Top 10 Nosso Cantinho Hotels

Top 10 Nosso Cantinho Hotels


10 Reviews
Rua Almirante Alexandrino 2305, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5.4km from Santos Dumont Airport
3.8km from Cinelândia - Sentido Aeroporto
4.4km from Brazil Central Station
3.7km from Catete station
4.7km from Largo do Machado station
"Stayed here for a few nights after arriving in South America. We chose the hotel for the views on the website, and the reality didn't disappoint. I think you would find it hard to choose a hotel with better views of Rio. It really is exceptional. Everything is top quality. The manager, Ursula, was superb. Always there to greet you when arriving back, and attentive to all of our needs. All of the staff were superb. You feel very secure here as well because the property is on a hill with gates manned by security guards. The history of the property is fascinating as well. Avoid the big hotels and try this out - you won't be disappointed. A few reviewers said they had difficulty with taxies finding it - wed didn't have a problem with any of the local taxies, but it has only been open 3 years, so this maybe is improving."
"Vila Santa Teresa is precisesly that: a small luxurious hotel and spa in a villa on top of a hill overlooking Flamango and Botafogo, with views of the Bay and the Sugarloaf from the terrace next to the pool. The building resembles a private gentlemen's club, and the service is jus right. Our room, or apartment, was big and very well laid out, and the vila's restaurant served very nice and fresh breakfasts. A true gem!"
"I’m very disappointed and angry about this hotel that I booked. I had some injuries made during the bath in our master suite spa because it wasn’t t safe and also suitable for use, in particular in the part where the water is swallow up without any protection leaving livid and bruise in the skin of my girlfriend and I had after a swallow feet that couldn’t make me dress and suit my shoes and walk for visit Rio de Janeiro. The room was also dirty of dasty, parts of nails, human liquid stains..., all the bed sheet , curtains and lamp cover moldy. The lock of the balcony was broken we couldn’t closed and we need to consider that we was no far from a dangerous favela suburb. Power plug uncovered and dangerous, Lights outside broken with power cables out. Light moldy and oxidate in the bathroom. I will attached all the pictures that I made. I ask the full refund of the room and the owner sent me a email promise he was ready to refund the 30% but he never reply at my call or email and after 3 months I still wait my money. I think his promise is just no serious like an Italian one. extra for the ruined holiday that we had for this experience and for the bruise. I wait a fast and efficient work and customer care about this case because I don t think it s the treatment for a genius member on booking and a master suite that we risk life, ruine holiday."
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18 Reviews
R. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1280, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16.2km from Santos Dumont Airport
3.6km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
13.9km from Brazil Central Station
"If you are in the Leblon area is a excellent options for the best restaurant and hi level people . If can get the apartment suit at first floor , are gorgeous "
"It’s my favorite hotel in Leblon area , the room at first floor are the best , extremely recommend get a upgrade there. "
"For me is the best place on the city , so far is a hotel to enjoy , I love to go there with more time to be pampered. "
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14 Reviews
Av. Lucio Costa 9600, Barra da Tijuca,, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
34.6km from Rio De Janeiro Internacional Airport
20.8km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
34.1km from Brazil Central Station
"Grand Hyatt Hotel is one of the world's leading hotel groups. The current time at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Rio de Janeiro is about 40 minutes by car from the airport. The uber usually has a mosquito period of 60 to 80, and taxis cost about 120 to 150 mosquitoes. The hotel has a swimming pool and private beach and there are many restaurants to choose from. I stayed four consecutive nights this time. The lobby of the hotel is luxurious and spacious. Ocean-view suites open up to views and the terrace overlooks the beach. The rooms are decorated in a practical and casual style, and the double beds are very large. Separate toilet and separate bath and bathtub. On the first day of check-in, I found that the handle of the terrace was damaged and the door could not be closed. After half a day, I urged the hotel to complete the repair. Breakfast is buffet style. I think that the breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Hotel can have much room for improvement, because the choice of breakfast is less than that of the Hilton Hotel. The price of catering services in the hotel is fair and reasonable and can get a lot of points. The hotel has provided a lot of activities for guests to participate. (Yoga class, bag making interest class, fitness class, etc.). However, due to the pneumonia epidemic, all services that have close contact with guests are suspended. The comprehensive four-day hotel experience is quite friendly, but some employees are lazy at work. I believe that management needs to increase efforts to restore the reputation of Grand Hyatt Hotel Group."
"The sea is invincible. It is located in rich areas and resorts with high safety factors in Rio, and there are no slums in the surrounding area. Crossing the road is the beach, the coastline is long, and the waves are large, suitable for surfing. Breakfast is good, but there are fewer types, not very suitable for Chinese. The room meets the 5-star standard, but the capsule coffee machine is equipped, you need to go down to buy capsule coffee, 8 bucks per, a bit stingy, and the room only has a paper disposable coffee cup, but compared to the previous hotel in Sao Paulo This hotel is still relatively qualified with no strange cups other than mouthwash cups. In short, if you come to Rio and relax for a day or two, you can come here. Far from downtown but safe"
"I have a case of love with this hotel , for me is one of the only one real 5 stars hotels on Brasil , even peoples says is far away from downtown but can get a Uber and enjoy the best of the city. Be smart and chose the international airport, it’s only 25 mins with low traffic . "
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19 Reviews
Avenida Niemeyer 121 - Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16.9km from Santos Dumont Airport
4.3km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
14.8km from Brazil Central Station
"It was not long before the housekeeping directly swiped the door and opened the door, but fortunately I had the anti-theft chain. I called the room delivery service and called me 20 minutes after I sent it to ask me to pay immediately. If this is the case, you should bring the card reader to the card or ask for payment at the same time as the meal delivery, instead of asking for a call after the delivery. Is it afraid that I will eat a meal and escape? Colleagues booked a meal, the credit card could not be brushed, I helped him brush. But I was not convenient at the conference call to ask if I could brush it tomorrow. I was told that I could not stay until the next day, and I was afraid that I would eat it again. After housekeeping, ***agement knocked on the door and asked if I told them to fix the air conditioner. The geographical location is unsatisfactory, there are no birds around, and the exclusive beach is extremely general. It will never stay again. Whoever lives in the pit! However, objectively speaking, the lobby bar has a beautiful sea view and the concierge service is in place. In short, no longer live"
"nice location I enjoyed my stay hotel has it's own beach outdoor swimming pool amazing little bit food availabilityissues hotel management should provide food price list to their clients living inside hotel because as a foreigner what I found they charge me extra plus dollar exchange inside hotel give such a high price and same nonice exchange rates and hotel denied to take any responsibility rate was very bad then why hotel gave permission that company to do work there doesn't makes any sense staff was good and humbled. "
"The room we ordered was a sea-view room. There was a small door on the side. The small door could lead to other rooms, but it was locked. The sound of the other room was clear in the room. A family slept on the side at 11 in the middle of the night, and the child was still noisy. It wasn't the child's fault. Such a large hotel, even the basic sound insulation was not taken into account."
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19 Reviews
1430 Abelardo Bueno Avenue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
32.3km from Rio De Janeiro Internacional Airport
24.1km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
30.3km from Brazil Central Station
"The Hilton Hotel is a 30-minute drive from Rio de Janeiro International Airport. There are large shopping malls and restaurants in 5 minutes. The lake view is about 10 minutes by car from the beach. The hotel rooms are neat and well-equipped, and the bathrooms are clean and spacious with plenty of water pressure and hot water. The towels are comfortable and white, the hotel is an international group, and large-scale facilities are available. Swimming pools, bars, fitness rooms, restaurant meeting rooms ... massages, etc.  Breakfast is a wide variety of buffet styles. There are more than ten types of cakes to choose from, including fruit and hot dishes. The most special is that there is a self-service juicer, which chooses the freshest fruits for you every day. The reception and the waiters are attentive and attentive, and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. The comprehensive cost-effectiveness is in line with expectations and recommended staying."
"Service was great. Always available to help during my stay. I definitely will be back to Hilton barra da Tijuca."
"Comfortable living, rich breakfast and good environment, great"
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10 Reviews
R. Marcelo Roberto, 65,Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
34.1km from Rio De Janeiro Internacional Airport
19.9km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
33.6km from Brazil Central Station
"I booked the Laghetto mainly for the location (beachfront and quieter than Copa etc) and also because I was able to get a room with a balcony which is not offered by many hotels. The price point was reasonable and generally reviews were good. I'm glad I had the balcony although the noise of the sea and road are a factor and at night I'd have the door closed and ac on. The room was a good size and beds were comfortable, to be very critical I'd say the room was a little tired and could do with updating and the furnishings were basic with minimum storage, a desk with a drawer would have been useful and more drawers for clothes, but overall perfectly comfortable and adequate. A highlight would be the buffet breakfast and I would particularly like to thank a fellow guest from Buenos Aries who kindly translated for me at the omelette bar, I was able to get my 3 fried eggs, sunny side up thanks to her! I never thanked her properly and would love to one day maybe, stvtayler(at)aol.com The staff were generally very helpful and I would stay again."
"Does not meet my needs as someone from a western country - uk for the price of £100 a night. It would be ok if room cost £50 a night. Its better to spend £10 to £20 more for premium hotel. Good points 1.Concierge was excellent at checking in, talking to us, advice and seemed genuine. 2. English speaking 3. Breakfast selection 4. Customer service was good 5. Room was comfortable enough 6. Big tv 7. Nice pool 8. Comfortable bed Bad points 1. Room looked tired and not maintained eg paint work, shower finishing etc 2. Patio door to beach was simple construction and poorly made so didnt close tight hence very very noisy anf can hear road and sea 3. Certain parts of room arent cleaned throughout eg sides have dust 4. Gym very basic "
"My college class had our 35th reunion in this hotel. It’s not a big size hotel so you don’t get lost easily. There is a decent restaurant with good service. A swimming pool but we did not had a chance to use it. It’s is in front of Barra beach so we took a very pleasant stroll . It felt safe. Rooms are of good size with a safe. Party room was rooftop with indoor and outdoor spaces, enough to accommodate 100 people comfortably. Recomende."
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14 Reviews
Avenida Lucio Costa, 2630,Barra Da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
25.8km from Santos Dumont Airport
15.4km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
24.8km from Brazil Central Station
"Hotel location is very good, facing the sea, the window is more than ten kilometers (tens of kilometers?) of the vast beach, white waves rolling, very comfortable. Room facilities and hygiene are very good. But for the Chinese people, there is no hot water bottle or coffee machine. It is a bit regrettable. Sometimes it will be cooler in August. I really want to have a cup of hot tea or coffee, but I have to go to the lobby to get hot water, although the attitude is good, but It is always not very convenient. The breakfast in the store is also good, buffet and dinner are also convenient. In addition, there are many restaurants in the vicinity, but the cost is not cheap."
"The free breakfast was good, and there were no slippers or combs in the room. Crossing the street downstairs is a beautiful beach."
"Very good! Great, big and clean apartments! Attentive staff!"
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14 Reviews
Av. Vinte de Janeiro, S/N – 3rd Floor,Tom Jobim International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
550m from Rio De Janeiro Internacional Airport
16.9km from Brazil Central Station
16.9km from Rio De Janeiro Central Station
"The hotel is at T1, the international arrival is generally at T2, there is a shuttle bus between the terminals, but it can only go by the middle of the night, about 10 minutes, the shuttle bus is a white car with the name of the hotel."
"No windows, not used to"
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Very Good
19 Reviews
Avenida Vinte de Janeiro, s/n, Galeao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1.7km from Rio De Janeiro Internacional Airport
17.6km from Brazil Central Station
17.7km from Rio De Janeiro Central Station
"I also looked at the information in the comments to find the shuttle bus, so I wrote some useful information myself for the convenience of you out. The hotel is good, but the price is not expensive, it is close to the airport, but there is no noise of the plane taking off, and it is very quiet. It looks very tall inside. Take the sidewalk from Exit D of the airport to the second platform. There is such a brand on the left side of Exit D, which is still very easy to find. The car is like this, the shuttle bus stops at one place. It is similar to shuttle bus, but not the same, with the hotel name on it."
"The accommodation environment is good, mainly because the shuttle bus is very punctual, just wait for the departure D! Stayed for 2 days and felt that the lobby on the first floor was very comfortable. The breakfast was Brazilian style, not the Chinese food I loved."
"The overall environment of the hotel is good. It should be noted that there are no mugs and drinking cups in the room. The wine bar next to the front desk can hold paper cups. The hotel has a shuttle bus, which is about 5 minutes to the airport."
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17 Reviews
Rua Martinho de Mesquita 129,Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
25.7km from Santos Dumont Airport
15.3km from Gal. Oso Rio Railway Station
24.7km from Brazil Central Station
"The hotel is 300 meters from the top of the sea. It is very convenient to go to the sea, and the beach is very good. But the hotel is a bit far from the airport and the city (it is recommended to take a taxi with Uber). Toothbrushes and toothpaste in the room need to bring their own (Ctrip is better if notified in advance), drinking water needs to buy it yourself, compatriots who like to drink boiling water can bring a kettle, just don't forget to bring a multi-purpose socket. The hotel's service is good and the health is very good."
"Great hotel, well located, everything very clean and organized. Second time I stay and the experience was great, wonderful breakfast. Negative point for the Wi-Fi that didn't work in the two days and I found it absurd to charge the ice that you ask to freeze some drink in the room."
"I recommend! Great location and service. New and modern place. Swimming pool with beautiful view and in the best place in the bar. good food and drinks "
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