Top 10 Singing Hills Golf Course Hotels

Top 10 Singing Hills Golf Course Hotels


13 Reviews
2-6 Ship Street, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"This hotel is rebuilt and designed from an old building. The interior decoration is very elegant, except that there is no elevator, it is very difficult to carry luggage to the room, but the overall design is very beautiful"
"Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good"
"The breakfast in this hotel is average but the room is still very big and comfortable. It is also very close to the beach. If you want to see the beach and take a girlfriend with you, it is very romantic"
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16 Reviews
Brighton Marina, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"It is about 2 kilometers from the city center of Brighton. The traffic is very convenient. No extra bed is allowed, and children can be taken. The room is not big, but the design is very distinctive, with artistic style. The sea view room has a balcony, and the sea and harbor are outside, which is very nice. Downstairs is the Food City, let’s have a good meal."
"Located at Brighton Pier, the yacht marina is outside the balcony of the room. Great vision. There are many cafes, pizzas and so on. The main recommendation is the westen Quay bar, which is a pure English pub. Recommend interested friends to try"
"The breakfast was very good and the bed could be extra bed. The location is very good and very convenient."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Ockenden Lane, Cuckfield, Cuckfield, West Sussex, United Kingdom
"We got home this morning from a nights stay at Ockenden Manor staying in the room Luke. Firstly, once we had arrived we had to wait 10/15 minutes before we were even acknowledged (even though there was someone at reception - they could have given us a nod or a smile to acknowledge we were there). We then got to our room which to be honest is very dated, and there was a stain on the duvet cover. We also noticed that a lot of pictures were hung up wonky. After putting on our ‘fluffy’ dressing gowns, which is the word you use on your website, they were as rough as anything. Mine had two very large holes under the arm pits and the loops were hanging on by a thread on both of ours. After this discovery, we then realised we had no flip flops in our room, even though we were instructed to walk from our room, through the car park and into the spa (which we were not notified of this at the time of booking). We told reception about the state of our dressing gowns and was offered no apology but was advised we can change them at the spa. After the trek through the car park, flicking mud up our backs, we got to the spa around 3.15pm. The welcome we got there was somewhat unusual. We were greeted with a joke ‘you’ve chosen a good time to come, it’s going to be chaos in 15 minutes with family time starting soon’. This isn’t what you want to hear when you’ve just walked into a spa. They did not ask whether we’ve been there before, if we had any treatments booked or let us know where anything was - we were just told that towels are in the cubby hole, so we were left to wander about to find things for ourselves. The spa itself is nice when it is quiet, however we noticed lots of old paper cups lying around as well as used face masks on the floor. There was also no cups by one of the taps stating ‘drinking water’. We had a three course meal and the food was good, however my boyfriend wasn’t too hungry for desert, so therefore asked for 1 scoop of ice cream - which you tried to charge us £5 for. We questioned this and then it was removed from our final bill. The atmosphere in the dining room is somewhat awkward and the staff are very robotic and not engaging in conversation. We then came to check out (finally), and the receptionist didn’t even ask how our stay was - isn’t that the first thing that should be said when you check out? That is just basic customer service. We booked Ockenden Manor as we wanted a relaxing time away - however it was the opposite."
"We stayed 1 night for our anniversary, mainly to make use of the spa. The hotel was nice. Nothing overly fancy, and nothing negative really to say, it just wasn't really my style of place. It was clean, the dinner was nice the beds were very comfy, I just prefer a more modern looking place. I also wasn't too keen on the turn down service in the evening! Breakfast also wasn't the usual buffet style that I am fond of. You order from a menu. Whilst they offer a full English, I don't like most of the items and then ended up customising the whole thing. The were accomodating of my fussy antics. The staff in the restaurant were lovely. The spa isn't actually in the hotel. This is a newer building around the corner and this absolutely lovely. I've already pencilled in some dates to return. Indoor/outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, all the usual things, but it was all just really well maintained. I didn't have a treatment on this occasion, but will book earlier next time. Everyone was welcoming in both the hotel and the spa and I look forward to returning to the spa."
"Surprise celebration for our daughter's 30th birthday for all of the family @ Ockenden Manor in March. Had a superb weekend including treatments at the Spa and swimming with our 2 babies during the allowed sessions. Had a brilliant time and may we say thank you to all the staff who never failed to be helpful and friendly. Its a great hotel with lovely rooms, and good food. Thanks especially to Blake for baking a superb cake for the special day. Absolutely delicious and HUGE ! Thanks to everyone for making Claire's 30th brilliant. Best regards Maggie & Rob "
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33 Reviews
Kings Road, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"I went to Brighton before going to Nan'an. Although they are near the beach at the southernmost point, they still like Brighton's tranquility and romance the most. To me Brighton is a place full of memories. This time I came back to bring my boyfriend to play, because the hotel is close to the beach and there is less noise at night, so I booked this hotel. Facilities: The hotel facilities are the ones from the 1990s in Europe. Although the facilities are clean, they are slightly old. The entire room is non-smoking and requires a smoking area outside below. Because the hotel opened early, the entire hotel was like a maze, it was difficult to find the elevator, and there were no signs of reminders. In addition, the hotel towels felt used for a long time, and there were signs of wear on the corners. The style of the hotel is similar to that of the hotel in US Horror 5, which reminds me of shudder. Service: The hotel service staff is okay. Forgot to bring a conversion plug. Go to the hotel staff and provide an English to Chinese conversion plug. Staff felt impatient when checking out. I feel that they are not very kind to Chinese people, unlike other Europeans, probably because of language exchange ... Personal suggestion: For Chinese people, there will be a sense of gap, because hotel facilities are not as humane as China. For example, the socket in the room is only near the writing desk, and it is not near the bed. There is also the risk of the bathroom slipping. It's just that the hotel is in a good location, opposite the beach. However, if the room cannot be opened outside the low-rise window, it will not be visible outside. If you like a convenient and fast hotel down the train station, there are ibis and premier inn, but the two hotels are close to the street, there are many bars downstairs, and it will be noisy at night. However, there is a Chinese restaurant down at the train station called Tianxia One, which tastes good and can be tasted. If you like morning tea and Cantonese cuisine, you can try China Garden Double Happiness Restaurant. There is also a very authentic Japanese ramen restaurant opposite. Because I did not take a picture of the room, I took a video of Brighton Beach for reference. In addition, the hotel is the beach, and walking along the beach to the right is the rainbow house where Brighton took pictures."
"Usually the price is very high, the price of the weekend is doubled, the sea view room is beautiful, clean and tidy, of course, the facilities are relatively simple. Breakfast is not bad. I went to check in at about 1 pm, and it was very punctual to check out at 11 o'clock, otherwise Housekeeping would come to knock on the door."
"In the end is the old hotel, although the equipment in the room is not very good, the sea view room is good in the scenery, clean and tidy, although there is no air conditioning, but the ventilation system is not hot. Going out to the sea, overlooking 360, it is convenient to eat and drink."
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Very Good
12 Reviews
17 Jubilee Street, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"There is breakfast, but it is very simple, things are less than the average British hotel, and the price is not cheap, it costs 12 pounds a person. The room is still quite large and belongs to the simple and comfortable one. Walk to the beach for about 25 minutes and there are many bars nearby. I lived on Saturday, so it was very noisy at night. The parking lot is small and has to be booked."
"The hotel room is very large. Modern decoration. My floor is on the third floor. No windows can be opened. Because the bathroom and bedroom are connected, there will be a supermarket. The location of the hotel is convenient for travel. The parking fee is 33 pounds a night. Want to negotiate with the hotel late check out 1 hour to charge 50 pounds 😱"
"This hotel always has a lot of foreigners in the bar at night. If you like to chat with people, it’s good. The atmosphere is very good at night. It is a good place and there are convenience stores"
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32 Reviews
97-99 King's Road, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"Graduate student travel with three parents to stay in a double room did not want us to add money, the only bad thing is to give our room on the first floor floor is short and no facing the sea ... recommended friends check in and the front desk Fight for a room on a high floor. The hotel is very close to the train station. Once the train station comes out, a straight road goes to the end. The entrance to the hotel is the sea. The view is very good. It is also very close to the pier. Breakfast is very rich, definitely extra points! The service is also very good. We didn't have much money for the three people. We just confirmed the room number and name and let us go in. Breakfast is early to be able to sit by the sea. Enjoy eating while watching the sea."
"The old hotel has a good service. The breakfast is also very rich. There is always a young lady who asks for the need for tea. Convenient transportation The hotel also upgrades the room. The middle room on the seventh floor is oversized. The sea view The room is also very clean. This price is great. Super recommended!"
"Really good value for money! The only downside is that the room is not in a good position. Outside the location is a large fan, like a gas exchange, starting work at 8 o'clock every morning, ending at 9 o'clock in the evening, and being noisy."
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Very Good
11 Reviews
58 Regency Square, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"The stay is more comfortable, the location is good, and you can see the sea when you go out. There are many Chinese restaurants near the hotel for easy travel. The breakfast is richer and the service is better. The only thing lacking is that the mobile phone signal is not strong."
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16 Reviews
1-5 Kings Rd, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"Breakfast is normal, especially the potato cake is not good, the hotel goes out the driveway, it is the beach. But the hotel is a bit old, and there is no air conditioning, there is a fan, but the weather in the UK is relatively cold sooner or later, it is ok to blow the fan, otherwise it is more stuffy. The hotel's storage is not responsible for the special staff, it is a house, just take it."
"The front desk of the hotel gave a triple room on the first floor, just above the bar, and on weekends, the bar’s music was heard throughout the room at night, and it was impossible to sleep. The music didn't end until the bar closed at 2 am. The location of the hotel is good, it is very convenient to eat and travel."
"The designated tower suite has a great location and a clear view of the landmark attractions. Going late, it would be better if you arrange a higher floor. Since many services are not available for the epidemic, others cannot be commented on."
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13 Reviews
60-64 Kings Rd, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"The receptionist is very responsive and professional. Anything we asked (toothbrush, toothpaste, ice and then another extra bucket of ice!) they gave it to us promptly. The spa was great, it had two hot tubs that were regularly empty, so you can enjoy one whole hot tub alone with your friends/partner/family; there was a steam room and a sauna and plenty of sofas around the spa where you can cool off; the swimming pool is also only a few steps away, so you can plunge into the cold after the hot treatment. Unfortunately though, there was no available spaces for the treatments (facial, massage, mani/pedi, etc), so I recommend booking beforehand to ensure you get yours. One complaint is that our room's window was stuck and it couldn't be opened, so if it's proper summer weather, it can be difficult to stay there. "
"The location is very good, I have a high-end sea view room, the room is very spacious, the decoration is very new, and there is a beach style. The hotel staff at the time of check-in was very good and very welcoming. The fly in the ointment is that the breakfast is continental, basically only croissants, do not choose breakfast, please choose 11 pounds for the English breakfast in the hotel restaurant."
"Very interesting room, the same as the accommodation but very luxurious hahaha"
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15 Reviews
149 Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
"The hotel is small and clean, the sea is right out"
"Soundproof is very good, very comfortable"
"Good location and great value"
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