Top 10 Snow Lotus Hotels

Top 10 Snow Lotus Hotels


2025 Reviews
No.1988 Zhushan Avenue, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
6.9km from Jingdezhen Airport
5.2km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
12.3km from Jingdezhen North Railway Station
4.1km from Downtown
5.4km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"Gloria Plaza Resort Xishan Lake Jingdezhen 1. The hotel is located in a very good location, surrounded by a lake and built in a quiet environment, elegant and quiet, and very close to the main attractions: only 800 meters away from the China Ceramic Museum, 2.5 kilometers away from the Ancient Kiln Folk Customs Expo Area, and about 7 kilometers away from Taoxichuan. Convenience. 2. The hotel rooms are clean and tidy, the beddings are all new, and the equipment is of high quality. The desktop is very large, which is especially convenient for those with a lot of things. 3. The hotel’s breakfast is very good, with many varieties and good taste, both Chinese and Western, and the dining environment is also good. The outdoor dining table sits by the lake, elegant and comfortable. 4. The gym is large and the equipment is sufficient. There are plenty of parking spaces and parking is convenient. Overall, it is a very good resort hotel."
"The place is very big, next door is the Porcelain Museum, not far from the ancient kiln exhibition area, and it is only a 10-minute drive to the International Trade Commercial District. It is a good choice for your first visit to Jingdezhen. The hotel rooms are clean and hygienic, well equipped, but personally feel a bit stuffy, it's better after opening the windows. The breakfast is first-rate, the variety is rich, the combination of Chinese and Western, you can save a full meal at noon 😜😜😜 is recommended"
"At the foot of Jiuhua Mountain, the environment is very beautiful, you can see Buddha statues, the rooms are large, the breakfast is rich, the staff is very good, show me the room to choose the room, it is really true, and gave very loyal opinions, the mountain also depends on them. In vain, because the weather is rainy and foggy, it is not suitable for the rooftops and flower stands, which makes us feel warm. Such front desk staff is too rare!"
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1306 Reviews
No.513 Changnan Avenue, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
7.8km from Jingdezhen Airport
7.5km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
7.7km from Jingdezhen Airport
4.9km from Downtown
7.6km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"This hotel in Jingdezhen is good [happy] The decoration is very porcelain, clean and tidy, and the breakfast is good. Equipped with a full set of horse oil cleaning products, the toilet is still smart, and the back garden is small and exquisite. The hotel is about 5km away from the city center. The Chinese Ceramic Museum (forced push) is nearby. The surrounding green grass fields are very eye-catching, especially suitable for self-driving tours. The fly in the ointment is that the hardware maintenance is not in place. For example, the air-conditioning fan is noisy, the TV remote control is not sensitive, and because there is a wood stove next to it, the business is booming, and the parking spaces for meals are highlighted."
"The hotel is not large in scale, but it is more sophisticated, with a nice courtyard. Breakfast is fine too. The old firewood stove next to it has a distinctive environment. You can park at the door. However, due to the reason of the nearby restaurant, the parking space is a bit tight when the meal time is up. Overall good, quiet and elegant. The only one who didn't believe me was a guest who came at two o'clock in the morning, making loud noises in the corridor. But this is a question of the quality of the guests, not a question of the hotel. In addition, Meimei at the front desk was very polite, added WeChat, and specially gave a travel guide."
"I happened to go to Jingdezhen to play, staying at this hotel that night, the experience was not bad. The environment is elegant and has a sense of garden design. The hotel room is clean and tidy, very quiet at night, and sleep peacefully. Good facilities and convenient parking. The service staff of the hotel are also very good, the lady is very sweet, asks where it is worth playing, and also patiently told us, very enthusiastic. Come here next time, definitely come again!"
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2364 Reviews
No.28 Guangchang South Road, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
8.2km from Jingdezhen Airport
990m from Jingdezhen Railway Station
7.5km from Jingdezhen North Railway Station
5.3km from Downtown
980m from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"After the temporary decision to end the trip to Sanqingshan, I went to Jingdezhen the next day. I ordered the scenery at around 9:00 pm. I also chose the wrong room type and called the hotel to make changes. I didn’t have to place the order again and cancel the previous order. I will check in the next day. I can accurately tell the demand for my room type, and when I saw two children, I asked if I needed to increase the toiletries, which completely dispelled the discomfort caused by the poor attitude of the underground parking lot.        The room is dry and wet, with a bathtub, glass isolation but curtains, to ensure privacy, welcome fruit, sealed with plastic wrap, comfortable. Breakfast is on the 31st floor revolving restaurant, the surrounding city view is general (more old houses), the choice of food and taste are personally remembered.         The hotel is located in the city center, the surrounding dining and shopping is very convenient, we choose to take a taxi, there is a porcelain mall downstairs, you can go shopping, you can also go to the pottery street or Taoxichuan night market, Taotao little cute is very good"
"A quasi-five-star hotel with complete facilities, a clean and tidy environment, and comfortable beds. Waking up can eliminate the fatigue of travel. The front desk and room service are great. Breakfast is a buffet at the top floor revolving restaurant. The taste of the dishes is very good, that is, there are few types of dishes, and there is no fresh-ground coffee machine. A freshly made coffee machine."
"Hotel location is very good, parking is also convenient, go out is the ceramic city, we are coming to shopping, crazy purchase, direct express. The in-house revolving restaurant is also great for family outings. The bathroom and the quilt are clean. It is already the second time, although the National Day price increase, I will still choose here. Going out there are a lot of snack bars"
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847 Reviews
No. 17 Xinchang West Road, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
"🚗 Transportation: It's very close to Taoxichuan, anyway, the starting price is basically where you go to take a taxi. 🧹Sanitation: The rooms and public areas are very clean 🍃Environment: The hotel is considered a very good overall environment 🔔Service: A cup of tea will be served when you check in, which is very considerate and the service is more user-friendly The breakfast is quite hearty, and the interior layout of the room is also good!"
"The hotel is clean and hygienic, the TV screen is large, the network is good, it is good to watch dramas during breaks, the breakfast is also very rich and delicious, not far from several scenic spots, and the price is only ten yuan."
"There are many convenient transportation, convenient for eating, the location is in the city center, where you can go in, the best choice for business trips. . . . . . . . . . . . ."
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400 Reviews
No. 507, 5th floor, east gate of tea set Town, Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
8.3km from Jingdezhen Airport
1.6km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"Self-driving from Nanchang to Jingdezhen, stay in this city bed and breakfast. Just above the ceramic city, parking is very convenient, and there are free parking tickets for in and out. In fact, there are not many hotels in Jingdezhen, and there are almost no particularly good hotels. We saw this so-called "homestay" at first sight. It is small in scale, with 7 rooms and a family of four operating, whether it is mom, dad or son. My daughters are very enthusiastic and a very good family. The rooms are all modified from Loft apartment. The upper and lower floors are two floors. The only problem for us is the room where my mother-in-law lives alone. The old lady has poor legs and feet. It is really troublesome to climb up. , It is recommended that the store consider this situation and make a bed on the tatami on the first floor. Breakfast is a set meal. Rice dumplings and fried dough sticks are local specialties. You can choose your own noodles, noodles and rice porridge. In short, I can see that this is a very carefully managed family. When we come back, we recommended it to a friend. Next time I go to Jingdezhen, it will definitely be Choose this one."
"The location of the B&B is in a very prosperous neighborhood. The surrounding area is very convenient for eating and drinking. It is also very convenient to travel. It is not far from the museum of Taoxichuan and the Three Treasures. It is about 15 minutes by car. The room layout is very comfortable, very clean, odor-free, and not noisy, the breakfast is rich and delicious 🥳🥳 really cost-effective! The shop owner’s eldest brother and sister are very caring, and have the kindness of family! Jingdezhen is fun, the food is delicious, the people are very enthusiastic, and there are also great scenery around, it is worth coming again🥳🎊"
"As a homestay, this is a recommended place. Located in the downtown area, convenient for shopping, eating and parking. The accommodation is very quiet again. It can be said that there is quiet in the trouble. This is the reason I recommend. The decoration design of the room lobby shows that the store is very careful to create this simple and elegant atmosphere. The bed is not soft or hard and comfortable, the hot water is large, and the air conditioning is awesome. The breakfast is also delicious."
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3569 Reviews
No.B-16 Yuyaojing Lane, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
7.5km from Jingdezhen Airport
4.4km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
5.5km from Downtown
3.7km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"Facilities bad rating is too much to 1 point! Feeling asleep lying on the side of the road! Sound insulation is not bad, it is because of structural problems that the concept of sound insulation is not available! (Only for this room, not for other room types of this hotel) 26016.12.10, the first time I checked into this hotel, the image was very good, so I brought my family and elders to Jingdezhen this time, and booked here without thinking. Because I considered the convenience of taking care of the elders, I set up a family suite. You need to be quiet because your elders are older and do n’t sleep well. Hotel environment, health, as always, no problem. But the gap between the solid wood structure columns and the wall in the room is a little big and serious. The pillars are half in the room and half outside the building. The wall is sealed with gypsum board. The building may settle slightly, causing gaps between the columns and the wall. Cars, motorcycles, sprinklers, and construction vehicles come and go overnight. To go is equivalent to lying on the side of the road. At first I thought the windows weren't closed properly, but closing the windows was the same as not closing them, causing jubilation to dawn. Go to the front desk for inquiries and coordination. I do n’t need to change the room or compensate. I only need to get 4 earbuds. I get a reply. The hotel has no earbuds, and then I only get the words “Sorry, sorry”. Room check. Check out in the morning and react to the front desk again. The reaction is the same, only "sorry"! Ctrip recommends the first-ranked hotel, and I can only hehe, I believe this problem did not exist on the first day, but the hotel did not handle the maintenance and rectification in a timely manner, the price of more than 700 rooms, this is the experience."
"Really nice hotel! Staff was very helpful with our late departure allowing us to store bags. Rooms are very clean and beds are super comfortable for China. Breakfast in hotel was great, though Chinese. Hotel staff spoke English and were very foreign friendly. "
"Quaint and quiet location with access to the entire city. Nearby river walk and cocktail bar. Breakfast is simple and strictly Chinese but good and filling. Attentive staff with well appointed rooms. Would stay again!"
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256 Reviews
"Opened in 2018, the Chuanshang Renjia is a great accommodation choice in Jingdezhen. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 4km from Jingdezhen Railway Station and 9km from Jingdezhen Airport. With Tangying Memorial Hall, China National Ceramic Art Center and Ancient Kiln Folk Customs Museum all within a short distance, there is no shortage of things to do in the area. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. According to our guests, this hotel provides a very high level of service. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families. "
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268 Reviews
No. 578 Zhushan Street, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
10.1km from Jingdezhen Airport
3.8km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
9.2km from Jingdezhen Airport
5.9km from Jingdezhen North Railway Station
"I’m a person who doesn’t want to comment on everything, but staying in this hotel really makes me remember the good things. I want to share the good things with everyone. Tell me about the feelings of staying in this hotel. First, get off at the entrance of the hotel The security guards were very enthusiastic to help me with my luggage, and then I arrived at the front desk. The young lady at the front desk also served with a smile, and the whole person’s mood improved instantly. Then, when I arrived at the room, it was a bright spot. It was really my favorite style. There are also many types of breakfast. For a person who is particular about breakfast, the hotel’s breakfast is really rich, but I want to emphasize one point is the service. The hotel’s service is really superb. For this service I really love it, hahaha. Finally, I have to thank the security guard who helped me with my luggage. In short, if the total score is 100 points, I will score 95 points. There is still 5 minutes for improvement.😝😝😝"
"This hotel is amazing too! Outside of Jingdezhen, the locals really have to choose a hotel every time a friend comes, and then this time a friend came to play and found a new hotel here, so let's try it, and the result is really pleasant! The rooms are very large and comfortable, and very clean. The hotel facilities seem to be tall and tall, and it is indeed a business hotel! The main reason is that the accountant lady I met was really good, and she took me to find the elevator!"
"The location is not far from anywhere, a 10-minute drive from the high-speed railway station, and Taoxichuan is within walking distance. The facilities are new and the beds are moderately soft and hard. Good service, many types of breakfast, super cost-effective! ! Special praise to Xiaolin Xiaoyu at the front desk for his attentive service, clear thinking and high work efficiency. And the eldest sister in the restaurant, smiling and polite."
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73 Reviews
No. 2-1 West of Zhonghua North Road, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
6.0km from Jingdezhen Airport
5.4km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"I received a phone call from the hotel as soon as I placed my order on Ctrip. The hotel staff was very enthusiastic. They told me the surrounding environment and the distance to the scenic spots on the phone. I felt very considerate. I took a taxi from the high-speed rail station to the hotel within ten minutes, which is very convenient. . After arriving at the hotel, the front desk staff were very enthusiastic, and the check-in speed was fast. The lobby was bright and clean! The air-conditioning has been turned on in the rooms on the 6th floor of the row. The room is very clean, which makes me very satisfied. The bed is very comfortable, the night is relatively quiet, and the room has good sound insulation. Breakfast is a la carte, and you can satisfy all you want. I personally think it's great! Very cost-effective, will recommend friends to live!"
"After looking at it for a long time, I finally chose this homestay. I was not disappointed. The housekeeper Cheng Xia was very attentive, and any problems would be solved one by one. The whole stay was served during the stay. The room space is very large, the upper and lower loft style, the bed is also very comfortable and moderate in hardness, all the bathrooms are all Kohler brand, electric curtains. The whole hotel is very beautiful one step at a time, and it also presents tickets for the performance of the hometown in the dream at night. The hotel is very close to the high-speed rail station, it only takes 10 minutes to the station, which is very convenient"
"The hotel is newly opened, parking is available on both sides of the hotel entrance! The hotel has breakfast, but I didn't eat it when I got up late. I don't know how the breakfast was. The front desk service was very good, and the room was very spacious and new. I like this simple style with separation of dry and wet! The bath water is large, the bath brand is pretty good, and the smell is good! There is a clothesline in the shower room! The check-out speed is also very fast, and the overall check-in experience is great."
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337 Reviews
North of the Intersection of Qiushi Road and Boxue Road, Xianghu Campus, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
23.4km from Jingdezhen Airport
10.6km from Jingdezhen North Railway Station
15.7km from Jingdezhen Airport
11.7km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
16.8km from Downtown
11.6km from Jingdezhen Railway Station
"The hotel is located in the Xianghu campus of Jingdezhen Ceramics University. It is more convenient to enter the main entrance of the university and turn right. The hotel is located by the lake and the air is fresh and the internal facilities are acceptable. In terms of conditions, it should be the best near the school. Breakfast double Breakfast is free, although the meal is not very rich but clean and delicious, there are boiled eggs, white rice porridge, small pickles, fried rice noodles, steamed buns, jujube cakes, vegetables and fruits, etc. If you live with children, it is recommended to book a twin room (the bed can be put together) At the same time, remember to restore it when you leave. Please don’t blame the store.) It should be more practical. It is more convenient to have a private parking space in front of the hotel. The service staff and manager are very enthusiastic. In addition, the restaurant here is also very good, and the private room environment is good. The dishes and prices are also relatively affordable, I recommend everyone to try it!"
"Although the location of the hotel is a bit off, it is located in the campus of the Ceramic University, with a quiet environment and convenient parking, which is conducive to self-driving travel and accommodation. Unfortunately, when we encountered a temperature drop, we wanted to ask the hotel's air conditioner to provide warm air, but we couldn't solve the problem. The waiter added a quilt to get through the low temperature."
"In the hotel of Jingdezhen Ceramic University, you must call the hotel in advance, otherwise you cannot enter through the school gate. You must bring your room card when you leave the school, otherwise the security at the door will not let you in. good environment! Nice room👍Breakfast is great! Dinner was also used in the hotel, very good!"
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