TOP 10 Renhuai Hotels


303 Reviews
No.98 Hebin Road Maotai Town, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
40.3km from Maotai Airport
12.5km from Downtown
"Very comfortable accommodation experience. The booked river view room, the room is very new, neat and tidy, the view is also worthwhile, watching the lights of thousands of houses at night, watching the lively riverside of Chishui during the day, I can’t bear to pull the curtains when I sleep. The hotel’s restaurant terrace is a good place to enjoy the scenery and blow air. It coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. I booked a 128 yuan moon-viewing package with snacks and fruits, red wine and crabs. When the breeze blew, the bustling was very good. Hotel service is also a plus, from the front desk to the restaurant are very attentive. On that day, Cecilia and Mia were in charge of reception at the front desk. The service was enthusiastic and responsive. There were also a few restaurant ladies who I could not name, and they were also conscientious and always paying attention to customer needs. Before leaving, I also received small gifts such as moon cakes, drinks, biscuits, etc. The trip to Moutai was full of rewards."
"The hotel is located at 1915 Square, Hebin Road, Maotai Town. The hotel staff are very enthusiastic and walk in to the front desk. The front desk Mia greets very warmly, which makes people feel very warm and considerate. The little sister is very quick to go through the procedures, and the service attitude is also very good. She will inform me of the floor of the room very intimately. Free breakfast was also given, very good! The big bed was booked, the room was clean and tidy, the quilt was very comfortable, and the room was quite quiet. The hot water came out very quickly and the room service was very good. The hotel’s breakfast is on the eighth floor. It is a buffet breakfast, which gives me a lot of choice and is also suitable for guests with various needs. The staff is very caring. I will still choose this hotel when I come to Moutai in the future, and I will recommend this hotel to my friends. The service of the hotel is really great, great!"
"Folk customs can be seen everywhere in Maotai Town, but I like clean and simple branded hotels. Hilton is located on the Chishui River in Maotai Town, giving you a beautiful view of the light art and Maotai Town at night. Beautiful wine and beautiful scenery, I only choose Hilton when I go to Moutai Town."
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1095 Reviews
No.26 Zuimei Avenue, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
27.3km from Maotai Airport
1.0km from Downtown
"Every time I travel, I will stay at Hilton, this time it seems to be a new one. When I enter the lobby, I feel like a five-star hotel. Haha ... Compared to the other ones I have lived in before, this one is really a bit of a grade. . The front desk service was particularly good. I rubbed it twice when I checked in. The careful front desk manager remembered it as Li, and immediately walked out of the front desk and brought me a cup of hot water. This city is not only drunk, but also warms people ... … Like your service"
"The hotel location is easy to find, not far from the highway entrance, there is a parking lot, the parking lot has not yet been built, parking needs to be careful, the hygiene is good, and the room area is large, but the price of the friends is a bit high, the hotel breakfast is also Yes, there are no other restaurants."
"Because friends come here to play. Is a new hotel. But it was completely unexpected. The service was good. The gym is also very comfortable. With an independent speaker, you no longer need to worry about the running headphones. Breakfast was good. I like everything. All in all a good hotel"
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674 Reviews
No.515 Duanwu Road, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
26.6km from Maotai Airport
1.4km from Downtown
"The itinerary was changed temporarily during the self-driving journey. The check-in experience is beyond imagination. The details in the room are full of sincerity. The fruit plate, milk and mineral water are all prepared at the door. The bathroom and the laundry detergent and facial cleanser are prepared, and the bedside is also prepared. Paid underwear and socks, breakfast is also very rich until 10 o'clock, the location is also very good, a few steps downstairs there is a supermarket and a place to eat supper, in short, it is a very careful hotel."
"The environment is beautiful, the rooms are very soundproofed, they are quiet when sleeping, and the front desk and waiters have a positive and enthusiastic work attitude. The most amazing thing is that the robot delivery service of fruit and milk is unmatched by other hotels, and the breakfast is rich and varied. The location is also good, next to the gymnasium, it is very convenient to exercise, there are also many snacks around the gymnasium, let me experience the special cuisine of Guizhou, a very rare trip to Guizhou"
"The hotel’s breakfast is very good and the location is easy to find a taxi. They have a robot in the hotel. I can deliver food. I ordered the takeaway and it was quickly delivered. The corridor entrance and free mineral water are very considerate. They have also done epidemic prevention and control. It’s good to see them disinfection and feel relieved to stay next time. Overall, I’m very satisfied."
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182 Reviews
No.589 Guojiu Avenue, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
29.3km from Maotai Airport
540m from Downtown
"The room is clean and tidy, the front desk service is in place, and seeing the smiles of the little girls at the front desk, it is very healing, the little girl at the front desk also sent a bottle of wine, very good, staying at this hotel for the first time, did not disappoint me, it was great , I will visit your hotel next time."
"I live in Tianhao Hotel every time I go on business, and I feel like going home. The sisters at the front desk are very happy every time they see me. The hotel also presents a 125ml bottle of ancient town wine and a piece of fruit. I recommend you to travel for experience. Oh"
"The lobby is very magnificent, the beauty at the front desk of the hotel is very welcoming, the rooms are very clean, mainly because the location of the hotel is good, parking for eating and shopping is also convenient, it is a good experience for people to live"
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440 Reviews
No.112 Maotai Road, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
30.6km from Maotai Airport
1.8km from Downtown
"The Jiudu Hotel (Jiudu Dajiudian) is located within walking distance of the Jiudu shopping center and about 1.7 km (1.1 mi) from Yunxian temple.Diners can enjoy Chinese cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Those traveling on business are invited to make full use of the meeting rooms and business center.This Renhuai hotel boasts free Wi-Fi in public areas and free parking. During their spare time, guests can head to the beauty salon or massage center."
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426 Reviews
No.172 Guojiu South Road, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
24.7km from Maotai Airport
2.1km from Downtown
"🍃Environment: good 🔔Service: good, free breakfast 🚗 Transportation: convenient"
"Good environment, clean and hygienic"
"Very suitable for business people"
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142 Reviews
No.589 Shifu Road, Guojiu Avenue, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
28.4km from Maotai Airport
530m from Downtown
"Perfect location, behind the Tianhao Hotel itself. Excellent service, good room and a very reasonable price. A place I definitely will frequent whenever coming to Renhaui. "
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408 Reviews
"Opened in 2019, the Handi Fengtai Hotel is a great accommodation choice in Renhuai. The hotel is approximately 39km away from Maotai Airport. The nearest airport is Maotai Airport, approximately 39km away. With Yangliuwan Street, Zunyishirenhuaimaotaijiuzhenlvyou Sceneic Area and Rainbow bridge all within a short distance, there is no shortage of things to do in the area. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. This Renhuai hotel provides parking on site. According to our guests, this hotel provides a very high level of service. This hotel is a popular accommodation for groups of friends traveling together. "
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Very Good
17 Reviews
Near No.208 Provincial Road (Yanjin River Scenic Area), Renhuai, Guizhou, China
30.4km from Maotai Airport
4.4km from Downtown
"The central air conditioner was broken and cold. After more than 3 hours, I changed a room (the original room had a computer, but the changed room did not have a computer, and the price did not decrease). Although the changed room had central air conditioner, it could only reach 19 at night. I got a cold. I bought a cold medicine for 58 yuan when I got home."
"Very satisfied, the hot springs and free breakfast, the environment is good, the service is good, although it is a few miles away from the city, the air is very refreshing, just across from Magnum Road, I will go next time"
"The big bed room is very big, and it’s a lot of panic between sleeping with two beds. The door to the room and the toilet door were a little problematic, and the opening and closing was very difficult. I stayed in a hurry for one night and slept quite tired."
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394 Reviews
East side of low rent house of new car station, Yuye Middle Road, central sub district office, Renhuai, Guizhou, China
23.4km from Maotai Airport
2.5km from Downtown
"This hotel is very good from its soft decoration design to the whole service attitude, and the whole experience. I am also a hotel, and I have been looking for my favorite business travel hotel along the way. I found seven or eight hotels that day, and finally decided to stay at this hotel. I was very satisfied. Recommended. Especially the enthusiasm of the staff is very good, which proves that their training is in place."
"The lady at the front desk of the hotel has a good attitude and will give two kinds of small gifts, which gives people a good first impression. Generally speaking, the room is OK, but when you enter the room, there are stains on the duvet cover. Call the front desk and change the service value. It's a bit not so good. There are spider webs in the windows and the sound insulation is very poor I didn’t do this well, I hope it can be improved."
"The transportation is convenient, the sanitation is very clean, and the front desk service is very friendly. When I came down and checked out, I saw the staff who took photos at the disinfection. The front desk also gave a gift, a bottle of plum juice and a disinfectant wipes. The service was very considerate."
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