TOP 10 Shilin Hotels


Very Good
104 Reviews
No.1 Heilongtan Road, Shilin, Yunnan, China
7.3km from Shilin Railway Station
"The room was huge, very suitable for a family, with a nice cabin atmosphere. The showerhead holder in the room needs to be fixed, but everything else in the room was fine. The staff were very friendly and helped me arrange a ride to Naigu Stone Forest and to the bus station. The hot springs were very beautiful, but I'd recommend not visiting during a holiday weekend, as there were tons of kids running around screaming and all the tubs were full. I'm sure during a weekday or normal weekend, it would be a nice experience though. Overall, a nice place and I'd like to come back sometimes. "
"Booked a soup house and a big bed room. 20 hours stuck in time. I can’t sleep well when I travel and get up and check out if I don’t get enough sleep. The soup house is a little bit away and I have to walk a long way with heavy luggage. There is no waiter to help. The most important thing is that the bath water temperature in the double bed room and the soup house is low. People with warm and hot water must wash themselves. The water temperature and service of the resort hotel at the same price are completely different."
"This place is a dream. It is heaven given to you for a very cheap price. We did not like the smell of our room but everything was clean and everyone was very careful and nice. Be careful to make sure hot springs are included."
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592 Reviews
Ashima Town, Shilin, Yunnan, China
11.7km from Shilin Railway Station
"Breakfast rice noodles are super delicious, others are okay, there are not many categories, it can be counted in Shilin, there are too many 5 star hotels I have lived in, so it is inevitable to compare, the service will not talk about it, the simple communication is Yes, there are also smiles, that is, not professional, haha, check out the elevator, restaurant, hot springs, wifi, say nothing, like I know everything, hahaha, the suite I live in is very good, vision, health All are very good, the price is very cheap, the hot springs are also very good, there are not many people, children like it very much."
"Come for a business trip and come to the Aquarium by the way. The hotel is very close to the Aquarium. I have forgotten how long I drove. It should be more than ten minutes. The hotel looks very tall and the pillows are very different from other hotels. It is very comfortable. Take it back, haha, you can soak in a hot spring in the hotel when you come back to the aquarium. It’s really comfortable this day, and the lady at the front desk also praised the service attitude. This time I came out in a good mood, hahaha"
"Good location, convenient check-in! Good front desk service! If you are traveling with a parent or family! Can open the suite! Personally feel that breakfast is normal! Breakfast service sisters seem to go to work without bringing a soul! There is also a suggestion that the hotel's breakfast can provide omelettes! Friends of the halogen egg abroad do not like this taste! But the fried egg guests need to be able to fry and not waste."
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343 Reviews
No.1-1 Heilongtan Road, Shilin, Yunnan, China
8.1km from Shilin Railway Station
"Zizhuyuan Hotel is a part of Xinglin Grand View Industrial Park. The entire Xinglin Grand View Park covers a wide area, with many projects and activities. Compared with other scenic spots in Shilin, it is an independent existence. If you go to play, this Grand View Park is a good independent scenic spot. The hotel service is quite good. Compared with the housing hardware conditions, the small yards are very distinctive, but the room facilities are relatively general, and there are occasional Xiaoqiang in and outs... The most need to complain is the bath and toilet, which seems to be separated but connected together There is no glass door to separate, the bathroom is fully open, the toilet is full of water in a bath, and the floor mat towels can’t absorb at all. They are soaked in minutes and can’t be used anymore. It’s very wasteful~ I don’t know what the designer thought about here. ……I went to the restaurant four times after staying for three days. As a scenic restaurant, the price is not bad, and the taste is also ok~ Supper has a barbecue at the campfire square. I grilled it myself and it tastes good. The owner is also enthusiastic. I recommend one ~"
"The most important thing to praise, praise, and praise is the unknown captain in charge of hotel fire protection and security (seems like the captain) and eager to help emergency! When I checked in at night, my family became ill, and there were no rentals around. The black car was even more expensive. When I was in a hurry, I met Huo Lei Feng. He drove a small battery car and braved the cold wind on the black road for seven or eight kilometers and sent me to buy it. The medicine, the penny is not collected, and the urgent need is solved. I really met Huo Lei Feng~Unfortunately, I didn't have time to ask the master's name in a hurry. I can only thank you for the praise!"
"The hotel is a small three-story building, but I haven't seen a few of them. The environment is still quite good, there are more flowers and plants, so there are also many mosquitoes. I wanted to stroll around at night, but there are so many mosquitoes. The hotel staff is not well-trained, and the front desk is unprofessional. Breakfast is not even flattering, the most basic eggs are not available. The fried dough sticks are very hard and ginger, and the milk is very watery, without any milky taste. Let's go out to eat."
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Very Good
205 Reviews
No. 1 Heilongtan Road, Shilin, Yunnan, China
7.3km from Shilin Railway Station
"Shilin Xinglin Grand View Garden Shiquan Village Chalet Hotel is a good vacation spot. The rooms are large and full of facilities, especially suitable for vacation. The bath water is very comfortable. The scenery outside the window is very beautiful. Heishiyu Park can be called a small stone forest, which perfectly combines the scenery and Chinese medicine culture, and staying in a hotel can play the park for free, which is very worthwhile. You can also buy organic matsutake, lilies and strawberries, and eggs. Especially fresh and delicious."
"Checked in many times, very good, the front desk service is getting better, check in many times, very good, the front desk service is getting better, check in many times, very good, the front desk service is getting better and better"
"Shilin Xinglin Grand View Garden Shiquan Village Chalet Resort Hotel has large rooms, complete supporting facilities, good air, and hot springs next to it"
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Very Good
2032 Reviews
No.988 Shilin Avenue (The Stone Forest Ice Ocean World), Shilin, Yunnan, China
83.8km from Changshui International Airport
7.1km from Shilin Railway Station
"The hotel is right next to the Sea World ticket gate, very close. The deluxe parent-child room is the same as the picture. It is the bottom one at the end of the corridor. The road outside the room is very noisy and the air conditioning in the room is loud. The children in the tent like it very much, and the style is also good. But if you regard it as a parent-child hotel, it is too far away. First of all, the service does not make you feel happy, the breakfast is simple, and the room has potato chip residue left by the last guest... But if you are just like me, If you want children to go to the room to sleep when they are tired, then they can enter the park after waking up. Then this hotel can basically be satisfied."
"We arrived at the hotel more than 10 o'clock, the receptionist told us that we would not be able to check in after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Next door is the amusement park. It is so convenient for us to go straight to the amusement park after storing our luggage. When I was tired from playing in the afternoon, I went back to the hotel to get a room. We booked a tent bed in the parent-child room, which the children liked very much. It is recommended to put something under the tent, because the bed must be too hard. The breakfast rolls taste good."
"I always thought I had commented, but today I found that I did not comment! Bring a child to play, right in front of the Ice and Snow World. If you are tired, you can rest in the hotel. Tickets can be entered and exited multiple times, which is quite convenient. The children in the hotel like the decoration very much, and the price is also close to the people. Really sorry, late review"
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113 Reviews
Near Shilin Avenue (Yizu 1st Village), Shilin, Yunnan, China
81.5km from Changshui International Airport
4.7km from Shilin Railway Station
"The location is near the stone forest, which is more convenient for self-driving. It looks like a hotel converted into a villa area. Usually live in, few people, seemingly deserted, not lively, the hot spring pool around the outdoor rockery is basically not open, and there is a security door guard. There is a hot spring area with a waiter area. Which pool do you want to soak in? You can tell her to let the water out. The waiter's attitude is okay, that is, they don't know much about the surrounding diet. Of course, there is still some enthusiasm for assisting guests. I also take the initiative to lead the way and help carry luggage. I heard that I just came to the hotel soon, and I hope to keep this service enthusiastic. Just happened to meet the hotel finances, and also recommended an old restaurant for dinner, good quality and low price. Like her here! The price comparison is still very affordable, of course, it varies from person to person. Less than 500 yuan can live in a suite, large area, good health, independent hot spring pool in the room is still very enjoyable. May be suitable for couples, after all, this place is quiet and few people. If you do n’t like the lively place, it ’s suitable to bring kids, but waiters are rare outside. Breakfast is also good, as well as local fruit mangosteen, good. Finally, it is suggested that the hot spring pool in the room should be built in a place where you can see the scenery, rather than looking at the covered bridge outside, which is a price drop. The basic curtain can't be opened, it just feels like taking a bath in the bathroom."
"The environment is okay, the sanitation of the bathroom needs to be improved, and the service is not bad. If there is a problem, everyone will see it, but the whole process is tangled after all. I booked a room two days in advance, brought the children, and brought large and small bags to the front desk. I said that there was no order. I waited for more than half an hour to no avail. In the end, Ctrip came forward to solve this situation. I have never encountered this situation, too. No one. I wanted to take a bath and rest when I went to the room. There was no hot water and I said I would have to wait a few hours. It's just that children in the playground like it, and the waiter's attitude is also very good, I should come back again. When I checked out, I realized that the price was over 100 yuan! 😂 But I accept this problem, I just want to make a reservation, please check a few more websites"
"It’s particularly bad. There is no hot water for bathing. I ask you to wait to see it at night. The hot spring is dirty and the big swimming pool is dirty and cold. The baby has to go for a swim. When I get up and go back, there is no bath water. It’s a waste of such a big place. Operating"
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821 Reviews
"The Sloane Place Hotel (Boshengsilixuan Jiudian) is a 5-star hotel within easy reach of the Stone Forest scenic area, one of Yunnan's well-known scenic spots, and grants guests convenient access to the Kunming-Shilin expressway.In this deluxe Shilin hotel, accommodations are completed with central air conditioning, mini bars, safes, LCD televisions and broadband Internet access.Cantonese, spicy Sichuan and local dishes are served at the on-site Chinese restaurant. Wi-Fi access is available throughout this hotel. Those with leisure time may head to the lobby bar to enjoy drinks."
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113 Reviews
No.221 Shilin Middle Road, Shilin, Yunnan, China
14.4km from Shilin South Railway Station
"New hotel, good service, good breakfast soup, comfortable bed, fast hot water, convenient parking, clean and sanitary, a good choice!"
"The front desk staff are warm and friendly, the rooms are clean and tidy, and the hotel has a large parking lot"
"Good location for discovering Shilin and around. Very helpful and friendly staff. Tasty restaurant next to the hotel. "
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Very Good
396 Reviews
No.1 Ashima North Road, Shilin, Yunnan, China
13.5km from Shilin South Railway Station
"It should be considered a relatively good hotel in Shilin. The facilities are relatively new, the view from the window is not bad, the double bed is quite wide and convenient to bring the baby, and the hardware basically meets the standards of Days. Breakfast is generally good, relative to the price of around 350, the hardware is basically up to standard. But the software and service really need to be improved. First of all, the lobby is shared by two hotels, and the counter is close to the check in and almost went to the wrong place. The second is that the waiter training is really not enough. Ctrip paid the full amount. There was no problem at check-in. As a result, after half an hour, I was asked to go downstairs again to pay the room rate. . There are only two pillows, no disposable slippers, and no one can answer the room service call. I called the front desk and said to wait and then hang up the phone directly. Although it was finally resolved after more than 1 hour, the response speed of the service was really worrying. Finally, there is the problem of sound insulation. Even the sound insulation of the corridor is not enough. Many square dance music downstairs at night is very loud, and karaoke sounds too. After the window is closed, it is slightly better. Poor sleep quality may be a bit affected."
"I was going to play in Stone Forest the next day, so I chose to live here. The hotel was really not satisfied. In December, the air conditioner was still not on. The first time I went to the front desk to ask and answered that we would turn on the air conditioner at 6 o'clock in the evening, we called the customer service at 6 o'clock and said that we would find someone to help us check the air conditioner. At 8 o'clock, I called again to talk about it, but it was still cold! The heating doesn't come until at least 8:30 in the evening! ! ! It was the first time br encountered that there were no disposable slippers in the room, only two pairs of slippers that were sterilized, and I didn't want to wear them. . . br It was too cold at night and wanted to boil some hot water to drink. The water I poured out after boiling it a few times was very muddy. I didn't know if it was the water quality or other problems such as the kettle. In the end, I didn't dare to drink it. . . The restaurant on the third floor of the br hotel is pretty good, recommended"
"There is a ktv on the middle floor of the hotel, which uses the same elevator as the hotel guests. Many people smoke in the elevator. The check-in experience is really bad, and the ktv is very noisy. I feel noisy on the 15th floor. The room area is large and the sanitary environment is ok, but the slippers are of the environmentally-friendly type, which I personally dislike. Breakfast is ok, it seems to have both Chinese and Western styles, but coffee is instant, I will endure, what is going on without milk... there is a toaster, what is the situation without butter 😳"
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576 Reviews
No.75 Ashima East Road, Shilin, Yunnan, China
14.5km from Shilin South Railway Station
"Visitors to Shilin will find that this hotel is a fantastic accommodation choice. It's easy to keep connected with the property's Free Wi-Fi in designated areas. Shilin Railway Station is located approximately 15km away from this hotel. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. If cleanliness is important to you, this hotel makes an excellent choice, as our guests consider this to be one of the cleanest hotels in the city. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families. "
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