound of large garbage trucks and delivery trucks at three or four in the morning. The rooms are not large anyway, all rooms in Europe are like this, one person is enough"
"The hotel is in an excellent location, just outside Venice Square, walking distance to Trevi Fountain, Plaza Spain, and the Colosseum. The service is also very good, the toiletries are from Bvlgari, and the extra bed previously requested is also made early. It was originally a small and fine hotel, so the room was not particularly large, but everything else was good. Breakfast was delivered to the room, and all kinds of bread, jam, coffee, milk, and foreigner's breakfast were just that, it was rich. Will consider living here again"
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