Top 10 Pigeon Valley Hotels

Top 10 Pigeon Valley Hotels


13 Reviews
Kayabasi Sokak, Tekelli Mahallesi, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"The hotel location is very good, on the mountainside, you can see the hot air balloon take off directly from the hotel. I ordered a stone room. I originally thought that the stone room was the most distinctive room type. Later, I knew that it was actually an ordinary standard room. All room types were stone. If the stone room is unlucky, the room may only be 20 square meters, so this hotel is better to book a higher level room. The hotel has no walls, but small houses are scattered in a small area. The rooms with stoves are still very warm. I have stayed at this hotel and museum hotel, and personally feel that I prefer some argos. Although the dinner at the Museum Hotel was obviously better."
"The hotel is awesome and the breakfast is rich. I like it very much because I went there in winter. The room was very warm and comfortable. I transferred to the museum hotel the next day. I was disappointed with this hotel. ,"
"Very good hotel, everything is amazing, great value for money, beautiful scenery, compared to the surrounding hotels, this is the best, none of them. The restaurant is also very good and the wine cellar is a must"
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10 Reviews
Tekelli Mahallesi - Tekelli Kümesi No 8, Tekelli Mahallesi, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"A great hotel, just next to the hotel hotel, a three minute walk. Relatively recommend this home, from the approaching hotel, I feel low-key luxury, not very exaggerated decoration, but you may have a sofa sitting 2w Europe. The room is much larger than expected, and each employee's quality is very high and very self-cultivating. It is a luxury cottage. The breakfast is very rich, it only takes 5-6 minutes to go to the town, it is very recommended 👍🏼👍🏼"
"Very good, taking advantage of the museum hotel, the sparrow is small and complete. But the caves here are not as natural as museum hotels, and they feel like they were built by hand. Breakfast is good!"
"Very unique Turkish hotel, the surrounding scenery is super original and beautiful"
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15 Reviews
Tekelli mah. Divanlı sok., 20, Uchisar, Tekelli Mahallesi, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"Very good, the room is very big, the light is dark yellow and dark, the individual feels that some press"
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10 Reviews
Esbelli Mahallesi Dolay-2 Sokak No:22, Esbelli Mahallesi, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"Beautiful boutique hotel where the staff and owners make you feel at home. We stayed at Acropolis at the end of October when the season was coming to an end but with the help of the staff and following their tips we managed to have an amazing hot air balloon ride (apparently the last one of the season), so bucket list ticked! The room was beautiful, spacious and well organised for our needs; we had a double bed for us and a single for our 9 year old daughter in the main room area and a sofa with in a separate area also a spacious bathroom with a big shower. Everything was very clean and well looked after. The open buffet breakfast had a good variety including delicious Turkish pastries called borek, that helped us to have energy for the intensive sightseeing ahead of us. Having a Turkish coffee after breakfast in the terrace with an amazing view of Urgup was amazing. The staff helped us by booking all the sightseeing tours and transfers to the airport which made our experience a great and an unforgettable one. This family hotel is thoroughly recommended for an amazing Cappadocia experience!"
"We went to Urgup to celebrate my dad’s 78th birthday. What a special celebration! We were treated like kings & queens at @acropoliscavesuite thanks to the warm hospitality of its owners Husnu & Deniz as well as the wonderful staff. Rooms are mostly spacious suites tastefully decorated. Cave livin’ in style😎 We stayed in the king suite. Kids loved the bathtub, the little corridor connected rooms, proximity to Urgup central which we hiked in 15 minutes down, 20 minutes up. Husnu arranged everything for us from drivers to guides to help to get my parents around the compound. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"
"The hotel is a bit away from the touristic area - settled in a beautiful landscape and relaxing quiet area. There are few restaurants next by but nothing too touristy - which I prefer. The entrance is easy to reach, acessible by car and the rooms are heartwarming decorated and still have this unique experience of Capadoccia and its speciality of the caves. The shower-water-pressure is totally fine, as well for ladies to wash their hair. The central heating system works perfectly, the natural stone is relaxing and charming."
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108 Reviews
Tekeli Mah No:1, Uchisar, Tekelli Mahallesi, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"We can't have an extra bed. We have booked two rooms for a hotel that is almost four thousand a night. Ours is small, my family is a little bigger. Luck is better, the family likes the program of the trick sister. When the time comes, I choose to give the hotel a room with red wine, and directly give the same room to the program group, the area is oversized. I am taking a wedding photo. The swimming pool is very small and not as big as the picture. The next day I went to take a wedding photo. I didn’t have breakfast at 3 am, and I told the staff in advance at night. I prepared a simple sandwich drink for fruit. Bale. The service is one hundred percent and the waiters are very good at English. The line of sight is very good. Higher. You can see the hot air balloon in the morning."
"Breakfast is ok! There are many choices, and breakfasts in Turkish hotels are now divided into meals! The hotel has good service, pays attention to details, and has been questioning the guests' feelings. If you have good English, you can appreciate their intentions! The hotel’s swimming pool and restaurant have a beautiful environment, which is definitely a landmark of the Internet celebrity check-in! However, during the epidemic, only 4 people can be allowed at the same time. But one thing is not very satisfactory. Because the hotel room is a grotto, the soundproofing is too poor, the neighbors next door speak too loudly, and the content is clear! Woke up early in the morning after opening and closing! depressed!"
"The hotel environment is very beautiful, the breakfast is very rich. We have a luxury suite. I read the little red book and said that there is red wine flowing out of the faucet. I looked at it. There is no one in the house. It should be the supreme emperor. We will have a red breakfast. It is 175 euros. The terrace is a reservation for a red breakfast before you can enjoy it, but you don't have to worry about other terraces. It is very banned from smoking. If you need to smoke, please go to the terrace because if you are found to be compensated for 300-400 euros, the waiter is very good. thumbs up"
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7 Reviews
Mustafapasa Village Davutlu Mevki Cınar Street. No:10 / Urgup, Nevsehir Merkez, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"We simply fell in love with this hotel by our very first step! It is fantastic hotel! The best to stay in Cappadocia Even more than we expected! Beautiful, calm, clean ...simply no comments! Starting from the territory and the rooms finishing the amazing staff, incredible breakfast and spa! We stayed here for our wedding anniversary and the staff made everything to make it perfect! We contacted Ethem via WhatsApp and he explained everything and gave some advices about Cappadocia, decorated our room and welcomed us at late night! Also he contacted us with Memis and he organized the best hot air balloon flight and excursion. The name of our guide is Önder Civan. If you have opportunity take private excursion with him! He will take you to the best places on very comfortable car. As native living he told us everything about Cappadocia! Thank a lot !!!! So thanks a lot to Ethem, he made everything for us from the beginning! Because of him our trip was absolutely perfect, we just stepped in the hotel and all our program has been already ready for us! Also we want to tell thanks to all the staff Hekan, Bilal, Ethem, Fatih, Bilal and Ali for our best staying! And of course our big love is the pearl of this hotel - golden retriever Pasha! We adore dogs and this guy Is absolutely the best! If you are looking for the best staying in Cappadocia it s certainly Seraphim Hotel ! We are already waiting to come back to this wonderful place! THANK YOU!! Alexander and Mayya"
"The staff were extremely friendly and very accommodating, especially Ethem who had helped us throughout our stay. He was fantastic in giving us tourism advice and arranging travel, which made getting to distant places so much more convenient. We also had our own fire pit set up in the evenings and the spa area prepared beforehand by Ethem. My wife and I were immediately upgraded to an upgraded suite on our arrival as the staff were aware we were staying at the Seraphim as one of our honeymoon destinations. The suite is absolutely amazing, it was essentially in a cave but had lovely facilities, including a hot tub. Breakfast was also very refreshing with a good range of different options. Overall the hotel staff made the experience really enjoyable, they were welcoming and allowed us to have a fantastic experience at the hotel."
"I came to this hotel for the first time. I was very pleased with everything. The food is varied and the rooms are clean and hygienic. The variety at breakfast makes you feel at home. Every precaution has been taken regarding the pandemic. The rooms are very clean. Mr.Ilka, who is in the administration, took care of it very well. I will come again. It is a great hotel. Cappadocia is one of the best pursuits for a holiday."
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47 Reviews
Dutlu Cami Mahallesi, Barbaros Hayrettin Sokak N 25, Karagandere Mahallesi, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"The breakfast is very beautiful ~ not suitable for bringing children, the location of the hotel is ok, the decoration style of the hotel is very noble, the swimming pool is mysterious in the cave, there are shopping nearby, restaurants, supermarkets, mosques, hotels and tourist attractions map introduction, also OK Let the hotel arrange a taxi for a day trip. The driver will take us around. The price is based on the sights and time. Will come to this hotel again next time, suitable for honeymoon, great. The waiters in the hotel are all handsome men and beautiful women, with a very good attitude and politeness. You can also ask the hotel for the charger of the mobile phone. If there is a problem with the wifi of the iPhone, you can just show it to the front desk. The laptop in the room can be connected to wifi Very smooth. The cell phone in the cave room has no signal, so I can only use wifi. When I go out of the cave room to the restaurant and the ground, there is no problem with the signal. Very good hotel~ Very pleasantly surprised, the official hotel pictures I have been to see the scene are consistent, very reliable"
"The first night I stayed in kayakapi, compared to two hotels with different styles. This is a town with no cave experience. Too shading affects sleep! In addition, the hotel will start playing their religious divine tunes at 5:30, many times a day, and I feel a little uncomfortable! Breakfast is very hearty"
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7 Reviews
Eski Mahalle Ortahisar Urgup, Ortahisar, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"I'm a tour guide. Travel a lot. I have been to different hotels in Cappadocia. But Tafoni was the best!!! What makes a difference? Its wonderful, friendly, caring people! They exceeded our expectations. My group was very happy with the service, friendliness and the comfort of the rooms! There is no word to describe how happy we were during our stay at Tafoni. Sincerely. Special thanks to Dağhan! He's such a nice & caring person! Thank you every single members of Tafoni family! I will be back with new groups for sure. Highly recommended! Esin."
"This place is worth visiting. Few main highlights which makes u fall in love with this hotel First Service amazing top notch. Rooms superb Location perfect People at Hotel best in Turkey I came across. Loved cooking with Sadi the cook. He allowed me to cook what I want. Dhaan the Manager is very friendly and helpful. Very nice people and don't charge un necessarily. Fully trust able. I strongly recommend this hotel for every one."
"We had an amazing stay in tafoni houses cave hotel which is located in the middle of the heart of cappadocia, room was beautifully decorated, fireplace was perfect, breakfast was great, very friendly staff. Special thanks to Halit bey and Mumin bey, they never say no, anticipated our needs and gave personalized service. We will definitely come back. "
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14 Reviews
Manav Cikmazi Sokak No:2, Goreme, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"It is always difficult to visit a new place and find a decent hotel to stay, especially during the Covid lockdowns in Turkey. Unfortunately, even Tripadvisor posts do not help much. So we went to the Carus Cappadocia with little knowledge or preparation. This time however, we got it right. The Carus Cappadocia is not the most expensive hotel in the area, in fact, it is quite a bit cheaper. However, from the moment we walked in, we knew we were in for a treat. Mehmet and the staff were there to greet us and the start of our 3 nights there had begun. Unfortunately, 3 nights were not enough. The hotel is brilliant with cozy rooms, heated floors, and everything they could possibly do in order to make the rooms special. We had two rooms, both different types and both were amazing. The spa was closed when we were there but from what we could see, it would have been a great place to visit. The restaurant was first class. We never tired of the menu. Their selection of local wines was everything we could ask for and the chef prepared everything perfectly. While we did not arrange any local tours, Mehmet did clue us in as to where to go and what to do. They even washed our car! We will certainly be back. Sorry Mehmet, I did find that we took one of your keys. We will come back and bring the key back to where it belongs. Thanks for a great stay. "
"advantage: 1: The stone-built house belonging to the modern decoration is not so oppressed by the original cave house, but it also lacks the characteristics of the original cave room. 2: The service attitude is still good. If there is a problem with the safe, I will deal with it immediately. 3: The room is more distinctive than the lift TV. 4: The bed is very comfortable, sleeping well. 5: Going out of the hotel is the net red carpet shop but it is not recommended to go dirty 6: The hotel is not on the hillside. Going out to the town, but also because there is no advantage in watching the hot air balloon. Disadvantages: 1: There is a lot of water in the outside of the room shower. 2: Breakfast is too westernized cold meal No hot food like ohm egg. Choose too little face and not diversify 3: It is my birthday on the day of check-in. I have to tell the hotel in advance if I can see some special arrangements (such as preparing a cake or fruit, we are willing to pay, but the hotel completely ignores this message I can disappoint)"
"When I was first looking for hotels in Cappadocia, I must confess it was a mission because many hotels had pretty good reviews. I took the leap of faith and ended up booking this beautiful GEM!!! Must confess for price, review and season our expectations were high and they surpass them. What a beautiful property. Service no matter where it's, is always on point. Front Desk & Restaurant folks are Hospitality pioneers ensuring our stay, our meals and overall our experience is simply the best while in Cappadocia. While it's true many hotels in the area have good reviews this is the one I chose, stayed and if I have the opportunity I will book it again. Definitely highly recommended. Centrally located to everything in Goreme and Amazing Cave Rooms with a twist of modern. Deniz & Selvi are simply the best example of HOSPITALITY. Thank you guys!!!!"
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Very Good
72 Reviews
Aydinli Mah. Aydinli Sok. No:40, Goreme, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey
"The hotel is okay, but the local service staff has problems. In February, the hot air balloon that was booked by the front desk wavelet for the 180th National Day of Europe was played eight months in advance, and we temporarily canceled that we could not arrange it, and then arranged for others. Finally, I said that my friend has two positions but the price increased to 380 euros. I thought we were like this. I didn't expect my friend to come across this situation two days later. Poor evaluation of wavelet, and his reputation in the local area is not good! Don't ask him to book a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons can be booked in advance on Taobao or Ctrip!"
"The advantage of the Net Red Hotel is that the balcony view is beautiful! But the price is relatively expensive. We stayed for 3 nights. We stayed at a cheaper hotel for the first two nights. We stayed in Sudan for the last night. It feels like a good arrangement, because the rooms are almost the same, one day. You can take a picture in Sudan. When we arrived in March, the interior of the room was heated and very dry. Because the room didn't have a private balcony and it couldn't open the window, it was very stuffy, and the cabinet table in the room might be newly bought. It tastes very big and feels smoked at night. died."
"The breakfast was very rich and delicious and the restaurant environment was great. Thanks to the little brother Ali at the front desk for his service during our stay, professional and patient and thoughtful. The aunt who cleans the room every day is especially strong and warm. The only slight dissatisfaction is that the kettle in the room is really dirty, it may be an individual problem in our room. In addition, I hope that the Wi-Fi signal can be strengthened, otherwise communication is really difficult in the hole. In short, this trip to Cappadocia was smooth and fun. thanksgiving!"
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