Top 10 South Avenue Hotels

Top 10 South Avenue Hotels


2405 Reviews
No.33 Tai'erzhuang Road, Tianjin, China
17.2km from Binhai International Airport
3.1km from Tianjin Railway Station
830m from Xiaobailou
"Historical museum-like hotel! Superimpose your time into the time of history, the experience is super! 🏛Location-Within 3 kilometers of Tianjin Station, the taxi fare can be reached in about 10 minutes, and you can also walk around and watch the street view and old houses! (You can go to the Tianjin Post Museum along the way), because it is far from the commercial street to take a taxi to the ancient culture street at 20, and the environment is relatively quiet. There are restaurants around, not far from the Five Avenues, ride a bike and stroll around, it's great to film! There is a parking lot at the front entrance of the hotel, making it easy to call a car by car. 🍵Breakfast-pancakes, garba dishes, Chinese and Western collocation, can satisfy the elderly and children who want to eat hot food. The dishes are not particularly exquisite, but it's okay to eat well! The service was cleaned up in a timely manner, but I found that the placemats are generally not changed, and I feel that it is necessary to improve. 🛏I have nothing to say about the internal environment of the hotel! An immersive experience in the style of the Republic of China! The ventilation effect of the toilet in the old building is not particularly good! The rooms in the old building and the corridor are not very soundproof, but fortunately, the guests are relatively quiet. TV channel 1 introduces the history of the hotel, it is worth watching! 📷If you like to take pictures, you can bring more clothes!"
"The hotel has a long history. It is a hotel where you can stay and learn about the history and culture of Tianjin. The front of the hotel is the Haihe River, and there is also a tourist pier, which is also great for walking at night. The buildings along Jiefang North Road around the hotel are also characteristic of the Republic of China period. It is a 10-minute ride from the Five Avenue Tourist Area. There is also its own museum inside the hotel, which records the process of change over the past 100 years. It retains the revolving wooden doors, the earliest elevators, telephones, the wooden floors of the corridors and the layout of the coffee shop are also very distinctive. The hotel room layout is reasonable, the bathroom is spacious, the independent cloakroom, the big bed is comfortable and spacious. It is suitable for family travel and business trip. The lobby on the first floor has a unique style for receptions and gatherings."
"There are many good hotels in Tianjin, but not every store has a century-old history. Li Shunde has almost witnessed the entire modern history of Tianjin. Pu Yi, Zhou Enlai, Mei Lanfang, Cai E, Yuan Shikai, and U.S. President Hoover have all stayed in, so It is indeed a special feeling to experience the room in the old building. The room is beyond imagination. The furnishings, oil paintings on the walls, and wooden stairs are full of the Republic of China style, as if you are in an old movie. , It's really great, the only flaw is that the shower door design is not sealed, and the water will leak out in the bath."
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No.328 Haihe East Road, Tianjin, China
17.5km from Binhai International Airport
1.9km from Tianjin Railway Station
260m from Dawangzhuang
"The overall stay is good. The room is arranged on the 31st floor, and the Horizon Pavilion is upstairs, which is more convenient. The hotel has a nice view and faces the Haihe River. There are subways and supermarkets around, and one subway station away from Tianjin Station. The breakfast in the hotel’s executive lounge is not as rich as downstairs, but the dining environment is good, which is actually enough, recommended! The dining environment on the first floor is rather chaotic, the dishes are scattered, the placement is unreasonable, there are many people who catch up with the holiday, and the experience is poor. Afternoon tea and happy hour are also good, that is, the executive lounge drinks and drinks by yourself. It is recommended to arrange a bartender. In addition, the service needs to be improved. It is not careful enough. The reception staff in the lobby on the first floor did not take the initiative to ask about the room type, so we did not Enjoy the convenience of fast processing. But the service of the Horizon Club has nothing to say. Cao Shuang and Ms. Shan Bingjie are very considerate. It rained on the day of returning to the city and helped us with late check-out. A little brother who was in the same class with them that day was also very nice, but he didn't know his name, and thanked him for his warm service. Shangri-La Hotel is still very recommended, but Tianjin is a little smaller, and the others are very good. The room service lady is also very good, and is responsive."
"A very pleasant hotel. Although the facilities are not the best in China and the room area is not the largest, but every detail and service are great, from the corridor to the room is very beautiful, everywhere is full of Chinese elements, the room view Very good, can clearly see Haihe. The toiletries are from L’Occitane, the moisturizer is very useful, and the room service is very considerate. After I drank a bottle of books, I came back and found that I gave two more bottles. In the evening, I will help you to lay out the mats and put small cards on them. Sense of ritual. Afternoon tea is very good, the manager of the breakfast room is also very enthusiastic, the pool will play music underwater, bath towels and mineral water will be quickly replenished, the service and details of this software are beyond the Sanya Ritz Carl who just lived last month pause. The tofu in the hotel’s breakfast room is super delicious, and the variety of dishes is super rich. Behind the hotel is Kerry Hall. The Chen Shazi restaurant inside is very good. I will choose here next time I come to Tianjin!"
"I have been living in Tangla Yaxiu before in Tianjin. This time I chose Shangri-La, both in terms of service and accommodation. The administrative corridor on the 32nd floor is much more comfortable than Tangla's. It is quieter, has a good view, and snacks and drinks are also very delicious. I have been eating Chinese food at Tang Palace during my stay. The portion is moderate. I love tomato and wild vegetable soup. Some other Sichuan-style dishes are sweeter. I don’t like this one. If you communicate with the waiter in advance next time, you should be able to adjust it. To your own taste. After a meal, take a walk along the Haihe River across the road, comfortable! Overall, 5 stars praise, next time I will continue to choose Shangri-La, and finally I would like to thank the staff for the chocolate gift box presented during checkout😁"
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7109 Reviews
No.486 Bahao Road, Dazhigu, Tianjin, China
18.0km from Binhai International Airport
5.4km from Tianjin Railway Station
490m from Dongxing Road
"The location of the hotel is very good and all aspects of service are also very good, I feel very good! Every post has something remarkable! The phone calls are very prompt and friendly; the room delivery service is very polite, the environment is really good, the service is not to be chosen, the waiters are polite, and the chefs are also very enthusiastic. They take the initiative to greet and take the initiative to help pick up the dishes. The scenery is beautiful. The Chinese food tastes very good, and the western food buffet is rich. This is the best accommodation and meal in the Tianjin star hotel I have stayed in. The unique fragrance of the lobby makes people feel comfortable, and the staff are also very warm and courteous. The view of the guest room is superb, the night view is particularly beautiful, the room is very clean, the bath towels and mineral water will be replenished quickly, and the software aspects of service and details surpass the Sanya Ritz-Carlton I just lived in last month. The tofu in the hotel’s breakfast room is super delicious, and the variety of dishes is super rich. I will choose here next time I come to Tianjin! There are very few people in the swimming pool, and there is no strange smell in the changing room. The hot and cold bathing pool and steaming are clean. Children like it very much. The breakfast is generous and the seats are plenty. There is an underground parking lot, parking is convenient, the front desk is attentive and considerate, and the room is upgraded for free, which is always satisfactory. The location of the hotel is very good, it is very convenient for eating, drinking, housing and transportation. We arranged a very satisfactory room for us. The room was clean and tidy. The breakfast on the first floor basically met my needs. I will come back next time! Parking is also very convenient. The lobby is spacious and bright, the background wall is the construction department of Tianjin, and the check-out speed at the front desk is very fast. The rooms are clean and the beddings are clean. It's worth the price. Not only the lady at the front desk has good service, but the waiters in the concierge restaurant are very good. I recommend everyone to come to Tianjin to choose Wanda Vista. Eat, drink and have fun. The first check-in service is better, better than other interstellar hotels in this city, the front desk service standard, check-in and check-out are relatively quick. After checking out, Cassie gave us a return call. The room we stayed in: This time I stayed on the executive floor, the room as a whole meets the Mandarin standard, the room is very high, the check-in is very comfortable, the room is equipped with complete equipment, and the bed linen is very comfortable. The room layout is also very spacious, with a nice view facing the garden outside the window. There are welcome fruits for this stay. Third: focus on the hotel gym. The equipment is very new and advanced. The treadmills and anaerobic equipment are of high standards. The environment is facing the street and the air is very good. Each equipment is very considerate and equipped with mineral water. And towels. I have been to the swimming pool before, the water quality is clean, the shower room has a sauna room and a small pool. Hotel equipment is ok, white tea flavor is ok. Although the bathrobe is single-layered, it is still soft. On the whole, it is a very cost-effective stay experience."
"The location is unique, the surrounding shopping is also very convenient, not nearby, less than half an hour from the airport, there is a duck building next to it, which is very delicious, recommended, it only takes 10 minutes to drive away from Five Avenues, the surrounding night view is good, and the walk is very good at night Good, the hotel environment is good, the lobby is open, luxuriously decorated, the front desk is proficient, check in is fast, the waiter's service attitude is good, the front desk Cassie is very good, polite and courteous. The guy who stores the luggage is very polite, proactive and patient. I want to praise for breakfast. The leader is very careful and chose a window seat for me. The chef's service is also good. There are many types of breakfast and good taste. There are many types of noodles. The noodles are delicious. The environment of the restaurant is great, the temperature is moderate, and it is very clean. Cost-effective, with salmon, steak, prawns, spicy crayfish, sushi. There are many types and many choices. The gym is open for free. It provides the sale of swimsuits, and you must wear a swimming cap. The pool is clean, the environment is good, the equipment is internationally famous, and the service is excellent. The overall layout of the room is reasonable, clean and hygienic. The decoration of the guest room is luxurious, and the sound insulation effect is also very good. Toiletries are provided free of charge, two bottles of free drinks are provided, and the scenery at night is beautiful. The overall cleanliness is very clean. The hot water temperature in the room is suitable and the water volume is large. The temperature of the air conditioner is 23 degrees. The front desk is very efficient and fast, the front desk service is also very proactive, the attitude is very good, great. They also provide free parking, the parking lot is large, the hotel is free, and the front desk provides free parking tickets. The lobby bar is nice, very large and luxurious. It is my favorite place. There is a European Cup match in the evening. It provides beer, drinks, and snacks. Love the service of this hotel and have the opportunity to visit again."
"The hotel has a convenient location and convenient parking. Guests staying in the hotel can park for free. There is also a subway station next to the hotel, it is very convenient to travel by subway. The hotel is located by the Haihe River. At night, you can take a walk along the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Haihe River. Now you can also play ice skating. The hotel lobby is magnificent. I like the background wall the most. The history of Tianjin is inlaid with various scenic spots. The check-in at the front desk was very fast. Manager Zhou gave a free upgrade, asked about preferences, and arranged according to preferences, which was very thoughtful. Later, the concierge Xiaohou helped bring the luggage to the room, and also introduced the breakfast and the location of the gym. The room is large in size, the equipment is well maintained, and the details are handled very well, especially humane. I especially like the Tianjin scenic spot map on the bedside, simple and elegant. Every employee smiled and served attentively. The Xiao Gao took the laundry very carefully. The buttons on the clothes were about to fall off, so they took the initiative to help me reorder them. The gym is open 24 hours, and we have the habit of running at night, so it is very comfortable. The check-out at the front desk was also very smooth, and I also reminded me to remember to collect the parking ticket. This time I can only stay for one day. If I have a chance to come back in the future, I will definitely stay a few more days."
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1718 Reviews
No.167 Dagu North Road, Tianjin, China
17.3km from Binhai International Airport
3.0km from Tianjin Railway Station
830m from Xiaobailou
"By far my favorite hotel. First of all, the location of the hotel is particularly good. It is in the most central location of Tianjin. It is located on the famous five Avenue. The most exotic Tai'an Road and Jiefang North Road are next to it. The Caihai River is very close. You can see the beautiful Haihe on the beautiful Binjiang Avenue on the corner. The lighting is secondly the shape of the hotel is a beautiful British castle. The interior is more exquisite and magnificent. The family particularly likes the service and the staff in the lobby who are particularly commendable. The attitude of the young people, the efficiency and the language of the speech are very touching. Feeling very comfortable, breakfast is also very rich. I like this hotel. I recommend friends to have the opportunity to feel what I think is the most beautiful Ritz-Carl Hotel in Tianjin."
"This is a must-stay hotel in Tianjin. It is the most cost-effective hotel in Ritz-Carlton in China. The experience exceeds your expectations. The building itself is very historic. The decoration and construction of the hotel are also full of authentic British style, and the maintenance is also very good. New, I think you can even come to Tianjin for a trip just to stay in this hotel, just look at the picture."
"The hotel occupies a large area with complete facilities. The hotel rooms and public areas are decorated in a beautiful European style. The hotel executive lounge has a good environment. It is worth recommending the executive room, which is cost-effective. The hotel service is also great. This time I also gave a sun hat gift. I like the diamond-encrusted style very much."
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2083 Reviews
No.101 Nanjing Road, Tianjin, China
18.2km from Binhai International Airport
4.3km from Tianjin Railway Station
610m from Yingkoudao
"Super recommend Westin Hotel! Before I came, I carefully screened the five-star hotels in Tianjin. They must be in the urban area, close to the subway station, within walking distance to key attractions, clean, and have a swimming pool. So I located Westin. Before I came, I read the comments and said it would be a bit old. I was a little worried. After I checked in, I found that the whole was pretty good, and it reached the environment I expected. The layout of the room is very reasonable, the bathroom can be passed on both sides, super convenient, which makes the toilet door a bit awkward, a bit in the way to use, but the flaws are not hidden. I live on the 8th floor, and the night view of the traffic flow downstairs is very good at night, and it will not be disturbed by noise. Because I wanted to swim, I rushed to Decathlon to buy equipment. I only took a swim once with limited time. I went there at night, but it was acceptable. The pool water is a bit muddy, I hope this can be optimized. The service of the young lady in the swimming pool is very nice. The overall stay is very comfortable, because in the city center, it is very convenient to order take-out, and there is a take-out table in the lobby. The attitude of the hotel staff is very good, with a Tianjin accent, which makes communication very pleasant. Auntie Cleaning also cleans every day. Respond promptly when there is a demand. Hotel beds are relatively soft, and friends who are used to hard mattresses may be a little tired. One last little suggestion. Although the bathtub will be disinfected, it is recommended that the hotel can provide a disposable bathtub film. The guests will feel more at ease when using it, and the cleaning effort will be less."
"The location of the hotel is very good and the front desk attitude is very good. I gave a small gift when I checked out. The overall check-in experience was very good and I did not encounter the situation seen in the previous reviews. The only drawback is that some facilities in the hotel room are a bit older. Suggest some small facilities such as The carton trash can can be replaced and the cost is not very high"
"The front desk service is very good, the location of the hotel is great, the business center is nearby, the environment is beautiful, the duty manager Iris is very caring, recommended me the delicious and fun surroundings, I will definitely choose the Westin next time!"
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2308 Reviews
No.138 Chifeng Road, Tianjin, China
18.1km from Binhai International Airport
4.0km from Tianjin Railway Station
250m from Yingkoudao
"The hotel responded positively to the special request after booking, and informed in advance that there might be a bit of mess on the construction site downstairs. Such a response must be like, this is the standard of hospitality that a five-star hotel should have. Of course, after moving in, I found that the construction site downstairs was not a big problem. The best thing about the hotel is that it is located in the commercial center, downstairs Joy City, Isetan, subway, and of course parking is very convenient and free. In addition to the commercial area, you can also see the TV tower in the distance. It's just that the glass is slightly dirty. It may be difficult to take pictures. I believe it will be great after wiping the glass. Because I didn’t bring my toothbrushes, the hotel quickly arranged the guest room to send a disposable toothpaste toothbrush. After opening the package, the two middle-aged and old couples laughed for ten minutes...and brushed their teeth with this virgin toothbrush at night. I believe it’s just a misunderstanding. Another fly in the ointment is that the table in the living room is not cleaned up. It may be that the fragments of the flower mud from the roses are left on the table."
"The reason for staying at this hotel often should be health and service, in addition, parking is very convenient, there is no health dead corner, and the service ~ front desk reception, restaurant meals, room cleaning, service level is a standard ~ enthusiasm, thoughtful, Professional ~ Hotel laundry service is also professional. The bed is very comfortable, my cervical vertebra is not very good, the hotel can provide a shorter quinoa pillow, good 👍 This stay has caused a lot of trouble for the hotel staff, again one day in advance check-out, and 2 hours delay on the day of check-out, the hotel front desk staff all helped me to solve the problem, Very moving, more like staying at a friend's house"
"The service in Four Seasons is superb. When we get off the bus, the service staff will take the luggage and send them directly to the room, so that we can easily check in. The lobby of the hotel is very beautiful, the handsome guy at the front desk is patient and kind, and answers all questions. He explained the hotel’s restaurant facilities in detail and gave us a free upgrade to the twin room, which is a panoramic room with floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel is located in the city center, surrounded by a big shopping mall pedestrian street, not far from the attractions, within walking distance. Very satisfied with a staying experience."
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4579 Reviews
No.34 Haihe East Road, Tianjin, China
20.0km from Binhai International Airport
2.3km from Tianjin Railway Station
760m from Jianguodao
"A very good travel experience. As it was the first time staying in the hotel, the staff was very enthusiastic to upgrade to the Supreme Suite for free. From arriving at the hotel, the doorman enthusiastically helped you carry your luggage and delivered it to the room. It can be said that the service is very good. There is no need to worry about too much luggage, the room is spacious and bright, the space is large, the scenery is beautiful, the night view of the Haihe River and the eye of Tianjin are superb, the children like it very much, the facilities are also very complete, from the children’s club to the fitness and swimming are in place Not to mention the restaurant. Although there is no room with breakfast, the quality breakfast from dinner is definitely very good. There are two restaurants on the first and second floors of the hotel, with seafood buffet on the first floor and elegant and chic Chinese food on the second floor. In short, this time in Tianjin It’s really the right choice for the trip to choose this hotel, I will choose here next time I go to Tianjin"
"The Banyan Tree brand is still very good! Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe has a unique geographical location. It is beside the Haihe River and opposite to the ancient culture market. You can see the Tianjin Eye not far away, and the night view is particularly beautiful. Besides, there is room for improvement. It may be that it has not been renovated for many years. Some cabinet doors are a little loose and the bath towels are a little old. In addition, due to the epidemic, Banyan Tree’s unique welcome herbal tea and towels are gone. However, the employees have a good working attitude and are very enthusiastic to the guests, especially when some of us are careless and forget the clothes in the room. As a result, the manager of the front office, Zhao Jinqiao, called us to inform us and arranged to send it to us by courier. Because the invoice was accidentally lost, I went to the Finance Department to help us process the copy and express it together. Thank you very much!"
"There is a rare Banyan Tree Hotel in the downtown area beside the Haihe River in Tianjin. It should be an old hotel and one of Tianjin’s landmarks. Because of the delay of the plane, I got off the plane and went to have dinner again. It was late at night when I arrived. For the river view room I booked, the front desk was upgraded to a higher floor. The room size is not small, the round bathtub and walk-in cloakroom are the highlights. There are many types of tea in the equipment, but the taste of hand brewed coffee is relatively weak. Incense is also prepared in the room, so you can pretend to be in Thailand. The attitude of the service staff is relatively friendly. I met a tour group and a wedding party during the day of staying. It was quite noisy. The waiter took the initiative to appease other individual guests as much as possible. And I feel that the attitude of male waiters is generally better than that of female waiters. The gym and swimming pool are on the basement floor, with complete equipment, but the locker room is a bit cramped and messy, and the hygiene in the locker room needs to be strengthened."
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1290 Reviews
No.2 Tuanjie Building, east of Youyi South Road, Tianjin, China
24.7km from Binhai International Airport
13.4km from Tianjin Railway Station
640m from Meijianghuizhanzhongxin
"I have lived in Crowne Plaza before, in Sanya, I really like it! This time I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel again! Still very nice! Good service, good environment and good hygiene! From welcoming guests to reception, as well as cleaning staff, the service attitude is great 👍🏻! Complete facilities, gym, swimming pool, restaurant, living room, all! The environment is very good! I live in a big round bathtub 🛁, lake view! I like it very much 😍! Recommend to stay! The video is the gym, the photo is the big bathtub!"
"Meijiang Crown is already considered to be a better hotel around... This stay was arranged near the wedding room, plus the original soundproofing is not good, plus the sound of opening and closing doors when cleaning other rooms... I woke up passively The odds are still very high... Secondly, the hotel’s blackout curtains are a bit shorter than the floor-to-ceiling windows.. Light leaks... So people who have high sleep quality requirements can consider it again. But the orange scent of the shower gel is quite fragrant."
"The location is good, the surrounding area is very open and the environment is good. It’s in time for the holiday. There are so many people. It is arranged in the next building. The service facilities are good. It may be that no one has used it for a long time. The water in the pool is yellow after the faucet is boiling. The others are good"
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301 Reviews
66 Dong Ting Road, Tianjin, China
21.3km from Binhai International Airport
14.9km from Tianjin Railway Station
1.7km from Jiefangnanlu
"Traveling with family during the November holiday, don’t want to live in the crowded city center, Jinwei Hotel is a good choice, the rooms are spacious, sanitary and clean, the front desk and room service are attentive and professional, the breakfast has no bright spots, and the restaurant on the 2nd floor is free of service charge, praise 👍"
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2247 Reviews
No.158 Zhangzizhong Road, Tianjin, China
18.3km from Binhai International Airport
2.6km from Tianjin Railway Station
880m from Hepinglu
"The location of the hotel and the design of the buildings are very good, easy to identify, just by the Haihe River, the scenery is good. Hotel front desk: Arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. There are only 2 reception staff at the front desk. The service attitude is no problem, but the waiting time is long. I specifically told the staff to ask for a room with a high floor view. After going up, the window directly faces a building, speechless, change The room continued for more than 30 minutes. Hotel customer service: answer the phone promptly, the service attitude is super good, the voice is sweet, and the absolute brand service. Room service: The elder sister of the room attendant is sincere and will apologize if the items are delivered late. If you see the guests in the public area, they will greet you with full marks. Hotel guest rooms: The indoor space is reasonable, the TV signal is too bad, the TV is SONY, the DND system and the sound system are big names, but they can't be used, the furnishings! Hotel bathroom: The design of the countertop is unreasonable, it is too high, and the width prevents the guests from using the basin normally, unless they are foreigners, the people are too big! The hot water in the shower room is slow and needs to be adjusted. Comprehensive evaluation: Five-star buildings, branded hardware equipment, and room facilities and equipment management should be strengthened. Customer service staff and room attendants like it, which adds a lot of points to the hotel. Hotel service staff is not easy to work, 5 points praise encouragement!"
"Checked in on a Friday afternoon. Chevk in process was a little convoluted as there is only one keypad for international cards that require a pass code. I find this strange for an international hotel chain. The room was clean. The furniture a little dated as well as the air conditioning system. Sadly, not many sockets available near to a mirror and no "beauty/ make up station" making getting ready a difficult task. But there is a huge desk in the room instead, to hold a telephone and a room overview (there is not much useful information in this document, for example no room service menu or spa menu). The air conditioning unit did not work in my room, staff tried to convince me that it was because of ever changing reasons including "the direction your room faces is the reason the room is warmer" and "it works but you can't change the temperature to colder as its controlled by a central system so all the rooms are the same". I was initially offered to change room or have maintenance check. I chose maintenance in the first instance as i believed it was a setting on the AC box that had a glitch. After waiting for maintenance for around 2 hours there was nothing they were able to do. Only when I mentioned my stay at St Regis in Chengdu a few nights earlier where mt AC unit worked perfectly at 18°C was I taken seriously. The staff generally were very helpful in finding me a different room with AC that worked which I'm very thankful for as I would not have been able to sleep in the first room with no AC. I would stay again, mostly due its good location and the pleasant staff. Also, I would stay in hope that my stay would be smoother so I could enjoy my stay. "
"Breakfast is super delicious. There are many kinds of adults and children. The night view of the sea river is beautiful. The outdoor sports can be cool and lively at night. The small wind is very comfortable. The opposite is suitable for shopping. It is too suitable for shopping. It is too suitable for baby. Service need not be said. The city view room is the river view room birthday gift. The bath is very good. Good, but the TV in the bathroom was bad, and the glass outside would have been nice to have been a little cleaner, but understandably the north is a bit smoggy and dusty."
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