Top 10 Philos Hotels

Top 10 Philos Hotels


23 Reviews
200 Technopark Ro, Yeonsu Gu, Incheon, South Korea
"Very friendly service, location and unique atmosphere. It is a pity that there is a little distance to walk to go to the main street and outside, but walking inside the hotel was a very different experience. The wind of foreign objects coming out of the coffee pot made me feel sarcastic, I was admired by the quick response and sensible response of the staff. I can’t go there often because of the price, but I’m not sure to visit again."
"While looking for a place to relax with my family, I visited the Hanok Hotel, which I had always wanted to go to. I was able to rest much more comfortably than I thought. I enjoyed playing classical games with my children. Above all, thank you for the kindness of the staff. Because of the corona, everyone rested so well at a time when everyone could be sensitive. "
"It’s a bit unfortunate that I just ate according to the time slot without a buffet because it’s Kosi soup I was a little embarrassed because the pack juice came out The best thing was that a clothespin came out on the powder room chair in the room Except for that, they were all kind and satisfied."
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104 Reviews
165,Convensia-daero, Incheon, South Korea
"The hotel view and facilities were good. The view from the bathroom or lobby is good, and the kitchen facilities in the room are neatly arranged and various items are provided, so it looks good to last a long time. The inconvenience was that the parking lot was used for public use, so it was easy to get lost and the signs were not well enough, so it was difficult to put it far away. The lobby is not on the GF lobby, but on the 36th floor, but the indication of where to go when riding the elevator in the parking lot is not friendly. It seemed like a lot of foreigners stayed in, and it felt a little less tailored to Koreans. At check-in, I couldn't remember if the room was a twin, so I had to check it, but it was a little uncomfortable that the check-in was a little bit longer because I asked for a separate voucher, not a computer inquiry. The lounge bar on the top floor was luxurious, the performance was good, and the facilities were good, but I was a bit puzzled because the operating staff was too busy and busy. Overall, the facilities were luxurious and good, but the service was uncomfortable. "
"I paid an extra fee and upgraded the room, but I think it did well. What's regrettable is that I booked a breakfast buffet, but it was changed to a la carte in the aftermath of Corona, and the yogurt was on a la carte breakfast, but it wasn't late to go to the breakfast restaurant, it was exhausted, and there was no substitute for this. The number of people who applied for breakfast must be known the day before, but it makes no sense that we did not prepare accordingly. Thank you."
"The lobby is on the 36th floor, and the guest rooms are mainly on the 38th to 40th floors. It is a resort-style room, equipped with a stove, washing machine, iron, and induction, and has ample closet storage space. Songdo city area seen from the guest room, Central Park, feels the satisfaction of high-rises. However, the check-out time was 11 o'clock, which was faster than nearby hotels, so it was inconvenient and the single bed was small, so it was difficult to sleep well. "
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197 Reviews
208 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro, 321 Beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea
"The service is great. I took the subway to T1 and contacted the front desk. There was a special car to pick you up at 3C. The driver would help you with your luggage. Five-star service is available. The hotel has a good view of the upper floors, the scenery is very beautiful, the hotel is clean, and the room air is pretreated, and the non-smoking rooms have no smell at all. The English communication is very fluent. The cafeteria downstairs is also great, it is a great value to book this one near the airport!"
"The temporary aircraft was changed and signed, the rooms are large, the service is good, the overall feeling of the hotel is okay, but the facilities are relatively old. There are swimming pools and small outdoor rides. It is far away from the airport T1 and it has to go around a big circle."
"Due to the corona, some facilities are difficult to use, but everything was so good, including room condition, swimming pool and fitness centre. However, breakfast was a bit unfortunate. Still, I had a great time. 100% return doctor"
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71 Reviews
153, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
"The environment is very good. The room is opposite the Songdo Convention Center and the central street, and the night view is good; the facilities are ok, but there is no mouse pad in the room, and the glass plate of the writing desk is very difficult for the mouse to move. In addition, the 2 bottles of water in the refrigerator are too concealed. Usually other hotels are placed on the table. Only this hotel is hidden in the refrigerator. It also says "Sherton members are free", but in fact, it is not free for members. Drink; the service is also very good. Once the card was invalidated and locked out of the door, I made two phone calls. About 6 minutes later, a serviceman came over and gave you a replacement card and then received it. After the original invalid card, the service is good; the hygiene is also very good. It is worth the 190,000 won per day without tax."
"The location of this hotel in Songdo is excellent. I stayed with my wife for a day after visiting relatives, but even though there were not many guests due to the corona, the staff did their best to provide safety and customer service. It seems that there were more foreigners than Koreans at the time, but I remember that the quality and service of the breakfast restaurant was quite good. Perhaps because the room was spacious, it was assigned to a high-rise with a good view of the lake, so I could enjoy the night view as well as the morning view. This is a wonderful hotel that I am willing to revisit when I revisit Songdo."
"Breakfast is very luxurious. The facilities in the room are a bit old, but the room is quite large. In general, the price is a very expensive hotel in South Korea. Basically, they are pilot stewardesses or something, which is the kind of flight attendants abroad. In the surrounding area, hotel waiters basically do not speak English, but only Korean. Therefore, if you want to go out to play or eat, it is actually very inconvenient if you don't speak Korean. If the reason is that this place is mainly pure Korean place, not a tourist attraction."
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24 Reviews
1144-8, Guwol 1-dong, Incheon, South Korea
"Stayed here three times each time the room design is different, very wide, the experience is very good, the price is very reasonable and cheap, the bed is comfortable, the heating of the room is super hot, praise. The main problem is that some of the front desk will be biased towards Chinese tourists, and there is a need to check in the online booking of the room. It is not as convenient as other hotels to have a direct passport. It needs to be improved."
"Very design, service and location are generalized, about 10 minutes walk from the Metro Art Center Station. I have to say that it is not bad."
"Nice good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good"
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Very Good
275 Reviews
271, Gonghang-ro, Incheon, South Korea
"The location of the hotel is in the terminal building. The room is not big, just the facilities of the hotel. It will look at how long you can stay according to your boarding pass, which is quite humane. I checked in from 11 pm the previous night to 4 pm the next day. Nearly one thousand yuan, the price is still a bit expensive. It's good to have a good rest during the transfer."
"It is on the second floor opposite Gate11 of T1. The room is not big, but very quiet, which is rare as an airport hotel. The bed and quilt pillows are very comfortable. The bathroom is not big, but very clean. It's good to stay at the airport for one night."
"The environment is very good, the slippers are reusable, no disposable slippers, no toothpaste, toothbrush, shower cap and comb, and the charging plug can be used directly, but the concealment is relatively hidden, and the overall feeling is not bad."
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112 Reviews
# 151, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
"The young male staff were frustrated when talking, but the female staff were all kind. The rooms are clean and nice, but the bed side view is the construction view and the sofa side is the park view, and the sofa side is pretty at night. The restaurant doesn’t have enough explanations for first-time customers, so it’s a pity that I don’t know if there is food in another place, and I only eat the food at the seat There is also a Lotte Mart near the hotel and there is a swimming pool in the hotel, so it is perfect for a vacation. I am satisfied with 90%."
"There is no breakfast in Ctrip, and it is not suitable for children with extra beds. The location is relatively close to Incheon Airport and there is a parking lot. The overall feeling is not bad, except for a garbage bin, it is estimated that it is forgotten to pack up, and everything else is fine. No free toothbrush, you have to bring your own. There is a small park around, you can take a walk and see the sea."
"It seems to be the only place in the suburbs of Seoul that caters to the busyness, outlet shopping, and three swimming pools (good location). Hmm if the room TV is a lot small. If you are sensitive to light because it is a little uncomfortable to turn off/on the lantern, please refer to it. The staff was very friendly."
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290 Reviews
193, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
"Because it is a view restaurant with a friend, I went to a place where a lot of people gather because of the coronavirus these days, and it seems that it has been a long time since I haven't traveled so I came to enjoy a holiday. Gold-colored antique furniture You might like and dislike, but it's okay for the two of us in our 40s, but the view satisfaction was too high. It was great to be with Jeoljin, so I urgently decided on another meeting in November. "
"The hotel's location is perfect, so it's great for vacation! The course in the morning is very well done, so it's a good place to improve your health and enjoy your eyes! Excellent value for money. However, since it is a new construction, you should consider the aging of the facility."
"Everything was good. Luxurious and comfortable room. Bathtub massage is also available. But the door to the room is a little stiff, and there is a little thumping sound every time the other rooms are opened or closed."
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3 Reviews
145, Taejang-ro 795beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
"The breakfast is very simple, but it can also fill your stomach. The overall feeling is good, the location is relatively biased, I am afraid that it is not convenient to go back and forth if it is not a self-driving car! The hotel's service is friendly and friendly, and the decoration is more morning style."
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3 Reviews
274, Wolmi-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea
"Stayed with my family for three night. Hotel seems to be quite new and room were nice. Fantastic staff that made all efforts to make you feel good while staying at the hotel. Can definitely recommend this for family holiday."
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