Top 10 Northumberland Avenue Hotels

Top 10 Northumberland Avenue Hotels


843 Reviews
5 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, China
38.3km from Hong Kong International Airport
6.4km from Hung Hom Station
140m from Central
6.6km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
420m from Hong Kong
8.8km from Downtown
"Service everywhere at the hotel was excellent except for an odd cold reaction from one particular staff at breakfast. Breakfast food choices were abundant and most food tasted ok. Evening refreshments at the Mandarin Club Lounge were rather disappointing as there were not just very few variety but also the hot snacks tasted awful though the mushroom soup was normal. Guess I had higher expectation given this Lounge only opened this year and I expected it to fare well in comparison to like grade hotels such as Ritz Carlton where there were lots of food to eat (though not that tasty except for the salads.) The Rose jam at afternoon tea was far too sweet and not as fragrant as that at the Langham hotel. In-room dinner was delicious. Soup was kept in a thermo bottle and main dishes were kept hot in the drawer under the dining table.. Dessert was a bit too sweet and the Choco banana dessert reminded me of banana baby food. The room was a City View room with Taipan style and had an unpleasant odd smell reminiscent of old vintage places. The most recommendable feature of the room was the valet box which was used for placing deliveries without human contact; a light turned on to notify stuff had been placed there and the guest could collect from inside the room without the need to open the door or see anyone. Welcome amenities were generous with chocolate, Chinese tea leaves, fruits, and free mini-bar. Overall, the package was good value for money."
"It's really a six-star service, probably due to summer vacation and promotion package, which has a lot of accommodation. Let’s talk about the check in service first. It’s very considerate. You don’t need to wait in line. Just register your phone number with the conceige staff. When you register, the staff will call you to tell you to check in first, so you don’t need to wait in line to gather. In addition, you can reserve the time to use the swimming pool when you check in. Each session is 30 minutes, but unfortunately Sunday is full. The room was very large and comfortable, except that the sound insulation was poor. We were separated from the isolation room by a door, but we often heard the sudden laughter from them, miserable. In addition, the three-course dinner is very poor, and there are also choices. The restaurant staff is very polite and the service attitude is very good. Breakfast is a buffet style, full of expectations. Unfortunately, the queue was full after 9 o'clock, and the hotel opened another restaurant to greet the guests. The general food is also very good, but the hot food is not hot enough and needs to be improved. The only drawback is the indoor swimming pool, which is very detailed, and many families participate in it. I am a little disappointed. The overall feeling is good and not bad."
"The hotel's service is first-rate, with great emphasis on service quality. The front desk staff are kind and courteous, making us feel at home. This is my second stay. The front desk clerk actually remembered that we stayed in July, and felt like old friends. The meal is very good, the view is first-rate, overlooking the HSBC Bank and the exhibition. The scenery of day and night has its own charm. Appreciating the prosperous and busy Hong Kong, as a native of Hong Kong, it is worth experiencing."
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246 Reviews
Pacific Place, No.88 Queensway, Hong Kong, China
39.2km from Hong Kong International Airport
6.7km from Hung Hom Station
570m from Admiralty
7.5km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
850m from Central
9.4km from Downtown
"Looking at the comments before, I was worried about the level of service in the hotel. But yes, from the moment we checked in, we kept receiving surprises. Because we are a family relationship, we request Twins Bed, but because the arrangement was not available, we took the initiative to help us make extra beds. In addition, for breakfast, food is specially made for children, so there is no need to waste food because of eating it in the sun or eating it. As for the room facilities and the landscape, they are really good. When children see a bathtub, they can't stop taking a shower and bathing. So we will definitely do it again!"
"It was an excellent experience. The service was fabulous and the food was luscious. The room was luxurious. It was very comfortable. The harbour view was extremely tremendous. Especially the bathroom, you can have a fantastic sight of mountain and part of sea while enjoying the bath tub. I’ve got nothing else to say. Just let’s go for it. "
"After the anniversary of the wedding ceremony, 4pm check in can pick up the room and friendlyly guide the room to the room. The room period is very open, and the bathroom list is very beautiful and empty. The English breakfast is very delicious and is very comfortable to stay this time."
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483 Reviews
Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China
35.3km from Hong Kong International Airport
1.5km from Hung Hom Station
470m from East Tsim Sha Tsui
2.0km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
950m from Tsim Sha Tsui
1.7km from Downtown
"The experience of staying at the hotel is very satisfying. At the beginning of the registration, the introduction to the room, and the checkout process went smoothly the next day. The waiter was very attentive. A few days before I checked in, the hotel asked me through Trip.com if I had any special needs, when I would be there, and if I needed to book a special event (Art gallery tour) As Trip.com says to check in at 3 o’clock at the earliest, we also arrive at the hotel at 3 o’clock The west wing entered the door, and a waiter led them to the 10th floor, an open area with people all around. There are a few boards and some board games. Layers, Tic Tac Toe pass 3 levels, etc. There are many artworks and books. Waited for about 45 minutes before we got the card and went to the room. A waiter will introduce the equipment on the 10th floor and also introduce the rooms. Very considerate to provide QR code, you can communicate with the housekeeper through whatsapp. The rooms are full of disposable food and drinks, including cheesecakes made on the day, packets of potato chips and candies, as well as fizzy water, milk, and orange soda in the refrigerator. Sea-view baths are a big selling point. The room can order meals from restaurants in the K11musea mall, and the checkout will be deducted from the deposit. This is a birthday trip... Very cute decoration! There is also a birthday cake too!"
"August 24-26 I had a nice and comfortable holiday with my wife. This time I booked a premium sea-view room. The room is very large and homey. The king-size double bed faces the Victoria Harbour. It is really wonderful. Sitting down on the terrace and looking at the sea view is simply superb. The rooms are fully equipped and the whole is gorgeous; the attitude of the customer service butler is very good, no matter inquiries or requests for cleaning, they are very quick and satisfied; for the entire K11 ARTUS, I can only say that if you want to use *Xingxian evaluation: the five-star rating is too small It's worth a try!"
"The room is rather spacious, but the bathroom is reflected in the middle of the room. The toilet is thin and narrow and uncomfortable. The swimming pool is thinner than expected. It is not convenient to sit on the beach chair on the other side. For vacation feel, there is no sign on the road to the swimming pool, so it is hidden. The breakfast restaurant is located in the center of the road. It is not comfortable and not like a 5-star hotel. Compared with Rosewood, there is a big gap in true heart."
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70 Reviews
1 Harbour Drive,, Hong Kong, China
40.2km from Hong Kong International Airport
4.6km from Hung Hom Station
490m from Wan Chai
5.7km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
1.8km from Causeway Bay
6.4km from Downtown
"The hotel staff are friendly and courteous, the rooms are spacious and clean, and the bathtub is large, but the location and entrance of the hotel are a bit hard to find. The reason why I wanted to stay in this hotel was that when I checked into the hotel, I heard that a hotel staff would lead you to the room and introduce you to the room’s equipment, and the housekeeper would serve guests with coffee or hot tea. It’s a pity that I stayed. On the same day, I did not feel all of these services, which made me a little disappointed. However, the food called room service at night is of good quality and tastes good."
"Very comfortable stay experience. The room is large, the bathroom area is spacious, and the double washroom will not feel crowded. The decor in the room is also very design. Favorite is the capsule coffee machine that can make your own milk. Of course, the waiter can send coffee tea and lemon tea to the room every day. Breakfast is very much like, not a traditional buffet, the main course is sent separately, the rest of the snacks are buffet."
"This time I chose the St. Regis suite to celebrate my birthday. The service is very professional and courteous, especially the two young ladies who checked in and checked out (forgot to ask their names). Be sure to write them down next time. Of course, the food does not need to talk more about the Michelin series. It deserves its name. But the only thing that needs to be improved is the cleanliness of the bed. It still has a heavy smell after replacing it."
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1101 Reviews
Salisbury Road, TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
34.8km from Hong Kong International Airport
1.6km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
310m from East Tsim Sha Tsui
1.8km from Hung Hom Station
400m from Tsim Sha Tsui
490m from Downtown
"Stayed at this 5-star hotel for the first time and was absolutely satisfied. The first reminder is to check in before going to lunch. We arrived before 12 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday, there were not many check-in guests, and the 10 minutes had been completed, and we made an appointment for swimming and breakfast the next day, otherwise the swimming pool would be full on the same day. We put down our luggage and went to lunch. When we returned, we saw a long queue of people checking in. Fortunately, getting the room card is another counter, which has been completed in a few minutes, and the luggage has been sent to the room. The second reminder is to book Jialin Building and Terrace Restaurant in advance, otherwise it will be full. We made an appointment by phone a week ago. The standards of food and service are first-rate and value for money. I don’t order the famous afternoon tea on the peninsula because I don’t want to eat desserts and there are too many people. In the afternoon, I have to go to the indoor heated swimming pool and sunbathe on the terrace. Facing the beautiful Victoria Harbour, I have a cold beer. The third reminder is that you can ask which credit card is discounted when you make a reservation at the restaurant. We have 15% discount for the buffet at the terrace restaurant. The fourth reminder is to get up early for breakfast, you can choose to eat in the glorious lobby of the Golden Wall, otherwise you will have to go to the restaurant on the first floor to eat. Breakfast can be Chinese or Western. The shrimp dumplings are average but the fried custard is full of surprises. It is not too sweet, not oily and loose. It is served with sugar-free soy milk and hot coffee. The fifth reminder is that in addition to 2 bottles of water, coffee and tea bags are free, other mini bars and red wine are charged. You cannot travel abroad during the epidemic, staycation at the Peninsula Hotel is definitely enjoyable."
"Maybe I read a lot of good reviews about the Peninsula Hotel before, so I naturally had a higher expectation for it! Husband’s birthday, finally decided this one! It is not possible to write in the special request column of Ctrip. In order to avoid being unable to swim during the stay, call the hotel to book in advance, but the answer is that the birthday is no exception. It can only be arranged on the day of check-in! Arrived at two o'clock on the day of check-in to check in, the customer service is a foreigner, check-in 🈶️registered ID card, there is my husband’s birthday (that is, the check-in date) on it, neither said happy birthday, nor did the hotel send a birthday like other people check in Cards or cakes, etc., even if you left your luggage before, you have to pick it up by yourself (when you stayed at Langham, the luggage was still in the room if you didn't arrive in the room)! In terms of service, I really feel that it is not as good as I imagined! The hotel's facilities are still very good, the room is big enough, the floor is high enough, the electrical appliances in the room are basically electronically controlled, but the swimming pool and gym are not big! The breakfast in the peninsula is great, both Chinese and Western food are delicious! The taste of Chinese food in Jialinlou is worthy of Meizhilian level, and the price is not too expensive, but it is best to book in advance! If the score of this stay is 100, I will give it 80. The service may vary from person to person, so don’t think it too perfect!"
"We finally tried the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. It has a 90-year history. Upon entering the hotel, the staff immediately led to the counter to check in. It was very polite and enthusiastic, and it was indeed a high-level service quality. In addition, there are many historical relics displayed in the hotel, which is impressive. It is unexpected to check in. However, there are too many people. There may be promotion discounts, acceptable prices, and worth visiting. The next day, due to the epidemic, the hotel swimming pool needed to be booked in advance. The number of people to enter was limited. There were few time slots. Only morning swimming. I never tried it. I got up at 6:30 to experience the swimming pool of a luxury hotel. I thought I could not miss this rare experience. Opportunity. As soon as I enter, the pool is small and palace-like. I really appreciate it. Looking at the Victoria Harbour, I feel comfortable and it is worth a visit. Finally, this discount hotel accommodation package includes two breakfasts, eat in the hotel lobby, two choices of Chinese and Western style, three people share, very rich, full of portion, coffee can continue to be added, the appearance and taste of the French toast is impressive Satisfied, that dried old fire pig bone porridge is even more memorable. It is hard to try on weekdays, but I am satisfied this morning. "
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867 Reviews
Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China
35.3km from Hong Kong International Airport
1.5km from Hung Hom Station
380m from East Tsim Sha Tsui
2.1km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
960m from Tsim Sha Tsui
1.8km from Downtown
" I went to staycation in mid-August. There were a lot of people. As soon as I entered the hotel, I saw that most of the staff were too busy to kick and bask their feet. They still maintained a friendly attitude. Arrive at the hotel CI at 14:45. During the queue, the staff will send water. It will be my turn to complete the formalities in about 20 minutes. The pretty girl sister of CI will say sorry if she asks me to wait. We all hear it. What a shame, after all, 20 minutes is actually fast;) But maybe the weather was so hot that day, when I saw a dad line up to get out of the sun, the staff could only say sorry; ( As we all know, the RW swimming pool is not crowded with many people. We will arrange the last quarter at 17:30, 18:15-19:00, and both of us will have enough for 30 people to cut the dragon. It may be related to the last section. The pool is not clean. In addition, there are a lot of children. I used to compete with the children to play, and I was frightened by the sound of the pool. The scene was like going to the amusement park. It's quite big, and I'm almost worried that the kid will have a sore throat. ((Actually, the discerning people see a pool and there are not only 30 people. It can be seen that the hotel staff are very considerate of the guests’ desire to swim, and try to satisfy the family guests. Before leaving, I overheard an ee complaint from the same staff member. There are too many people in this pool, and all the staff are helpless;) After going to the swimming pool, I went out to have a meal. I turned to the room at 21:30 and found that there might be too many guests in the hotel, so there was no turn-down service and no one entered the room. I know very well that I can’t get staycation during summer vacation. If you wish to have nuns, you will be disappointed. I drop off for breakfast at 9:30. The queue takes about 10 minutes. The food is of normal quality. It’s the same as seeing the staff. It’s so hard to walk around, but I remember my order. I really admire it. At 12:00, we will CO on time, and there are many people in the lobby. We will put a low room card to express CO. (btw so far to IKEA without receiving a message of unreasonable money, hope our land will not be lucky; ) As far as the service is concerned, there is actually no service at all. I really thought that every hotel in this price range would have turn-down service;) But at least the staff were very friendly in their attitude. Every time I bumped into the staff, they would laugh at the same thing. You say hello (one time I shook the same staff sister, I made a mistake on the floor, but Zhong Teden rushed out and reminded me that my microphone was on the wrong floor, laughed;) Thank you for visiting Nidu. This is my first time living in RW. I have heard a lot of negative reviews before moving in, so I was a bit worried before moving in. So far, Hao Cai is considered safe and sound;) I believe that I actually live in RW. Most people want to punch a card, and the hotel hardware can definitely meet the needs of punch card guests. In the peak summer season, the hotel staff is not enough, I think it can be forgiving for less service;) But if you are a person who values service quality, RW is really not recommended;)"
"The hotel is very new and very stylish, of which located in a very convenient location connecting to transport hub and shopping mall. The design of the hotel is stunning, though modern, it never underestimated the hkg history by placing many historical books about hkg. I studied history and hkg history that the books attracts me a lot. The view is beautiful as the hkg Victoria harbour view. The design of the room is modern and stylish. The restaurants are so high class that I would choose to dine at k11 😅 staff are friendly and performed profession as a six stars hotel. Gym is fair. Swimming pool is beautiful, yet, you better queue up before the session starts as it does not accept advance booking. Of crs, it’s worth as it’s like a photo shooting spot. Everything is so nice ! One con is….I found many hair left on the ground near the big window screen."
"The front desk staff of the hotel are very polite, the facilities are acceptable, the entrance downstairs is more complicated and difficult to find, if you can, it is better to improve it, it is only convenient for the car and the driver, if you come by subway or road, it will be a little annoying. The semi-buffet breakfast is rich, and overall it is a very good hotel. Here, my wife and I would like to thank the Kevin team, I wish you a happy work and advancement!"
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1212 Reviews
No.1 Austin Road West (International Commerce Centre), Hong Kong, China
34.1km from Hong Kong International Airport
720m from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
270m from Kowloon
3.2km from Hung Hom Station
860m from Austin
2.3km from Downtown
"The specifics are very good. It is worth mentioning that after you leave the taxi, the person at the door will immediately write down the taxi's registration number for you. It is a five-star standard and very professional! This time I only encountered a problem D at breakfast. At the checkout, 3+1 children were first, and then I knew that the guests would be exempt from 2 self-service breakfasts. The second time, children would be counted. If you were 3 years old, it would be free. All children are 3 years old, why are they scared! It’s the third time! At the moment when the tea is served, I want to ask for more cups of warm water."
"beautiful hotel above 100 floors. very friendly staff & good service. we had booked restaurants in advance. they help you book as well. restaurant staff are very responsive. in room dining food taste is fine. pool has amazing view, 4.4ft deep, quite long/big, nice seating area around it. Tosca is ultra luxury service and amazing view, small portions, costs accordingly high. it has many Instagram spots as well to keep yourself busy. overall great hotel for staycation amongst the clouds."
"The decoration and equipment of the room have fully reached the five-star water rating, the service is very considerate, the breakfast environment is very good and the quality is good, and the world's highest swimming pool is also a rare experience. In short, it was a great experience."
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839 Reviews
No.8 Finance Street, Hong Kong, China
39.5km from Hong Kong International Airport
7.8km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
310m from Hong Kong
8.5km from Hung Hom Station
660m from Central
8.7km from Downtown
"I stayed at Four Seasons Hotel for the first time, and booked a special price for a limited time including breakfast for two, totaling $2000. I understand that it’s flat, and I don’t expect to have extra money... On the birthday, there are also 2 email talks, and a check-in called me 45 minutes later. Room, not upgrad. We have arrived after 3 o'clock, it is possible to check time! I have to wait...because I didn’t have time to mention birthday cakes and sparkling wine again when I saw it... and it was more than 4 o’clock when I arrived in the room...., I called to ask if there was a cake for my birthday, and the staff would reply to me. Without prior notice, anyway will finally send it! But the tone of the department is really good...After that, I will ask about the swimming pool and call for an appointment. We will wait for 8 rooms before we arrive. Understandably, we will wait in the room and give up dinner and change to dinner at night! In short, there is not enough time. It is commendable that all the services of the pool staff are good and enthusiastic! On the 2nd day, I will travel again and have enough money, and then check out after having breakfast. Actually the next day It's already awkward! But there is a very nice staff who said sorry, it was too messy yesterday...Zhong gave a pack of muffins like a gift... Summary: Personally, I understand that birthdays are good luck for me, and it’s not reasonable to give it away or upgrade. It’s Bonus! The most happy thing is late check in! I hope that next time I’m good, the price will be the same for customers! "
"Very happy 🥳I experienced the services of a 5-star hotel. When I entered the room, I found a big room. As our land is on the 41st floor, it is a relatively high floor. When I arrive at the room, I see the large glass floor, and I see Dapingshan at first sight. International Finance In the second phase of the center, you can see it in the middle of the ring, and the night scene will be more beautiful. The room on the equipment is very beautiful, the bed is about 1.5 meters, but the bed is too soft, I am not used to it, there is an executive desk, extra-large toilet, shower, bathtub, so sweet, there are bathrobes nearby There are 4 choices for dinner, choose left Western food, there are appetizers and main course desserts, the taste is not wrong, the portion is less The breakfast is a buffet style. There are many styles, including Chinese and Western styles, there are many choices, there are Chinese noodles order, and there are egg dishes for you to choose Nothing wrong with being an experience🎉"
"We have had a wonderful and memorable staycation at Four Seasons Hong Kong. Though international travel isn’t fully ready, we have experienced that holiday feeling with a unique local stay. Staff are well trained and professional. We are greeted and served with sincerity and friendliness at the reception, restaurants, 2/F grand ball room and The Lounge. Highly recommended Four Seasons Hong Kong ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to everybody ! "
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6 Reviews
138 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
36.6km from Hong Kong International Airport
4.9km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
470m from Sai Ying Pun
8.2km from Hung Hom Station
1.0km from Sheung Wan
5.7km from Downtown
"Yes, the room is very spacious, the sea view is very beautiful, I will continue to stay next time, the transportation is convenient, near the subway station, the dock is also very convenient, quiet and suitable for sleeping"
"The location is very good, you can walk away from the subway station, and there is no problem with children."
"Nice view of the harbor, spacious rooms, but mediocre general upkeep of rooms and facilities. "
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Very Good
24 Reviews
No.202 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong, China
37.7km from Hong Kong International Airport
5.9km from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
240m from Sheung Wan
7.8km from Hung Hom Station
810m from Hong Kong
6.8km from Downtown
"Seeing the recommendation to choose this hotel in a large area, when we actually checked in, we changed it to another jervois nearby, saying that there was a double room that was upgraded to more than 5,000 nights, but it was not much improved. The actual usable area does not have another 40 square meters of hotel comfort, it should be a residential building change, open a narrow aisle to both sides, while the living room side of the room, personal feelings quite depressed, the room bathroom several doors open to the security aisle. In short, it feels very strange. Closer to the subway, more convenient, there are places to eat around, service is OK."
"This time I mainly celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday, the location is average, not too far away but not very convenient There are supermarkets and some specialty restaurants nearby Room space is very large, clean and tidy, many places are dusty There is a bathtub in the enterprise tank, a TV in the hall, and a large refrigerator in the middle of the room. Floor-to-ceiling glass On that day, my boyfriend invited friends to the room to eat cakes. However, the hotel only allows two people and does not accept foreign guests."
"Not every hotel can do it every step of the way, the Putman Hotel can do it! Convenient location, beautiful and clean environment, so convenient to stay in Hong Kong on holiday"
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Top 10 Northumberland Avenue Hotels & Weather

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