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No.28 Group 3, Yuanheguan Village,Wudang Mountain Special Economic Zone, Danjiangkou, Hubei, China
27.4km from Wudangshan Airport
13.6km from Wudangshanxi Railway Station
"Came to Wudang Mountain to read the comments of netizens and chose this hotel is very good, the environment is particularly good, the garden garden, the attitude of the waiter wearing purple clothes at the front desk is very good to help us upgrade the room There is a small bubble pool in the room listening to the rain at night The hot springs are very comfortable. The breakfast is too simple and needs to be improved. The attitude of the service staff should also be improved. When you see the guests smile, the security sees the guests take the initiative to help with the luggage, so the business will get better and better!"
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2269 Reviews
No.57 Beijing North Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
16.2km from Wudangshan Airport
7.8km from Shiyan Railway Station
"The reception sister at the front desk was very nice, with a very good and sincere attitude, not the kind of politeness and hypocrisy. We upgraded our room for free and gave us freshly baked cookies (still hot). The hotel facilities are still very standard, the quilt bed and pillows are very comfortable. You can park for free, and there are some drinks and tea in the room that need to be consumed separately. There is something to eat near the hotel. If you don’t buy breakfast, there is a breakfast shop next to it. The food is very rich, the price is affordable, and the taste is good. It is about 200 meters walk away from the hotel. There is a Wanda Plaza at a distance of about 1 kilometer, but when we went there was a lot of people. I really like the curtains in the room. They are tight and tightly closed, and they have very good shading properties. The design is very clever. The freshly baked cookies presented are delicious, but it feels a little bit sweet. It would be healthier if you can pick up some sugar."
"After Shiyan, I searched carefully for local hotels and I was not disappointed. The hotel staff work carefully and professionally, check in with homemade cookies, and a good breakfast. Issue a good invoice in advance and leave the store quickly. Ask about the nearby food, there is a food street 50 meters away, we went to the Hongweifang opposite, which is sufficient and economical. The room was very clean and I was messed up by myself when I took the photos. The underground parking lot is very convenient, and the license plate is free to enter and exit. Not at the expense of a veteran senior hotel."
"The hotel has a good environment, complete facilities, a 24-hour gym and swimming pool. There are many kinds of breakfast, and the hot dry noodles there are especially recommended. They are delicious. The location is also very good, less than one kilometer away from Wanda. I was particularly impressed by Miss Wang Ying, who checked in for me. Not only did she look very beautiful, she also patiently answered all my questions. The service attitude is superb, worthy of a five-star hotel, next time you come to Shiyan Would choose to live here"
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124 Reviews
No. 19 Beijing Middle Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
17.3km from Wudangshan Airport
3.5km from Shiyan Railway Station
"Opened in 2020, the Wyndham Shiyan Downtown is a great accommodation choice in Shiyan. The hotel is only 4km from Shiyan Railway Station and 17km from Wudangshan Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. Seeing Shiyan's sights from this hotel is easy with Hubei University of Medicine, Shi Yan Museum and Nanfeng Theater all close by. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. This Shiyan hotel provides parking on site. According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. "
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1179 Reviews
No.78 Beijing North Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
16.6km from Wudangshan Airport
7.0km from Shiyan Railway Station
"Good location and breakfast but don’t have pool "
"Good location and breakfast "
"Clean and staff friendly "
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115 Reviews
Building 14, Chengbang Huaxia Mansion, Beijing South Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
16.7km from Wudangshan Airport
1.0km from Shiyan Railway Station
"Shiyan L Hotel is perfect!! 5 ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤!! New, modern and pristine clean. Room is spacious and comfortable, spotlessly clean. The bed linen is clean and crisp, towels are lovely, soft and thick. Room also has a nice night view. Complimentary tea, coffee and toiletries. Heating is adjustable and works perfectly. Hotel Staff are wonderful!! Friendly, helpful and professional. They do everything to make guest happy and welcome. Breakfast was delicious, and great variety. Dining staff were smiling, attentive and made breakfast even more enjoyable. Dining room was 5 ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ clean and pleasant environment. High speed railway and buses close by as are convenience store and good food options. As Hotel is so great, we extended our stay. 😊 Highly recommend Shiyan L Hotel."
"Previously reviewed. 5 ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤Perfect!! Great stay at a great Hotel. New, modern and pristine clean. Lovely room that is comfortable and spacious, spotlessly clean. Breakfast is good variety and fresh delicious foods. Dining staff make breakfast a happy experience. Dining room 5 ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ clean. Staff are friendly, professional and welcoming. Highly recommend Shiyan K Hotel. "
"Previously reviewed. We love staying at Shiyan L Hotel. Great service by all staff, great spotlessly clean room, comfortable bed. Lovely clean and fresh linen and towels. Delicious buffet breakfast and wonderful Dining staff. Close to High speed railway, Restaurants and convenience stores. Highly recommend. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars. 😊"
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1590 Reviews
Building 1, Huijingyuan, No.48 Gongyuan Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
18.0km from Wudangshan Airport
7.3km from Shiyan Railway Station
"The hotel is newly opened, just next to the People's Park, the environment inside the room is not bad, the hotel staff service is also very good, because the room card can be used to go upstairs, so the takeaway brother can not enter, the front desk and then confirm the initiative to help send The room, because the husband had already gone downstairs to get it, but still very grateful, the day of the check-in was exactly 8.15, the hotel also sent moon cakes. Staying on the first day feels good, and renewed for one day, check out time is before 2 o'clock, you can check out after lunch break, very human, the hotel also has its own parking lot. But I feel that there are two shortcomings. My husband forgot to bring a razor, but the hotel did not have a one-time, and lived for two days. The second is that although there are many pairs of disposable slippers, but one-time Slippers are slippery, no summer slippers, and they are too convenient to wear."
"A few minutes walk from People’s Park. Arrived in the evening, the baggage will meet you sooner or later! The front desk is very welcoming, whether it is staying or leaving the store. A newly opened hotel, the facilities are not bad, but the decoration style is not my favorite. The breakfast is rich, the beef noodles are very good, the quantity is just right, it won't support or it will not be less. Just the most comfortable, green vegetables are less hahahaha..."
"The breakfast is very rich, there is a park next to the clean and hygienic environment. There is a tower near the People’s Park. There is also a place to eat in the morning. The service staff is very standard and the room is relatively large. The only thing is that it is expensive. . There is an underground parking garage, parking is convenient and safe."
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1920 Reviews
No.48 Tianjin Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
13.2km from Wudangshan Airport
5.5km from Shiyan Railway Station
"I compared the conditions and evaluations on Ctrip, and chose this one. After arriving at the store, I feel that it is worth the money! The location is easy to find, the navigation is barrier-free, just west of the intersection of Tianjin Road and Jingdong Road, you can see it on the roadside. There are enough parking spaces, a dozen front doors, dozens of backyards, and free parking. The reception desk is warm and professional (like Zhang Haixia), and the check-in and check-out procedures are very fast. There are free drinks and small food in the lobby, as well as a convenient box, very considerate. The rooms are large in size and spacious. The bathroom, sink and shower are all separated, practical and upscale. The family is very satisfied! Great value!"
"On the 11th, the sisters and four people traveled through Shiyan City. They searched for the hotel in Shiyan City with high scores through and came to this hotel with a try mind. The front desk leader Nana warmly received us and took us. I visited the warm family room, which is very suitable for our sisters to meet together. I immediately placed a single on and sent us two breakfasts. I will stay here after the next trip and share this experience with friends who need help. They"
"The hotel room is large, and there is a Shiyan local kitchen restaurant that tastes good. There are small supermarkets downstairs, there are several car washes and maintenance shops, there are parking lots in the front and back yards, and friends who drive will be very convenient. I am riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle will be arranged in the parking area on the south side of the hotel. The parking lot is also very friendly to the motorcycle. Thank you for your hospitality!"
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1988 Reviews
"Wudang International Hotel in Shiyan City is located in Chaoyang Road, Maojian District, Shiyan City, with mature business circles, convenient transportation and elegant environment. It inherits and accumulates the history and culture of government hotels. The hotel is backed by People's Park, adjacent to People's Square, Culture Square, Shuangyan Garden and other public squares. It has a strong cultural atmosphere. It is surrounded by evergreen green plants and overflowing with fresh oxygen. It is only 30 minutes away from World Cultural Heritage and Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot of 5A Class.Wudang International Hotel has introduced the management concept of International Hotel Management Group, and its service level is first-class. The hotel is well decorated, with all kinds of luxury rooms and restaurants, with more than 1000 dining places such as Chinese luxury box, banquet hall, western restaurant, administrative lounge, etc. Chinese cuisine is dominated by Hubei and Guangdong cuisine, supplemented by Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. Western restaurants offer morning and evening buffets, business packages and theme zeros. The administrative lounge on the 25th floor is calm and quiet, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Shiyan.The Wudang International Hotel in Shiyan has a multi-functional pillarless banquet hall with an area of 1000 square meters and a professional venue of 30-600 square meters. It can hold various types of banquets and conferences. The hotel is equipped with 18,000 square meters of large double-deck underground parking lot, high-star fitness center, first-class hardware facilities, and meticulous service. There is a leisure and elegant environment, there are a variety of special services, hoping to become your first choice for travel and staying."
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1051 Reviews
Jijia Square, No.9 Shanghai Road, Shiyan, Hubei, China
18.6km from Wudangshan Airport
3.6km from Shiyan Railway Station
"Shiyan Meisheng Holiday Hotel Room facilities: all aspects are quite complete, the hotel does not have an automatic laundry room. Cost-effective: Generally speaking, the cost-effectiveness is general. The price is average. Because the price of Hilton at the same level is probably more than 200 and more than 300. wifi: Wifi is really slow. And there is a problem with the hotel's wifi. I use my laptop to connect to wifi in various hotels in China. It is normal. However, it will crash in a year in this hotel. The crash occurs many times. I have checked the computer problems, but they are not computer problems. . So, I estimate that it is still a problem with wifi. Bed: The comfort of the bed is quite good, and the pillows are also good. Hygiene: Hygiene looks good overall, but. I suggest that the hotel replace the smart toilet with a smart toilet. It will be even better. Parking: Listening to the car to tell the truth is more difficult. The hotel has to stop in a square opposite. Room view: Room view, because I live on the 4th floor. Quite noisy. Facing the street and the road. I fought the front desk. Hope to be given an upgrade, but the front desk. The attitude is very blunt. The service attitude is not particularly good. Objectively speaking, I don't like the reception of guests at the front desk. Very blunt and cold. Or rather arrogant. Perhaps it is because tourism in Hubei Province has recently recovered. The passenger flow of hotels is relatively large, and hotels are starting to start again. Location and transportation: The location is also pretty good. Don't worry about eating. There are many foods around the hotel."
"Recommend this hotel, the price is very high, the decoration meets the five-star standard, clean and hygienic, but some services, dining and entertainment are simplified, and the relative price is more affordable. There is no gym, no meals other than breakfast, bathrobes and laundry services. These reduced services are reflected in the price accordingly. For me, room quality and basic service and basic service guarantee are more important. Breakfast is too cheap, 30 yuan per person, although the variety is relatively simple, but basically there are some, and the taste is not bad. Relative to the price, I am personally satisfied with this stay."
"To be honest, in a fourth-tier city like Shiyan, which is 275 yuan (excluding breakfast), the facilities in the hotel are really terrible, and there is no bathrobe. Overall, it feels not worth the price. You have to know that it is better in downtown Shanghai The hotel is only over 400, which is a super first-tier city. The price in Shiyan is no one. It's not that the hotel is not good, but I'm sorry for the price. The 208 hotel where I went to Yantai on business trip was much better than this!"
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1535 Reviews
No.9 Kaixuan Avenue, Shiyan, Hubei, China
21.1km from Wudangshan Airport
7.7km from Shiyan Railway Station
"The Hilton Garden Inn is great ~ why do you say that? From personal experience... No matter software: staff quality, hotel service level, or hardware: hotel facilities, all are online. Exceeding expectations~ Although I only stayed for a day and a half, I want to use the word "moving" to describe the experience of staying... Xiao Jiang at the front desk, I hope I remember the last name correctly. He works hard, treats guests courteously and efficiently and efficiently. On the morning of the second day of check-in, I fell ill and felt sore and I was about to catch a cold, so I ordered fruits and medicines, and the takeaway was at the front desk. The account manager Wang Rui learned that I was not in good health and sent the things I ordered to the room , He asked me if I had no appetite, I really couldn't eat anything, my whole body was sore. So, he asked the restaurant to prepare porridge for me, and he ran a trip to help me deliver porridge and small pickles. I drank the porridge and took medicine, and I felt much better~ In addition to being moved, I am still moved~ I strongly recommend the Hilton Garden in Shiyan to everyone~ the hotel has convenient transportation, the staff has good professional quality, and treats guests as kind and respectful as family. The hotel service is great. Highly recommend to everyone~ Choosing the Hilton Garden Inn in Shiyan is definitely a wise choice~ BTW: It's really great~"
"The mountain city of Shiyan is a scenic spot in Wudang. Beautiful and clean streets, modern and fashionable hotels, convenient transportation, 5 kilometers from the highway, parking spaces on the ground of the hotel, standard management, safe in place; the hotel facilities are intact, luxurious and easy to use, and the breakfast is rich and beautiful; the guest rooms are clean, comfortable and quiet I like the young lady wearing glasses at the front desk very much. Not only is she too beautiful, she has a high level of professionalism, the service is in place, the service is standard, the warmth is generous and the tips are warm and in place, leaving a very unforgettable impression, suitable for all kinds of travel!"
"I am satisfied with everything else. This bed is the deadliest: Generally, hotels have two pillows high and low, and this hotel only has one. The bed is so’s almost impossible. I sat on the bed and sank halfway through it. My back hurts when I was sleeping. I woke up countless times in a night, and so did my friends. Is there really no tester to tell you how you feel? ! ! Really bad"
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