Top 10 New York Park Hotels

Top 10 New York Park Hotels


Very Good
22 Reviews
12825 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California, United States
"Looking through the photos carefully and found that I did not take photos of the hotel, you can refer to the hotel photos before Ctrip, very real, no problem. We stayed in a twin room for two nights. The pool is very good! The parking lot is charged, and the deposit is 150 knives. It is said to be refunded from half a month to one month. Opposite the hotel is Starbucks and a big supermarket. Shopping is very convenient. You can buy water and snacks and go out to play the necessary items. Foreign milk is very good (✪▽✪). Going out of the hotel and going right, not far away, there is a family to eat, pizza and burritos are delicious. Supermarkets and McDonald's have free parking, convenient for eating and shopping. You can buy big barrels of Starbucks coffee at the supermarket, and other stores or hotels have free ice cubes, so ice coffee is suitable for use when you are on the road."
"advantage: 1/The younger brothers at the front desk have a very good attitude! 2/The hotel has a shuttle bus to and from Universal Studios, but you need to check with the front desk in advance and return time. 3/ Opposite the big supermarket that is open until 2am, it is very convenient! Disadvantages: 1/ Hygiene, the room is a bit smelly, I am very sensitive to the smell, 2/The toilet constantly finds ants 3/The room is large but the bathroom is small! 4/ Only give us a set of towels, forget to put a hair dryer, but also ask the front desk. Too speechless!"
"I have been staying for many days, and Ctrip's advance booking price is indeed very cost-effective, more than 900 a night. The important thing is the surrounding supermarkets. Starbucks is 100 meters away from the road and shopping is very convenient."
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6 Reviews
4141 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
"I travel a lot for work, and I have stayed in a ton of hotels in LA area, but this one is by far my favorite! I use to live in Silverlake, so it's like coming home for me. The staff is super friendly, accommodating, and easy to work with. The decor of this hotel is superb, which is what initially drew me in, but the comfy king beds made me come back. It's close to a lot of great restaurants (including the hotel's own) and it's right next to Erewhon, which might be one of my favorite parts! Definitely recommend trying this place out!"
"Enjoyed a wonderful stay here in early March and even extended it a few days as we did not want to leave! We had a spacious room with interesting cool art and the interior design was truly beautiful in its simplicity. This is what makes the atmosphere of this hotel so calming! We were conveniently located on the 2nd floor down the hall from the attractive pool. The king bed was extremely comfortable and we had no problem sleeping soundly! The staff is friendly and very responsive. Can't wait to return!"
"The space is absolutely incredible. I love working outdoors down by the restaurant or by the pool. Good food + great coffee = productivity right? The rooms are clean without that weird hotel smell. The location is next to an Erewhon so you literally never have to worry about your next meal, but love the salads at the restaurant. I would stay here over and over again."
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Very Good
5 Reviews
1999 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, California, United States
"This hotel has a soul. It 's been there forever. The staff is amazing. the room are nice, i think the older building is best, where the ghost of past celebrities hang out. The restaurent in situ is a classic hollywood diner. The area is also very classic hollywood bohemian chic. love it all"
"Hi. My boyfriend and I stayed at the Hollywood Hills Hotel in August of 2012. At the time, it was part of the Magic Castle Hotel, owned by the same man. We checked in at the Magic Castle Hotel front desk and drove up the hill to the H.H. Hotel. Bada bing bada boom, easy breezy. We loved it there, and wanted to stay once again at the end of Feb. 2019. We were booked into the Magic Castle Hotel, and found that due to room renovations, our room had that ugly, cold, sterile, granite and chrome look, and was no longer cozy and comfy, the way they had once been. So we decided we would ask for a room up the hill instead at H.H., but turns out M.C. no longer owns the property. We could not find a phone number or any online booking for H.H. Hotel, so we drove up the hill to inquire personally. Now things get REALLY mysterious. There is a call box outside the gate leading onto the property. For manager, press 2. We did this repeatedly and got a message, "line is busy." We climbed around the back of the hotel and found a maintenance worker who said the manager is a woman named Nellie who keeps an office upstairs at the Yamashiro restaurant, which is right there literally across from the hotel. We could not gain entrance to the restaurant, locked. Then a fellow actually came out of the H.H. Hotel entrance gate, as if he lived there, on his way to work at Yamashiro. We inquired about Nellie and he said he would get her for us, and brought us inside the restaurant to wait. He disappeared. 20 minutes later, we asked another guy where he disappeared to, and he said he would go talk to Nellie himself. Then he disappeared. Eventually, the 2nd guy came back and said Nellie had requested all our information, and would contact us about renting a room. He also said that the only way to book this hotel online is through air bnb website. We left, Nellie never contacted us, and this hotel is absolutely NOT listed on the air bnb website. Now Trip Advisor has been sending me promo for it, as I have googled the damn place so often to see what the hell is going on, and they give the option to put in dates and book a room. I have put in multiple dates from now up til 6 months from now, and I get, "This hotel is sold out on those dates." THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY FISHY GOING ON WITH THIS HOTEL. If anyone knows what the actual truth is about Hollywood Hills Hotel, PLEASE write in to this website and enlighten us all. "Nellie" certainly doesn't want anyone's business, so what's the story? Please someone reply to my query. Thank you!!!!!"
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107 Reviews
1401 S Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena, California, United States
"Living on the 8th floor of the executive floor, the scenery is pleasant and the environment is beautiful. The hotel service is superb and the service can't fault it. A Chinese speaking staff member at the reception desk called Gray helped a lot and made the whole check-in process very convenient. The food on the executive floor is very good, and there are not many varieties, which cannot be compared with domestic ones, but it is already sincere compared with American hotels.    Originally hesitated to live in the villa or the executive floor, but now I think the executive floor is more suitable for the elderly: they can sit and eat at any time.   Will stay again next time."
"The hotel is old and the maintenance is OK. It feels like it is not the five-star hotel we imagined. The room is more like Samsung's hotel with fewer electric plugs. Low cost performance. When you check out the payment, you will know that you need to pay the overnight parking fee and the cost of each unused facility is 440 RMB. too expensive! Ctrip also did not disclose such charges on the reservation. Too disappointed."
"Awesome hotel! The hotel is located in the rich villa area, quiet and tidy, the hotel environment is beautiful, the room is clean and comfortable, and the service attitude is good! Someone at the front desk will help you to park and pick up the car. Tips are appropriate. Children love it, our experience is good and very satisfied!"
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17 Reviews
6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
"During the promotion, the Fuli Room successfully deducted 4,500 for three consecutive nights. The customer service call said that the price could not be confirmed. I had to change the wonderful room. After confirming, I confirmed the confirmation. Because I didn't pay attention to the time difference, I booked for one more night, then contacted the customer service to reply to the supplier and said that I could not change it. (Let me change the order but it is very successful?)   The hotel has a nightclub style and it is very lively at night. If it is a good location to go to Universal Studios, the subway can be two stops, downstairs is the Avenue of Stars. The bed in the room is soft, there is no free mineral water, no slippers and toothbrushes. Parking for $49.5 a night is very expensive!"
"The location is very good, the subway station is at the door. The hotel feels not very new. The drawback of using white furniture is that it is easy to see the oldness and the degree of wear and tear. The first impression is a bit shocked, and it is quite different from the domestic W. I feel that the price is expensive in the lot. Within 5 minutes of walking, there are shake shacks, trade joe and cvs. Walk to the main section of the Hollywood Walk of Fame for about 15 minutes. Universal Studios can be reached by car in 10 minutes. The 12th floor is a swimming pool. The 11th floor gym is very spacious. The wifi signal in our room is not very good. It may be too inside."
"The location of the hotel is very good, the entrance is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for the hotel facilities in Europe and the United States hotels are good, (Do not compare with our great country and star hotels)."
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Very Good
18 Reviews
6417 Selma Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States
"Breakfast is served at the rooftop garden at your own expense. There is no attention to the extra bed. The top of the building is a bar at night, and the weekend we go will be noisy. The location is conveniently located near Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. We are all Uber in and out. This corner room cost 3,000 RMB a night, is room 01. If you want to see the Hollywood Hills, you will need another corner room."
"It’s convenient to travel around the hotel, Uber can use the basin friends more convenient ~ 10 layers of open-air restaurant lobster roll sandwich is delicious! Cocktail general ~ no picky for the hotel ~ only one thing is not satisfied with the three days of housekeeping once the sheets have not been changed, but also specifically left the card reminder also did not see, back to the sheets are wrinkled into a ball, The surface is paved. . . So I won’t live in West Hollywood anymore, next time I live in Intercontinental."
"The hotel is under the Hollywood Hills. The facade is small, the rooms are small, and the facilities are good. There is a bar outside the hotel lobby. There were many enchanting women and a group of people drinking there. This hotel is not suitable for trip with children."
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34 Reviews
7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
"We only arrived in the evening. The hotel gave us an upgrade room. The suites on the 9th floor are spacious and comfortable. The hotel is in a good location, right on the Avenue of Stars. Unfortunately, our stay was short and we could n’t make full use of the hotel parking. I saw the review before and knew that there was a parking lot next to it, so when I arrived, I parked the car directly to the public parking lot on the side of the hotel. It was only 25 dollars, which was affordable and convenient. It has been almost 10 days since the hotel was opened, and the hotel has not released the frozen deposit, which is too slow. The hotels that we checked in along the road were thawed the same day or the next day. When checking in, teach the road according to the comments, and use cash as a deposit, so you don't need to keep hanging things on."
"I have to say that the location is very good. The Chinese Grand Theater and Dolby Cinema are within easy reach. The disciples were kind to the cleaners and the concierges, and the service level is worthy of the old hotel. The slightly undersized double room is not large, and the two boxes are cramped when opened. And the air conditioner in room 332 we stayed was a bit loud."
"I saw the hotel on Ctrip. I felt that the location was very convenient. It was very close to the Avenue of Stars and Beaver Hill. When I was staying, my eyes were bright. The layout of the hotel was very good. I only knew it after the first time. Oscar awards hotel, the room is not very big, but very characteristic"
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16 Reviews
6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California, United States
"The last time I went to La to live with my boyfriend, it is very suitable for young people's hotels, modernist design and decoration, the front desk is very kind, always chatting, and I heard that my story deliberately gave me the room I stayed in last time. However, that area is considered to be a lot of tourists, so there are many tramps, and it is about 15-20 minutes away from the subway. Of course, the subway station is at the Kodak Theatre, so if you go to Hollywood, it is a very high cost. Hotel. Also the roofbar is great. Valet parking is very expensive at the hotel entrance, but there are many public parking lots next to it, about 10-15 knives a night."
"The location is perfect. The terrace above is great. Where can I watch the stars, drink juice, chat and complain. The hotel is also very safe. The staff is also super nice and very welcoming. We are very welcome"
"Standard American hotel, the impression is better, the bed is very comfortable, the restaurant downstairs is not bad."
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14 Reviews
1800 Argyle Ave, Los Angeles, California, United States
"The hotel is very design. On a hillside, not far from the Avenue of Stars. There is CVS nearby, and it is very convenient to buy some food. The first day of the first day was to go to CVS to buy instant noodles and yogurt bananas. Booked a room without breakfast, but there is a simple breakfast and coffee in the donut shop nearby, and there is Starbucks on the corner, so breakfast is no problem. The hotel itself also has a coffee bar that is open to the public and has not been eaten. Although the room is a street view, you can't see the scenery of the mountain, but because it is on the eleventh floor, the view is very wide. The room was quite large and the mattress was so comfortable that it didn't have a good time to sleep on the first night. The bathroom is a shower with a full body lotion shampoo conditioner. There are hair dryers, and care kits are also available. The toothbrush needs to be called, but there is no toothpaste. Maybe I didn't mention it. The coffee machine should also be used separately. It can be made into coffee and provided with a milk cup. It should be free, because the service order says that it may charge a fee, but when checking out, it will only ask if you want to use the drinks in the refrigerator and the real thing in the mini bar. There is no mention of the cost of a toothbrush and a coffee machine. The TV didn't look very much anyway, and I couldn't understand it. It was purely a background sound. Because it is not on the road, it is quiet and noisy. The hotel didn't have a pool to play, only took a few photos taken upstairs. Very early on, people went to the sun and swim, and the pool was not big. The service is still quite welcoming and the car is very convenient. The only thing is that the deposit takes 5-10 business days to return, which is not very reasonable. I can return a deposit of fifty dollars at the same time as Hilton check out near the airport. I stayed here for two days, and the deposit was more than 4,000 yuan and the deposit was $200. Wait for the deposit to be refunded!"
"This hotel facility configuration is like a domestic budget hotel (such as home) is not up to 4 stars standard, the trip to the United States, I have lived in 4 hotels, the price is similar, but this hotel feels the worst, too The value is up. Room facilities are too simple, parking charges are also very high, $ 45 a day. I have to add taxes, almost $50 a day. The surrounding parking lot is not cheap. Stayed for 3 days and received a deposit of $300, which has not been refunded."
"This hotel is really funny. I checked my credit card and charged me the night after checkout. It is a minibar that I have never used. It seems to be very inconsistent with the rules here. It is no different from stealing money. What is soft? All good, but will not live again in the future"
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11 Reviews
322 North Pass Avenue, Burbank, California, United States
"One thing to note about this hotel is that when you check out, you will be charged a $20 service charge per day. This is an additional charge. It is not included in the room rate. At check-in, you did not see the instructions at the time of booking, so it was very unexpected. . I knew that I would not leave a tip for the room. Plus tax, nearly 100 knives in 4 days"
"Good service, free shuttle to Universal Studios service, Ctrip to help communicate and transfer, very satisfied. The room is very refined"
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