Top 10 Omnia Hotels

Top 10 Omnia Hotels


Very Good
5 Reviews
Tanskarlantie 9, Kirkkonummi, Uusimaa, Finland
43.1km from Helsinki Airport
26.5km from Siuntio railway station
29.4km from Alberga
"This hotel is full of contradictions. On the one hand, it is in a very beautiful area near the capital, Helsinki. It used to be the training center of a major bank. This is why the building does not have a typical hotel structure. You can still find in certain parts of the hotel its logos. Some of the design elements are from the 80s, 90s and of the most recent years. So you can find a very stylish design and outdated design in one place. Their restaurant is fair. You can enjoy fine Finnish cuisine. What I didn't understand why do they use AC in late November...."
"Came to the Langvik hotel on a business conference and enjoyed our visit. Hotel is spacious and calm and the grounds were fabulous. Food was good, rooms were comfortable and there were a lot of things to do after hours in the hotel including swimming pool, jacuzzi, wine cellar, indoor basketball court, pool tables, table shuffleboard and more."
"I had conference here. My room was too cold to me but I can tolerated the cold with beddings. I surprised when I tried to open the window to change room's air. Bathroom had floorheating and it was perdect, I left bathroom door open and come heat to the room :) Service at the bar and resturant was perfect like as crew in whole hotel. I enjoyed my stay, but the cold temperature was not to good for me. "
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10 Reviews
Nihtisillantie 1, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
19.3km from Helsinki-Malmi
5.4km from Alberga
11.3km from Pasila Train Station
"This hotel is a quite dull-looking building at the huge intersection of many roads. Most guests come here in their cars. There were also some groups with buses. The parking is free and there is plenty of parking space. We walked from the GLO Hotel Sello, Leppävaara. It took 50 minutes. The nearest train stop would have been Kera. There are also many bus stops nearby. In the neighborhood, you can find an S-Market and a Burger King. All double rooms are quite spacious 25m2. There are two categories: standard and superior extra. The latter one comes with bathrobes, hair conditioner, and body lotion. Also, you get a 5-euro extra voucher that can be used in the shop or restaurant. The rooms have been refurbished recently. So everything looked fresh. The room was quite practical. The bathroom was small and the toilet bowl was extra low. The breakfast is served in the KG restaurant which is a sports restaurant. The food selection was the usual Scandic and extensive. It was easy to find a clean table. From the 6th floor, you can find a nice pool with saunas. There are also big terraces on both sides of the pool. Our stay had good value for 105 euros. My partner also got his 3rd level voucher of 10 euros. So we had a discount of 15 euros at dinner and also got -10% Scandic Friends discount from food."
"I stayed here two nights while my education trip to Helsinki. Hotel is basic clean, room was cleaned during the day. As I went, I felt welcomed. The reception was friendly and polite. In the hotels restaurant I got wery good service and good tasting food. Hotel is also quiet - the thing I value on business trips. Free parking is also in my interest. I would recommend if you are looking for quiet and high quality accommodation."
"Enjoyed sauna department, although the water in the swimming pool was too cold for me. breakfast, the big and clean room. Check-in was fast, as was check out. Staff was very helpful, it was easy to extend my stay. "
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Majvikintie 1, Kirkkonummi, Uusimaa, Finland
33.3km from Helsinki Airport
20.5km from Alberga
25.8km from Pasila Train Station
"Nothing special on it but the surroundings: a really nice forest and lake. Out of that, the hotel is in the middle of nowhere. The rooms are Finnish-standard, which means totally functional, no luxury, no more m2 than the strictly necessary. Breakfast is poor, not many options at all. Lunch buffet is so-so. Reception personnel goes from nice to unfriendly. However, the hotel is well equipped for congresses."
"3days course here and was really suprised. Hotel was clean, food was good. - points for pour gym: beautiful seen so would have been nice to work out in spacious space looking the lake view. Some night activities would have been nice"
"I can’t imagine any other reason than attending an event to stay in Majvik. It is out in the woods and there is nothing spectacular- nice peaceful setting but all that can be enjoyed in better ways closer to Helsinki. For events such as off-site meetings it is a very good place. Rooms are small and plain but serve the purpose. Decent breakfast and service."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Tapionaukio 3, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
20.5km from Helsinki-Malmi
6.6km from Alberga
9.6km from Helsinki Central Railway Station
"First of all - and I guess this is a general thing in Helsinki area - the prices of this hotel are very high for what you get in return. it can be well over 200Euro per night and the next day then "only" 130Euro.... but unfortunately you don't get that much in return in my opinion - or lets say there is some things that should be improved. The rooms might try to create some retro style? but aren't really special. Especially if you are staying more than one night then it is a bit disturbing that there is no space to put your clothes to. Well - an open wardrobe where you normally put your jacket and coat.... but nothing else.... no drawers to put socks and other stuff.... you have to keep that inside your suitcase.... Then the light is horrible.... I mean we are living in 2019 and not in the 50s with Neon-commercials. if you put the light on directly behind you at the wall then it makes an incredible noise - I personally can't stand that hum - the other room light cannot be switched on/off from every bed so you might have to get out of bed again to do so.... bathroom is ok - purely functional - is ok. Unfortunately the staff constantly forgets to refill the tea/coffee supply at room. The location is good based on the shopping center being very close as well as Metro but I would prefer id there would be another hotel around so that there would be some competition. Breakfast is ok - would expect nothing less for the room rates. Wished there would be also a coffee machine that supplies Cappuccino.... The free Wifi and quality though deserves special mentioning... Maybe a couple of small improvements would make me change my mind again :-)"
"Location is bit shabby due to near by construction site but the construction noises do not disturb if you are staying in 1st floor room. The room is simple and clean and with all needed stuff for relaxation after busy working day. And the reception people are extremely nice and helpfull always nice to arrive at hotel where the reception people give a nice smile as a welcome. Gives you extra nice feeling that you actually are valued person."
"Original Sokos hotel Tapiola Is close to work, so I usually stay here. It is always a pleasure. The rooms are nice, it is quiet, and the staff is friendly. Checking in and out is quick, even in the morning rush. It is also close to a shopping center if one wants to kill some time, and they have a good dinner restaurant, which I did not use this time."
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10 Reviews
LEPPAVAARANKATU 1, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
15.9km from Helsinki-Malmi
440m from Alberga
9.2km from Pasila Train Station
"We have stayed here many times but this was our first time after the refurbishment. We booked a Luxe room from the January Sale for 101 euros including breakfast. So our stay had excellent value. The hotel has been modern already before but it got a refurbishment last year. The biggest change in our Luxe room was a new motorized bed. It is a pity that the mirror with a red light above the bed has been removed. It was so stylish and a real eye-catcher. The bathroom has now a rain shower but you have to use it carefully or you will have a flooded floor. The wall next to the shower is very narrow. The bathroom lighting is as poor as before. The breakfast was okay. The food selection, especially the warm dishes, could have been better. The reception staff was very friendly. As a Discovery member, I got a goodie pack on arrival."
"Why didn’t I expect that much? Well, to be honedt, the location doesn’ quite make your heart beat any fast at all; squeezed in on s busy street, next to a shopping mall, but then, re-thinking, loads of parking, and a three minute walk to the train stop, with Helsinki centre withing a very easy and quick reach. Also, almost next to ring road 3, as well as the highway to Turku/ Helsinki really kind of improve the impression of location. Nice room, good view, very comfortable bed, and a good bath, in the morning, an excellent breakfast. So, if you’d happen to have business or something else taking you to Leppävaara, it is an easy and natural thing to recommend Glo! Partly, of course, as there isn’t really any competition at all really nearby."
"Pleasant stay, very friendly and helpful staff, nice rooms and bathroom. Pretty good grill restaurant. Enjoyable atmosphere overall. Had been a while since earlier stays (convenient since close to the office). Renovated since then. Worked hard to solve light coming through during long daylight summers. "
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10 Reviews
Naruportintie 68,Kirkkonummi, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
37.7km from Helsinki Airport
24.9km from Alberga
30.7km from Pasila Train Station
"Hotel Nuuksio (Hotelli Nuuksio) is situated on the border of Espoo and Kirkkonummi, only 0.2 kilometers from Nuuksio National Park and 35 kilometers from the city center of Helsinki. Strictly speaking the building is located in Kirkkonummi but their mailing address is Espoo. It takes only a bit over 30 minutes by bus number 238T (or 238KT) from Espoo (Leppävaara Railway Station) to Hotel Nuuksio. Hotel Nuuksio in Siikaranta is the terminus of these buses. So it is very easy to get there. Previously this hotel was known as Hotel Siikaranta and before that as a course center. Now rooms are partly renovated but both the building and service are reminiscent of a hostel or a small hotel deep in the countryside. So it was hard to decide if I give the rating of two or three stars. The location is excellent if you like hiking, trekking or mountain biking. Hiking routes start from the garden of the hotel. Connecting trails lead to all paths in Nuuksio National Park. The distance to Haukkalampi is about 5 kilometers. The newest circle route next to the hotel is named Soidinkierros (4 kilometers) and you see the beautiful Soidinsuo Swamp on the way, if you walk the short offshoot (0,1 kilometers), too. It is also a good idea to walk to Veikkola and take a nature path marked with cone symbols there. The total distance of the nature path and trails to Veikkola and back is 9 kilometers (about 2 hours). Read separate Tripadvisor reviews about Nuuksio National Park for more details. A disc golf park (frisbee golf), a lean-to shelter, a tool museum, Tesla charging points for electric cars, a lakeside sauna and a playground are situated in the garden. Unfortunately the slide of the playground was broken and out of order. It is possible to swim in Lake Siikajärvi. They even have a hole in the ice in winter. They also have a small indoor pool in the main building. You may borrow many games (especially board games) from the reception. You have to ask a separate key from the reception if you want to go into the gym. Service was quite rude when we checked in. But when we checked out there was another person in the reception and service was extremely kind and polite. They have two floors but they haven't any elevator. They have some disabled rooms on the first floor, some pet rooms and some connecting rooms with a communicating door. Most double rooms have separate beds - and they really are separated. Only some rooms have double beds. Rooms are quite simple. There isn't a minibar, a water kettle or a safety deposit box in rooms. If you make an advance booking, it may be possible to get a refrigerator in a room. Especially bathrooms are very small and simple. Soundproofing is quite bad. You hear voices from one room to another. However, the surrounding area outside the hotel is very quiet and silent. So our sleep quality was very good. We had both central ventilation and separate air-conditioning in our room. The separate air-conditioning machine wa"
"Hotel Nuuksio used to be a trade union college (Siikaranta), which explains the location & architecture. The hotel is located at southern part of Nuuksio national park. I had a twin-bed room on the second floor. Clean room with forest view, basic furniture. Bathroom with shower was old, most likely no renovation since college days. The meals were also basic, but I liked the idea of seasonality, e.g. fresh lingonberries with game stew and apple crumble were spot on! The buses 238T and 238KT from Leppävaara (Espoo) stop in front of the hotel, travel time approx. 45 mins. There is also plenty of parking places available. The hotel is truly in the middle of nowhere – thus ideal for short stays for nature lovers, after hiking you can enjoy sauna and swim in the lake. The hotel packed coffee & buns for us, which we enjoyed at small island in lake Holma-Saarijärvi, approx. 4 km hike from the hotel."
"The location is just perfect. The hotel has nice quiet rooms and breakfast is really good. The sauna near the lake is really nice. We went into the lake as well. What I didn’t like is: No complimentary coffee and dinner was not warm enough. Price wise when I look at the fact that there were almost no guests I found it too expensive. "
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11 Reviews
Korpilammentie 5, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
22.1km from Helsinki Airport
17.7km from Alberga
21.4km from Lentoaseman Asema
"The location is in the forest, the environment is very good, there is a beautiful lake behind the hotel, but the transportation needs to drive by yourself. The breakfast was great."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Kivilammentie 1, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
34.5km from Helsinki Airport
21.7km from Alberga
27.0km from Pasila Train Station
"Great wedding venue where the guests can get a room and don't need to fight for taxis. Beautiful lake view great for pictures and friendly staff, expecially the fabulous Harri was a pleasure to work with! If you want a double bed note that on one building there are only twin beds that are not even side by side but instead one infront of the other. :D Breakfast is nothing special but good enough. Coffee was good. The suite is furnished with beautiful fresh colours and all the rooms have minifridges."
"Lovely little clear water, natural lake. Small, peaceful gem not far from Helsinki. Good Saunas. Herring & barbecue Summer Wednesdays. Great for resting as well as family birthdays - especially with Sleep Over participants. Bar closes at 9 pm."
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10 Reviews
Kivimiehentie 2, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
19.6km from Helsinki-Malmi
5.7km from Alberga
6.8km from Pasila Train Station
"Set in the Otaniemi district of Espoo, Forenom Hostel Espoo Otaniemi is 300 metres from Aalto University and a 10-minute drive west of Helsinki city centre. It offers self-catering, budget accommodation with free WiFi and parking. Rooms at Forenom Espoo Otaniemi feature a TV, refrigerator, tea/coffee facilities and work desk. Guests can prepare meals in the shared kitchen and dining area or relax in the communal lounge. The in-house restaurant is open Monday until Friday for breakfast and lunch. Local buses stop within 400 metres of this hostel and connect to Helsinki city centre in 30 minutes. The property is 5.4 km from Iso Omena Shopping Center. Helsinki Airport is 17 km from the hostel."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Bodomintie 37, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
23.7km from Helsinki Airport
22.2km from Alberga
23.0km from Lentoaseman Asema
"The location is beautiful and peaceful. Nice assortment of facilities, close to nature, and the bus. The room is clean, but nothing special. Reception is often left alone, making check-in, purchase of cafe items, and asking questions difficult. Food is hit or miss at best. The first night I arrived the restaurant was not serving dinner, but they were able to make an exception and produced a delicious meal. The next night I paid almost as much for a dinner buffet that was almost exclusively a limited salad bar. Very dissapointing for the price and cannot recommend. Furthermore, there are always a lot of flies in and around the kitchen area. In short, go for the place not the food."
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