Top 10 Sampan Hotels

Top 10 Sampan Hotels

Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy Hotel Exterior
Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy Hotel Exterior
Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy Rooms
Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy Rooms
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36 Reviews
Kennedyallee 70, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
13.0km from Frankfurt Airport
1.3km from Frankfurt South Station
1.1km from Schweizer Platz
1.4km from Südbahnhof
"Hotel environment and service are very good. However, I used to watch the pictures of Ctrip's hotel, which was attracted by two large windows on the floor, but the actual room was very small, and the psychological gap was very big! There are a lot of more than 1,000 hotels in the city, but I want to see the big beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows for more than 2,000 yuan a night. The result is very disappointing! I hope that the picture of the hotel in Ctrip will be consistent with the actual room image of the hotel, otherwise it will mislead the customer."
"They had an indoor pool, although it was cold, a spa area, although it was closed due to covid, a gym, a hairdresser with a famous barber, and a beautiful outdoor patio that had tables for dinner and closed houses in case it was cold. The buffet was not very big, but everything was good. More details and photos in my blog."
"I arrived on the 30/11/2021 and after a very minor issue about the availability of my early room my total experience has been five star. Room 10/10, people 11/10, food 10/10 and spa the best I have experienced in many years. Back as soon a possible now my place to stay in Frankfurt"

57 Reviews
Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
15.8km from Frankfurt Airport
250m from Frankfurt Hauptwache Station
240m from Hauptwache
310m from Eschenheimer Tor
"The hotel was unexpectedly nice, very new, high end atmosphere! Especially the handsome guy who gave us check-in service was excellent and warm and caring! Thank him very much! The hotel is located in the center of the old town, very close to the Roman Forum, 10 minutes walk! There is a big mall next to the hotel, and a shopping street is out of the mall! Breakfast is very rich and staff service is good, all in all very good value!"
"The hotel location is very good, 1 minute away from the subway station, the entrance is the Z shopping center and the largest galleria mall. The hotel is stylishly decorated and the rooms are very modern. The breakfast variety is not much, they are all western style, which is the only regret. Fortunately, there is Longjing tea. The waiters were very nice and the waiters were in place. Room service is available twice a day."
"The hotel location is very good, and the transportation is convenient. It is next to the shopping mall. Turn left when you go out to the subway entrance. I live in a standard room. The room is average in size. The toilet is larger than the bedroom. Help? Facilities are also very good. Snacks and drinks in the refrigerator are free for the first time. Additional charges are required for supplements."

47 Reviews
Opernplatz 16, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
19.0km from Frankfurt Airport
520m from Frankfurt Hauptwache Station
340m from Alte Oper
470m from Eschenheimer Tor
"The rooms are spacious, the room temperature is adjusted properly, the facilities are perfect, and the bedding and hardness are very comfortable. Very close to the shopping street, Frankfurt is the first choice for sweeping goods. When I went to the hotel where the train station changed to the subway, the stone road that dragged the big suitcase all the way was very unfriendly. I left the airport and decided to take a taxi. The hotel can reserve a locomotive, five large boxes for five people, and a Mercedes Vito fifty euros."
"Excellent location next to the city center opera square. We stayed pleasantly in a clean and nice facility and had a pleasant day as the wine market opened every Friday near the next morning."
"The hotel breakfast is too simple for us, the beds and pillows are soft, the health is good, and the service staff is very welcoming. It would be nice if the breakfast can be enriched, after all, the price of breakfast is also high"

48 Reviews
Terminal 1, Gate Z25, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
770m from Frankfurt Airport
1.1km from Frankfurt Airport Railway Station
"First of all, what I want to say is that it is very convenient and close to go to this hotel after getting off the plane at T1. I stayed in a windowless room. When I checked in at the front desk of the hotel, the beauty was a Cypriot. I heard that we were transferring from Cyprus. Give me a free upgrade to a room with a window. Thank you very much. The night view outside the window is quite beautiful. The room is not big, but clean and tidy. The TV 📺 is not small, and the bathroom feels very good. There is a free water dispenser in the corridor, and the coffee machine also provides free coffee and free milk. It feels very user-friendly. I will stay here after a long transit time in Frankfurt, which is really great. 🧹 Hygiene: Good 🍃 Environment: Good 🔔Service: Good"
"Very good, very good, I like it very much, the hotel is very big, the house is very spacious, very comfortable, the bath is very convenient, the transit is very convenient, but it is a bit expensive, other things are fine, the hotel staff are very friendly."
"The room was clean and tidy, and the staff at the counter were friendly. There is hot water at the front desk, some free coffee, milk and tea. Transit rest is very convenient."

39 Reviews
Am Kaiserplatz, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
15.7km from Frankfurt Airport
560m from Frankfurt Hauptwache Station
130m from Willy-Brandt-Platz
500m from Hauptwache
"The hotel is in good area, close to critical Zeil Street, and you can walk around on several beautiful places nearby. Opposite the center is a walkway and restaurants. Starbucks opposite the hotel. It is approximately 1 km away from the Jumeirah Hotel (Marriott) and MyZeil mall. It is approximately a kilometer from the main train station. It is located in the center of Frankfurt. And the car stops at the door and they take it to the parking lot . For a small fee per day, 40 Euro per day. We did not try the breakfast. Breakfast is 35 Euro , but if you book in advance from the reception, it will be 25 Euro . The receptionists are excellent and fast. The rooms are excellent. I thank Mr. Ahmed (Egyptian ) for helping to carry the Luggage and guiding us to the nearest restaurant. We did not like ... The air conditioning was not cold, there are a lot issues and the sound of it on the first day and the maintenance staff talk is coming and they say the air conditioners are old and there is no solution after that, and they say the air conditioners are not suitable for the German weather and the sudden heat. The beds and pillows are very uncomfortable. The room does not have a kettle for tea or coffee."
"Classic structure with modern amenities. Bed was comfy, though the a/c could be better. Wasn't as effective during the afternoon hours. Room was spacious, with fridge - but no coffee maker. Had to ask for a kettle. Gym was well equipped - great workout ! Loved the treadmills - very solid quality. Awesome to run on. Several machines and free weights. Hand towels and water available. However, there was no bin for used/soiled towels....had to place those in one of the trash bins. Elevator a little dated....could only fit 2 with luggage, 3 would be a squeeze. Good location, many food options nearby."
"The staff at this hotel were wonderfully pleasant, from our first interaction, to our last. The room was well decorated, and very clean. The location of this hotel to the train station is a convenient walk, but make sure you take a street that does not take you through the red light district (unless you’re inclined) :) The historic area of Romerberg, is a great part of Frankfurt to explore, and only a short walk from the hotel. Check out Restaurant Gaststätte Zum Storch while in the area."

59 Reviews
Hochstrasse 4, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
17.0km from Frankfurt Airport
480m from Frankfurt Hauptwache Station
190m from Eschenheimer Tor
480m from Hauptwache
"Breakfast is simple, the intestines over the cold side are salty. Go online and fill in a code at the front desk. Parking is the most expensive in the Swiss itinerary. It costs 32 Euros per night, and it is not parking by itself. The hotel is older, and it doesn't matter that the door frame is broken. Nothing else. Good location near shopping center"
"The administrative treatment is good, and the fruit snacks are welcome. There are also many types of breakfast. The Executive Lounge is slightly smaller. In the aisle on one floor, there are slightly fewer categories, only basic sausages and cold cuts."
"Good hotel, breakfast variety, favorite fried eggs on the spot! Location is good, less than 500 meters from shopping festival, 5 minutes walk to Galeria mall."

43 Reviews
Graf zu Ysenburg und Buedingen Platz 1, Dreieich, Hessen, Germany
18.4km from Frankfurt Airport
"Very nice hotel! Very good service and sincere welcome to the fruit... Although the traffic seems not so convenient, but the door is waiting for a large rental, taxi is also not expensive... The restaurant is great! The back garden rushes to the foot... The first floor room glass door leads directly to the garden, very beautiful"
"The hotel is not far from the airport, but also from the city center. The room is large, clean and comfortable. There is a large garden and there is a lake in the yard. The scenery is super good. Breakfast is plentiful. The fly in the ointment is too big in the resort hotel, too detour."
"Breakfast is too expensive, extra bed price is expensive, but the service is good, the surrounding is rather desolate, but it is more convenient to go to other places. Parking charges are 12 Euro per day, slightly expensive, and self-driving tour is convenient."

46 Reviews
Eschenheimer Tor 2, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
16.7km from Frankfurt Airport
410m from Frankfurt Hauptwache Station
90m from Eschenheimer Tor
400m from Hauptwache
"My ratings have always been low, not for which one. The overall feeling of this hotel in Frankfurt is still good, but I will fill in the pits for other comments. Who said that the green apples sent were delicious? Is it sour? Who said the hotel had a good breakfast? There are not even standard scrambled eggs for breakfast. There are not many varieties of breakfast. The eggs should be ordered separately. Of course, they are free. There are bacon and ham without sausages. The intestines cannot be ordered separately, the room is ok, the bathroom is completely transparent and unobstructed. Of course, the double bed room I set, I do n’t know if it is a twin room. It may be awkward if it is a friend or colleague. It is very small and ordinary. Two people and two large boxes are full, but there have been comments that the elevator is fun and special. What do you not understand? Are there other elevators? My evaluation is as objective as possible."
"First of all, the room I booked and stayed in was not a room type. The first day was very tired. No complaints. The hotel room for me was very noisy. There was no way to sleep. I booked a 25 square meter bed. The front desk gave me 20 square meters. After I complained about the normal room, I changed the room the next day and it was a Korean boy who helped me deal with it. The late room was not bad. There are things in my country. Check out one day in advance. The result was only refunded according to the price of their hotel on the day. Full refund of my room rate via Ctrip communication Thank you"
"Hotel location is very good, not far from shopping pedestrian street. It is a pity that the building is too old, and it should be a typical 60-70s concrete slab building after German war. It was later renovated, but the facilities were average, the room was small, and the elevator squeezed in at most 3 people. Some feel back to college dormitory."

Very Good
35 Reviews
Airport / Terminal 1, Hugo-Eckener-Ring 15, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
3.2km from Frankfurt Airport
150m from Frankfurt Airport Regional Station
"My wife and I love Marriott. We also love to stay at tis one whenever either of us is flying out on business. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to see that the entire renovation had been completed and that the adjoining Sheraton was now open. This also meant that a hot, new bar and seating area was now open. My wife and I sat down and were quickly visited by a young waitress. We ordered two glasses of Chardonnay. She asked if we would like doubles to which we said yes. When the glasses came, the pours were barely at the .2L line on the glass. We figured she must not have heard us. Later we ordered a second round and received tow more glasses of Chardonnay at the.2L line. Now, if the normal pour is simply to the .1L line, then I am stunned that any bar would serve so little of an amount. However, the bigger shock came when she gave me the bill. For the four glasses of wine, we were charged 65,60 euros. I asked her if this was for the double pour to which she rudely replied yes. I, then, expressed confusion as I said our pours were only to the .2L line. Shen then rudely answered that this was a double. My goodness! For the price we paid for a total of .8L (just shy over a bottle) of Chardonnay, we could have purchase a better bottle elsewhere. If this is the normal pricing, I will look elsewhere from now on."
"I stayed in the Frankfurt Airport Marriott hotel for one night in March 2022. I had originally booked the Sheraton Frankfurt airport, where I have stayed many times before, but the hotel "upgraded" me to the newly renovated Marriott which is right next door to the Sheraton. At first glance, the hotel gives a good impression. Nice, clean, modern design, and a very friendly and kind receptionist had me checked in and on my way to my room in no time at all. Unfortunately however, that was about the only positive thing about this stay. When I arrived in my room, it was warm and stuffy because it was sunny and 25 degrees outside without any breeze. I tried to switch on the air conditioning, but to my dismay I found that the hotel doesn't have air conditioning, only central heating. I spoke to the hotel, and they suggested turning off the heating which didn't help at all as it was so hot outside. I tried to change back to the Sheraton but was informed that it was fully booked. I was offered a suite as compensation which was extremely kind of the hotel. However I had to decline this kind offer as the suite was equally warm. Finally the very helpful gentleman at the reception desk gave me a room where the windows opened (only 10 degrees). I opened the window, but it was still extremely warm and uncomfortable until late at night when the temperature went down to 8 degrees. The food was of mediocre quality and I ended up paying 79 euros for a salad and a pasta. I wouldn't hesitate to stay in this hotel again IF they install an air conditioning system. However, until they do I would recommend against anyone staying there as the rooms are just too warm. I had a very uncomfortable stay and hardly managed to sleep."
"A big shout out to the Marriott Team at Frankfurt Airport. What should of been one night while waiting for my PCR test to come through before flying home, ended up in me being in isolation for a week. Breakfast delivered to the my door every day - and it was plentiful! Lasted the whole day to be honest. I was flabbergasted about the level of care from the F&B team. Overall, the hotel location cannot be better if you are bridging time for an early next-day flight from FRA. Linked to the airport building, the terminals and main train station are not far (no need to step outside!). Same goes for several restaurant options located in the office complex Sqiuare. Rooms are renovated and spacious, as well as quiet. There is also a lounge for higher-tier Bonvoy members with good F&B choices and extremely friendly staff that make sure you are taken care of. Next time I am flying out of Frankfurt and would like to spend a relaxing night before departure, this is the property I would definitely choose again!"

50 Reviews
Poststr. 6, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
14.5km from Frankfurt Airport
200m from Frankfurt Central Station
190m from Hauptbahnhof
1.0km from Willy-Brandt-Platz
"Overnight with breakfast. Although it was very convenient to transport from Frankfurt Central Station, it was not a safe and clean area. The hotel was clean, the staff were generally helpful and there was no problem with the room facilities. The breakfast was delicious at the buffet, and the egg dishes and sausages were ordered, so I could eat freshly made. Overall it seems to be a high quality hotel."
"The rooms are small, the facilities are average, the service at the front desk is acceptable, the breakfast is poor, and a middle-aged female waiter in the breakfast room lacks proper training, has a bad attitude, and speaks loudly, which is unpleasant. Hotels in Germany are considered cost-effective, but many places as mentioned above are not enough five-star standards, Ctrip's hotel ratings are always too high and disappointing. It is conveniently located across from Central Station."
"Because the luggage is too large, I don't want to drag the suitcase to find the hotel near the train station. This one is just across the train station, just across the small road, the location is ideal, the service is good, the breakfast is rich and the Chinese food is fried. Not bad."

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