Top 10 Renhe Spring Hotels

Top 10 Renhe Spring Hotels


5058 Reviews
No.16 Dongfeng Street (Zhongyang Street), Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
38.2km from Taiping International Airport
3.4km from Harbin Railway Station
4.4km from Binjiang Railway Station
4.3km from Downtown
"The hotel is nice and has a Russian style. The catch is that it must be waterproofed ten minutes before the rain. It is said that it is because the pipes in the old house asked him to go. It is understandable that it is a pity that water resources are wasted. The old elevator is a bit special, and it's still a bit nervous after taking a ride. The hotel is in a very good location! It's very convenient for the old Harbin people who have lived in other places for a long time. Not bad"
"I went back to the Northeast for business with my boyfriend. I chose the Grand Mansion on Central Street. The environment is great~clean, but the service is better than the environment. The young lady at the front desk has a sweet voice. The younger brothers helped introduce the hotel history and helped bring the luggage to Room, enjoy this kind of service location environment at this price, super cost-effective! ! ! Next time I go back to Dadongbei, I will still live here."
"I want to go to Harbin with my mother for a few days. Book this old-fashioned Russian-style hotel from Trip.com. I have experienced 120 years of elevators. Rooms and restaurant facilities are Russian-style. The steak package in the hotel restaurant is also very good. Service is very warm. Maybe it's because of the old-fashioned hotel. For a long time, hot water. Breakfast is served in the hotel's 100-year-old wine cellar (Roman Holiday Film) with a few varieties but fried steaks and eggs are ok."
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Very Good
82 Reviews
No.31 Zhujiang Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
42.2km from Taiping International Airport
2.5km from Xiangfang Railway Station
3.1km from Wangzhaotun Railway Station
4.1km from Downtown
"Located in Harbin's development zone near the International Exhibition Center, the C.Kong Labor Hotel (Haerbin Leiboer Jiudian) is a business hotel that is also just 2 km (1 mi) away from the tallest steel tower in Asia, the Dragon Tower (Long Ta).Ladies staying at the hotel can enjoy the Change Nail Salon, while gentlemen and ladies both can enjoy the hotel winery."
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2027 Reviews
No.161 Tongjiang Street, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
38.7km from Taiping International Airport
3.7km from Harbin Railway Station
4.7km from Binjiang Railway Station
4.5km from Downtown
"The overall atmosphere of the room, including the hotel, is still good, the photos are pretty good, and the service attitude of the young lady at the front desk is also very good. Although the elevator was broken when I checked in, I could only take the stairs, but the old building is acceptable. However, the following points are hoped to attract attention: 1. It is said that the room has a turn-down service, but the room is still messy when I return to the room at night. 2. It said that there was a welcome gift, but it was not when I checked in (I don't know if it was a can of yogurt that I put on the table after I went back at night). 3 The bathtub is basically a decoration. The water flow is very small and the temperature is not enough. After 40 to 50 minutes, it is found that there are many dirt-like stains in the bathtub. I wanted to take a bath. 4. There is a problem with the power switch beside the bed in the room, and I have to get out of bed to turn off the light. 5. Because I was in a hurry when I checked out, I lost my room card later, and then I had to pay 30 yuan for the room card fee."
"I really like the young lady in this hotel, the special gentle service is really good, the hotel’s bed is also very soft, this service is really worth staying, but the soundproofing is a bit poor, others are good, the hotel is very bright, The photo is a photo of the suite. The hotel has been upgraded for free."
"Amazing hotel First of all, the location is good, walking can go to a lot of places to eat, drink and hang out. In addition, it is not easy to have your own parking lot in this core area. It is extremely limited parking space. The rooms are spacious, hygienic and well equipped."
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2435 Reviews
800 Chuangxin 3rd Road (Chuangxin San Lu), Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
39.6km from Taiping International Airport
10.2km from Harbin North Railway Station
15.3km from Harbin Railway Station
10.1km from Harbin North Railway Station
16.1km from Downtown
"I admit that this trip was specially planned for Aoluguya, and the hotel did not disappoint me under the premise of such high expectations. This is awesome. Check-in at the front desk Miss Star helped me book afternoon tea and spa packages, and introduced breakfast and other restaurants; the lounge staff showed me the room, and the butler answered various services in detail. The design of the room made of solid wood is full, and the birch bark is natural, elegant and atmospheric. Unfortunately, the room type could not be upgraded. Afternoon tea is a rare, refreshing and non-greasy style. A long breakfast is not afraid of oversleeping. I especially praise the spa technology for being so good and very decompressing. Hey, it's so fragrant"
"This hotel makes people outside feel the feeling of home: there are delicious dishes from home here, there is a warm and homelike environment, and the thoughtful and complete round-the-clock service. The hotel also provides free car service, which makes it more convenient for us to travel! I will come here if I have the opportunity. In particular, I contacted the staff Song Wenting on WeChat and booked various hotel services before I went. The lady is very attentive and enthusiastic! And Mr. Wang Yuxin and Mr. Ren Zhongming from the concierge department are also very nice, hospitable and very kind! Overall, this is a great staying experience! Will choose next time!"
"The overall feeling of the hotel is great, it is worth the experience, I will go again if I have a chance. Both in terms of service and hardware are great. I didn’t really have a good impression of the hotels in the north before, but this stay subverted my imagination. A hotel with a local cultural atmosphere, and everything is done It's very good. The power of the hair dryer in the room is too low, and the hair blowing is slow. The door blocking the room is not easy to pull, and the noise is very loud. Everything else is good."
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2796 Reviews
No.158 Zhongxing Avenue, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
33.2km from Taiping International Airport
4.2km from Harbin West Railway Station
670m from Haxidajie
8.3km from Wangzhaotun Railway Station
920m from Kaishengyuanguangchang
8.8km from Downtown
4.3km from Harbin West Railway Station
"I took my dad out to travel. The location is very good, very close to the Hashi high-speed railway station. The hotel service is very good, the concierge, the front desk, the housekeeping department, the services are impeccable, and my father is not in good health. Free to help upgrade a quieter and larger room, very considerate. Like the big bathtub in the hotel, Dad's bubble is very comfortable. The location of the hotel is very convenient. It’s very close to Wanda Plaza. It’s good for shopping and eating. There is a red square next to it. Forget it, it’s also a shopping mall. It’s a shopping mall. There is a night market at Wanda Plaza at night, which is very lively. Will be here again next time. Very recommended."
"The location is excellent and the transportation is convenient. 3 subway stations are just a few minutes away. The hotel has complete facilities, the rooms are clean and tidy, and the stay is very comfortable. The front desk staff are very good, proactive and enthusiastic. The breakfast is good and there are many varieties. I personally think that the price is quite high. The price is not expensive in the urban area. The accommodation environment and sanitation are much better than hotels at the same price. The service attitude is standard and it is recommended. The hotel with high cost performance. The room is very clean. The front desk is anni and the service is warm. Kind attitude is very good"
"I booked this hotel temporarily and arrived very early in the morning. I was ready to wait until noon to stay in. But I really want to thank the front desk manager, Miss Zhang, for taking the initiative to help us coordinate the room search and reservation, and call us immediately when the room is ready. Let us enter the room to rest for the first time. It's really good. He also introduced us to many hotel facilities and surrounding environment. When I checked out, the front desk was very fast and also helped me store my luggage. I feel that the front desk and door service are very good"
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3213 Reviews
No.555 Youyi Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
36.7km from Taiping International Airport
4.7km from Harbin Railway Station
7.0km from Binjiang Railway Station
5.7km from Downtown
4.6km from Harbin Railway Station
"I am a luxury pavilion where my dad took a girl out to stay. First of all, the lady in the executive lounge was very enthusiastic. She also helped my girl tie her hair and solved her troubles. I am deeply grateful for not remembering her name. There are many kinds of buffet on the first floor! But the problem is very prominent: 1. The room is too small, and the hygiene can't be turned around at all. 2. The soundproofing is not good. It is clear on the phone in the morning next to the sanitation. 3. If the bath is missing, old and toothless, don't change it, bathing is very uncomfortable, and the shower head is still fixed. 4. There is no small square in the washbasin, and the bath towels are not enough. The waiter said that disinfection is not available. 5. The laundry is said to be delivered to Shangri-La, Jiangbei, this shop can’t wash it, and it takes more than 20 hours. 6. The bed is small and the pillows are not enough. There are only two and I have to ask for another one. 7. Even if the rooms are all old things, the sofa is very dirty and I dare not sit on it. 8. The bed is small, I personally think that the Horizon Club should be a 2 meter bed. I am not a big man to find faults. To sum up, it is 100% true. I have stayed in many Shangri-La hotels across the country and abroad. There is no worse experience than this, and this is also called Horizon Club? It actually costs more than 1,000! Where is the courage and strength? Next time, I'd rather live in Atour next to it than this!"
"The location of the hotel is really good, and the service of the hotel is also quite good. It is much higher than other non-chain groups in the Northeast. But the hotel’s facilities are really old, and the rooms are really small. If you are used to the spacious rooms of the new hotel, you will not adapt to the relatively small area and the bathroom without windows. The overall decoration is ancient, the sofas and stools have a sense of age, and the bathtub is very short. It is estimated that no one will take a bath in it. But the service is not bad, the front desk of the hotel is more than heart-to-heart and can consider issues for guests. The scenery outside the window is that the Songhua River is rolling eastward, and the trees on the Sun Island in the distance are lush. The only drawback is that the floor of the room is relatively low, and it is impossible to take pictures of endless beauty. The location of the hotel is near the Central Street, which is a place with a lot of tourists, but the whole old city feels lonely. Other business districts are rising, and there will be more hotels to choose from in the future."
"There is nothing to say about the service of Shangri-La. From the concierge front desk staff to the cleaning aunts, they are all polite and professional. Coupled with the heartiness of the Northeast people, it makes people feel particularly comfortable. Ms. Wenduo Zheng at the front desk was very patient and asked a lot of questions. They answered them one by one, with a very good attitude. The children chose the tree house room by themselves. They lived very happily. They still remember the ice and snow room, so they will come to live next time. In addition, the most pleasant surprise is the children’s home in the hotel. Teacher Juzi is a master craftsman who is very friendly. She really likes children, so the children like her very much. I have to go to Teacher Juzi every day. Play, the holiday is very fulfilling."
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365 Reviews
"Renovated in 2019, the Poseidon Shark Hotel is a great choice for accommodation in Harbin. The hotel is 17km from Harbin East Railway Station and 62km from Taiping International Airport. Guests will find Poseidon Ocean Kingdom, Poseidon Beach Water World and Bosaidong Haidi World just a short distance from the hotel. When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. This Harbin hotel provides parking on site. If cleanliness is important to you, this hotel makes an excellent choice, as our guests consider this to be one of the cleanest hotels in the city. This hotel is particularly popular with those traveling with families. "
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750 Reviews
No.199 Chuangxin 1st Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
41.5km from Taiping International Airport
10.3km from Harbin North Railway Station
14.7km from Harbin Railway Station
9.7km from Harbin North Railway Station
15.0km from Downtown
12.9km from Harbin Railway Station
"This Marriott room is a bit small and old, the front desk is very good, and the breakfast is average, but the breakfast is not a big problem, the kind of ineffective, and what makes me wonder is the cleaning. I came back in the afternoon when I went out and did not give me slippers. . . I used both pairs of slippers in the room. One pair was accidentally wet while taking a bath. I put the other pair in front of the bathtub, and put the other pair in front of the bed when I went out, but the old one was confiscated and the new one was the same. No. . . I can understand environmental protection, but environmental protection should also put new slippers for guests. You can write environmental protection instructions, and guests can also use them, but is it inappropriate to keep them? Also, I booked the executive room for two nights, and the executive room checked out at 4 o’clock. The cleaning staff was at the door when I went out in the morning on the third day. I said to help me clean, and she asked me whether I would check out. , She said that I won't clean it for you, just make up something for you. . . That's fine, but when I came back at three in the afternoon, the room hadn't changed at all. . . I went to the cleaner again, and she said, let me make up something for you. I'm speechless, can't I take a shower and leave? Can't I ask for a change of towels and bath towels? Forget it, I didn’t say anything. I asked for two bottles of water and checked out. In fact, the hotel is old and the facilities are old. There are no major problems. It still depends on the service. Cleaning is also a very important part."
"Although Harbin JW Marriott is not the best JW Marriott in China, it is the best JW Marriott in my heart. Always so thank you for the lobby manager Abbey Cui, Alice and Coco from the executive lounge, Mandy, and three young ladies from Orange. With the most beautiful river view and snow view lounge in winter, a quiet afternoon tea looking at the scenery outside the window is really a great Weekend time. Because there is such a super nice Abbey Cui at JW Marriott Harbin, it always makes people feel at home! For Harbin JW Marriott, which lacks hardware facilities, perhaps a more warm and thoughtful and authentic service can retain guests from all over the world. Not so much perfect, but also because of the staff like Abbey Cui. I felt warm and deeply impressed during my trip to Harbin. I hope to see you again next time, Thank you for the Harbin JW Marriott!"
"I took my two children the day before Halloween and spent a weekend together. The hotel service is very good. The child’s birthday is given a cream cake, which is delicious. You can also help decorate the room. Children under 5 years old have free breakfast buffet. Breakfast is priced at 228, but it is actually not worth so much. First of all, there are no small desserts. They are all bread. There is only one kind of sliced cake. There are not many varieties of dishes, but it is satisfying to eat well. There are few people in the off-season now, and the swimming pool is considered a private tour, which is great. There are many parking spaces in the hotel, all of which are free."
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1781 Reviews
No.1 Songbei Avenue, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
43.4km from Taiping International Airport
8.0km from Harbin North Railway Station
13.1km from Harbin Railway Station
8.1km from Harbin North Railway Station
13.4km from Downtown
12.5km from Harbin Railway Station
"The May Day holiday is over. I have not gone to the outside area for this holiday. I choose to take my child to the Songbei Shangri-La Hotel for a small holiday. First of all, I'm talking about the impression of the hotel facilities. The overall facilities are very new. In the 17th floor suite, the hotel arranged flowers and welcome fruits. The room has a very good view. The rooms are well equipped and soundproofed, and the 18th floor executive lounge has a great view and service. Again, although there were some minor accidents in the middle of the hotel service, I was satisfied with the final handling result 🈵. The hotel finally arranged for the manager to contact me. The manager's service expressed seriousness, thanking the manager for his hard work in the process! Holiday Inn is the home of every traveler. The hotel staff is the guest's temporary family, the care and patience of the family, so that the hotel guests can really feel the humane care of the hotel, and the feelings of the guests to the Shangri-La brand will continue to sublimate and inherit! ❤️"
"This time a friend from Nanjing came to Kazakhstan and booked 4 rooms at a time. The guests were very satisfied with the hotel’s environment and the service attitude was good. The local friends in Harbin sent a lot of local products from Nanjing friends. Because there are many local products, the front desk staff will help By mailing, the front desk manager Ouyang and Liu Chunlei are very enthusiastic and helped my customers mail a lot of packages. Thank them very much, and Li Yuxin and Zhang Xin have also great service! , Nanjing’s guests are very satisfied, and I especially asked me to thank these young people, Harbin’s business card, thank you"
"Lanjing is really good. This is the second time I have stayed! Came here once last year! Participate in Guoxue cultural activities! The hot spring is also one of the top ten hot springs in the world! The hot spring here is directly from the Tianchi water! The skin is smooth after soaking! So this time I'm here again. Changbai Mountain is the first of the Five Sacred Mountains. Here, I feel the energy is particularly good when I read the scriptures and learn Chinese culture! China's Chinese culture is vast and profound! The mountains and rivers of the motherland are beautiful! It's really beautiful! Loved love! I love my great China!"
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318 Reviews
869 Binghua Road (Binghua Lu), Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
39.7km from Taiping International Airport
9.0km from Harbin Railway Station
10.9km from Binjiang Railway Station
9.7km from Downtown
8.4km from Harbin Railway Station
"The hotel is too difficult to find -30 degrees in Harbin. It's too cold. The phone is turned off. I can't navigate. I can't feel my hands and feet. I got out of the snow and ice world and basically got a taxi. Don't think about it. The police who did n’t ask last had to go in to go far to the conference center. The conference center did n’t receive it and looked for a long time. I found the front desk of the VIP building. The hotel is very elegant and very good, but the staff saw that everyone must go and look at the map before. It's too cold and the phone is still shutting down. I hope you can turn on a lamp or make a brand on the frozen road. My personal opinion is not to blame."
"The environment is good, the location is slightly biased, but the best location is to see the big world of ice and snow, the room is large, the heating is sufficient, the breakfast is satisfactory, the guest room meal is delicious, and the small opinion is that the guest room meal is best scanned with a QR code Order and pay. It is still traditionally called for meals. Special praise to the little girl Tingting at the front desk, warm and decent."
"I arrived at the hotel at 10:50 in the evening on May 1st, and found that because it was May 1st, many people were queued to check in. The hotel opened three windows for check-in. There were five people in front of me. Then what? Then I finished it at midnight, which is 0:18 the next day. Why? The front desk doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s extremely slow. Check-in for a room is completed every 20 minutes. Really, it’s no exaggeration. The hotel is relatively new and luxurious, but the night shift is too miserable. What? Probably one more dish than the Express Hotel! (.Ớ ₃ờ)ھ..."
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